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									                                                                                                 Quarter 1, 2006

    GEM                                                                          PRIDE
    2006 GEHRMA Officers                       President’s Message                         Treasurer’s Report
  President                               Happy new year, GEHMRA friends!            Our current treasury balance is
Peggy Meddaugh                             2006 is off to a great start with many     $5618.96 as of January 11,
RBC Centura, (252) 454-2065                fresh faces on our Board as several        2006.
                                           new members have taken on
   President Elect                        leadership     positions    this   year.
Linda Skojec                               Christina Seigel is serving as our
Express Personnel, (252) 443-1199          Secretary, and Lesley King, who is
                                           also our SHRM regional director, is            Upcoming Meetings
   Treasurer                              our new Treasurer. Melissa Pretlow
Lesley King                                will head up both our diversity and
Smithfield Packing, (252) 243-7180 x 325   college relations efforts.       Connie
                                                                                      February GEHRMA Meeting
                                           Culpepper will lead the legislative
   Secretary                              committee. Van Smith, Lynn Bryan,
                                                                                      Date: 2/21, 5:30 p.m.
Christina Seigel                                                                      Topic: State of the Community
                                           and John Allen return to the board as
Doctors Vision Center, (252) 985-1371                                                 Speaker: Eddie Baysden, Rocky
                                           membership         chair,      workforce
                                                                                      Mount Chamber of Commerce
                                           readiness chair, and certification chair
                                                                                      Location: Benvenue Country Club,
                                           respectively. And last but not least,
                                                                                      Rocky Mount
                                           I’m happy to announce that Linda
         2006 Standing                     Skojec is our new President-Elect and
                                                                                      Some of you may remember Eddie
                                           program chair.        Linda has been
          Committees                       actively involved in the association for
                                                                                      from last year. His passion for our
                                                                                      community is hard to hide! RSVP
                                           many years, was named our Member
   Program Chair                          of the Year last year, and would
                                                                                      to Linda Skojec if you would like to
Linda Skojec                                                                          hear about Rocky Mount’s business
                                           probably win the award for the most
                                                                                      development plans and progress.
                                           member referrals if we had such an
  Legislative Affairs Chair               award! Thanks to all of these
Connie Culpepper                           individuals for their time, and I invite
                                           all members who are interested in
   Chapter Diversity Chair                volunteering to contact a committee        March GEHRMA Meeting
Melissa Pretlow                            chairperson.                               Date: 3/21, 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                      Topic: Preventing Workplace
   Workforce Readiness Chair              Remember, as 2006 flies by, don’t          Harassment
Lynn Bryan                                 lose focus on your new year’s              Speaker: Stuart Levine of Levine
                                           resolutions. Here are a few of my          Associates
   SHRM Foundation Chair                  work/life balance favorites:               Location: Benvenue Country Club,
Lesley King                                -Spend less time at work.                  Rocky Mount
                                           Set an alarm in your online calendar
   Communications Chair                   for 5 p.m.                                 Stuart Levine is an attorney and
Peg Meddaugh                               -Delegate more.                            former HR executive, well-known
                                           Put a delegation task on your to-do        throughout North Carolina. Stuart’s
   Professional                           list daily.                                dynamic, engaging style and
    Development/Certification Chair        -Take a lunch break every day…and          extensive expertise should make
John Allen                                 actually go out to eat at least once a     this a fun and informative evening.
   College Relations Chair                -Get involved in a community project.
Melissa Pretlow                            Giving IS better than receiving!
   Membership Chair                       Have a fabulous year!
Van Smith
                                                                 Peg Meddaugh
2                                        GEM PRIDE
    Member Announcements            Business Announcements                   N.C. Adverse Weather
                                                                                  Policies Quiz
 Congratulations to new dad,        Nominations for GEHRMA’s
  Danny Breitegan, and his            Professional of the Year are         It’s winter and although we
  wife, Jen. Baby Jake was            still being taken.       To          haven’t had any snow this year,
  born on Dec. 15 at 7lbs and         nominate one of your peers           the weather folks say there’s still
  20 inches.                          or even yourself, contact            a chance. Take this short quiz
                                      Linda Skojec.                        to find out if your company’s
                                                                           inclimate     weather      policy
                                                                           conforms to state labor laws.
                                     Invoices for 2006 member
                                      dues have been e-mailed to           1) Does a company have to
                                      all members. Please contact             have an adverse weather
                                      Lesley King if you have                 policy?
                                                                              Yes No
                                                                           2) Does an employer have to
                                     Wanted: Sponsors for our                give employees
                                      monthly meetings. Contact               opportunities to make up
                                      Linda Skojec, if you have any           adverse weather time if they
 Linda Skojec was just               leads.                                  do have an adverse weather
  named Express Personnel’s        policy?
  Regional Salesperson of the                                                 Yes No
  Year. Way to go, Linda!                                                  3) Does a company have the
                                                                              right to make an employee
                                                                              come to work during
                                       Are Your Workplace                     adverse weather
                                       Posters Up-To-Date?
                                                                              Yes No
                                    The deadline for employers to          4) Does an employer have to
                                    post the new USERRA poster                pay employees for time lost
                                    (Uniformed Services Employmt              during adverse weather?
                                    and Reemployment Rights Act)              Yes No
 Lynn Bryan is joining
                                    was January 18, 2006. Click on
  Headway Corporation in            this link to print the poster:
  Tarboro on March 1. Best        Answers:
  wishes to Lynn in her new         s/userra/USERRA_Private.pdf#                1) No
  job.                              Non-Federal                                 2) No
                                                                                3) Yes
                                                                                4) In most cases, no
                                                                           Learn more on the NC
2005 Workplace Diversity                                                   Department of Labor website,
Practices Survey Report                Golden East Human Resource
                                         Management Association            %20sheets/adverse.htm
In this free survey report from
SHRM, HR professionals report
on the measures used by their
organizations to determine the
impact of diversity practices and
how effective they believe their
diversity programs are. Click on
this link to obtain the survey.
3                                           GEM PRIDE

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