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                 Cumann Geinealais na hÉireann

Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette
                                         (incorporating “The Genie Gazette”)

Vol. 5 No. 12                                                                               December: Nollaig 2010

                                                  MINISTER OFFICIALLY OPENS
                                                     SOCIETY’S ARCHIVES
                                  The Minister for Tourism, Culture                                               this area by allocating the premises
                                  & Sport, Ms. Mary Hanafin, TD,                                                  to the Society. He then invited the
                                  officially opened the new Head-
                                  quarters and Archive of the Ge-
                                                                                Nollaig                           Minister to officially open the
                                                                                                                  Society’s new archive which is
                                  nealogical Society of Ireland at a          Shona agus                          called ‘An Daonchartlann’ (Irish:
                                  ceremony held at the Harbour                                                    People’s Archive). The Minister
                                  Lodge, Dún Laoghaire on Monday               Athbhliain                         then unveiled the commemorative
                                  November 8, 2010. The ceremony                                                  plaque saying “I want to congratu-
    GENEALOGY                     also included a celebration of the
                                                                               Fé Mhaise                          late all involved in getting us to this
                                  20th anniversary of the foundation                                              proud day for genealogy in Ireland.
      HERALDRY                    of the Society in 1990. Members                                                 Helping people tracing their ances-
                                  and friends of the Society were                                                 tors and the wider study of geneal-
  VEXILLOLOGY                     joined by the Cathaoirleach of         of the Society explained how the         ogy is a great service in the com-
                                  Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County          Society acquired the new premises        munity. The opening of the new
SOCIAL HISTORY                    Council, Cllr. Lettie McCarthy;        “last year, thanks to Gerry Dunne,       headquarters at the Carlisle Pier
                                  Mr. Seán Barrett, TD; Ms. Fiona        Chief Executive of the Harbour           provides an opportunity now to
 Heritage Matters                 Ross, Director of the National         Company and, of course, through          promote this area as the ‘heritage
                                  Library of Ireland; Mr. Seán           the good offices of Cllr. Victor         precinct of Dún Laoghaire’ encom-
                                  Costello, Chairperson and Board        Boyhan, the Harbour Company              passing the Maritime Museum, new
    Book Reviews                  of Directors of Dún Laoghaire          decided to offer of the premises at      County Library & Cultural Centre,
                                  Harbour Company; County Coun-          the Carlisle Pier in May 2010 to the     the Society’s Archive, the Pavilion
   Open Meetings                  cillors and the President, Vice-       Society. Fully refurbished the Soci-     Theatre and the Harbour itself. The
                                  Presidents and Board of the Soci-      ety began its operations at the new      tourism potential of such a precinct
  News & Queries                  ety. This was a very special day       premises in July 2010. It’s a superb     could be enormous and adds to the
                                  for the Society as it celebrated two   location with ease of access and         vibrant cultural and historical at-
                                  important milestones in the history    ample parking right in the heart of      tractions in the area.” The Minister
                                  and development of Ireland’s most      what could become the ‘heritage          also presented a Special 20th Anni-
                                  active genealogical organisation.      precinct’ of the Town and Harbour        versary Award of a Fellowship of
                                  Ever since the foundation of the       of Dún Laoghaire”. The Society’s         the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                  Society in October 1990 one of its     Cathaoirleach, Pádraic Ingoldsby,        to Mr. John Grenham (see page 2)               main objectives was the establish-     noted that the Carlisle Pier in Dún      in recognition of his outstanding
                                  ment of a genealogical archive in      Laoghaire was dubbed the ‘Pier of        contribution to genealogical re-
                                  Dún Laoghaire for items collected      Tears’ in recognition of the possi-      search. Finally, Mr. Seán Costello,
                                  or donated by the Members and          bly millions of emigrants that left      Chairperson of the Dún Laoghaire
       CONTENTS                   friends of the Society. A number       our shores from this pier since          Harbour Company, thanked the
                                  of premises held the archival col-     1859. He concluded by sincerely          Genealogical Society for co-hosting
Vol. 5 (2010) Contents       2    lections over the years, including     thanking and commending the              the event and wished the GSI Ar-
                                  the Martello Tower at Seapoint.        Harbour Company for its decision         chives every success at the Carlisle
                                  Pádraic Ingoldsby, Cathaoirleach       to enhance the heritage potential of     Pier, Dún Laoghaire Harbour.
John Grenham, MAPGI,         2

