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             CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange)
             What is CLUE?
             CLUE is a report of claims information generated by ChoicePoint, a
             consumer-reporting agency. Insurance companies report claim information
             to ChoicePoint, such as the type of claim and how much they paid on a claim.
             In exchange, insurance companies can access the claims history of a specific
             consumer or property. A CLUE report generally contains up to five years of
             personal auto or personal property claims history.
             A CLUE report contains:
                       • Your name
Fact Sheet

                       • Date of birth
                       • Policy number
                       • Date of loss
                       • Type of loss
                       • Amount the insurance company paid
                       • Description of the covered property
                       • Property address (for homeowner coverage)
                       • Specific vehicle information (for auto coverage)
             How insurance companies use CLUE reports
             An insurance company may request a CLUE report when you apply for coverage
             or request a quote. The company uses your claims history, or the history of
             claims at a specific property, to determine if it will offer you coverage and how
             much you will pay. They believe past claims indicate that you’re more likely to
             file a claim in the future.
             How to get a CLUE report
             The Fair Credit Reporting Act entitles you to a copy of your CLUE report. To
             request a copy of your CLUE report, contact:
                                     ChoicePoint Consumer Disclosure
                                     P.O. Box 0508
                                     Atlanta, Georgia 30348-508
                                     Phone toll free: -866-527-2600
             Please note, if you need a CLUE report on a property you’d like to buy, the owner
             must request it.

                                         Correcting false information in a CLUE report
                                         If you discover an error in your CLUE report, contact ChoicePoint’s Consumer
                                         Center at -866-78-7684. They will verify your information with the reporting
                                         insurance company and notify you of the results within 30 days.
                                         If you feel an item in your CLUE report deserves an explanation, you can submit
                                         a personal statement, which ChoicePoint will add to all future CLUE reports.
                                         ChoicePoint guidelines for reporting claims information
                                         Insurers report all claim types (cause of loss) for which they:
                                                  • Make a payment
                                                  • Establish a reserve
                                                  • Experience a cost due to a loss
                Fact Sheet

                                                  • Issue a written, formal denial of claim
                                         Insurers should not report claims information when a consumer contacts them
                                         to merely ask a question about coverage or their deductible.

                                               The Office of the Insurance Commissioner can help you!
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                                           If you have any questions or need additional information about your rights as
                                                  an insurance consumer, call our Insurance Consumer Hotline at
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