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									                                                                          # 1 2009
For security professionals by security professionals

      Premiere for new
      lock platform                                     Coop chooses SafePayTM
                                                       for closed cash handling

                                                           First SafeStore Auto
                                                             installed in Oman

                                                                        New product launch
                                                                        A brand new platform for high-
                                                                        security electronic locks is being
                                                                        launched this spring: the Gunnebo
                                                                        GSL 1000. This competitive range of
                                                                        locks will be predominantly aimed
                                                                        at bank, retail and secure storage

                                                                        How to choose
                                                                        the right lock                                                          6
                                                                        Choosing the right lock for your safe
                                                                        is crucial. Read about how to make
                                                                        the right decision and create secure
   WeLCoMe To THe fiRST issue for 2009 of Gunnebo Security              protection, both technically and
   Group’s customer magazine Global – made for security profes-         legally.
   sionals by security professionals.

   oN MARCH 2, 2009, i took up my new position as President
                                                                        Major fire at bank
                                                                        When Swedbank in Stockholm was
   and Ceo for the Gunnebo Group. My main missions will be to           hit by a major fire, 450 work sta-
                                                                        tions were destroyed. But thanks to
   further strengthen Gunnebo’s market position, proposition and
                                                                        Gunnebo’s fireproof safes, valuable
   relationship with you, being a high-valued customer or partner
                                                                        information was saved.
   to Gunnebo.

   iN THiS WoRk, the Global magazine is an important tool for us
                                                                        Security for high-risk sites
                                                                        Airports, embassies, nuclear power
   at Gunnebo. This is where we will report on our best business        stations and military bases are
   cases, give details of new system and product developments,          examples of sites that need extra
   share our knowledge and, last but not least, inspire you in your     high security. During 2008, Gunnebo
   work.                                                                put a lot of energy into developing
                                                                        customised solutions for these
   YouR feeDBACk iS very important and i am looking forward to
   hearing about your security challenges. if you have any ideas
   on how to improve Gunnebo’s offering or if you have any inter-
   esting stories that you would like us to cover in the magazine,
   please let us know!
                                                                            Centuries of experienCe
   GLoBAL iS PuBLiSHeD three times a year, with the next issue
                                                                            The Gunnebo Security Group has 6 400 employees in 25 countries across Europe,
   due at the end of June. from this issue and onwards, the                 Asia, Africa, Australia and North America, and has net sales of over SEK 7 billion.
   magazine has taken a new direction in order to really focus on           With many years’ experience of supplying security solutions, Gunnebo has expert
                                                                            knowledge of secure storage, perimeter protection, entrance control and cash
   informative and inspirational articles about our offering to all
                                                                            handling. Our solutions protect people, buildings and property and create safe
   business segments. furthermore, it will cover the latest prod-           environments for you, your personnel and your customers.
   uct innovations, as well as in-depth information on specific               The Gunnebo Group today comprises more than 40 companies, which com-
                                                                            bined have centuries of experience in delivering security solutions.
   security matters and techniques. in this issue you learn how to
   choose the right lock for your safe – a crucial decision since it
   ultimately affects the insurance rating of your safe (see page 6).   Publisher: Per Borgvall, Phone +46 31-83 68 00, Editorial team: Karin Wallström, karin.wall-
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   We HoPe You WiLL enjoy the new direction Global has taken
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   Per Borgvall, President & Ceo Gunnebo AB
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                                                                        Cover: Staff at Gunnebo’s office in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Linda Gårdlöv
Automatic bollards achieve
highest PAS 68 security rating
Yet another gunnebo             degrees. The vehicle was
outdoor perimeter               immobilised as a result of
protection product has          the test. When the bollard
been tested and approved        made contact with the front
to the highest level,           of the lorry, the vehicle was
k12, for the Uk’s pAS 68        pushed backwards and the
security standard. The          front axle ruptured.
product is a 1100mm               The bodywork, engine
high, electro-hydraulically     and gearbox were also
                                                                  Statoil in Denmark, Norway and Sweden has renewed its SafePay™ agree-
driven bollard with a           ruined. However, the bol-         ment with Gunnebo. The aim is to reduce the number of robberies.
diameter of 275mm.              lard only suffered cosmetic
                                damage. Once the wrecked
The crash test was conduct-     vehicle had been removed
                                the bollard carried on work-
ed using a 7.525kg truck
travelling at 80km/h, with a    ing perfectly. This latest test
                                                                  Statoil renews
collision angle of exactly 90   is yet further proof that         agreement with SafePay™
                                   Gunnebo high-security
                                     products are of the          gunnebo has renewed its             lengths to train our person-
                                     highest quality. K           general agreement with              nel, but to achieve our tar-
                                                                  Statoil in Sweden, Norway           gets we will have to remove
                                                                  and Denmark for the                 all cash from the store envi-
                                                                  delivery, installation and          ronment. We have therefore
                                                                  service of the completely           decided to equip all our
                                                                  closed and integrated               stations in Denmark with
                                                                  Safepay™ cash handling              cash handling systems.
                                                                  system.                             As the amount of cash a
                                                                                                      thief can steal in a robbery
                                                                  “Our aim is to eliminate            is very limited, this is an
                                                                  robberies at our petrol sta-        investment we are making
                                                                  tions in Denmark,” says             solely to improve security
                                                                  Søren Bjelka, HMS director          for our personnel, not least
Gunnebo’s high-security                                           for Energy & Retail, Statoil        those working at petrol sta-
products are top class.
Despite tough tests, the                                          Denmark.                            tions in the evening and at
bollard only suffered                                                “We are going to great           night.” K
cosmetic damage.

