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					                    Group Presentations – Internet Sites and Discipline models
Each group will prepare two brief presentations the class for to be presented on a pre-designated night.

Presentation one: Internet sites related to Classroom Management (approximately 10 minutes)

Given the two letters of the alphabet, each group will determine three words (or VERY short phrases) related to
classroom management that start with the designated letters and locate a web site that contains information on
these topics.

For example, if you were assigned the letter A, you might have Acquainted, Arrangement, and Advance
Organizers and would then link to the sites:
       Acquainted: Ice breakers for the classroom -
       Arrangement: Arranging the classroom -
       Advanced Organizers: Concept maps or other advanced organizers -

No formal handouts are required for this presentation, but the sites must be emailed to the instructor no later
than 8 a.m. on the designated presentation date. The email should be a Word document sent as an attachment
that contains the links and a brief (two sentences or less) description of the sites. The links will be posted to the
daily classroom links. The group will then access the identified sites on the classroom computer and describe to
the class how these sites relate to the identified terms and how they might be useful in establishing or updating
classroom management plans.

Presentation two: Analysis of a designated behavior management model (approximately 20 minutes).

A) Handouts: Each group will prepare handouts for the class summarizing the key points of the model along
with any strengths and/or weaknesses. The description of the model must be derived from the handouts
provided by the instructor and supplemented with at least one additional resource. (See me if you have
difficulty locating resources.) Make sure you provide a reference for your resource. The strengths and
weaknesses can be based on the handouts/resources, but should also contain some group opinion as to the
benefit (or lack of) the model to your own classroom management strategies. The handout for the class must be
typed (single spaced) and emailed (as an attachment) to the instructor no later than 8am on the designated
presentation date. Copies will then be made for the class. There is not a required length for the handouts, but
an estimated length would be one to three pages.

B) Class presentation.
      B1. The group will summarize the information in the handout. A power-point presentation is
      acceptable, but not required. The format of the presentation is entirely up to the group. If a
      power-point is to be used it can be posted to the class web site if emailed to the instructor by 8am
      on the designated presentation date. It can also be accessed via disk or flash drive in our
      B2. Using the case distributed by the instructor the group will lead a discussion of how the
      behavior management model could be used to address the behavior issue described in the case.
      This may also be part of the power-point if desired – but is not required. The format of this
      portion is also up to the group.
      B3. The group will incorporate efficient classroom management techniques into their
      presentation. This could include, but not be limited to, such examples as preparedness, with-it-
      ness, the distribution of materials, the transitions during the lesson, the questioning techniques,
      the involvement of the students in the class, and the handling of any behavior management
      problems that should arise.
C) At the conclusion of the presentation, each class member (that is not in the group) will provide feedback on
three items:

       1) Identify one key point related to the behavior management model and express opinions on how the
       model would fit (or not fit) their own classroom behavior management plan;
       2) Identify at least three examples of classroom management techniques used effectively by the group
       during the presentation; and
       3) Identify one classroom management technique that might have been employed by the group to make
       the presentation more efficient.

D) EACH GROUP MEMBER must email the instructor a completed group evaluation form for each member
of the group. That is, each member in a four member group will email four evaluation forms – one for
themselves and one for each additional member of the group. These forms must be emailed as attachments
to the instructor by the end of the third week day following the presentation.

Note: The total presentation should not exceed 30 minutes.
                                     Group Project Scoring Rubric
 Group Number ____                                            Name ______________________

Group Scores                  10 – 8 points                 7 – 5 points                5 – 0 points
Handouts/Emails (30 pts)
Email for Handouts:           Received by 8am on due        Received late or not        Received late and not
On time/format                late, typed, single spaced,   typed, single spaced, or    typed, single spaced, or
                              attachment to an email        attached to an email        not attached to an email
Handouts: Content             Contains description, key     Contains description,       Is missing all or parts of
                              points, strengths,            key points, strengths,      the description, key
                              weaknesses and group          weaknesses but not          points, strengths,
                              opinions                      group opinions              weaknesses and group
Internet Site emailed         Received by 8am on due        Received late or not        Received late and not
                              date, typed, single spaced,   typed, single spaced, or    typed, single spaced, or
                              attachment to an email        attached to an email        not attached to an email
Class Presentation (50
Internet Sites Presentation   Group presents all six        Group presents all six      Group presents less than
                              sites and relates their       sites but does not relate   six sites and/or does not
                              "word" to classroom           their "word" to             relate their "word" to
                              management                    classroom management        classroom management
Discipline Model              Content of the discipline     Content of the              Content of the discipline
Presentation                  model presentation meets      discipline model            model presentation meets
                              all criteria of the task      presentation meets          very little of the criteria
                                                            some criteria of the task   of the task
Case Study Presentation       Content of the case study     Content of the case         Content of the case study
                              presentation meets all        study presentation          presentation meets very
                              criteria of the task          meets some criteria of      little of the criteria of the
                                                            the task                    task
Class Discussion              Group involves the            Group involves part of      Group does not involve
                              majority of the class in      the class in discussing     the class in the discussion
                              discussing the case           the case analysis
Classroom Management          Group demonstrates            Group demonstrates          Group fails to
                              appropriate classroom         some appropriate            demonstrate appropriate
                              management techniques         classroom management        classroom management
                              throughout the                techniques during the       techniques throughout the
                              presentation                  presentation                presentation
Individual member scores
(20 pts)
Evaluation forms from the Evaluation forms                  Evaluation forms            Evaluation forms not
individual                completed and submitted           completed or submitted      complete or not submitted
                          on time                           on time                     on time
Team evaluation of the    Evaluation forms indicate         Evaluation forms            Evaluation forms indicate
individual                the member actively               indicate the member         the member was
                          participated in the group         participated in the group   minimally involved with
                          product                           product but not actively.   the group product.

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