1926 Census                  2                       Weekend Genealogy Courses
James Scannell Reports..     3
                                  A weekend course in genealogy          as church parish records, civil regis-   the programme. The cost of the
                                  will be offered at the Society’s       trations (births, marriages, and         course is €300 which includes one
Précis of Nov. Lecture       3    Library and Archive at the Car-        deaths), census returns, and land        year’s free student membership of
GSI Lectures 2010-2011            lisle Pier, Dún Laoghaire, starting    records will be explored in detail.      the GSI. The course will be taught
                                  from Saturday, 22 January 2011.        Other sources discussed will include     by John Hamrock of Ancestor
New Membership               3    Class duration will be 2.5 hours       burial records and inscriptions,         Network Limited. John is a mem-
Package Agreed                    and each programme will run for        newspapers, wills, trade directories     ber of the Association of Profes-
                                  eight weeks. The aim of the            and new developments in DNA              sional Genealogists. He holds a
                                  course is to provide an introduc-      testing. Class size will be restricted   Certificate and a Diploma in Gene-
Diary Dates                  4    tion to the theory and practice of     to six students to allow for individu-   alogy from UCD (first class hon-
Holyhead to Ireland               genealogy and family history           alised training and guidance on how      ours) and is the author of Tracing
                                  research. Topics to be covered         to conduct and write your own fam-       Your Roscommon Ancestors. For
Dublin in 1707               4    include principles of genealogy,       ily history. The GSI facility provides   more information please contact
GSI Board News                    internet research, and how to draw     broadband access allowing students       John Hamrock at 087 0505296 or
                                  up a family tree. Key records such     to conduct on-line research as part of   at

                           Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                            ISSN 1649-7937

PAGE 2                             I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                V O L. 5 NO . 1 2

