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By: Anna Raymond   
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Likely Tasks
   Advise clients of legal rights
   Confer with other clients
   Study regulations and court
   Gather evidence and put together a defense or being legal
   Represent clients in court, negotiate settlements
   Search for and examine public records to establish
   May supervise paralegals, law clerks, and legal assistants
   Prepare and draft legal documents
   Interview clients and witnesses to understand facts and
   Prepare and file legal briefs
Working Conditions
                             • Rarely consult a supervisor
• Regularly work in
teams or a group             • Repeat same mental tasks
                             • Strict deadlines
• Medium level of social
• Daily communication
• Often placed in conflict
• Work indoors
• Must be exact in work
• Big decisions
• Long hours

Skills and Abilities
   Concentrate and not be             Read and understand
    distracted while                    information
    performing a task                  Make sense of new information
   Identify patterns that are          by studying it
    hidden in distracting              Manage the time of self and
    material                            others
   Develop rules or follow            Motivate, develop, and direct
    guidelines for arranging            people as they work
    items                              Persuade other to approach
                                        thing differently
                                       Look for ways to help people
                                       Use several methods to teach
                                        others how to do something

   People who like good                          Achievement is
    working conditions. They                       important. They like to
    like jobs offering steady                      see accomplishments
    employment and a good                          of their work, and they
    lifestyle. May prefer to be                    like to see results and
    alone, having a variety of                     use their strongest
    tasks, and being busy all                      abilities.
    the time.

   Need a high school degree
    or GED
   Complete a bachelor’s
    degree, 4 years
   Complete a law degree, 3
   Pass bar exam for state in
                                     Helpful High School
    which you want to practice
   Good communication skills
                                        Business Law
   Hours at legal aid clinics and
                                        Computer Applications
    clerkships help
                                        Key Boarding
   Some states require yearly          Law studies
    classes or seminars
                                        Legal System
Employment & Outlook
   Grow in population is a cause for more lawyers
   More low-cost legal clinics and prepaid legal services
   Greater availability of services leads to more jobs
   Reduced by firms cutting costs, mediators taking
    cases, and paralegals taking jobs
   Competition will be strong because law schools
    graduate more lawyers than jobs available
   Very large annual openings and employment
Working Hours/ Travel   Major Employers
• Long hours, more      • Law Firms
than 50 hours/week
                        • Local, state, and
• Work a set schedule   federal agencies
• Many travel to
clients homes or        Related Occupations
places of business
                        • Paralegals
Current Median Wage     • Law Clerks
• $53.17/ hour
                        • Detectives and Investigators
• $106,120/ year
Advancement                           Fringe
Opportunities                         Benefits
    Start firm or associate to      Lawyers under firms
     an experienced lawyer            receive health
    After gaining more years         insurance, sick leave,
     and experiences, they            paid vacation, and a
     may ask you to be partner        retirement plan
     of the firm                     Self employment
    Start own practice               lawyers provide their
    In corporations move to          own retirement plan
     management                       and insurance
    Become a judge
    Become law school
     faculty or administrator
Evaluation of Research
I do like this job, and it suits
me because I have good
communication and can
work alone or in a group.
It’s not a good choice
because it’s long hours and
schooling is expensive.
This would leave little time
for family. I still like helping
people, and I’m interested
in the field.
Professional Organizations
 • American Bar Association

      Career Cluster
    • Law and Public Safety

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