Gunnebo grows in Australia
– acquisition creates national presence
in November 2008 gunnebo           tors. But with the acquisi-
acquired grand Entrance            tion of Grand Entrance
Control, its Australian            Control, Gunnebo
distributor for entrance control   now has an oppor-
products. Consequently,            tunity to assume a                                     AusTr AliA
gunnebo now has an                 leading role in the
autonomous presence within         country’s entrance
Site protection in Australia       control market.
for the first time ever.              Grand Entrance
                                   Control has a turnover
Gunnebo’s Site Protection busi-    of 3.2 million euros and
ness in Australia was previously   an estimated 50 per cent
conducted through distribu-        of the market. K


               Premiere for
               new electronic
               lock platform
               A brand new platform for high-              single code, there is a risk that it may     programmed from a standard PC with
               security electronic locks is being          fall into the wrong hands, but a             a Windows-based configuration appli-
               launched this spring: the gunnebo           one-time code function eliminates            cation. This reduces installation time,
               gSl 1000. by consolidating                  that problem. Although available on          simplifies care and maintenance, and
               functionality and experiences from          previous models, Gunnebo has refined         gives large-scale users a good overview
               previous successful lock series and         the function for the new electronic lock     of the entire lock network.
               introducing unique new functions,           platform.                                      “Whereas each previous lock platform
               gunnebo has developed a new range             “For instance, you’ll be able to request   had its own specific area of application,
               of modern and competitive locks.            a one-time code by mobile phone via          the GSL 1000 will be for a wider market.
               They are designed for customers in          a unique mobile application,” Rydén          The new high-security lock gives cus-
               banking, retail and secure storage.         explains.                                    tomers in every sector from secure stor-
                                                                                                        age to banking a modern product, com-
               Gunnebo has previously had three            THE gsl 1000 CAn also be supplemented        pletely in line with the latest require-
               different platforms for high-security       with various customised software pack-       ments,” Mats Rydén concludes. K
               locks in its product portfolio: Ev’Hora,    ages and technical solutions. One exam-
               SafeLock and Seria. However, in recent      ple is IP communication, which enables       TE X T: KA R I n s P JU TH
               years the company has been focusing         locks to be administered remotely. This
               intently on developing a new platform       has primarily been developed for cus-
               for these locks in order to concentrate     tomers with large-scale operations in
               its resources into a more effective prod-
               uct. The range being launched in the
                                                           the bank and retail sectors. The lock can
                                                           also interact and communicate with
               spring combines the most intelligent        different kinds of alarm and surveil-
               functions and greatest customer ben-        lance systems, and is designed to be an          K GSL 1000 is the name of the plat-
               efits from earlier products in a new        integral part of the customer’s existing         form and the actual product group.
               electronic platform. New user-friendly      security system and procedures.                  There will be various versions of
               functions have also been added.                                                              the lock with increasingly advanced
                  “One example is the biometric scan-      AnoTHEr MAJor advancement with the               capabilities.
               ning capability, with access based on a     GSL 1000 relates to user-friendliness.           K GSL 1030: Standard lock designed
               fingerprint and a personal code. Anoth-     Inspired by the mobile sector, Gunnebo           for customers in secure storage,
               er new development is a refinement of       has focused on putting the user first.           banking and retail.
               the software and procedures for man-        The traditional grey text in the lock            K GSL 1040: Biometric capability
               aging one-time codes,” says Mats Rydén,     display has now been replaced by a lit           (fingerprint scanner).
               Product Line Manager for high-security      display showing logical, clearly descrip-        K		GSL 1050: Includes RFId
               locks at Gunnebo.                           tive icons that make day-to-day use and          technology.
                                                           maintenance of the system easier.
               THE idEA of onE-TiME codes originates          Installation and advanced system              The lock will be tested to European
               from the cash handling sector, where        maintenance are now also easier with             security norm EN1300 Classes B
               many people require access to cash          the GSL 1000. Moreover, the lock’s func-         and C, and certified to ECB•S, VdS
               storage spaces. With a permanent            tions and system parameters can be               and A2P.

                                                                                                                                             NEW PRODUCTS
Global #1 2009

troax first with keyless storage systems
gunnebo Troax is the first company                                                             locks broken open and so on,” says Jarno
on the Swedish market to launch                                                                Palo, Product Manager at Gunnebo
a keyless lock for storage units in                                                            Troax.
apartment buildings.
                                                                                               THE sysTEM MAkEs iT PossiblE to monitor
In 2008 Gunnebo Troax launched a new                                                           who has been in the storage space, and
lock for its Cetus system of storage units                                                     only authorised individuals can access
for apartment buildings. Rather than a                                                         attic or basement areas. Also, there are
key, the system is based on a tag with a                                                       no keys to keep track of. A lost keytag can
unique nine-digit code that cannot be                                                          easily be deactivated and cannot be used
copied. The system can also be extend-                                                         without the appropriate authority.
ed, which means the same key can be                                                               Gunnebo Troax, which also manu-
used for all doors in the building.          No more keys for those who install the new lock
                                                                                               factures machine and property protec-
   For tenants the system means more         for storage units.                                tion solutions, is the first company on
security, easier key management, less                                                          the Swedish market to launch a keyless
break-ins to storage areas and an easier     “kEys CAn ofTEn EnTAil quite a lot of             lock for storage units in apartment
open and close function.                     costs for property management compa-              buildings.
   Moreover, both the landlord and           nies and property owners. For instance               “We have launched in Sweden and
the tenants avoid having to deal with        when a new tenant moves in, the cylin-            the plan is primarily to expand in the
standard keys.                               der lock may have to be changed, pad-             Nordic region,” says Jarno Palo. K

                                                                                                  Smi Server
                                                                                                  solution with
                                                                                                  new advanced
                                                                                                  The new SMI Server
                                                                                                  V2.2 presents new
                                                                                                  opportunities for
                                                                                                  integrated elec-
                                                                                                  tronic security sys-
                                                                                                  tems. New advanced
VisioCast                                                                                         functions have been
                                                                                                  added to the SMI Server solution to
– remote operation and surveillance                                                               meet the ever-changing require-
                                                                                                  ments of the security sector and the
Gunnebo’s new, intelligent digital CCTV         VisioCast is designed for total remote            evolving needs of the customer.
system, VisioCast, comprises a digital       management, thus keeping running
recorder, a server and a video multiplex-    costs to a minimum. The solution                     K Full integration of biometrics for
ing matrix that can show several images      includes a web server so that several                  combining 1:N identification and
simultaneously. The system is available      different users can operate the system                 1:1 authentication functions.
both as a hybrid and as an IP version.       via Internet Explorer and can config-                K Real-time access display, control
VisioCast is a flexible system that can be   ure the system, search for and transfer                and CCTV management.
easily upgraded. The system is supplied      files remotely. A complete suite of soft-            K Multi-family function manage-
with a number of advanced modules,           ware and virtual matrices for playback,                ment and adaption of access
including applications for point-of-         remote operation and remote surveil-                   rights by user.
sales terminals monitoring. An analysis      lance makes it possible to manage sev-               K New high-performance SM400
function makes it possible to identify       eral networked surveillance cameras                    controllers for optimised field
foreign objects or removed items.            and recorders. K                                       architecture. K

SECURITY                                                                                                                        Global #1 2009

