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Annual Budget Plan Brand document sample

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									                          FRAMEWORK FOR SUCCESS 2008
                                                      Mission statement:
 The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the
Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love for God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His
                                                      name without discrimination.

                                                        Brand Promise:
The Salvation Army's promise is to do the most good for the most people in the most need without discrimination. By putting funds to
    maximum use, The Army provides holistic services, programs and ministries that produce measurable, life-enhancing results.

Issue: Serve the people of Greater Columbus with holistic programs, services, and ministries

    1A Goal:        Improve effectiveness of the integration of spiritual and social ministries

                      Action Step: Program Committee will promote the integration of spiritual and social ministries. Program
                                   Committee will assure that Advisory Boards, Corps Officers and key staff members are actively
                                   involved in all needs assessments, and that their views are consulted and integrated into all key area-
                                   wide program initiatives. Program Committee will measure success not only in terms of objective
                                   program outcomes, but also in the balance achieved in addressing spiritual and social ministry
                      Action Step: Program Committee will re-energize the needs assessment program. A more aggressive schedule
                                   will be adopted to assure needs assessments of all locations are developed or updated in the two year
                                   planning horizon.
                      Action Step: Each Corps establish a "Response Team" to follow up to Contacts from Social Service programs
                                   especially Pantry and seasonal
                      Action Step: Encourage and Educate "shared space" approach to service delivery in all facilities as Programs
                      Action Step: Use the forum of quarterly Mission Meetings to discuss current programs and future plans

    1B Goal:

                      Action Step: Use expanding programs (Choice Pantry, Direct Housing, Upward Basketball, Career
                                   Enhancement and Learning Centers) to target the telling of our story
                      Action Step: Target individual and family success stories to share with the community to tell the Army story

                      Action Step:
                                   people who are reached with this message
                      Action Step: Communicate to the community the Army's excellent track record on stewardship of funds
                      Action Step: Develop a comprehensive city-wide annual marketing plan to better leverage marketing resources

                      Action Step: Leverage and expand special events to better tell our story to the community especially the
                                   Signature Event, Christmas programs and the Bowl-a-thon
                      Action Step: Use expanding programs (Choice Pantry, Direct Housing, Career Enhancement and Learning
                                   Centers) to target the telling of our story
                      Action Step: Use technology to disseminate selected positive messages and stories to targeted audiences (donors,
                                   potential donors, volunteers, corporate sponsors, etc.).

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                Action Step: Conduct annual Signature Event to introduce Army to new audiences
                Action Step: Increase circulation of Christmas Corporate Brochure to provide additional opportunities for
                Action Step: Update website on a consistent basis to keep the site looking
                             fresh and highlighting new information while making it more interactive with features such as
                             special event registration and "guest book"
                Action Step: Annually conduct 20 tours of programs and facilities for individuals and groups to get them better
                             connected to the Army

   1C Goal:   Advance the cultural competence and relevance of all aspects of Army ministry and service

                Action Step: Ensure future needs assessments address emerging needs in diverse categories
                Action Step:
                Action Step: Program Committee will take the lead in working with other Board committees to develop and
                             implement an improvement plan that is based on the results The Salvation Army's participation in

                Action Step: Explore demographic-based outreach opportunities to tell the Army story to a variety of local
                             neighborhood populations
                Action Step: Nominating Committee will ensure that the memberships of the Advisory Board, Advisory
                             Councils and Committee are diverse and representative

Issue: Be faithful stewards of resources

   2A Goal:   Achieve fiscal solvency for all Corps and programs

                Action Step: Draft and implement a Balanced Budget Accountability/Commitment statement for all Officers,
                             Department Heads and Program Directors that: educates staff about the city-wide budget,
                             demonstrates the relationship between individual budgets and the city-wide budget, shows
                             potential ramifications of a budget crisis, prioritizes steps to reduce expenses and establishes
                             emergency management techniques such as budget review and expense approval.

                Action Step: Work to increase the "unrestricted to restricted income ratio"
                Action Step: Start annual property inspections of all corps and living quarters. This will assist in keeping
                             occupancy costs in check and include needed repairs or replacements into appropriate budgets

   2B Goal:   Complete capital projects

                Action Step:   Finalize Property Budgets for New CAWW & East Main building projects
                Action Step:   Secure funding for all outstanding Capital projects
                Action Step:   Complete West Mound Street Corps renovations
                Action Step:   Complete Kossuth Street new building construction
                Action Step:   Complete sale of former Citadel / CAS building (340 E Fulton St)

   2C Goal:   Implement a coordinated budgeting process for all Corps and CAS departments

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                Action Step: Establish and Implement Annual Budget Calendar which includes:
                             + Establishing a timeline for each budget
                             + Break down preparation, Board and Staff review and local and Divisional approval times
                             + Include periodic review times during the budget period
                             + Commit to a coordinated process between Program / Corps, Development and Finance
                             Departments with Administration leadership
                Action Step: Annually analyze the mail appeal to assess successes and areas of concern and to assess whether the
                             mail appeal pieces (or the thank you letters) could be better tailored to local facts, figures, and
                             program achievements.