                                                             sary / Abbey Theatre Actress / Red Faces at Britannica /       / Mountains to Sea—dlr Book Festival / Business
     Vol. 5 (2010) Contents                                  The Emergency (1939-1946) / GSI Lecture (Prof.                 Archival Sources for the Local Historian (review) /
                                                             Risteárd Mulcahy ’The Life, Career & Times of General          Festival of World Cultures / Heritage Week Lectures /
January 2010: New President Inaugurated (New Arms)
                                                             Richard Mulcahy, TD) / Glasnevin Cemetery / New GSI            From Mercier Press / Killarney WW1 / FOLHS &
/ New Criteria for Appointments / ‘Call Me Maurice’ -
                                                             Board / Demolition of Chapel Opposed.                          FULHS / GSI Lecture (Tom Conlon ‘Three Centuries of
The Life and Times of Lord Fermoy (1885-1955) /
                                                                                                                            Irish Banking Crises’) / Korean War Service Medal &
National Library’s Photographic Collections / Busy Year
                                                             May 2010: New Archives Legislation Required / Chief            Certificate / ‘Action on Archives’ / GSI Board News /
Ahead / Bray, Co. Wicklow / Wicklow 1913-1923 / GSI
                                                             Herald of Ireland / Ireland and the Spanish Empire 1600-       Change of Business Address.
Lecture (Douglas Appleyard ‘The Bram Stoker Family—
                                                             1825 (review) / Skype Your Jewish Family History /
A Typical 19th Century Protestant Family) / Oliver
                                                             12th Medieval Dublin Symposium / Viking Necklace               September 2010: The New History of ‘Britain’ / GSI at
Smith RIP / Féil-Scríbhinn Liam Mhic Alasdair /
                                                             Found / Presbyterian Records / RMS Laurentic Cannon /          the RDS / Troubled Waters—A Social and Cultural
‘Travellers’ Accounts as Source-Material for Irish Histo-
                                                             UN Memorial Unveiled / ANZAC Day in Dublin /                   History of Ireland’s Sea Fisheries (review) / National
rians / GSI Arms Register.
                                                             Record Price For RMS Titanic Letter / GSI Lecture (Tim         Library Acquires Ship’s Pass / From the Viking Word-
                                                             Carey—’In Honour and Memory—Memorials of Dún                   Hoard (review) / Glasnevin Museum & Tours / Cottages
February 2010: Public Consultation or Merger? / Stuart
                                                             Laoghaire Rathdown) / Russia Honours Irish Veterans /          Given to Council / Book Launch / GSI Lecture (Brian
Rosenblatt, PC, FGSI (photo) / Onomasticon Goedeli-
                                                             GSI Archive News / Titanic Eleven Remembered.                  Siggins ‘The Lawrence Photographic Collection’) / GSI
cum / Plantation Ireland—Settlement and Material
                                                                                                                            News / Mayo Ancestors / Seán Lester Remembered.
Culture, c. 1550-c. 1700 (review) / Victoria Cross Re-
                                                             June 2010: ‘Separate Bodies, Separate Roles’ / Census
cipient Remembered / Researching the History of Fenc-
                                                             Records On-Line / The Annals of the Four Masters—              October 2010: Fiche Bliain ag Fás “Ireland’s Most
ing in Ireland / Explore, Reflect, Connect / National
                                                             Irish history, kingship and society in the early seven-        Active Genealogical Organisation” / Guild of One-
Library Lectures / Sixth Local History Day / GSI Activi-
                                                             teenth century (review) / Garda Memorial Garden                Name Studies / The Irish Church and the Tudor Refor-
ties & Projects / The Ulster Earls and Baroque Europe
                                                             Opened / Irish Government to Commemorate the Somme             mations (review) / GSI Archive—Twenty Years a’
(review) / GSI Board News / Annual General Meeting.
                                                             in 2016 / O’Connell Commemoration / Lunchtime Lec-             Collecting / 1926 Census of Ireland / Skellig Michael /
                                                             ture / Bethany Kids Remembered / National Museum of            Kilmainham Gaol / Viking Fortress Discovered / Medal
March 2010: The Flight of the Ministers / Irish-
                                                             Ireland / GSI Lecture (Mary Beglan, MAPGI ‘On-line             Society Auction / GSI Lecture (Jonathan Martin ‘Irish
American Heritage Month / Annual Report of the GSI
                                                             Sources of Irish Genealogy’) / The Most Tragic Titanic         Newspaper Archives’) / ‘Blood in the Streets’ (review) /
Board / An Overview of the GSI Board / Four Courts
                                                             Story / GSI Archive News / Lusitania 95th Anniversary.         New NLI Board / Book Launch ‘Shadow of the Broth-
Press at Forty / Gravestone Sought / Photographic Exhi-
                                                                                                                            erhood—The Temple Bar Shootings’ by Barry Kennerk
bition / Art Collection Safe / Emmet Spring Lecture /
                                                             July 2010: ‘Clash of the Harps’ - British Royal Visit to
GSI Lecture (Stuart Rosenblatt ‘From Immigration to
                                                             Ireland & Heraldry / Soccer World Cup’s Irish Diaspora /       November 2010: Growing Access to Heritage—
Integration of the Jewish Community in Ireland) / Na-
                                                             The History of Irish Education 1780-1922 (review) /            Recessionary Times Offer an Opportunity to Take
tional Library Acquisitions / Archive News / AGM.
                                                             Chief Herald of Ireland ‘Open for Business’ / GSI Board        Stock & Plan / Official Opening & 20th Anniversary /
                                                             News / Bolton Library in State Care / Fleishmann Re-           Age of Atrocity—Violence and Political Conflict in
April 2010: Archive Crisis or Opportunity? / Pádraic
                                                             membered / Recommended Website / GSI Lecture                   Early Modern Ireland (review) / 1926 Census—A
Ingoldsby—new Cathaoirleach (photo) / Cathaoirleach
                                                             (James McGuire ‘The Dictionary of Irish Biography’) /          Stimulus Package / Over 50s Show / Headstones
Nua / The Viking Age—Ireland and the West—
                                                             Volunteers Required /New On-Line Gazette Required? /           Erected / Rank Mills / Biography of Irish Aviator /
Proceedings of the Fifteenth Viking Congress (review) /
                                                             More Records On-Line / Commercial Links & Adverts.             Memorial to DMP Officers / GSI Lecture (Pól Ó Duib-
Family History with Style / New Director of the National
                                                                                                                            hir—’PJ Medlar’) / Census of Elderly NY Irish /
Library / Michael Cunniffe, RIP / Hyde’s 150th Anniver-
                                                             August 2010: Heraldry for All—Possible and Profitable          ’Executed for Ireland’ / Patrick Moran.