           The art of choosing the
           right lock for a safe
           The lock is a small but crucial detail        ble jungle of measures and standards.         standards. The standards are revised
           when it comes to safes. The wrong             And far from all locks are suitable for all   every five years by the TC 263 stand-
           lock can give rise to serious technical       safes.                                        ardisation committee. The class of safe
           and legal problems. Essentially the              The most basic safes on the market         describes its resistance to external
           lock must be approved for the safe in         come fitted with a lock which can usu-        forces, such as a certain size of cutting
           question, but it is also important to         ally not be changed. With higher quality      wheel, a gas flame for a set number of
           think carefully about how the safe will       safes, however, there are generally vari-     minutes and a fall from a particular
           be used.                                      ous approved locks for each safe. The         height.
                                                         list of approved locks forms part of the
           There is a Nordic and European stand-         safe’s certification documentation.           A loCk for A sAfE is tested at least twice,
           ard for regular door locks, but when it          The safe is tested and approved in         by two different laboratories and to at
           comes to locks for safes there is a verita-   accordance with one of the current EN         least two different standards: the special

Global #1 2009

norm for locks, EN 1300, and the stand-        they have gradually been developed           lEARN mORE
ard for the safe onto which the lock will      and refined. Today there is everything
be fitted. For a lock to be approved for       from simple, energy-efficient locks with
                                                                                            AbOUT lOCkS
mounting to a safe, the lock construc-         a handful of codes to sophisticated locks
tion has to be adapted to the safe’s           for several users with more functions.       Gunnebo Training Centre
mounting and boltwork construction.               The code which forms the basis for all    is arranging a number of
   “The list of approved locks forms part      electronic locks can be combined with        courses on locks in 2009 for
of the safe’s certification documenta-         fingerprint scanning or an electronic
                                                                                            personnel and customers.
tion. Fitting a lock that is not approved      chip. Some locks also have an audit
for the safe in question is a breach of cer-   memory for registering and logging dif-
                                                                                            One course is dedicated to
tification, and the certificate is rendered    ferent events.                               Gunnebo’s own XN range and
invalid,” says Myriam Bevillon, Product           “The most advanced locks can connect      the others focus on building
Line Manager for safes at Gunnebo.             more than 50 different users who have        lock knowledge, from a basic
   Anyone fitting a lock not approved for      access to the safe at different times of     to an advanced level.
a particular safe is taking a big risk, both   the day and with different conditions.
                                                                                            K The basic course focuses on
technically and legally.                       Chain stores and companies with offices
   “Technically it could either mean that      in several locations may benefit from a
                                                                                            general knowledge and defin-
the lock is blocked, or that unauthorised      lock that can be managed remotely via IP.    ing various types of lock.
access is easy. The legal consequence          Some locks make it possible to allow CIT     K The advanced course
of breaching the safe’s certification is       personnel, for example, to access the safe   focuses on electronic lock
that the insurance company will not            using one-time codes,” says Mats Rydén.      features and functions.
cover the items stolen from the safe,”
says Pieter de Vlaam, Certification Man-       HowEvEr, THE MosT advanced lock is not
ager at Gunnebo’s Competence Centre            necessarily always the best. The art is to
Secure Storage, and a member of the TC         choose a lock that suits the environ-
263 standardisation committee.                 ment and the safe’s area of use.
                                                  “The starting point is to define the
MosT sAfEs ArE certified for ten or so dif-    procedures for use: who needs access
ferent locks, both mechanical and elec-        to the safe, for what purpose, and how
tronic. Mats Rydén, Product Manager for        often will the safe be opened?” says
electronic locks at Gunnebo, estimates         Myriam Bevillon.
that approximately a quarter of existing          A company that opens its safe 20-25
safes in Europe are fitted with at least       times a day needs a different type of        FOUR STEpS TO
one electronic lock. But just over half of
all safes delivered around Europe today
                                               lock than one that opens it once a day –
                                               otherwise the battery will soon run out.
                                                                                            ThE RighT lOCk
are fitted with at least one electronic           The next step is to consider whether
lock, and a growing number of owners           each person should only have access to       1. how many people will
of older safes are choosing to replace         the safe during a particular time of day,       use the safe?
or supplement their older mechanical           week or year, and how important it is to     2. hierarchy of users?
locks with electronic ones.                    be able to register and log events so that   3. how often will the safe be
   “In extremely tough environments            it is possible to go back and check who
                                                                                               opened? is access required
with very low temperatures, moisture,          opened the safe at a particular time.
sand or dust, mechanical locks may still          “Other important factors are where           at all times?
be preferable to electronic locks. The         the safe will be placed – indoors,           4. The trick is not to buy the
drawback is that lost or stolen keys are a     outdoors, in the basement or in the             most sophisticated lock,
problem. An electronic lock can quickly        back office – and whether the site is           but to buy the right
be reprogrammed if the code goes               equipped with alarms, CCTV or other             lock – the one that suits
astray or if the owner no longer wants         security equipment,” Myriam Bevillon
                                                                                               your specific application.
a particular person to access the safe,”       concludes. K
says Mats Rydén.
                                               T EX T : LE E n A s EKKA T
                                                                                            For more information please
ElECTroniC loCks were introduced on                                                         contact your local Gunnebo
the market around 15 years ago, and                                                         contact.

          ENVIRONMENT                                                                                                                       Global #1 2009

                        Export companies put
                        eco-pressure on shipping
                        Shipping is having a worrying effect on the environment. gunnebo has therefore
                        joined the Clean Shipping project. The aim is to put pressure on shipping lines to
                        achieve cleaner shipping. With a brand new environmental index, shipping lines
                        and individual vessels can now be assessed, and the results used when procuring
                        transport services.
                                                                                                                               Andreas Wramsmyr, Transport and
                        TEXT: Mar ia LarSSO n • P HOTO : MaE rSK                                                               Logistics Manager, Gunnebo AB.

                                                                                            Gunnebo is taking       mental issues are positive about the
                                                                                            part in the Clean
                                                                                            Shipping Project,
                                                                                                                    project because they will now be recog-
                                                                                            which will lead to      nised for the resources they have devoted
                                                                                            more environmen-
                                                                                                                    to environmental improvements.”
                                                                                            tally friendly trans-
                                                                                            port. Pictured here:       However, Andreas Wramsmyr is quick
                                                                                            Emma Maersk, the        to point out that these are not unrea-
                                                                                            world’s biggest con-
                                                                                            tainer vessel.          sonable requirements.
                                                                                                                       “Apart from the fact that shipping
                                                                                                                    lines must focus on better fuels with a
                                                                                                                    lower sulphur content, we’re not talk-
                                                                                                                    ing about massive investments.”

