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									Using Data and GIS to Plan
  Program and Business
   Development Efforts
               Today’s Presentation

•   Private database tools
•   How to apply to program planning and
    business development
•   Existing products and resources
•   What’s next for us
                 COE Organizational Chart
                           Dean of Economic
                                  Kay Ferrier

                                 John Prentiss

                                                   9 Centers of Excellence
 BWPI      Statewide Directors                       Northern Ca.: Los Rios
Advisory          BWPI                                  Bay Region: CCSF
                                                Greater Silicon Valley: West Valley
                                                   Central Valley: Modesto JC
                                                 Central Coast: Ventura College
                                                Orange County: Rancho Santiago
                                                      Los Angeles: LACCD
                                                      Los Angeles: Mt. Sac
                                                 Inland Empire: San Bernardino
                 Scope of Work


Partnership        Marketing and
 Building           Branding:
                Scanning at Many Levels
• Initiative Studies
   – Futuristic, big picture
   – Start policy discussions
• Continuous Scanning by Initiatives
   – Discover emerging needs
   – Develop new offerings
   – Leverage resources with partners
• COE Environmental Scans
   –   Track industry trends and workforce needs
   –   Practical, on the ground
   –   Align inside (college) to outside (industry)
   –   Bring colleges and industry to table and move on
                       Project Overview

Objective – provide information and intelligence about
  workforce needs for informed decision making

Process – identify, review and validate industry needs to
  assist colleges with program decision making

Tools – geospatial mapping software, Crystal Reports,
  private industry data, and secondary data from a variety
  of public sources
                                Data Sources

    – InfoUSA
        • Public and private data sources (unsuppressed)
        • Updated every 6 months
• CC Benefits
    – Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (DOL)
    – Regional Economic Information System (BEA)
       • Not used in LIMD. Includes sole proprietors
    – Occupational Employment Statistics (OES)
•   O*net
•   EDD – LMID (OES)
•   US Census Bureau
•   US Bureau of Labor Statistics
                    GIS Business Analyst

Uses private industry data, recognized for its
 reliability across the United States

Isolates industry size & growth to the 8th level of
  North American Industry Classification System

Produces reports showing percent of change in
  number of employees, number of businesses
  and sales volume
Trade Area
Study Area
Growth Trends
Cluster Analysis
                                             Crystal Reports
The Education Sector, Percentage of Change from 1998 to 2006
Sacramento Metropolitan Statistical Area
NAICS 6   Description                                        # BUS # BUS Δ1998 # EMP # EMP Δ1998
                                                              1998  2006        1998  2006
611310    Colleges, Universities, and Professional Studies       54    70  30% 21,233 5,989 -72%

611410    Business and Secretarial Schools                      60    55    -8%   2,002   3,059   53%

611420    Computer Training                                     28    27    -4%    174     161     -7%

611430    Professional and Management Development               13    27   108%     29      60    107%
611630    Language Schools                                       4     8   100%     15      28    87%

611699    All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction       47    81   72%     106     190    79%

TOTALS                                                         206   268   30% 23,559     9,487   -60%
Demographic Profile Reports
                  Tapestry Segmentation

• 65 Segments

• Socioeconomic and
  demographic composition

• Census 2000, InfoUSA,
  Acxiom Corporation's
  InfoBase consumer
  database, Mediamark
  Research Inc. Doublebase
  2004, and other sources
Tapestry Segmentation
                         CC Benefits
• College Optimizer
    • Analyses what programs a college offers in relation
      to the fasting growing occupations in the region

• Economic Forecaster
    •   Projected labor market data
    •   Staffing patterns
    •   Projected new and replacement jobs by occupation
    •   demographics
     CC Benefits:
Inverse Staffing Pattern
 (for all Healthcare Support Occupations)
     CC Benefits:
Orange County Demographics
        2007 & 2016
              American Community Survey
• Survey Year – 2005 (annually updated)

