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					                                                             City, ST ZIP Code
                                                             Street Address
                                             Customer Name

                                                                                 Greater Golden Hill CDC
                      San Diego, Ca. 92102
Clean, Green & Safe

                                                                                                           Improving Our Community Through:
                                                                                                               Litter Removal
                      1235 28th St.

                                                                                                               Graffiti Removal
                                                                                                               Pick-up of Illegal Dumping
                                                                                                               Tree Trimming
                                                                                                               Sidewalk Sweeping/Power Washing
                                                                                                               Enhanced Infrastructure Projects
Page 2              Maintenance Hotline: (619) 664 5138          Clean, Green & Safe                                             Page 7

         Projects Completed FY09-10                                       Oversight Committee Information
                                                                                 Maintenance Assessment District
               Tree Well Project                                The Maintenance Assessment District (M.A.D) is a call for better
               Many neglected tree wells were weeded, a
               weed barrier placed and topped with river
                                                                services initiated by property owners, who voted to assess
               rock.                                            themselves to pay for and receive services above-and-beyond those
                                                                the City normally provides.
               Quantities: 210 Tree Wells
                                                                The Oversight Committee is a maximum of 15 members comprised
                                                                of property owners within the Greater Golden Hill community. A
                                                                resident-manager or commercial tenant designated by a property
                                                                owner as his/her representative is eligible for nomination.

               Canyon Restoration                               Responsibility of Committee Members:
               Install of a split rail fence, acacia removal,   • Serve up to a 3 year term to be determined by the CDC Board.
               weed abatement, install of new native plants     • Commitment of 8 hours per month.
               and watering.                                    • Attend scheduled meetings to oversee services and improvements of the
                                                                Clean, Green and Safe program.
               Quantities: 4 Acres of Restoration               • Recommend projects based on community input.
                           200 plants watered                   • Review services to verify they are incompliance with City of San Diego
                           Acacia Removal                       Engineer’s Report
                                                                • Review program spending plans and provide feedback in budget
                                                                                         Positions Available
               Palm Tree Trimming Project                             Single Family / 2-4 Units / 5 or More Units / Commercial /
               Palm Tree trimming of hazardous and                                     Appointment Process:
               nuisance palms throughout the maintenance        a. Effective 5/20/2010
               district.                                        b. Nominations are accepted year round when a vacancy exists
                                                                c. We fill the seats on a first-come, first serve basis
               Quantities: 25 Palm Trees                        d. Applicants must attend (2) two Oversight Committee meetings prior to
                                                                e. Eligibility will be confirmed by CDC staff.
                                                                f. The CDC board will approve nominations at their monthly board
               Tree Planting Project
               In collaboration with Urban Corp of San Diego              For Applications or more Information Contact
               trees were planted throughout the                                         Clean, Green & Safe
               neighborhood providing shade, beauty and                                                th
                                                                                           1235 28 St.
                                                                                       San Diego, Ca 92102
               Quantities: 95 Shade Trees                               Phone: (619) 664 5138/ Email:
 Page 6                      Maintenance Hotline: (619) 664 5138     Clean, Green & Safe                                        Page 3

                                                                   Projects Completed FY09-10
                                                                                           Bench & Ash Receptacle Project
                                                                                           Beautify and enhance the community with
                                                                                           street furniture by contributing to the
                                                                                           community park atmosphere. The ash
                                                                                           receptacles will help with the litter of
                                                                                           disregarded cigarette butts.

                                                                                           Quantities: 13 Benches & 15 Ash Receptacles

                                                                                           Traffic Signal Painting Project
                                                                                           Painting the traffic signal post has beautified
                                                                                           the community by having a uniform historic
                                                                                           color that matches the small decorative light
                                                                                           poles. Painting the poles also helps with the
                                                                                           efforts of graffiti abatement.

                                                                                           Quantities: 16 Traffic Signals & 16 Decorative
                                                                                           Light Post

Contractual Services
         ^                                                                                Utility Box Painting Project
         W                                                                                Having a standard color for utility boxes allows
         >          d
                                                                                           for easy removal of graffiti and helps promote
                                                                                           community identity and pride.
                                                                                          Quantities: 123 Utility Boxes / 142 Cylinders /
 K    ^                                                                                    38 Large Transformer Boxes / 140 Bollards


^                                                                                          Community Banners Redesigned
/                                                                                          Replace the previously weathered and torn

K         ^
                                                                                           banners and incorporating the CGS logo to
                                                                                           better identify the maintenance district.
Z                                                                                          Quantities: 15 Golden Hill Banners &
                                                                                           9 South Park Banners
  DKhEd^ Z EKd &/E >
Page 4                     Maintenance Hotline: (619) 664 5138      Clean, Green & Safe                                        Page 5

          Enhanced Daily Services                                Executive Director’s Report

          for FY09-10
                                                                 The purpose of a catalog is to sell products or services to
                                                                 a targeted audience, or to advertise upcoming classes or
                                                                 events. Catalogs can be a great way to market your
         • 465 Work Orders
                                                                 products or services, and also build your organization’s

                                                                 Before you print your catalog, consider how you will bind
                                                                 your pages. The number of pages, how the reader will
                                                                 use it, and whether you mail it will help you determine the
         • 42,590 Sq Ft of Graffiti Removed                      type of binding. For example, if you have only a few
                                                                 pages and your catalog is meant to be.

                                                                 Oversight Committee Chair’s Report
         • 920 Illegally Dumped Items Removed
                                                                 First, determine the audience of the catalog. This could
                                                                 be anyone who might benefit from the products or
                                                                 services it contains. Next, establish how much time and
                                                                 money you can spend on your catalog. These factors will
         • 6,193 Bags of Trash Collected
                                                                 help determine the length of the catalog and how
                                                                 frequently you publish it.

                                                                 Also consider how you want to print your catalog. You
                                                                 can print it on a desktop printer, at a copy shop, or at a
         • 8,465 Sq Ft of Sidewalks Power Washed
                                                                 commercial printing service.

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