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Citizenship Application Recommendation Letter document sample

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									                 How to Prepare

            at American Universities


            BASANT GIRI
              Graduate Student
           Department of Chemistry
    Oregon State University, Oregon, USA
    Why American University ?
• World Class           • Nobel Prize is Waiting for
• Easy to Apply
                        • No need to write research
• Employment
  opportunities after
                        • Not necessary to butter

• Availability of
      Requirements For Graduate
• Transcripts       • Personal essay

• Test Scores       • Professional Resume

• Recommendations   • Application Fee
               TEST SCORES
Test of English as a foreign Language is required for all
International applicants.

Minimum score required: 213 to 250 for CBT

Send official copy (if possible). Otherwise you may send
photocopy or scanned test report. Some universities do not
forward your application packet without official copy. Do not
worry about this. First check by sending non official copy and
then if they say it is compulsory send official copy.
•   GRE is required for Graduate
                                        • Verbal               800
                                        • Quantitative         800
•   There is no minimum score
    required in most of the             • Writing              6
    universities. But you have to
    compete with other candidates.
                                        You have to score separately.
•   Some universities recommend
    only and very few ask for subject
                 Personal essay
Personal essay of Personal Statement or some may ask for research
statement. Include at least followings.

 Your Background of education

 Why did you choose chemistry as major?

 Which field do you have interests and why?

 Why do you choose the particular university?

Three letter of Recommendations

1.One from Department head.
2.One from research Supervisor (if applicable).
3.One from professional who know you very well.

On their letter head, sealed inside envelope and signed
by the recommender
                        Application Fee
• Universities ask application fee ranging from $30 to $100
• But we can not pay application fee.

• Write a letter asking for waiving the fee or deferring the fee until your

• There are also universities which do not require application fee for application
  process and some ask for application fee only after your admission. In some
  universities department pay app fee if you are recommended for admission to
  office of admission.

• Pay application fee if they say they could not forward your application file until
                              I used this for

                   Waiving App Fee

  I am writing to let you know that I am very much interested in Ph.D.
  program in chemistry at your esteemed university. I am going to
  submit my application shortly.

  I have one problem though. Unfortunately, I am unable to pay the
  required application fee. You probably know about the financial
  situation in Nepal. I would like to ask you about the possibility to
  waive the fee or defer the payment until my admission in your

  Thank you very much for your help and understanding.

Basant Giri
               When To Start ?

• Think before one year of the session you are going
  to join the university. Start from now for fall 2007.

• Start to search universities and to prepare tests.

• Take date for the tests TOEFL and GRE.
           University Search

• Use internet Service
• Choose at least one dozen universities that best
    matches your qualifications.
It lists out chemistry departments of US universities
    alphabetically. After entering the chem dept go to
    graduate program.
Or search:

It directly gives graduate programs.
Or you may use Google search.

From graduate program homepage go to
admission and find out all necessaries.
         Find out followings

• Requirements of test scores
• Deadline for the application
• Person who sees after graduate
  applications and his/her email address
• Address of sending application packet
• Recommendation form (if applicable)
• Application form
            Some Universities having
              Nepalese Students
•   Oregon State University, OR          •   New Mexico state University
•   Kansas State University, KS          •   University of Southern Carolina
•   University of Nevada, Reno, NV       •   University of southern Mississippi
•   Wayne State University               •   University of Missouri
•   University of Akron, OH              •   University of Southern Illinois
•   Western Illinois University, II      •   University of Albany
•   University of Alaska Fairbanks, AK   •   University of Idaho
•   Baylor University, TX                •   University of Miami
•   University of Utah, UT               •   Portland State University,OR
•   Utah state University, UT            •   Washington State University,WA
•   University of Toledo                 •   University of Washington,WA
•   Kent state University                •   University of Oklahoma,OK
•   Wichita state University             •   Oklahoma state university,OK
•   Brigham young University, UT         •   Boston college
•   University of Texas,TX               •   Boston University

For more Information about Nepalese Chemists around the world log on to and go to N-Chem.
               Application For Visa
• Application form
• Form I-20 and Admission Letter
• Transcripts of SLC to M. Sc.
• Original Test Reports
• Passport and Citizenship Card
• Work Experience Letter
• Fee

Don’t Worry about getting Visa if you have full assistantship

Contact Basant at girib<at> to know more information

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