   2D Goal:   Balance long range and short term funding strategies

                Action Step: Continue to commit creative and financial resources to the ongoing process of acquiring new
                             donors and stewarding current donors
                Action Step: Achieve annual goal of the William Booth Society regarding Major Gifts
                Action Step: Research additional funding sources locally, regionally, and nationally
                Action Step: Develop an annual and 3-5 year fund-raising plan
                Action Step: Achieve 100% of Advisory Board members as donors
                Action Step: Increase number of Planned Gifts through increased marketing to board & donors
                Action Step: Increase coordination with Planned Giving initiatives through DHQ
                Action Step: Set quantifiable goal for gifts directed to Hometown Endowment over next ten years
                Action Step: Conduct post-event analysis of the Return on Investment of fund-raising events to determine their
                             effectiveness and future viability
                Action Step: Increase Corporate Kettle effort building on the initial success in 2006 ($10K)
                Action Step: Conduct annual Signature Event to raise additional funds
                Action Step: Explore "cause-marketing" opportunities

Issue: Commit to strategic, integrated plans for Program and Resource Development

   3A Goal:   Establish and fully implement program and resource development criteria

                Action Step: Program Committee establish and fully implement criteria for new program initiatives as well as
                             current programs.
                Action Step: Hire Benefactors Counsel to develop a fund-raising plan for the Development Department
                Action Step: Establish City-wide policy for all new Corps and Program initiatives to be cleared through Area
                             Coordinators office for review of internal and external impact

   3B Goal:   Establish and implement short and long range plans for programs, services, and ministries

                Action Step: Program Committee, in conjunction with other stakeholders, prepare a program plan (Vision
                             2008) for the next two years outlining the various programs, locations, need and potential funding
                Action Step: Each Corps prepare program and ministry plans in conjunction with annual Divisional and
                             Territorial emphasis
                Action Step: Establish an ad hoc committee for the study of future programming at Greenwood Lake Camp

                Action Step: In future needs assessments, be sure to include a facility assessment to ensure program space
                Action Step: Program Committee will establish critical milestones for the conversion to Choice Pantries.
                Action Step: Property Committee to develop a plan to retrofit existing food pantry spaces to Choice Pantries

   3C Goal:   Understand and appreciate the relationship between Area Services and Corps

                                                         Page 3 of 4                                                 Revised 12/13/2010
                Action Step: Continue high priority of importance for the Quarterly Mission Meetings for each Corps
                Action Step: CAS to assist Corps Red Kettle efforts through a menu of needed services (e.g. counting money,

                Action Step: Improve communication between officers and all CAS Departments through scheduled informal

Issue: Be driven by faith, moved by need and respond with compassion

   4A Goal:   Establish and implement processes for all stake holders (officers, staff, board members, volunteers) to stay
              current with community needs and resources

                Action Step: Improve reporting of financial, program and fund-raising date to Advisory Board and Committees
                             to better reflect current situation, comparison to annual goals and accurate analysis

                Action Step: Devise an effective plan to manage volunteer data and schedule volunteers
                Action Step: Develop a Crisis Communications Plan specific to Columbus Area Services and in compliance with

                Action Step: Establish more customized approach to communications with donors based on their needs and

   4B Goal:

                Action Step: Each Corps actively seek to improve their neighborhood usage of their Corps buildings by planning
                             occasional open houses, inviting community groups to meet in their facility, and seek joint ventures
                             with other local organizations and churches.
                Action Step: Corps Officers actively seek out opportunities for personal involvement in community groups such
                             as service clubs (Kiwanis, Rotary, etc), business associations and clergy associations

                Action Step: Corps Officers and Area Coordinators involved in Speakers Bureau presentations
                Action Step:
                             for staff, clients and the public, Reviewing each site for adequate signage, and Surveying clients to
                             determine how they feel coming to the facilities. Also Set up roving property committee meetings
                             so that committee members can see first hand the operation, building needs and way finding at each

   4C Goal:   Maintain and enhance a collaborative philosophy to maximize the effectiveness of Army mission

                Action Step: Establish The Salvation Army as the model agency in the community for partnerships and
                Action Step: Look for more and better partnerships with local and regional organizations / businesses including
                             public and private - profit and non-profit.
                Action Step: Create opportunities to share the vision of The Salvation Army with all major partnerships
                             including United Way of Central Ohio, Community Shelter Board, City of Columbus, Franklin
                             County, and the Columbus Workforce Alliance
                Action Step: Increase the number and variety of relationships with media outlets

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