       John Grenham, MAPGI, FGSI
It is widely recognised that this Society, as an             publication ‘Tracing Your Irish Ancestors’ is
international as well as a national organisation,            now regarded around the world as ‘the genealo-
has contributed enormously over the past                     gist’s bible’ for Irish research Mr. Grenham is a
twenty years to the promotion and development                professional genealogist, teacher, author and a
of an awareness, appreciation and knowledge of               weekly contributor to the Irish Times on genea-
our genealogical and heraldic heritage. Its                  logical research. His magnum opus ‘Tracing
achievements stand as a worthy testament to an               Your Irish Ancestors’ has guided thousands to
innovative approach to the furtherance of its                achieve that very important goal and indeed, it
founding ideals. With this in mind, to mark the              has contributed greatly to the research endeav-
occasion of the Official Opening of An Daon-                 ours of novelists, local historians and others.
chartlann and the Society’s 20th anniversary,                Therefore, on Nov. 8th 2010 at the Harbour                       Tracing Your Irish Ancestors
the Board created a Special 20th Anniversary                 Lodge, the headquarters of the Dún Laoghaire
Award of a Fellowship of the Society to recog-               Harbour Company, the Minister for Tourism,                                       by John Grenham
nise ‘an outstanding contribution to genealogy’              Culture & Sport, Ms. Mary Hanafin, TD, pre-
in Ireland. In its deliberations on a possible               sented this well deserved Special Award to Mr.                   Doing your Family Tree? You need this book!!
recipient the Board was unanimous in its praise              Grenham who was duly bestowed with a Fel-
and admiration of Mr. John Grenham whose                     lowship of the Genealogical Society of Ireland.                      

                                                              more, it is extremely unlikely that any adult                       WILL YOUR RECORDS WELL
         1926 Census                                          who completed the 1926 Census is alive today.
                                                              Indeed, no such concern was given to the adults                As genealogists, heraldists and local historians
The publication of the Statistics (Heritage                   that were recorded in the 1901 and 1911 census                 we naturally amass a huge amount of paper and
Amendment) Bill, 2010 by Senator Labhrás Ó                    returns when these were opened to the public in                computer records during our many years of
Murchú has given hope to genealogists and                     the 1960s. The suggestion by some about the                    research. We love these records, we’ve worked
historians at home and overseas that, at last, the            possible redaction of details of living persons                hard to collect the information—it’s of great
1926 Census of Ireland might be released to the               from the 1926 returns before its release to the                value. Books, photographs, charts, interview
public. Notwithstanding the great boost to the                public is impractical, likely to be extremely                  notes, copy certificates, parish register and
promotion of Irish tourism that would most                    costly and quite frankly, nonsensical. However,                census transcripts—all lovingly collected over
certainly accompany the release of the 1926                   as it is unlikely that the Bill will be passed                 many years. But how many of us have made
Census, it seems that some officials are wedded               before the General Election due early next year,               provision for the preservation of our own re-
to the 100 year rule. Citing this rule to empha-              the Society will urge the incoming Minister to                 cords, files and notes after we die? Don’t let
sise a commitment given to those who com-                     adopt this measure. In the interim and in re-                  your hard work end up as landfill or your gene-
pleted the 1926 Census Returns is not only                    sponse to concerns expressed by Members, the                   alogy, heraldry & local history books be sold
misleading but entirely without a legislative                 Society is preparing a fully documented history                off piece meal after you’ve gone. Why not
basis. The 100 year rule was only introduced in               of the 1926 Census Campaign for publication                    make provision in your Will to donate them to
1993 in the Statistics Act—not before. Further-               on the Society’s website in the New Year.                      the Society’s Archive for future generations?

