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									        Practical Classroom
Applications of Educational

                Module 1
          PowerPoint Assignment
                LME 448
 Rational for Incorporating
 Technology into Daily
• Engage students with a multi-
  media enriched classroom
• Promote higher order thinking in
  the classroom
• Constructivist
  learning atmosphere
    Instructor Benefits
• Organization
• Planning templates and resources
• Statistical tracking made easier
• Performance task assessment
• Instructor presentations are
  engaging – no longer only
  ‘Blackboard Lectures’
• Teacher is the
  facilitator of learning
Student Benefits
• Students make meaning with
  projects that are authentic to them
• Students develop technological
  familiarity and ability
• Opportunities for self-expression
• Project flexibility
• Skills translate into real
     world applications
Technological Tools

•   Computer
•   Video Recorders
•   Digital Cameras
•   Scanners
•   Software
•   Internet
Why wait for a trip to the
Computer Lab?
• Use Classroom Resources Effectively
   – Internet for Peer Communication
   – Topic Research
   – Curriculum Supportive Games and
   – Classroom Web Page
      • Web Quests
      • Topic Links
      • Homework Helpers

PLEASE do not limit your computer to tests and quizzes!*
 And …
 Speaking of the Class Web Site

• Enhance Parent Communication
  –   E-mail links
  –   Letters to parents
  –   Post weekly progress reports
  –   Links to topic related sites
• Student Showcase
  – Work samples
  – Student developed resources
Technology Suggestions
Students can create:

• Student Portfolios
• Project Reports
• Creative Writing
• Take Home Work
• Artistic
                        ‘Frogs’ by Allison   2004

The Possibilities are endless!
Technology Suggestions
Instructors can create:
•   Directed reading activities
•   Lesson topic extensions
•   ‘Game Show’ quiz assessments
•   Skill building exercises
•   Virtual Field Trips
•   Webquests
•   Research
Curriculum Integration
• Brings excitement to projects by
  integrating many subjects
• Provides personally authentic
  experiences for the students
• Provides instruction
  that benefits many
  different learning
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