                                                                                                                    AT PrEsEnT ClEAn sHiPPing encompasses
                                                                                                                    18 major Swedish export companies,
                                                                                                                    but the aim is to expand the network.
                                                                                                                      “In the long run we hope Clean Ship-
                        Clean Shipping is a project that has        the shipping line with the lowest envi-         ping will be a global project. The first
                        attracted the involvement of many           ronmental impact. However, the price/           step will be to attract companies fur-
                        Swedish export companies, including         quality ratio is also considered,” Andreas      ther afield in the Nordic region, and then
                        H&M, ABB, AstraZeneca, Vin & Sprit,         Wramsmyr explains.                              Northern Europe,” Andreas Wramsmyr
                        Volvo Logistics, Tetra Laval, Stora Enso      The Clean Shipping Index encom-               concludes. K
                        and SKF. Gunnebo also joined during         passes environmental factors such as
                        the autumn.                                 fuel, lubricating oil, bilge water, ballast
                          “We consider it vital to help reduce
                        the environmental impact of shipping.
                                                                    water, hull paints, coolants and waste.
                                                                    The environmental index will be part of            FACTS
                        As we look at the emissions caused          Gunnebo’s work in the coming year.
                        by the Gunnebo Group, it is clear that                                                         The Clean Shipping Project is a
                        transport is responsible for much of        THE sHiPPing indusTry is currently                 western Swedish project commis-
                        our impact on the environment,” says        encumbered by great, ever-increas-                 sioned by public sector organisa-

           – FOR A      Andreas Wramsmyr, Gunnebo Group
                        Transport and Logistics Manager.
                                                                    ing environmental problems. Emma
                                                                    Maersk alone – the world’s largest con-
                                                                                                                       tions such as the Gothenburg
                                                                                                                       Region Association of Local Authori-

                                                                    tainer ship – emits as much sulphur                ties, the Region of Västra Göta-

                        THE EssEnCE of the project is to classify   dioxide in a year as 50 million cars*. At          land, the Västra Götaland County

                        individual vessels and shipping lines       the same time, there is great potential            Administration and Business Region
                        based on a new environmental index          to reduce environmental impact dra-                Göteborg. The project is also funded

                        developed within the framework of           matically. However, the problem lies               by the EU through the European
                        the Clean Shipping Project. Data are        in implementing international regula-              Regional development Fund. For
            WO LD       collected on an ongoing basis and are       tions, as tougher requirements have                further information about the
                        compiled in a database, which partici-      not been widely adopted among the                  project, go to:
                        pants in the project can then use.          so-called flag states.                    
                          “The index awards points in various          “The key now is to bring commercial
                        areas, and these parameters can then        force to bear on the shipping lines. The           * Source: Veckans Affärer (Swedish
                        be used by us as cargo owners to choose     lines that are already strong in environ-          business weekly), No.16, 2008

Global #1 2009

                                                                                                   the first
                                                                                                   SafeStore Auto
                                                                                                   to be installed
                                                                                                   in Oman
                                                                                                   A SafeStore Auto maxi is to be
                                                                                                   installed in the bank of muscat in
                                                                                                   Oman. it will be the first one in the
                                                                                                   country and more are to follow.

                                                                                                   Gunnebo is the only company to deliver
Gunnebo has been supplying the National Bank of Cambodia with security products for 10 years.      this kind of solution for safe deposit
Several of the bank’s local branches are to be modernised, which means new business for Gunnebo.
                                                                                                   lockers to banks. The SafeStore Auto
                                                                                                   (SSA) to be installed at the headquar-
                                                                                                   ters of the Bank of Muscat is a Maxi

Growing bank                                                                                       version containing 709 safe deposit
                                                                                                     This is phase one of a bigger project

business in Cambodia                                                                               and the first product to be installed at
                                                                                                   the bank. In phase two, Gunnebo prod-
                                                                                                   ucts from Outdoor Perimeter will be
in recent years gunnebo’s sales in                  “THE MosT diffiCulT PArT was secur-            installed at the site.
Cambodia have increased signifi-                    ing the first order. Now that the cus-
cantly.                                             tomer has discovered the quality of the
  “Obviously, the fact that the                     products, the high level of security, the
National bank of Cambodia is buying                 design and service offered by Gunnebo,
our products and is happy with                      it is only natural that they contact us if
them strengthens our position in                    they have new projects under way.” This
the market,” says Elsie Tay, Country                is according to Vandara Say, Managing
manager for gunnebo Singapore.                      Director of Armstrong Engineering,
                                                    a dealer of Chubbsafes products in
Gunnebo Singapore has been supply-                  Cambodia.
ing the National Bank of Cambodia                                                                  From left: Jacob Touma, Country Manager West
(NBC) with security products from                   during THE TEn yEArs Gunnebo has been          Asia, Ijaz Anwer, General Manager Axon and
                                                                                                   Sheikh Mohammad, National Sales Manager
Chubbsafes, one of Gunnebo’s physical               supplying products to the National             Axon.
security brands, for over ten years.                Bank of Cambodia, orders for upgrades
  To date the orders have mainly com-               and new products have already come               The order was placed at the end of
prised the delivery and installation of             from various quarters. For example,            October and installation will start in
vault doors for NBC branches across                 there have been orders from the NBC            the first quarter of next year.
the country. NBC is also the first and              head office in Phnom Penh, as well               So far seven SafeStore Auto have
only bank in Cambodia which has pur-                as from branches in Kampong Cham,              been installed in Qatar and six in UAE.
chased safe deposit lockers as a service            Sihanoukville, Siem Reap, Svay Rieng             “This will be our fourteenth SSA to
for its customers.                                  and Kampong Chhnang.                           be installed in the region. We have high
                                                       “NBC now has a bank in each of the          hopes for more orders. This particular
                                                    21 provinces. These will be modernised         region has huge potential,” says Jacob
                                                    and renovated over the next few years.         Touma, Gunnebo’s Country Manager
                                                    The customer has bought Chubbsafes             West Asia.
                                                    products from the word go and will con-          “For Axon it is the second SSA order.
                                                    tinue to do so for these projects. This is     We are proud of our association with
                                                    good news for Gunnebo,” says Jeffrey           Gunnebo and are very optimistic about
                                                    Hermawan, Business Line Manager                future installations,” says Ijaz Anwar,
                                                    Secure Storage, Gunnebo Singapore. K           General Manager of Axon. K

                                                    T EX T : K ari n s p ju Th                     TE X T: L i n D a g Å r D L öv

RETAIL                                                                                                                                            Global #1 2009

         Systems for Electronic Article Surveillance are installed in all new and remodelled Nocibé stores. Gunnebo supplies the Stargate Clear AM 58kHz – an EAS
         system that, according to Nocibé, helps reduce theft in stores.

