U.S. Senate Campaign Announcement Speech 52009 by MikeJefferson


									       U.S. Senate Campaign Announcement Speech
Today I'm officially launching my campaign for United States Senate to

represent you – the good people from the great state of Utah in service to our

blessed but troubled nation. And to my primary opponent, Senator Bennett,

I sincerely say, thank you for your service. We gave you 18 years to do the

people’s work. But that is time enough, and the winds of change, they are a-

blowing. Not the bigger government, corporate welfare, radical liberal

nannyism type of change promised and now being implemented by Obama.

But, starting today, we the people of Utah, we the people of the United

States, are "Taking Back America!" No more taxpayer-funded bailouts. No

more government owned businesses. No more ever-expanding federal

entitlement programs. No more slouching toward socialism!

My family and I have been eager to let you all know officially that I am

launching this campaign. I know it may have been long in coming, as we

have struggled with the question of where the greatest need lies, and how

best I might serve that need. Because in the end, it all comes down to my

motto as your Attorney General, one I borrowed from Cicero and John

Adams: “The people’s good is the highest law.” The people’s good is the

highest priority of government. It has been my commitment and sworn oath

as your Attorney General, and it will continue to be so as your United States

Senator. As we stand before you today, we couldn’t be more excited and

energized-- and from the calls, letters, emails, texts and yes, even tweets we

have received, we are not alone! I’d like to thank you for your support and

for loving our country, and I need you to join the team!

First, a word about my family. I love them and honor and thank them, for

they assuredly sacrifice a great deal to share me with you. And that is most

true for my dear wife, M’Liss. She is an extraordinary and talented woman

and a wonderful mother who loves this country and this state as much as I

do; who is as worried about the direction of our country and the future of our

children and grandchildren as you do; and who is willing to shoulder the

additional burden at home, so that I might serve you.

Let me tell you why I want to be your senator. Many disturbing trends over

the last few decades have left us angry and asking how did we get where we

are today.   How is it that Washington, and even our own Republican

representatives, have abandoned conservative principles, again, principles, to

create the monster we now call federal government. This is not the America

envisioned by General George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Has the

nation of Abraham Lincoln, conceived in liberty - that government of, by

and for the people - perished?      This is not the America of even our

grandfathers and our fathers. And it is certainly not the America I want to

leave my children!

Last fall, the majority of Americans voted for “change”. But I don’t believe

they knew that the change they would be getting would be bigger

government, more taxes, more spending, more inside-the-beltway mentality.

We have seen the change proposed by the Obama administration. And

frankly, he can keep the change. We’ll keep our freedoms!

Truth be told, Obama is not the root cause of our current economic crisis; we

cannot change this country by sending back the same representatives and

senators who contributed to the problem. Einstein quipped: “insanity means

doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” - and

he was right. If we want to change Washington, we must change horses and

with the Democrats in control, there is no better time than now. Enough is


Mitt Romney said it best last year when running for president: “Washington

fundamentally is broken, and people in this country want to see change, and

that’s not going to happen by somebody who’s been there, for whom

Washington is a way of life."

And what is the change I want? We must take back America by putting a

stop to spending money we don’t have. We need a constitutional balanced

budget amendment! I want to do in Washington, what our state Senate and

House of Representatives have done here in Utah with our budget. I want to

stop the reckless expenditure of money! I want every federal program to be

accountable for results and I want that accountability to come from the

people at the state level. Washington has turned upside down our inspired

system of federalism that places very limited power in the hands of the feds

and most of the power in the people and their state and local government. I

want to be that voice in Congress, and that federal partner, that fervently

believes in and supports the states’ rights platform just announced a moment

ago by the new Patrick Henry Caucus.

Congress has usurped too much federal power—power that should be

returned to the people and the states, including the power to control our

public lands and deny access to water and grazing and mining rights clawed

out of the wilderness by the sweat of our ancestors brow; and allow access to

only a select few.    What is more, we need access to those lands for

responsible recreation with our families and it can be done carefully, so it

does not harm the scenic treasures of Utah!

To take back America, the tax rate must go down—we simply can’t afford

and must not require Americans to spend 50% of our earnings on combined

taxes, federal, state, local and sales. Add it up—at the higher brackets it’s

over ½ of what we earn. And we most certainly cannot restore America’s

world-leading economy by taxing out of existence the very foundation of

that economic greatness: American small business owners.

And I want everyone who earns money to pay something, even if it’s only a

little—there should be no free rides—it violates the principles of thrift,

industry and paying your own way, which builds self-confidence, pride of

achievement and industry. America has grown soft with giveaways, and we

need to grow strong once again. Where does it all end? My answer is that it

must end here. And it starts today—join me in taking back America!

We gave the prior Republican administration, and a Republican senate and a

Republican congress a chance to make real change, and frankly they blew it.

