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Civic Centre Bee Certificate by wzh15891


Civic Centre Bee Certificate document sample

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									Converging on Transformative
        Dr. John Barthell
          Dr. Ed Cunliff
        Dr. Kathryn Gage
          -14,000 undergraduate students
          - 2,000 graduate students
          - 400 fulltime faculty

- 10 undergraduate degrees
- 6 graduate degrees
          In The Beginning
• Shiny Objects – Not Really
• Academic Plan (Inclusive Process)
  – Leadership
  – Undergraduate Research
  – Service Learning
  – American Democracy Project
  – Globalization
           Burrito Buddies
• From Dashboard

• To Convergence

• To Transformative Learning
 Transformative Learning @ UCO
• A UCO education links academic
  excellence with experiences that make a students, to the future, and
  to the world in which we live. Our
  university community is dedicated to
  transformative learning within a context of
  global and diverse perspectives.
    Transformative Learning @ UCO
•   Leadership
•   Research, Scholarly & Creative Activities
•   Service Learning & Civic Engagement
•   Global & Cultural Competencies
Converging on Transformative Learning:

         A Dean’s Perspective
                          Fall Semester Enrollments
























Student Enrollment
  Undergraduates 2175
  Graduate Students 99
  Total                      2274

  All data as of Fall 2006
Research, Scholarly
& Creative Activities

Global & Cultural
College of Mathematics and Science
    Priority =>                          1                                           2                                       3                              4                         5*
Academic Priority     Transformative Learning                  Valuing People                                   Quality and Assessment        Centers                        Space
                       UG Research/Creative Studies            Increase faculty time to commit to UG           Support specialized          Forensic Sci Inst             Classroom Space
                       Internships                              Research/ Creative Studies by:                   accreditations and           School of Nursing             New Fac Offi ce
                       Service Learning                         - Increasing number of T/TT fa culty             similar externally           Distance Ed                    Space
                       Leadership                               - Reduce faculty workload                        monitored program            Sci & Math Ed                 New Adj Off ice
                                                                Increase financial support for students          improvement efforts                                          Space
                                                                Faculty/staff market/merit/COLA                                                                              Dedicated research
                                                                Chair position development                                                                                    space
                                                                 (12 mo/salary)                                                                                               Completion of
                                                                                                                                                                               HOH Labs
Faculty Position      See “Valuing People                       Short term: Phase I conversion of              See “Valuing People           See “Valuing People            N/A
                                                                  continuing NTT to FT TT:
                                                                  4 Bio, 1 Chem, 2 Comp Sci, 3 Math & Stat, 1
                                                                  Phy & Eng
                                                                  Long term: Add 25 additional positions
                                                                  to bring T/TT fa culty to FTE $1,360,000
  Total Investment:   N/A                                      $398,000                                         N/A                           N/A                            N/A
Operating Needs        Indirect costs agreement                ePortfolios - fac/dept annual reports to        Separate dedicated travel    Allow Science Ed faculty      Continued use of
                       Website w/ links to stakeholders         facilitate assessment, data gathering.           funds to support              to again serve on “Entry       UCO staff to work
                       $80,000 to support release time and      Development cost $10,000.                        assessment – ACS,             Year” committees.              on small room
                         student centered research              CMS Scholarship Campaigns                        NLNAC, OBN, ABFSE,           Release for Sci Fair           renovation projects
                       Grants/fees secretary - $30,000          coordinated through the CMS Director             ABET, CUR, AAFS-              director - $5,000/yr           (savings)
                         from Course Fees/indirect costs         of Development                                   FEPAC. Additional            Institutionalize operating    Input/continued
                       Dedicated college grant writer          Operational department control over              $2,000/dept = $14,000         costs for Science Fair -       communication on
                         $30,000                                 GA/TA/RA’s                                      Annual release time for       cover current $10,000          new buildings and
                       School of Advanced Studies –            Increase in “ 101030” fu nds to cover            assessment coordinators       cost through UCO and           campus master plan
                         $200,000                                student wages, TA/RA stipend                     in spec accred                eventually move to a
                       Additional “ 101030” fe es                                                                $5,000/dept= $35,000          lower cost facility (such
                         according to CMS fe e plan.                                                                                            as new Center for
                       Card-key access fo r students in UG                                                                                     Transformative Studies)
                         research (course fe es)
  Total Investment:   $340,000                                 $10,000                                          $49,000                       $15,000                        N/A
Capital Needs          Allocate course fees and request        Additional offices for new fa culty (the       See “Transformative            Addition to CHS               $100,000 toward
                         A&E funds to renovate existing           only immediate solution is to develop         Learning,” “ Valuing            building [$2.5 million]         completion of
                         space according to CMS Facilities        space for current part time fa culty in the   People,” and “Space”            (Nursing) or replacement        unfinished labs in
                         & Equipment List (non-prioritized        new Classroom Building) as well as                                            [10.0 million]                  HOH (10 yrs old)
                         list available)                          capital needs recommendations under                                          Addition to MCS building      Center for
                       Additional research space:                “Transfo rmative Learning.”                                                   [$2.5 million] (Math) or        Transformative
                         - Move forensic labs and classes to                                                                                    replacement [10.0               Studies Building
                         Forensic Sci Inst                                                                                                      million]                      CHS Building -
                          -Move classrooms to Classroom                                                                                                                         $2.5-10 million
                         Building.                                                                                                                                            MCS Building -
                         - Move eLearning Algebra Lab to                                                                                                                        $2.5-10 million
                         Classroom Building.                                                                                                                                  See CMS Facilities
                       New Building - Center for                                                                                                                               & Equipment List
                         Transformative Studies - $25                                                                                                                           for capital
                         million                                                                                                                                                improvements
  Total Investment:   N/A                                      N/A                                              N/A                           N/A                            $30-45 million
           TOTAL:     $340,000                                 $408,000                                         $49,000                       $15,000                        $30-45 million
        Development                 “Student-

