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					                      FEED Manager
“A Unique Multi Specie -- Breed cum Category based
   Formulation , Analysis , Production & Economics
                  MIS Software
        “Animal Feed Manufacturers”

                Salient Features
About The Software
   1)      User-friendly:
   MDEC’s Feed Manager is a unique user-friendly
   window based Desktop application which can be
   converted to LAN.

   Feed Manager is a Management Information
   System S/W

   2) Feed Manager caters to :
      - Inventory,
      - feed formulation,
      - feed analysis,
      - feed production,
      - customer transaction &
      - feed mill economics parameters---

     ---- for different animal species in accordance
     with the nutritional needs of the breed and the
     feed type as per the growing phase of the animal
     under that specie.

3)   Basic Functioning
     The software has two Sections
      1) Inventory and
      2) Feed.
      The functioning is based on the :
     a) total purchases and sales through the
         Inventory section
     b) standard nutrient requirements of the
         animal / specie as per the breed verses the
         nutrients’ availability in the ingredients
         available or to be used.
     c) Production Data base of all feed types as
         per the formulation.

4)   Feed Manager is Multi specie cum Breed cum
     category based feed formulation cum analysis
     cum production Software which generates various
     reports to help you improve the Management &
     Economy at the Feed Mill .
6)   The software also caters to the Production and
     Inventory needs of the Feed Mill Management.
7)   About the S/W
     a-1)     Poult-Soft feed version is a user friendly
              window based desktop application
              convertible to LAN. Any body with
              simple knowledge of computers can work
              on this.
     b-2)     S/W has Two main sections and each
              sections has different modules and each
              module has its own operational forms :
              1. Inventory Section

             2. Feed Section

     c-3)    Each section has its own Master Module ,
             is integrated with another and has a
             provision to edit & delete.

6)   S/w Functioning
         All     transaction     are   routed     through
         INVENTORY SECTION of the software. All
         purchases from ingredients to medicines & all
         sales from finished feeds to old gummy bags
         are handled by this section. All the items
         purchased are automatically transferred to the
         feed mill section. The finished goods are
         transferred back to sale module of inventory
         a) Master Modules –
         -     S/w has a provision to enter the master
              data of :
               Specie, Breed , Suppliers , Customers and
         - Nutrient Requirements of the birds in
                stage of their life cycle as per the
                breed and the specie.
              - Nutrient Availability in different feed
         b) Feed Category – Stores the information
              of the type of feed as    per the Bird
              Category e.g. Breeder: Layer / Broiler or
              Commercials: Layer / Broiler under
              poultry and Calf , heifer and adult under
              dairy and so on--.
         c) Feed Type Stores information of different
              classes under each category. e.g. under

              breeders (layer/broiler)  chicks,
              growers, breeders feed, under Commercial
              layer  Chicks, grower, layers feed &
              under Commercial broiler  Starters,
              Finisher, Feed & same way for Bovine
              and Equine.
          d) Standard Requirements of the nutrients
          are stored as desired by the user for each class
          under         the respective category of that
          Specie & breed.
          e) Ingredients: Feed ingredients commonly
              used in the respective poultry area can be
              entered, with their basic unit of
              measurement e.g. % age or mg or I.U.
          f) Nutrient Availability: The data is entered
          as per        users choice (StandardCharts) of
          the various nutrients available      in      the
          respective feed ingredients.
          g) Suppliers/Customer: S/w takes in the
              master memory the name & other details
              of the suppliers of ingredients & the
              customers who buy the feed.
7)    Price & Packing: --- calculates the “Rate per kg”
      of the ingredients on the basis of the purchase
      amount of the invoice.
8)    Feed Formulation: --- generates the feed formula
      on the basis of the information in Master Modules
      & as per user’s choice.
9)    Feed Production: -- calculates the quantity of
      each ingredient required for a particular lot of the
      feed to be made in accordance to the respective
      formula and gives the alert for the stocks in
10)   Feed Production Record: --- has the provision to
      store & generates the feed production reports as on
      date & for a particular period.

11)   Supplier Details: --- Generates reports with
      details of ingredients purchased from respective
      supplier for particular period.
12)   Average Rates: ---- Calculates the average rate of
      a particular ingredient & the compounded feed for
      a period while calculating the feed cost.
13)   Costing & Analysis: S/w not only prepares the
      feed formula for the respective stage of poultry
      operation but also calculates the feed cost with and
      without Vitamin Pre-mix & generates Analysis
      Report in comparisons to the standard
      requirements. All the parameters are displayed
      on the screen simultaneously in different colors
      while the formula is being made.
14)   Silent Losses: S/w calculates the cumulative
      process loss on per ton basis. This indirectly helps
      in checking the pilferage & wastage.
15)   Inventory:
      a)       Maintains inventory of all Purchases,
               Sales, Feed production & Stocks &
               Generates accurate reports respectively.
      b)       Purchase : S/w has a provision to print
               the purchase details before making the
               final purchase.
      c)       Final calculations are made on the basis of
               the purchase entries.
16)   Alerts: Has an alert system system for minimum
      stocks in store for a respective items. It highlights
      the particular ingredient not available in sufficient
      quantity as on that date in the production module.
17)   Customer Accounts
      Feed manager maintains the total transaction
      record of each customer registered as “Customer”
      in respect to the sale detail, payment details,
      balance payments etc.
18)   Db /Cr. Accounts
      Also shows the Credit / debit balance on the
      screen with a provision to print.

19)    Over Heads :
       Feed manager calculates the O.H. expenses on per
       Kg. Basis of the feed made during that period on
       the basis of the input data entered in “ Misc.
20)    Reports: Generates various report under different
       species and Breeds as given below.
       a)       Formulation and Analysis Records
       b)       Production
       c)       Purchases
       d)       Sales
       e)       Misc. Income Vs Expenses
       f)       Silent Losses
       g)       Cost Vs Return
       h)       Feed Cost with Over Heads
       i)       Inventory
                :Purchases,Sales,Stocks,Customer A/C’s

21)    Data Back up : there is a provision to take data
       back up,on click of a mouse as & when required
       on hard disk or on CD.

Note : Any other requirement not available in the soft
       Ware can be customized with additional cost.


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