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									            NAME: Caterina Craig              Room 309                                                             LAKE DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL
       WEEK OF: September 13 - September 17, 2010                                                                        LESSON PLAN
        SUBJECT: English I
PERIODS:                       1,2,3,7,8                          1,2,3,7,8                         1,2,3                             7,8                        1,2,3,7,8
Day:                             Mon                                Tues                           Wed                               Thurs                          Fri
Date:                         9-13-2010                          9-14-2010                       9-15-2010                         9-16-2010                    9-17-2010

                                                            SUBSTITUTE TEACHER
                                                             (School Picture Day)

                                                                                       DLA #2; Grammar workbooks; DLA #2; Grammar workbooks;
                   DLA #2; Literature books;                                                                                                 Brainteasers; Copies of Test;
                                                        DLA #2; Grammar workbooks      Reading Skills worksheet;  Reading Skills worksheet;
                   Literary analysis worksheet                                                                                               MDG Vocabulary packet
                                                                                       Literature books           Literature books

Sponge/Bell work
                   DLA #2 (5a & 5b)                     DLA #2 (6a & 6b)               DLA #3 (7a & 7b)                  DLA #3 (7a & 7b)              Brainteasers

ACTIVITY                                                                               Grade / go over                   Grade / go over                         Test #2
                   Literary Analysis Worksheet / Fill
                                                        Collect "How Ironic" reading
                   out as a whole group while                                          Homework: GWB                     Homework: GWB                   "Daughter of Invention"
                                                        and writing assignment
                   reading "Daughter of Invention"                                     (pgs. 7, 8 & 9)                   (pgs. 7, 8 & 9)                     + Vocabulary
ACTIVITY           Begin reading / CD of "The                                          Finish reading short story:       Finish reading short story:
                   Daughter of Invention"                                              "Daughter of Invention"           "Daughter of Invention" /
                   (pgs. 86 - 96)                                                      / Literary CD                     Literary CD
                                                                                       Complete Reading Skills:     Complete Reading Skills:
                                                        Go to foyer to take
                                                                                       Make Inference worksheet for Make Inference worksheet for
                                                        Yearbook Pictures              "Daughter of Invention"      "Daughter of Invention"

                                                                                       Whole group discussion about Whole group discussion
                                                                                       the short story "Daughter of about the short story
                                                                                       Invention"                   "Daughter of Invention"

                   Homework: Finalize "How                                             Homework: Study for Test on Friday Homework: Study for Test     Homework: MDG
                                                        Homework: Grammar
                   Ironic" reading and writing                                         9/17 over Daughter of Invention    tomorrow over Daughter of    Vocabulary packet
                                                        Workbook (pg. 9)               and vocabulary                     Invention and vocabulary
                   assignment / Due tomorrow!                                                                                                          + 5 meaningful sentences

                       Remind students that
                     tomorrow is Picture Day!
            NAME: Caterina Craig  Room 502                                                                    LAKE DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL
       WEEK OF: August 29 - September 2, 2005                                                                       LESSON PLAN
        SUBJECT: English I
PERIODS:                       2,3,7,8                            2,3,7,8                        2,3,7,8                       2,3,7,8                        2,3,7,8
Day:                            Mon                                Tues                           Wed                           Thurs                           Fri
Date:                        8-29-2005                          8-30-2005                      8-31-2005                      9-1-2005                       9-2-2005

                   1c, 2c, 3a, 3b, 4b, 4e, 5a, 7i, 1c, 2c, 3a, 3b, 4b, 4d, 4e, 5a, 1c, 2c, 3a, 3b, 4b, 4d, 4e,       1c, 2c, 3a, 3b, 4b, 4d, 4e,
                   11d                             7i, 11d, 14a                    5a, 7i, 11d, 14a                  5a, 7i, 11d, 14a

MATERIALS                                                                               DLA #3 transparency;
                   DLA #3 transparency; Literary      DLA #3 transparency; Active                                    DLA #3 transparency;          Bellringer transparency;
                                                                                        Selection Quick Check
                   Elements Transparency ;            Reading Guides; literature books;                              Grammar & Language            Copies of test; copies of Word
                                                                                        transparency; Grammar &
                   Identifying Conflicts examples     Literary CD                                                    Workbooks                     Search Activity
                                                                                        Language Workbooks;
Sponge/Bell work
                   DLA #3 (9a & 9b)                   DLA #3 (10a & 10b)              DLA #3 (11a & 11b)             DLA #3 (12a & 12b)            Bellringer: Brainteasers

ACTIVITY           Collect homework:                                              Selection Quick Check
                   "Understanding Figurative          Check/grade homework:       /overhead transparency/            Check/grade homework: Test #2
                   Language and Idioms"               Lesson 32 Ex. #1 Ex. #2     answer in complete                 Lesson 6 Ex. #1 Ex. #2 "The Lady or the Tiger?"
                   worksheet & Vocabulary                                         sentences!
ACTIVITY                                                                          Whole group discussion about       Return graded papers
                   Literary Elements Transparency: Active Reading Guide/ complete
                                                                                  the short story "The Lady or the   ("Understanding Figurative    Word Search activity or read a
                   Internal & external conflict    while reading "The Lady or the
                                                                                  Tiger?" / debate princess'         Language; Vocabulary          book after finishing the test
                   (note taking)                   Tiger?"
                                                                                  choice                             worksheet)
                                                                                      Homework: Grammar
                   Identifying Conflicts Activity /   Begin short story: "The Lady or                               Review "The Lady or the
                                                                                      Workbook Lesson 6 (pg. 57-58)
                   small groups                       the Tiger?" /Literary CD                                      Tiger?" for test tomorrow
                                                                                      Ex. #1 & Ex. #2

                   Homework: Grammar
                   Workbook Lesson 32 (pg.125 -
                   126) Ex. #1 & Ex. #2



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