  New                    Student
Knowledge                Learning

        (Elgren, 2004)
AY2007 Faculty Development Funds: College Allocations

 1. Faculty development funds to
    support Academic Long-term Goals.

 2. Request directly from dean’s office.
    –     Requests/allocations: ANYTIME
    –     Emphasize support for Tenure Track Faculty:
         • Developing external grants.
         • Developing transformative learning activities
            for students: UG research, etc.
         • Supporting specialized accreditation.
         • Presenting papers with students.
         • Publication with students - Page charges.

        None of this money will be applied to
          expenses in the dean’s office.
(Seymour et al. 2004 - from Lopatto, 2004)
College Competitive External Funding







           2004   2005   2006   2007
Federal Grants

• NSF SURE-STEP - Recruitment and Integration of
  undergraduates into “STEM” disciplines (Science,
  Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • Summer Bridge
  • Supplemental Instruction

• NSF “REU” - Research Experiences for
  Undergraduates (International Site in Summer)

• NIH INBRE - Biomedical Research (Summer
“The goal of this program [NSF REU] is to involve
undergraduate students in the ‘scientific process’ . . .
so that the participating students witness the
interplay of different scientific perspectives on the
same ecological problems. We depend on these
intellectual contrasts to demonstrate to our students
how intellectual diversity positively impacts scientific
problem-solving.” (Barthell & Wells, 2007)
UCO 1st Year Retention vs Summer Bridge


                          UCO Overall Retention *
                          UCO Overall STEM Retention *
STEM Students (%)

                          Bridge STEM Student Retention





                                           1st Year Retention
   UCO Supplemental Instruction
       Fall 2004 to Spring 2007 - 29 Sessions
                                       SI          Non SI        Total
                                     Group*       Group**

    Number of Students                 437           519         956

    Combined A, B, & C                77%           55%          65%

    Combined D, F, & W                23%           44%          35%

    Average GPA                        2.46         2.17         2.32
* Including the students who attended only one session of SI.
** Including only the students in the same classes where SI available.
"There was a time not so long ago when the
great faculty divide was between faculty
who performed research and faculty who
did not. Now, however, with most faculty
engaged in research, the new line of
demarcation is instead between faculty who
engage students in their research and those
who do not.”
            (Malachowski, 2006)
    On Work and Meaning….
• Boomers at work

• Appeal to Millenials and Xers
       The Epiphanic Moment
Learning Reconsidered
Learning Reconsidered 2

Transformative Learning
      Reasons to Collaborate
• A focused, intentional direction for Student
• “Powerful partnerships” for more complex
  learning outcomes
• Integrated approach to assessing student
• Fosters inclusiveness
• Brings varying perspectives to bear on problems
• Affirms shared educational values
       Barriers to Collaboration
•   Historically Distinct Roles
•   A Habit of Isolation
•   Different “Languages” and Cultures
•   Poor Communication
         Barriers continued…..
•   Lack of Mutual Understanding
•   Lack of a Clear and Compelling Mission
•   A Culture of Disjoined Incrementalism
•   Lack of an Impetus for Change
•   Inability to Model Best Practices
    The Outcomes To-Date…
• Volunteer and Service Learning Center
• Incorporation of American Democracy
• Centre for Global Proficiency
• NSSE Standards Utilized in Student
• Expectation of Student Learning
  Outcomes in Student Affairs Divisional and
  Departmental Goals

• Invitations to Planning Retreats / Staff
• Student Engagement Committee
• Assessment and Certification standards in
  place or in development (Student
  Development Transcript, Global
  Proficiency Certificate, Service Medallion)
             CQI Principles

•   Focus on Core – Helping Students Learn
•   Alignment
•   Collaboration – Systems Thinking
•   Efficient and Effective
•   Contact Information:
•   Dr. John Barthell
•   Dr. Ed Cunliff
•   Dr. Kathryn Gage
•   Dungy, G., Evans, N., Fried, J., Komives, S., McDonald, W., & Salvador, S.
    (2004) . Learning Reconsidered: A Campus-Wide Focus on the Student
    Experience (NASPA) and (ACPA).

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    Wide Focus on the Student Experience. (ACPA), (ACUHO-I), (ACUI),
    (NACADA), (NACA), (NASPA), and (NIRSA).

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    Academic Affairs Collaboration. National Association of Student Personnel
    Administrators (NASPA).

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    Half of Life. New York, NY: PublicAffairs.
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•   Elgren, T. (2004) Successful collaborative research with undergraduates requires
    balancing objectives. Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly 25:52.

•   Elgren, T. (2004) Successful collaborative research with undergraduates requires
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•   Malachowski, M. R. (2006) Undergraduate research as the next great faculty divide.
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•   Seymour, E., Hunter, A.B., Laursen, S.L. & DeAntoni, T. (2004) Establishing the
    benefits of research experiences for undergraduates in the sciences: first findings
    from a three-year study. Science Education 88:493-534.

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