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					 DEPARTMENT: OFFICE OF SMALL BUSINESS                                                    DEPARTMENT SUMMARY


 To provide County departments and small businesses with excellent customer service, professional assistance, and
 technical responsiveness to promote the economic growth, expansion and increased productivity of small business
 enterprises in Palm Beach County in accordance with established compliance policies and guidelines.

                              SUMMARY OF SERVICES/FACILITIES

The Office of Small Business Assistance (OSBA) serves       The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program: (1)
as an advocate for small businesses in Palm Beach           recruits local small businesses, assists individuals in
County. The Small Business Program provides several         starting a small business, assists in obtaining financing,
services: (1) conducts needs assessment surveys; (2)        and increases awareness of opportunities to bid on
gathers, inventories and catalogs information on            County contracts; (2) certifies Small Business
resources available for the development of small            Enterprises (SBE) and Minority/Women Business
businesses; (3) coordinates with the County’s               Enterprise (M/WBE) 1 firms; and (3) verifies that SBE
Departments/Divisions in order to provide easy access       firms are utilized. Actual contract awards to SBE and
to all procurement opportunities, license applications,     M/WBE firms are monitored and reported annually to
regulatory guidelines, fee information, applicable          Administration     and     the     Board     of    County
examinations and/or information necessary to start a        Commissioners.
business in Palm Beach County; (4) co-sponsors Small
Business Matchmaker Conferences with Palm Beach             1
                                                              Although preferences are not extended to certify M/WBEs
Partners;    (5) develops workshops and trainings           under Section 2-80.21 through 2-80.35 of the Palm Beach
seminars; (6) identifies and recommends ways to meet        County Code, unless otherwise provided by law, businesses
the needs and promote the development of small              eligible for certification as M/WBEs are encouraged to
businesses in Palm Beach County; and (7) monitors           maintain their certifications in order to assist in the tracking of
utilization   of    Minority/Women/Small     Business       M/WBE availability and awards of contracts to M/WBEs.
Enterprises (M/W/SBEs) by County Departments and
prime contractors.

                                            Palm Beach County, Florida
 DEPARTMENT: OFFICE OF SMALL BUSINESS                                                        DEPARTMENT SUMMARY

                                             FINANCIAL SUMMARY

 FINANCIAL &                                          FY 2007               FY 2008            FY 2008               FY 2009
 STAFFING SUMMARY                                      Actual                Budget           Estimated               Budget

  User Fees/Charges                                          $138                $0                   $0                  $0
    TOTAL                                                   $ 138                $0                   $0                  $0
  Personal Services                                   $636,054             $700,002           $670,740             $701,709
  Operating Expenses                                   362,361              417,424             413,678             244,632
  Capital Outlay                                         1,375                    0                   0                   0
     TOTAL                                            $999,790           $1,117,426          $1,084,418            $946,341
   Positions                                                    8                  8                   8                   8
   Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)                              8.00               8.00                8.00                8.00

                                            TRENDS AND ISSUES
Small Business Requirements: The Palm Beach                         The AGM was increased in 2007 for 2008 as follows:
County Small Business Program has revised its
                                                                        ►       Construction Related Business - $3,360,000
requirements for small businesses. Historically, the size
requirements for a small business are based on an                       ►       Professional Services - $2,870,000
adjusted gross margin (AGM) averaged over a three year                  ►       Commodities - $1,700,000
period. If in business for less than three years, figures
are averaged for the duration of business. In keeping               Size standards are for the purpose of focusing on a
pace with current economic indicators, the adjusted                 representative segment of the small business community
gross margin size standard increases annually based on              to increase their participation in the County’s
the national Consumer Price Index (CPI).                            procurement of goods and services.
                                                                    In addition to meeting the size standards, small
                                                                    businesses with less than one year of experience are now
                                                                    required to take courses at the FAU Small Business
                                                                    Development Center (SBDC). This organization will
                                                                    track the training and provide a certificate of completion
                                                                    for proof, prior to being certified by OSBA.

                                              Palm Beach County, Florida
 DEPARTMENT: OFFICE OF SMALL BUSINESS                                                         DEPARTMENT SUMMARY

                             DEFINITION OF PROGRAMS AND SERVICES
 OSBA clients are small business owners seeking to do business with the County. Primary services include:
        ► identifying and recruiting local small businesses;
        ► free business training entitled “Cornerstone” provided at the SBDC is required prior to certification for
              business owners who have less than one year of business experience;
        ► assisting individuals in starting a small business and obtaining financing;
        ► promoting economic opportunity by working with internal and external partners to support SBEs;
        ► certifying firms as small and/or minority or women owned, by offering in-house and on-site certification;
        ► monitoring SBE participation goals, bids, and projects and reporting SBE & M/WBE participation levels to
              the Board of County Commissioners;
        ► educating small business firms on how to bid and respond to requests for proposals;
        ► acting as a liaison for the SBE Banking Consortium that offers financial services to certified SBEs;
        ► diminish the amount of back-up documentation required for certification through Inter-local agreements; and
        ► providing training and networking opportunities the newly formed Cornerstone Training and S.E.E.K.