                                Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                               ISSN 1649-7937

          V O L. 5 NO . 1 2         I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                             PAGE 3

                                    James Scannell Reports...
           DR. CHRIS LAWLOR                                   October 1641 in context pointing out that at that time          memory of subsequent generations of Irish Protestants,
                                                              Ireland was powder keg waiting to explode in the                placing them in the wider context of massacres that
In November Chris Lawlor, well known local historian          wake of the Elizabethan conquest and described the              occurred across Europe and the Americas in the 17th
of the Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow area, was conferred              rebellion intended by its instigators as a conservative         century. Ireland in Turmoil marks the completion of
with a doctorate from DCU in St. Patrick’s College,           coup spun out of control. She went to say that there            the 1641 Depositions Project, a collaborative initiative
Drumcondra, for his thesis ‘The establishment and             was everything to be gained from interrogating the              by scholars from Trinity College, Dublin, the Univer-
evolution of an Irish village: the case of Dunlavin, Co.      past calmly and coherently, in order to understand              sity of Aberdeen and the University of Cambridge,
Wicklow. 1600 – 1910‘ which explores changes over             each other’s passions more compressively and to help            which received funding from the Arts and Humanities
time in a small geographical area. Dr. Lawlor has             everyone transcend those baleful forces of history so           Research Council in the U.K., the Irish Research
number of books to his credit including ’The Massacre         that we can make a new history of good neighbourli-             Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences and
on Dunlavin Green’ and ‘In Search of Michael                  ness. In his address Lord Bannside said that our fellow         the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. The three year
Dwyer’, in addition to being Editor of the very suc-          countrymen and women in the 1600s knew trouble as               project had four main objectives: to conserve, digitise,
cessful Journal of the West Wicklow Historical Soci-          we have, thank God, never known it and that the                 transcribe and publish the Depositions both in printed
ety and is currently modifying his thesis with a view to      testimonials before us in the exhibition recall in              and online format. To access the website visit:
its publication as a book next year.                          graphic detail the losses they sustained and the crimes         http://1641/ The Irish Manuscripts Commission
                                                              carried out against them. He added that these troubles          (IMC), which was established in 1928, will be making
                                                              were not borne by any one social class or another, or           available in book format the monumental work of
         IRELAND IN TURMOIL                                   by one gender or another and that they were not lim-            transcription carried out by a team of specialist histori-
                                                              ited by age or by religious belief. He pointed out that         ans in Trinity College Dublin. The Irish Manuscripts
The ‘Ireland in Turmoil – The 1641 Depositions’               perhaps the most telling part of the material on view is        Commission proposes to print several volumes per
exhibition will be on view in the Long Room of Trin-          that it bears witness to the scale of wrongdoing while          year of the 1641 Depositions, arranged provisionally
ity College Library, Dublin, until April 201 and              at the same time individualising it. The 1641 Deposi-           as follows – Vol. 1 Armagh, Louth/Monaghan; Vol. 2
consists of The 1641 Depositions (TCD MSS 809-841)            tions contain vivid, and often harrowing, accounts of           Antrim, Derry, Donegal, Down, Tyrone; Vol. 3 Dub-
which are eye witness statements, mainly from Protes-         murder, assault, imprisonment, loss of goods and                lin; Vol. 4 Wexford; Vol. 5 Carlow/Kilkenny, Water-
tants, concerning their experiences and treatment             military activity across Ireland. The sectarian tensions        ford, Wicklow; Vol. 6 Tipperary, Clare/Limerick,
during the 1641 Irish Catholic rebellion. The exhibi-         in colonial Ireland that erupted in 1641 m the course of        Kerry; Vol. 7 Cork - Part 1; Vol. 8 Cork - Part 2; Vol.
tion was opened in October by President McAleese at           the rebellion, and the fallout that shaped the course of        9 Connacht, Westmeath/Longford; Vol. 10 Cavan,
which the attendance included Lord Bannside (the              Irish political and social history over the following           Fermanagh; Vol. 11 Queen’s County, King’s County;
Rev. Ian Paisley), his wife, son Kyle and daughter            centuries are revealed through the rich collection of           Vol. 12 Meath, Kildare. See
Sharon, representatives from the National Library of          manuscripts, original Depositions, maps, contempo-
Ireland and the National Gallery of Ireland, PS               rary pamphlets and printed works. The exhibition                EDITOR: I would like to most sincerely thank James
Raghavan, and Andrew Staunton of British Embassy              examines the alleged atrocities that occurred during            Scannell for all of his wonderfully interesting articles
and Aurelie Bonal of the French Embassy. In her               the 1640’s in Ireland, and their enduring place in the          published in this newsletter during the past year. MM
address President McAleese placed the events of