• Geography – national, state, & local

• Demographic - Sex and Age, Race, Relationship,
  Household by Type
  Social - Education, Marital Status, Fertility,
  Economic - Income, Employment, Occupation,
  Commuting to Work...
  Housing - Occupancy and Structure, Housing Value and
  Costs, Utilities...
  Narrative - Text profile with graphs for easy analysis...
                            Find Employers
Find Employers by
industry, occupation,
geographic area or name

Includes mailing address,
phone number, contact
name, size of
organization and industry
                               Select Careers
Download occupational
 profiles for select careers
 by county.

Includes a review of the
  following questions:
• What working conditions
  can I expect?
• How much can I expect to
• What benefits can I expect
  to receive?
• What education, training
  and experience do I need?
• And many others…
                           Occupational Outlook
                           Handbook, 2006 -2007
Browse hundreds of nationally
  recognized, high demand

Includes a review of the
• Training and education
• Earnings
• Expected job prospects
• What workers do on the job
• Working conditions
                 What’s produced
• Expanding capabilities. Now offering
  College-specific demographic and industry

• Regional, multi-regional, or sub-regional
  – Strategic Possibility Reports
  – Full Environmental Scan Reports
                    What’s In A Report?
•   Regional Demographics
•   Industry Overview
•   Employers (Counts and Engagement)
•   Wage/salary Data
•   Occupational Outlook
•   Labor Market Projections
•   Skills and Training Requirements
•   Barriers to Employment
•   Existing College Programs/Initiatives
•   Other Programs/models/curriculum
•   Recommendations for community colleges
•   Associations Serving the Industry
•   GIS Maps
•   Industry/Association contact information
             How To Use the Information

 Keeping your curriculum relevant and up to date
 Accessing data for grant writing
 Marketing to business and industry locally or
 Building or expanding business partnerships
  (advisory groups)
 Providing career counselors industry updates
 Import your database of industry contacts
                     Partnership Successes
• Central Valley
    – Food Processing Manufacturing. Bakersfield
      partnered with industry and received a
      $500,000 ETP contract.
• Ventura
    – Construction. Hosted a Construction
      Industry/Summit with multiple partners.
• Multi-Region (Los Angeles, Bay Region & Greater Silicon Valley)
    – Computer and Gaming Industry. Partnered
      with Entertainment Economy Institute and the
      Multimedia & Entertainment Initiative (MEI)
                Resource Successes
• Logistics Scan
  – State-wide DOL Grant
• Durable Manufacturing Scan
  – IDRC Grant for Chaffey College & San Bernardino
• Regional GIS Analysis
  – Identifying needed programs for Cerro Coso
    Community College. Developing 3.
• Computer and Gaming Scan
  – Development of Animation and 3D Modeling AS &
    certificate programs for Riverside Community College
            New Reports: Stay Tuned!
•   Public Administration
•   Medical Manufacturing
•   Green Technologies
•   Internet Security
•   Telecommunications
•   Utilities
•   More…..
                     Stay Tuned!

• Information Hubs
  – San Bernardino and Los Rios Centers
• Expanded services
  – Research
  – Customized data reports
• Expanded partnerships
                         Your Regional COE
  9 Centers of Excellence

  Northern Ca.: Los Rios
  Bay Region: CCSF
  Greater Silicon Valley: West Valley
  Central Valley: Modesto JC
  Central Coast: Ventura College
  Orange County: Rancho Santiago
  Los Angeles: LACCD
  Los Angeles: Mt. Sac
  Inland Empire: San Bernardino
(click on: Business & Workforce Performance Improvement)
                                Thank You !
• Elaine Gaertner
  Statewide Director, Center of Excellence
  (408) 288-8611

• Kevin Fleming
  Director, Desert Region Center of Excellence
  (909) 382-4037

• Theresa Milan
  Director, Northern California Region Center of Excellence
  (916) 563-3221

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