                                  PROGRAM OBJECTIVES FOR FY 2009

        ► Increase the capabilities of the OSBA to respond to clients’ needs by providing staff with continuing
              education in customer service, professional assistance, and technical support to satisfy diverse requests.
        ► Monitor the County’s procurement activities to report on department and vendor compliance with the SBE
              ordinance of contracting at least 15% with SBE firms.
        ► Certify 250 vendors annually by recruiting small businesses through community outreach, newsletters,
              monthly workshops, quarterly technical trainings and trade shows.
        ► Revise Small Business Ordinance as needed.

 PERFORMANCE MEASURES                                     FY 2007       5 Year     Benchmark          FY 2008     FY 2009
                                                          Actual*       Trend      Comparison          Budget      Target

 Percentage of OSBA staff that are trained in
 responding to client requests                                75%           n/a              n/a           75%       100%
 Percentage of construction contracts
 awarded to SBE firms                                      11.49%        7.29%          10.34%             15%         15%
 Percentage of procurement contracts
 expended with SBE firms                                   11.63%      10.28%            7.47%             15%         15%
 Percentage of professional services
 contracts expended with SBE firms                          8.17%        8.61%             3.7%            15%         15%
 Number of Vendors certified annually                          265         175              150            100         250

                                                 Palm Beach County, Florida
 DEPARTMENT: OFFICE OF SMALL BUSINESS                                                       DEPARTMENT SUMMARY

Office of Small Business Assistance Ordinance: The           External Training Workshops: For small businesses
SBE Ordinance is intended to increase participation by       seeking to do business with Palm Beach County, County staff
Palm Beach County small businesses in areas of               from Purchasing, Engineering, Water Utilities, and Facilities
professional services, construction, and commodities.        Development & Operations explain how their departments
Emphasis is now placed on advocacy and outreach to           operate, as well as the bidding processes for RFPs, RFSs,
County organizations and SBEs including, but not             RFQs, and IFBs. We have included training on County
limited to, US SBA, SBDC, Business Loan Fund,                insurance requirements and Bonding. The SBDC and the
CRAs, Chambers of Commerce, incubators, and the              Palm Beach County Resource Center (PBCRC) also
Women’s Business Center to identify and encourage            contracted to provide training to our SBEs.
small business participation in the County’s contracting
                                                             On-site Certification: OSBA offers ongoing on-site
                                                             certification workshops the second Tuesday of each month in
OSBA reviews the Ordinance to modify and improve the         OSBA offices.      By providing this service for the small
SBE Program. Our most recent changes include the             business community, staff has been able to significantly
creation of a Special Master provision for hearings of       increase the number of certified small businesses in the
denial of certification and de-certifications; pre-          database.
certification and business training for start-up
                                                             Interlocal Agreement: In an effort to ease the burden of
businesses; and utilization of standardized classification
                                                             multiple certification processes and documentation
codes. We also added a new position on the Small
                                                             requirements of various agencies, the County, the School
Business Advisory Committee to include a
                                                             District and the City of West Palm Beach have created a
representative from the Black Chamber of Commerce.
                                                             process and agreement where a Small Business Enterprise
New and Improved Services: To improve services to            and/or Minority/Women Business Enterprise are able to
small businesses, all OSBA staff completed training for      obtain certification from one agency that will be accepted by
Certification as Small Business Development                  the other agencies. As a result, Palm Beach County
Specialists. This designation allows the OSBA to             Small/Minority/Women businesses will save time and costs
provide comprehensive business development services          associated with the certification process. It is anticipated that
to County small businesses including counseling,             other agencies, such as the South Florida Water Management
business plan development, and finance. Small Business       District, will participate in the Interlocal Agreement in the
Development Certification is required training for future    near future.
OSBA employees. In conjunction with contractual
                                                             Economic Outlook: As the economy has shifted during the
service agreements with the SBDC, OSBA made
                                                             past couple of years, so has the urgency of local small
available business start-up training as a contract
                                                             businesses to diversify their client base to include
deliverable.    New training incorporates finance,
                                                             government contracts. Additionally, larger businesses which
accounting, marketing and bookkeeping under the
                                                             exceed the program’s AGM criteria are downsizing and
“Cornerstone” training program.
                                                             inquiring about being certified as a small business enterprise.
Internal Training Workshops: These workshops are             This situation has created an increase of businesses
offered to all departments to enhance their knowledge        requesting small business certification.
and understanding of what OSBA does, how and why it
                                                             Furthermore, with the economic downturn, OSBA plans to
is done, what each department head and user’s role is,
                                                             seek Board of County Commissioners’ approval to charge a
and how to increase the percentage of SBEs in Palm
                                                             minimal fee for all certification services including interlocal
Beach County contracts.
                                                             certifications, modifications and re-certifications. Not only
                                                             will this fee generate income for the County, it will ensure
                                                             that only those legitimate businesses seeking to do business
                                                             with Palm Beach County will apply.

                                               Palm Beach County, Florida

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