         EAS antennas stop shoplifters
         EAS antennas (Electronic Article                      part of Gunnebo’s range.                              design of the antennas, and the price
         Surveillance) are now a matter of                       “Today we buy all our safes from                    for the equipment and installation is
         course when French cosmetics chain                    Gunnebo and all our stores have safes,”               competitive,” she says.
         Nocibé opens new stores.                              says Géraldine Le Borgne.                               Nocibé also appreciates the follow-up
           “They help reduce theft,” says                        Nocibé is also investing heavily in EAS             that Gunnebo offers, as well as the sys-
         géraldine le borgne, who is respons-                  antennas in the stores and also works                 tem for reactivating the labels.
         ible for new installations and main-                  with Gunnebo in this area. EAS anten-
         tenance of the stores.                                nas have been installed in all its new                THE CoMPAny would consider develop-
                                                               stores and remodelled stores in France                ing the installed system in future to
         Nocibé has 330 stores and a hundred or                since 2005.                                           tackle theft from goods being smug-
         so franchise stores, making it the sec-                 “The system is a deterrent, and there-              gled out in specially prepared bags.
         ond largest retailer in its area in France.           fore important in fighting theft. So far              Géraldine Le Borgne thinks that metal
         The company sells cosmetics, perfume                  we have installed antennas in over 100                detectors would be a good solution.
         and skincare products, for example, and               stores.”                                                “But the solution would be of even more
         also offers beauty treatments.                                                                              interest if the metal detectors could be
                                                               gérAldinE lE borgnE mentions sev-                     integrated with the antennas,” she says.
         noCibé HAs bEEn working with Gunnebo                  eral reasons why Nocibé has chosen                      Nocibé currently has more than 2 000
         for many years on products that tighten               Gunnebo to supply the antennas.                       employees and an annual turnover of
         security and reduce shoplifting in the                  “The system is compatible with the                  420 million euros. K
         retail environment. The company has                   anti-theft labels we already have on all
         chosen Fichet-Bauche safes, which are                 our products in store. We also like the               TE X T: Ma r i a L a r s s on

Global #1 2009

New SafePay™ SCL
– ink-protected
from customer to
counting centre
The last piece of the puzzle is in place. SafepayTm SCl is a
completely closed cash handling system with ink protection
all the way from payment to the counting centre. John Ravn,
Controller at Danish retail chain Coop Fakta, has been                                     SafePay™ has been developed further and today
                                                                                           offers a completely closed cash handling system.
involved in the whole journey.

“It feels great. From the very beginning         “Our close co-operation and the           with a knife,” says Ravn.
we’ve advocated a 100 per cent closed          opportunity to find out the group’s           The next stage in the development
cycle, where no one comes into con-            thoughts, ideas and requirements have       of SafePay has already begun. The focus
tact with the money until it reaches the       made it possible to move very quickly       now is on developing and refining the
counting centre,” says John Ravn, who has      from idea to finished solution, and to      services, such as the CIT companies’
actively taken part in the development of      then quickly roll out the product on        planning and depositing in the store
SafePay since the late 1990s when work         the market,” says Tobias Gunnesson,         account. K
on the very first system began.                Product Line Manager SafePay.
   Coop Fakta installed its first SafePay in                                               TE X T: L EEn a s EKKa T
2003, and since 2007 it has been testing       To dATE sAfEPAy sCl has been installed
a prototype of the new SafePay SCL in          in 250 stores in Denmark. At least 500
which the special bag in the cash trans-       SafePay will be installed in 2009 in
fer unit has been replaced by a locked,        Denmark alone.
ink-protected container.                          “There is also very strong demand in
                                               Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.
THE lAsT PiECE of the puzzle in the            The cash transfer unit works in all
SafePay system has been developed in           countries, although co-operation with           SafePay already includes a cash
close co-operation with a work group           cash transit companies in each coun-            transfer unit, the SafePay CTU,
comprising John Ravn and 15 or so other        try is required to ensure integrated            where cash from each checkout
representatives of various companies,          handling with the local infrastructure,”        is deposited in a special bag. The
including Coop Fakta’s biggest rival           Gunnesson continues.                            bag is automatically sealed prior
Dansk Supermarket, Statoil and Shell,             Coop Fakta, which has installed the          to collection, but is unprotected
CIT companies Loomis and Danish DVH            system in around 100 stores to date, has        for the few seconds it takes
and Coop Sweden.                               initially prioritised the most vulnerable       the CIT personnel to move the
  “When it comes to security we’re             stores in large towns and cities such as        bag from the SafePay CTU to a
not competitors. We’ve been working            Copenhagen, Esbjerg and Odense. John            secure case.
together on cash in transit solutions for      Ravn has talked about the installations            SafePay SCL stores the cash in
a long time, and we think it’s a major         on several occasions in the Danish press        an ink-protected security case.
advantage to also be able to collaborate       and on TV.                                      The CIT personnel remove the
on a security standard,” says Ravn.               “I hope the information will reach           locked, ink-protected case from
  The work group has met around 25             anyone thinking about robbing a store,          the SafePay SCL and replace it
times since the development process            so they understand there’s no point if          with an empty SCL Case. The
began in 2007, and still meets several         it’s a Coop Fakta. Even a failed robbery        money is therefore ink protected
times a year to discuss other potential        places a lot of strain on personnel. It’s       all the way from payment to the
collaborations.                                terrible to be threatened at gunpoint or        counting centre.

SECURE STORAGE                                                      Global #1 2009

                 Bank ravaged by fire
                 – But valuable documents in fire-resistant safes survived

                 T E XT : Maria Larsso n   phOT O: B i LD B Y rÅn

                                                                                                                                                     SECURE STORAGE
Global #1 2009
                                            In February 2008 a major fire swept through Swedbank’s Stora Essingen
                                            branch in Stockholm, Sweden. Several important documents were destroyed
                                            in the fire, but thankfully Swedbank had recently invested in fire-resistant
                                            safes from Gunnebo. The documents stored in those safes were unharmed.