So many of my friends today ask me, what happened to the Republican

Party?    What happened to smaller government and more personal

responsibility and freedom? What happened to the proper balance of federal

control versus state and local control?

When Senator Bennett first ran for office he promised us 12 years in

Washington. He said that was all he needed to get done what he promised to

do. Then he asked for one more term—he was in leadership and could help

us. So we gave it to him. But instead of promoting principles of individual

responsibility he let us down and looked upon government as the solution.

Ronald Reagan often said that government is the problem, not the solution –

I echo that with all my heart! While I was successfully suing the country’s

largest private mortgage companies as attorney general to try to keep the

housing bubble from bursting under its own weight, Congress, and yes,

Senator Bennett, looked the other way while government sponsored

monopolies known as Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac were coddled and

supported, which led to over confidence on Wall Street and poor risk

assessments by insurance companies, and that is what led directly to the


And last fall, Senator Bennett personally huddled behind closed doors with

Fed. Chair Bernanke and Secretary Paulsen and engineered the seven

hundred billion – that’s billion with a “B” – Wall Street bailout. He did not

just vote for it — he says it was his plan!

When the 2006 and 2008 elections came around, Democrats saw something

we missed. The new generation was interested. They wanted to know,

“What is this thing we call government? What is it supposed to do for me?

What am I to do for it?” The kids that we have worried about handing the

national debt to — well they are now growing up, and they want to know

why. The Democrats stepped in with their ideals; they appealed to the future

of America, and they won and that will prove to be a disaster unless we stop

it and return to a limited government based on preserving personal freedoms

and individual liberties.

We conservatives can all see that we are over 100 days down a dangerous

slippery slope to socialism. The rumblings can be felt nationwide. We are

ready to bring our party back to life, and the time is now. We can no longer

support Republicans who vote against our ideals and represent Washington

to us instead of us to Washington. It’s time to get back to basics, in a

modern, available and transparent way. Indeed, we need to take our country,

our America, back!

Over the next few months I will present my plans on how we will take

America back—back from the bureaucrats who run everything back there.

Back from the politicians who belong to that most prestigious of clubs in the

country. Back from spendthrift pork barrel policies and back room deals.

Back to the core principles upon which America was formed in the first

place. And, hopefully, back from the nationalization of our free market

system, back even from the brink of socialism!

In the not too distant past, conservative principles prevailed and government

served its proper role and purpose, which was to serve as a barrier, a shield,

and a shelter to allow you and me and our children to find happiness—to

make our own happiness. Now it’s time again for the people of Utah to

gather together and elect a senator to represent them in Washington, so that

citizens can go about their daily lives without having to look over their

shoulders and behind their backs, so that they can get their education,

support themselves, and raise their families.

Well, Utahns, I want to be that person for you! As your attorney general I

have fought hard to protect citizens, families, children…and most of my

most successful programs like the Amber Alert, War Against Meth, Internet

Safety Education and the Child Abduction Response Teams, were all

developed    and    implemented     through     public-private   and   nonprofit

partnerships – not taxpayer dollars!

I know that the law is meant to protect us –not to control us and your

senators are supposed to represent us –not manage us. In the words of Glen

Beck, “We surround them!” They are our servants, not our masters. Let me

serve you!

I know it is unusual to challenge someone within your own party, however,

24 years in the Senate, which is what it would be if Bob Bennett were to win

again, is simply too long. I know he will raise the tired argument that his

seniority and leadership positions in the club allow him to better serve us.

And it is true that in Washington seniority matters, but not if that seniority is

taking us in the wrong direction. More of the wrong medicine never cured

anybody. Besides, I live by that old saying, “Leadership is action, not

position!” Even better, Leadership is the right action! We cannot simply

wait, as the good senator has suggested, for the political pendulum to swing

back, hoping and praying not too much damage will be done in the


Time is of the essence in saving our country. And it is not just for us. For

well over a century all of humanity around the globe has looked to the

strength of American democracy as that light upon the hill that cannot be

hid. Last week in Israel I met with Prime Minister Bebe Netanyahu. He told

me that the fate of his great free democratic island in a sea of totalitarianism,

anger and hatred is directly linked to our success as the leader of Western

civilization.   He is right and I promised him I would do my part to

strengthen and support that critical political and cultural alliance.

Fellow patriots, at the Salt Lake Tea Party on April 15th, I recalled the words

of the leader of the Sons of Liberty, Samuel Adams, that the time for talk is

done and the time for action has come. It is time for a new generation of

leadership who will not go along with the old guard. It is time for true

change and I pledge to fight hard for that change and to tirelessly serve you,

to secure and protect your God-given rights of life, liberty, property and the

pursuit of happiness and to fervently represent your deeply held convictions.

Today is a day of action. Today, right now, we the people must step up and

together we will take back America, one senate seat at a time!


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