                                          Précis of the November Lecture
On Tuesday November 9 2010 members and                        unrest as members of the Defenders and the                     their exile greatly improved their lot and that
visitors heard a fascinating lecture entitled Irish           Whiteboys; and others were, what we would                      Ireland’s loss was Australia’s gain. Seán Solan
Convict Transportation Damnation or Salva-                    call, common criminals. Sentences were for                     has been a professional genealogist since 1996.
tion? by Seán Solan. Banishment of the Irish to               life, seven, ten or fourteen years. Most trans-                Contact:
distant penal colonies in significant numbers                 portees lost contact with Ireland. Seán’s re-
began in 1652, when Oliver Cromwell shipped                   search has shown that many prospered on their                             GSI LECTURES 2010/11
circa 50,000 Irish people to Barbados, Jamaica                eventual release in the rapidly expanding Aus-
and Virginia. In 1775, when the American                      tralian colonies. Very few returned to Ireland.                Tuesday December 14th 2010 ‘Key Sources for
colonies revolted, Australia became the main                  Many left families behind and raised new fami-                 the Study of Genealogy in Ireland’ by John
convict transportation destination. In 1791, the              lies in Australia which, of course, is always of               Hamrock. On Tuesday January 11th 2011.
first totally Irish consignment of convicts sailed            interest to genealogists. Their descendants                    ‘Irish Gathering – Recording your Family His-
from Cork to Sydney, on board the “Queen”.                    regard their convict ancestry as a part of their               tory in real time Global Web Environment’ by
From then until 1853, almost 40,000 were                      uniquely Australian heritage and many are now                  Joe Whelan. The Society’s Director of the Lec-
transported to New South Wales, Van Diemen’s                  actively seeking connection with their Irish                   ture Programme, Séamus Moriarty, FGSI, is
Land and Freemantle. Amongst them were Irish                  roots. In his talk, Seán gave examples of re-                  currently compiling the Lecture Programme for
revolutionaries and members of the United                     search he has undertaken on behalf of convict                  the first six months of 2011. Details will be
Irishmen, Young Irelanders and the Fenians;                   descendants in Australia. In discussing their pre              published next month. Suggestions for lectures
others convicted during the widespread agrarian               and post transportation lives, he suggested that               are most welcome at

                           New Membership Package Agreed
The Annual Review of the Membership Pack-                     right to register your own assumed Arms or                    genealogy courses etc. This Membership Package
age was undertaken by the Board of Directors at               emblems with the Society free of charge; right                shall be applied as and from January 1st 2011 and
its meeting on Thursday November 4, 2010. It                  to have your Club, School or Institutions as-                 be subject to annual review, however, existing
was agreed under Res: 10/11/798 to keep the                   sumed Arms or emblems registered with the                     Membership Packages shall be honored until their
cost of the Annual Subscription for 2011 for                  Society free of charge to a maximum of ten                    annual renewal date. NOTE: In accordance with
Irish and Overseas Members at €40.00. The                     registrations; occasional group projects; Mem-                Res: 10/09/785 all Membership Packages fall due
Membership Package for 2011 includes the                      bers’ internet forum; genealogical, heraldic and              for renewal on the anniversary of joining—please
following: Member voting rights; optional                     vexillological advice; and the facility to publish            check your Membership Card for details. Mem-
second household member with voting rights;                   your research in the GSI Journal. Special Mem-                bership can be renewed via the Society’s website
Membership Card(s); right to use GSI post-                    bership concessions on products and services         or if you prefer, sim-
nominal; copy of the Annual Journal; monthly                  obtained, from time to time, by the Society. The              ply download the form, complete it and send it to
newsletter by e-mail; use of the Society’s Ar-                Board also agreed to provide a number of con-                 Mr. Tom Conlon, MGSI, Director of Finance,
chive; monthly meetings/lectures; special prices              cessionary rates at €20.00 for persons under 25               24, Carrickbrennan Lawn, Monkstown, County
of up to 50% off selected Society publications;               years of age and persons attending recognised                 Dublin, Ireland. New Members always welcome!