                                            evening so none of the 900 employees                 withstand vary greatly. Paper docu-
                                            were harmed. But one of the buildings                ments can take temperatures of 170ºC,
                                            in the office complex was so severely                while data media containing plastic –
                                            damaged by smoke, soot and water                     such as CDs and USB memory sticks –
                                            that 450 work stations became unus-                  can only survive up to 50ºC.
                                            able. The firefighting operation itself
                                            took over five hours.                                wHErE THE sAfE is placed is also very
                                              Swedbank’s own crisis group was                    important.
                                            quickly on the scene. That night and                    “In our role as supplier we need infor-
                                            in the days that followed, they worked               mation about the building itself: how
                                            extremely hard to try and resolve the                it is constructed, what load the floor
                                            most urgent problems. These included                 will take, as well as what systems are
                                            securing new work stations, maintain-                installed in the building to detect and
                                            ing the IT function and limiting the                 prevent fire,” says de Vlaam.
                                            negative impact for customers. Large                    Other important considerations are
                                            numbers of documents that only exist-                how many people will use the safe and
                                            ed on paper were also destroyed during               how often it will be opened. Further-
                                            the fire, which posed certain problems.              more, information is also needed about
                                            However, Swedbank had previously                     internal and external security proce-
                                            purchased fire-resistant safes from                  dures.
                                            Gunnebo (Rosengrens) which were
                                            opened the day after the fire.                       rEsEArCH sHows that it generally takes
                                              “Material placed in safes in line with             between one and two hours to bring an
                                            our routines was unharmed, but a lot of              office fire under control, although this
                                            other material was damaged by smoke                  excludes the extra hours it takes for the
                                            or water,” explains Peter Wånggren,                  heat to subside.
                                            chairman of the bank’s crisis group in a                “It may be that the valuables are
                                            magazine interview*.                                 fine immediately after the fire, but the
                                                                                                 firefighters have other things to think
                                            A firE CAn nEvEr be anticipated and                  about than cooling down a safe. That’s
                                            complete protection is impossible.                   why it’s important to choose a fire-
                                            But the damage caused by fire can be                 resistant safe that can withstand high
                                            minimised, and fire-resistant safes play             temperatures for a long time,” de Vlaam
                                            an important part in this. There are,                explains.
                                            however, several important aspects
                                            to consider before buying a safe. This               * Finansvärlden (business journal) March 11, 2008
                                            is according to Pieter de Vlaam, Prod-
                                            uct Line Manager, Secure Storage at
last year an intense fire swept             Gunnebo, and a leading expert in fire

through a branch of Swedbank in             issues.
Stockholm, Sweden. in a matter of              “To choose the right fire-resistant safe
moments, 450 work stations and vast         you have to know what valuables are to
quantities of material were destroyed.      be stored in it and where the safe will
however, materials stored in                be located, especially bearing in mind                    Swedbank is one of Sweden’s
fire-resistant safes escaped unscathed.     any combustible materials that may be                     leading banks with a total of
                                            nearby. If even one of these parameters is                9 million private customers and
It is one year since the Swedbank branch    forgotten, the choice of safe could quite                 around 500 000 corporate cus-
in Stora Essingen, Stockholm, was rav-      simply be completely wrong,” he says.                     tomers primarily in Sweden, the
aged by fire. The fire broke out late one      The temperatures a material can                        Baltic States and Ukraine.

SITE PROTECTION                                                                                                                                Global #1 2009

                                                                                                                K Gunnebo has previously supplied
                                                                                                                passenger gates for Colombia’s BRT systems
                                                                                                                in Bogotá, Pereira and Medellín.
                                                                                                                K The order for Cali MIO encompassed 168
                                                                                                                turnstiles designed by the customer for
                                                                                                                access to the stations, 60 entrance gates
                                                                                                                (GlasStiles S) for disabled access and 100
                                                                                                                turnstiles for use on buses.
                                                                                                                K A modern BRT system can transport as
                                                                                                                many people as a rail-bound system, but the
                                                                                                                investment cost is only 5–10% compared
                                                                                                                with a tram or metro system. It is also far
                                                                                                                quicker to have a bus-based system up and
                                                                                                                running once a decision has been made.
                                                                                                                K Union Temporal RYT comprises Colombian
                                                                                                                and Brazilian companies and will now be
                                                                                                                operating the system for the next 18 years.
                  The city of Cali in Colombia has recently invested in a new bus transport system to solve
                  its traffic problems. Gunnebo has been chosen to supply passenger gates for the system.

                  Race against clock when
                  new public transport
                  system installed in Colombia
                  When the city of Cali in Colombia                     been established in Bogotá, Pereira and       The customer, local distributor Fichet
                  decided to install a new bus transport                Medellín Metrocable using a similar           Colombia, had stipulated that 200 units
                  system, it chose gunnebo to supply                    concept. Moreover, in December a new          had to be delivered within 45 days.
                  the passenger gates.                                  BRT system was launched in Cali, the             “It really did seem to be an impossible
                    The problem was that 200 units had                  country’s third largest city.                 task. But thanks to tremendous efforts
                  to be installed in 45 days.                                                                         from the factory in Italy, where the turn-
                    “it really did seem an impossible                   funCTioning ACCEss ConTrol is essen-          stiles are made, we managed to achieve
                  task – but we managed,” says leo                      tial for coping with large passenger          our goal,” says Detassis.
                  m. Detassis, business Development                     numbers quickly. When Cali decided
                  manager – metro, gunnebo.                             to build its system, called Cali MIO,         CAli Mio is onE of the biggest BRT sys-
                                                                        Gunnebo was therefore asked to supply         tems in Colombia and it has attracted
                  More and more Colombian cities are                    passenger gates. The order was worth          a lot of attention – not least because it
                  choosing to solve their traffic prob-                 700 000 euros in total.                       took almost two years for the project
                  lems with an advanced system for local                   “It wasn’t a massive order, but it was a   to get started. The tender procedure
                  buses. The system is called Bus Rapid                 strategically important project because       was repeated twice until a winner was
                  Transit (BRT) and can be likened to an                it consolidates our position on the           announced and an agreement was
                  underground train network, but above                  transport market in Colombia,” says Leo       finally reached with a local consortium,
                  ground and with buses.                                M. Detassis.                                  Union Temporal RYT. The new BRT sys-
                    A BRT system has its own roadway                       “It’s also important for future assign-    tem was finally opened in December
                  with protected bus lanes, the buses have              ments. There are 14 cities in Colombia        2008. K
                  higher passenger capacity and they call               that are currently introducing BRT sys-
                  at stations rather than bus-stops.                    tems or planning to do so.”                   TE X T: Ka r i n s p ju Th
                    Colombia has made a lot of progress                    Once the agreement was signed it           p h O TO : Fi c hET c oL oMBi a
                  with BRT systems and they have already                was full speed ahead for Gunnebo.

