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									                                                                                        Job description/person specification

 Job title                                        Exams Finance Officer                                Department/office                   Exams, Lagos Nigeria

 Job holder                                       vacant                                               Job code                            NG/LG/H/ESO/045

 Job type                                         Full Time                                            Pay band                            H/Band 4

 Line manager                                     Country Exams Manager                                Post-related                        Starting Salary 2,120,865

Job description

                                                  To support the Examination Services team in Nigeria in delivering an effective and efficient
                                                  business by providing financial services working closely with CEM and the Nigeria Finance
                                                  Team based in Lagos. To support the wider work of BC Nigeria by ensuring best finance
                                                  practice is shared with Finance Teams across the country.
 Job aim                                          To contribute to the the development of BC Nigeria as an innovative and high performing
                                                  country operation. To model the values and principles of an integrated operation and to
                                                  contribute to BC’s regional strategy.

 Number of staff managed                                              As line manager                                 As countersignatory

 Finances managed

Duty and standards – measurable in terms of time, cost, quality or quantity. Please note this list is
not to be regarded as exclusive.
                           Financial Accounting
                           Working within the Finance Team, to ensure that all exams Finance functions are accurately and effectively
                           managed and this includes:
                                       To support CEM on accurate reporting of exams income and expenditure. This includes managing
 1 Duty (40%)                           revenue collection and expenditure, checking and preparing payment of invoices in conjunction with
                                        other Exams Services Officers; assisting ESOs with preparing daily, monthly, sessional and annual
                                        exams income reconciliations; preparing cash flow requirements for Nigeria, preparing monthly
                                        deferred income reports and preparing annual examinations accruals. Monthly attention to clearing
                                        the debtors lists in Sterling and Naira.
                                       To meet British Council Essential Finance standards and according to agreed time frames with
                                        individual exam boards and E&E
                                       Accurate posting of data on FABS
                                       Meeting standards required under the FCCF
                                       Accurate prepration of data for quarterly forecasting
                                       Monthly reconciliation of EXFP and SAP systems
                                       Providing support to CEM on data management and trend analysis
                                       Debtors are managed to tolerable levels.
                           Financial Analysis
                                       To support the CEM and ESM in the compilation of the EXFP/GPS Plans for Nigeria and in submitting
 2 Duty (30%)                           timely and accurate financial returns to English & Exams in London. This includes analysing the
                                        performance of individual exams products and offices in Nigeria with a view to enhancing overall
                                        financial performance. Carry out monthly FCCF profiling of examinations financial report by product,
                                        by volume and by location to highlight exceptions for management action.

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.       Revised October 2006
                      As per standards laid down by English & Exams and Essential Finance
                      Accurate quarterly forecasting and data inputting on EXFP/SAP
                      To monitor income and business targets providing trend analysis
                      Management of reconcilitiation issues following FCCF guidelines
                      All data and financial analysis completed on time and against agreed schedule
                      Business targets are met
               Process Analysis
                      To support CEM/ ESM on building and managing efficient and effective systems and processes for
3 Duty (15%)           the exams business in Nigeria. This includes conducting reviews into the effectiveness of current
                       systems, putting forward proposals for rationalisation and simplification. Carry out bi-annual review of
                       exams income collection/recording/reporting process and of examination delivery process.
                      To ensure compliance with British Council EQS and individual exam boards requirements.
                      To meet internal audit standards for compliance
Standards             To liaise with the SSA region on business processes
                      To meet business targets

               Training and support
4 Duty (10%)          To provide relevant financial training and support to staff within the All Nigeria exams team to ensure
                       effective delivery of tasks to required standards
                      To meet Essential Finance and Essential Personnel standards
                      To provide appropriate training to meet staff development and efficiency needs
               Professional and Personal Development
5 Duty (5%)
               Agree own personal development plan with Line Manager and review it twice a year
                  Minimum of 6 days development over a period of 12 months
                  As specified in job plan objectives

Person specification
Managers should select competencies from the Organisational Skills Profile and should use no more than 8 for recruitment and
selection purposes.

                                                                        All criteria will be used for
                                                                                                        If a criterion is to be used for
        Criteria: behavioural competencies                              performance management
                                                                                                        selection, please state here
        (assign levels), skills, knowledge       Essential (E) or       purposes.
                                                                                                        how it will be measured (e.g.
        experience, and specialist               desirable (D).         Indicate here (Y or N) if a     application form, interview,
        qualifications.                                                 criterion is to be used for     performance evaluation
                                                                        recruitment and selection.

 1      Achievement (Level 2)                           E                            Yes                Application, Interview

 2      Analytical Thinking (Level 2)                   E                            Yes                Application, Interview

 3      Customer Service Orientation (Level 2)          E                            Yes                Application, Interview

 4      Team Working (Level 2)                          E                            Yes                Application, Interview

        Generic Skills
        Accountancy Graduate or related field
 5                                                      E                            Yes                Application, Interview
        (First degree or equivalent)

        Job Families: technical skills,
        knowledge and experience
        Minimum 3 years professional
 6                                                      E                            Yes                Application, Interview
        accounting experience
        Professional accountancy qualification
 7                                                      E                            Yes                Application, Interview
        e.g. ACCA
        Demonstrable experience of and
 8      proficiency in using EXCEL and other            E                            Yes                Application, Interview
        accounting software

Any special requirements of the job, including any legal requirements e.g. restrictions on employment, occasional
unsocial hours, flexible working, passport status.

 Occasional unsocial hours may be required

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