                                   Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                   ISSN 1649-7937

                      is published by the                                              ‘HOLYHEAD to IRELAND’
            Genealogical Society of Ireland Limited
     11, Desmond Avenue, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland              ‘Holyhead to Ireland—Stena and its Welsh Heritage’ by Justin P. Merrigan & Ian H.
                 E-mail:                      Collard, Amberley Publishing (UK) Nov. 2010 : Price Stg£17.99 : p/bk : 160pp :
                                                                         ISBN 9781848689589 see: The Port of Holyhead has a long
                    Charity Reference: CHY10672
                                                                         history and is now operated by Stena Line Ports Ltd. The company took over ownership
      The Society is a Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann                of the port from Sea Containers in 1990, which only six years previously assumed con-
                                                                         trol of the harbour as part of the Sealink privatization. Ranked as the United Kingdom's
              Board of Directors 2010-2011                               third-busiest ferry port, after Dover and Portsmouth, Holyhead handled a remarkable
Pádraic Ingoldsby (Cathaoirleach : Chairperson); Gerry Hayden            1.9 million passengers in 2009. The operation is an impressive one, with world class
(Leas-Chathaoirleach : Vice Chair); Michael Merrigan (General            tonnage operating for both Stena Line and Irish Ferries on sailings to Dublin Bay. In
Secretary : Company Secretary & Publications); Tom Conlon                addition, cruise ship traffic continues to develop and grow and, with the recent avail-
(Finance & Web Editor); Sharon Bofin (Membership); Séamus                ability of the Anglesey Aluminium jetty to the largest cruise ships, the future looks
O’Reilly (Archive); Barry O’Connor (Cemetery Projects); Séamus           bright for this new trade. In Holyhead to Ireland, the authors aim to place on record the
Moriarty (Lecture Programme), Fíona Tipple (Education & Social
Inclusion) Bartosz Kozłowski (Poland) (Internet Services); John
                                                                         heritage on which today's successful port and trade is built - the era of railway owner-
Hamrock (National Projects) and Pat Feenan (Sales & Marketing).          ship, for it is without doubt that Holyhead and the Stena Line routes to Ireland of today
                                                                         owe their existence to the railway companies of yesteryear. And why should the rail-
                                                                         ways find themselves operating ships? Simply, they saw the benefits of extending their
                 JOIN ON-LINE                                            operations beyond the buffers! Coordinating rail and sea traffic for passengers, mail and
                                                                         cargo, they built first-rate ships and developed state-of the-art port facilities, pushing
                    @                                                    aside the irregular and unreliable services that had been run in a rather less than perfect
                                      fashion. Ian Collard and Dún Laoghaire native and now Tasmanian resident, Justin
                                                                         Merrigan, tell the story of the port in words and pictures, from the establishment of a
                                                                         harbour to the present day, from sailing packets that took a day or more to make the
                  DIARY DATES                                            short crossing to the super-fast catamarans and the Irish Sea's largest ferries of today
                                                                         that can make the journey in less than two hours. While this publication deals mainly
      Tuesday Dec. 14th 2010 & Jan. 11th 2011                            with the maritime history of the ferry route and the development of the on-shore infra-
              Evening Open Meeting                                       structure, it’s a very valuable guide for anybody thinking of writing the definitive social
     Dún Laoghaire College of Further Education                          and cultural history of the Kingstown / Dún Laoghaire—Holyhead mail-boat and later
         Cumberland Street, Dún Laoghaire                                ferry service. The yet untold story of the millions of Irish people who emigrated from
                20.00hrs—22.00hrs                                        the Carlisle Pier since it was opened in 1859 has seen it popularly dubbed the ’Pier of
                                                                         Tears’ as many, if not most, of these emigrants never set foot on their homeland again.
      Wednesday Jan. 26th & Jan. 23rd 2011                               For others, mainly the Irish in Britain, it has many bitter-sweet memories of migration.
             Morning Open Meeting
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                                                                                                                           GSI BOARD NEWS
                                      Dublin in 1707                                                               The Board conducted its annual review of the existing
                                  A year in the life of the City                                                   portfolio structure at its meeting this month and a
                                                                                                                   number of significant alterations were agreed. At the
‘Dublin in 1707—A year in the life of the City’         three sections covering ‘Governing the City’,              request of the Director of Membership & Publications,
by Brendan Twomey. Published by Four                    ‘Governing the Nation’ and ‘Social and Culture’,           Sharon Bofin, the publications function of the portfolio