                                                                                                                                                               SITE PROTECTION
Global #1 2009

Spanish high-speed trains expanding
– Gunnebo secures evacuation routes

Spain is at the forefront in Europe when it comes to high-speed trains. New tracks are continuously being laid, and evacuation routes are being built in the
many tunnels under construction. Gunnebo makes sure the tunnels are equipped with explosion and fire-resistant doors.

Spain is investing heavily in railways,               Manuel Latorre Marin, Marketing Man-                   THE TunnEls ArE managed by Adif, a
and extension of the high-speed rail                  ager at Gunnebo Spain and Gunnebo’s                    Spanish public enterprise equivalent
network is fully under way.                           account manager for the project.                       to a national railway administration,
  To guarantee safety in the new                                                                             which has the task of implementing
long railway tunnels, gunnebo has                     for THE gAllEriEs to do their job, the                 the infrastructure decisions made by
supplied and installed fire- and                      doors need to be extremely strong. They                Spain’s government.
explosion-resistant doors.                            have to be able to withstand a pressure                   “So far we’ve received orders worth
                                                      of 7.5kPa (kilopascals) and be fire-safe for           750 000 euros, and Adif have told us
Spain has positioned itself as one of                 120 minutes.                                           they want fire- and explosion-resistant
Europe’s most modern rail nations. The                  Gunnebo’s fire- and explosion-resist-                doors for future tunnels as well. So there
first high-speed line was opened back in              ant doors meet these requirements.                     is good potential for future business,”
1992 between Madrid and Seville. Cities                 “We have previously supplied and                     Manuel Latorre Marin concludes. K
such as Toledo, Malaga and Barcelona                  installed them in the Abdalajis Tunnel on
now all have express links with the capi-             the Madrid-Malaga line. We’re also cur-                TE X T: Ka r i n s p ju Th
tal. By 2020 Spain plans to have the larg-            rently working on another three tunnel                 p h O TO : M iK E L o rT Eg a
est high-speed rail network in Europe.                installations,” Latorre Marin explains.

HigH-sPEEd TrAins cannot run on old
rails, they need new ones. To cope with
the high speeds, the new track has to
have straightened bends and be as flat
as possible. The result is a lot of tunnels.
Rather than running the track over the                     The three tunnels where Gunnebo is                K	 The Loja Tunnel between Malaga and
mountains, they go straight through.                       currently installing products are:                Granada.
  “Each tunnel has two bores, one in                       K	 The Pajares Tunnel between Madrid
each direction. Between them are gal-                      and Asturias.                                     The high-speed rail link between Madrid
leries which act as evacuation routes. If                  K	 The Montcada Tunnel on the Madrid-             and Barcelona reduced the journey time
there’s an accident in one bore, passen-                   Barcelona line.                                   from 6 hours to 2 hours 40 minutes.
gers can get to the other side,” explains

SITE PROTECTION                                                                                                                         Global #1 2009

                  High-security protection for
                  high-risk sites – worldwide
                  Embassies, nuclear power plants,           ess of deepening the analysis of special      with its extensive collective knowledge
                  logistics centres, airports, prisons and   needs within the identified target seg-       and expertise, is the market leader in
                  military bases are all among the sites     ments in Site Protection.                     its fields of the security industry. The
                  identified by gunnebo as requiring                                                       results of the current process will fur-
                  high-security protection. While the        THE goAl is sET on designing offerings        ther enhance our ability to supply our
                  activities of these sites differ widely,   with respect to systems, concepts and         target customers with a full high-secu-
                  they all require protection from theft,    services to reflect the special require-      rity offering reflecting their complete
                  sabotage, vandalism, terrorism and         ments of the selected customers and to        needs and requirements.K
                  espionage.                                 organise activities and efforts to better
                                                             match their needs.                            TE X T: L i n D a g Å r D L öv
                  Gunnebo One Company was intro-               In 2008, Gunnebo completed the first
                  duced in 2005 with the ambition of         round of reviews focused on embassies,
                  fully integrating Gunnebo’s different      logistics centres and nuclear power
                                                                                                                   FOR mORE iNFORmATiON,
                  businesses. The new organisation was       plants. The markets have been analysed,
                                                                                                                        plEASE viSiT:
                  to focus on certain selected customer      the concepts and systems developed,
                  groups in need of high security and to     the communication systems improved
                  provide them with a full security sys-     and Business Development Managers
                  tem scope, i.e. customers in the bank,     have been appointed.
                  retail and site protection sectors.          Gunnebo has a vast range of top-
                    In late 2007, Gunnebo began the proc-    quality high-security products and

                  lOgiSTiCS                                  whole industry. Today, Gunnebo is able
                  The transport and logistics sector is an   to provide a transport and logistics solu-
                  international and ever-evolving field:     tion, or parts of a solution or products,
                  multiplicity of exchanges, flexibility,    fulfilling market and customer require-
                  development of new activities, variety     ments, not forgetting maintenance, on a       Christer Boström
                  of players and strong competition. All     pan-European level. The range includes
                  these factors contribute to a complex      exterior high-security perimeter protec-
                  environment and the need for a security    tion, interior entrance control, electronic   or bundles of products, but solutions
                  solution which meets the specific needs    security, intrusion detection and various     that bring our customers savings on
                  of this sector. In this way, protecting    solutions for efficient secure storage.       time and cost, as well as increased secu-
                  logistics infrastructures and transport       “Our offering aims to provide added        rity,” says Christer Boström, Business
                  equipment is a main concern for the        value – we do not simply deliver products,    Development Manager Logistics. K

                                                                                                                               SITE PROTECTION
Global #1 2009

                                                                                       Jean-Marie Hauswald

NUClEAR                                    presence and historical experience in     tions, helping us to become the pre-
The security of nuclear power plants       this market, Gunnebo is already a well-   ferred partner in this area.
or nuclear research centres is a major     known partner for energy professionals       ”Another task of international elec-
concern for governments and energy         in many countries,” says Jean-Marie       tricity providers, nuclear equipment
providers. The threat of disturbance       Hauswald, Business Development            producers, governmental or supra-
or attack from activists or terrorists,    Coordinator for the nuclear sector.       national institutions and engineering
demands a complex and coherent               “The main goal with the specialist      companies is their international and
security structure covering all areas of   team is to gather local experience and    cross-border projects. A big challenge,
a site.                                    best practices. This will improve the     but there are several positive and
  “With our large platform of security     synergies of the existing solutions and   encourgaing signals,” says Jean-Marie
solutions and products, our worldwide      their fulfilment of customers’ expecta-   Hauswald. K