Courts Press (2009 : ISBN: 978-1-84682-194-             this excellent book provides the reader with a             was reallocated with the operational and reporting
                                                                                                                   functions being temporarily allocated to the General
3 : 78pp : Price: €9.95 – Web-Price €8.95). This        fascinating look into life in Dublin three hundred
                                                                                                                   Secretary and any financial functions of the portfolio
is Maynooth Studies in Local History publica-           years ago at time when the Williamite Wars were            likewise going to the Director of Finance. The Board
tion No. 87, and it is a part of the latest series to   still in people’s minds, at a time when Catholics          has also agreed to the request of the General Secretary
be published. In this excellent book Brendan            and Dissenters [Presbyterians etc] could not own           that the editorship of the Society’s Journal be dele-
Twomey looks at events in Dublin during 1707.           property yet had to pay tithes and taxes to the            gated to two longstanding and very experienced mem-
Initially not a lot happened that year says the         Established Church [Church of Ireland—                     bers, George O’Reilly and Brendan Hall. Also, at the
author. But then when one looks the city as he          Anglican]. This excellent publication also looks at        request of the Director of Internet Services, Bartosz
                                                                                                                   Kozlowski, that portfolio has been split between the
does under three main headings one finds that           how people lived, were entertained and the places          technical and web-editorial functions. The latter has
some of the decisions taken that year still have a      of entertainment. It examines the medical treat-           been reallocated to Tom Conlon, Director of Finance,
bearing on the Dublin of today. These included          ments available in an era when medical practitio-          who will upload the genealogical and heraldic infor-
the establishment of the Ballast Office from            ners could make extravagant and incorrect claims           mation to the website. The Board also accepted the
which the present day Dublin Port Company               and sell untested and useless medical products.            fine offer of concessionary access for our Members to
originated, the creation of the Registry of Deeds,      The author explores the issue of law and order at          the wonderful resources on the Irish Newspaper Ar-
                                                                                                                   chives website            This
now part of the Property Registration Authority,        a time when thieves stood a good chance of being
                                                                                                                   concession allows for a 50% reduction on the access
where all property transaction are recorded, and        hanged. While military deserters could be exe-             packages with the exception of the daily access rate.
Marsh’s Library which has a large and unique            cuted or received back into their regiment depend-         Further information on this new concession will be
collection of books, manuscripts and other              ing on the whim and mood of the commanding                 published next month. In order to meet the demand for
printed material. But they were other issues in         officer. Twomey also looks at the printing trade           genealogy courses the Society has invited Ancestor
the city at that time - there was concern over          and the material that was published and the type           Network Ltd. to provide Weekend Genealogy Courses
migration vis-a-vis the number of Catholics who         of news coverage single sheet broadsheet newspa-           at An Daonchartlann (see front page). The Board also
                                                                                                                   adopted a Computer Usage Policy for the Archives.
were moving into the expanding city in which            pers of the day provided to readers. All in all this
70% of the population were Protestant and of            is an excellent publication looking at Dublin and
which 75% were members of the Church of                 city life in 1707.                 James Scannell             MEDAL SOCIETY OF IRELAND
Ireland. The ruling elite intermarried with each
other and there were also allegations of corrup-                                                                   GSI Members researching ancestors or relatives who
                                                                   MORNING MEETING                                 served in the Irish, British, Commonwealth, American
tion in public office with at least one inquiry
                                                                                                                   or other armed forces or in the mercantile marine will
carried out which found these to be true while          There will be no Morning Meeting in December. The          find the publications and meetings of the Medal Soci-
Dublin Corporation was a self elected perpetuat-        inclusion of Wednesday December 22, 2010 on the            ety of Ireland of interest. Find out more about those
ing body while trade guilds regulated trade and         calendar of Open Meetings recently was an error. We        medals so cherished by the family and handed down
commerce to their own benefit and prevented             apologise for any confusion caused by this error in the    through generations. For further information please
competition from outside traders. Divided into          Society’s calendar.                 General Secretary      visit the Medal Society’s website at:

                                Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland

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