The security of embassies and other
diplomatic sites is a major concern
for governments. The threat of attack
from international terrorism demands
a complex security structure. With our     Thorsten Grunwald
in-depth knowledge of critical infra-
structures, considerable technological        Gunnebo’s offering for embassies
expertise and a continuously develop-      includes access and entrance control,
ing range of products and solutions,       outdoor perimeter protection and elec-
Gunnebo offers embassies the total         tronic security.
security package, ensuring reliability,       “There are 4 000 embassies in the
flexibility and a high level of quality,   Gunnebo countries alone and we have
around the world.                          already been contacted to provide secu-
   “Gunnebo provides complete secu-        rity to many embassies in the EU, the
rity solutions including equipment,        UK, Spain, Australia and elsewhere,”
software and value-added services. We      says Thorsten Grunwald.
are able to lead the process from start       “Gunnebo are ahead because we
to finish, from architecture definition    not only provide the products, we also
to systems integration, installation       offer product maintenance and full
and implementation, and of course          solutions everywhere in the world. We
ongoing maintenance once installation      have an adaptable organisation and
is complete,” says Thorsten Grunwald,      the concept for Gunnebo will be to cre-
Business Development Manager for           ate a specialist team to become market
embassy security.                          leader in this business area.” K

PROFILE                        Global #1 2009

          “Security is a fascinating

 Global #1 2009

                                                               Nick Anderson has a degree in psychol-
                                                               ogy and previously worked in border
                                                               control and airport security at Gatwick.

                                                               He has also travelled widely after several
                                                               years with international consultancy
                                                               firm Halcow. He joined TRL in 2005,
                                                               largely by chance, after a few years work-
                                                               ing as a freelance consultant.
                                                                  Nick says he has always been inter-
                                                               ested in what drives people, why they
                                                               make particular decisions and how their
                                                               perception of the world is shaped.
                                                                  “I thought studying psychology
                                                               would help me understand behaviour
                                                               and attitude change, but just like other
                                                               things in life I’ve realised that books
                                                               and theoretical knowledge are one
                                                               thing, while true insight springs from
                                                               personal experience.”

                                                               THE Trl sECuriTy TEAM is made up of
                                                               three professional groups and around
                                                               20 employees specialising in impact
                                                               testing, security assessment and con-
                                                               sultancy services and design innova-
                                                               tion. TRL also has a large number of
                                                               experts covering every conceivable
                                                               area related to transport issues – from
                                                               roads to aviation. Nick’s job is to agree
                                                               the strategic plan for the security
                                                               operation and then make sure that it is
                                                                  TRL conducts around 35 crash tests
                                                               every year, and it has been a leader in
                                                               this area, especially in the develop-
                                                               ment of consistent standards to assess
      “The security sector has proven to be a                  the design, installation and function of
                                                               road blockers. This now forms the foun-
      fascinating area: interesting, innovative,               dation for the possibility of a European
                                                               quality standard for road blockers.
      constantly changing and quite exciting.                     “A common standard will bring peace
                                                               of mind for producers and customers
      i’m also privileged to be working with                   alike. Under the present arrangements
                                                               a manufacturer can market a security
      some of the world’s leading specialists                  blocker that may not have been impact
                                                               tested at all!” Nick explains.
      in their fields,” says Nick Anderson,
      programme Development Director for                       niCk livEs wiTH His wifE Tracy and their
                                                               two youngest children in picturesque
      the Security Team at the Uk’s Transport                  Wiltshire, to the west of London, and
                                                               commutes the 100 or so kilometres to
      Research laboratory, TRl, where gunnebo’s                TRL in Berkshire – that is, when he is
                                                               not working from home, a 19th century
      anti-terrorist products are tested.                      house that takes up most of his free
                                                               time. The family left London in the late
                                    T EX T: L EEn a s EKKa T   ’90s and has since gradually restored
                                                               the house.
                                                                 Every Friday he is in the studio down

PROFILE                                                                                                                      Global #1 2009

                              “We must all endeavour
                                to be well-informed,
                               attentive and vigilant.”
                                                                                                     NICK ANdERSON
                                                                                                     Age: 50
                                                                                                     Family: Wife Tracy, children
                                                                                                     Emma, 23, Freya, 15 and Brody, 10.
          at local radio station Swindon 105.5            He believes that education and social      Lives: In a (stubborn) 1850s house in a
          with his friend Barry Harris for their        development are at least as important        small village in Wiltshire.
          own show The Big Weekender – three            as legislation and enforcement meas-         Free time: Working on the house and
          hours of information on local goings-         ures when it comes to stopping inter-        growing vegetables. Own Friday local
          on, interwoven with light-hearted chat,       national terrorism, which is constantly      radio show The Big Weekender with
          interviews and music.                         assuming new forms and adopting              friend Barry Harris.
                                                        new methods. In his view the trend           Reads: Preferably books that give
          THE HousE, gArdEn And radio show              towards targeting softer, less highly        an insight into other cultures, most
          stand in stark contrast to the consider-      guarded targets such as hotels may           recently A Thousand Splendid Suns by
          ably tougher reality Nick touches on in       well continue, but warns against the         Khaled Hosseini.
          his job. TRL’s Security Team was set up       temptation to meet that threat with          Listens to: Rock music. Foo Fighters,
          in 2001 after the Twin Towers attacks,        more road blocks, more CCTV cameras          Kings of Leon but also The Beatles.
          and is now the only organisation in           and greater government control.              Eats: Everything from a good curry to
          Britain authorised to carry out crash           “If we do that, we’ll create the sort      steak or spaghetti.
          tests according to British PAS 68 and         of restricted society that the terrorists    drinks: Preferably a red Rioja.
          American DOS standards.                       are aiming for. It’s a question of con-      Travel: Rarely to sunspots and typical
            Having two international stand-             stantly balancing what’s technically         tourist traps, more often to Oregon,
          ards makes life more complicated for          and electronically feasible with the         Berlin and other places with big out-
          Gunnebo and other manufacturers of            kind of liberal society we want to live      doors or plenty of history.
          high-security products. Countries close       in,” believes Nick.                          Motto: “You don’t learn to swim in a
          to the UK demand products tested and                                                       library”.
          approved to PAS 68, while those closer to     HE sAys THAT our faith in technical solu-
          the US demand certification from DOS.         tions is a good thing provided that the      TRL
            “Obviously the ideal would be to            technology genuinely fulfils clear and       TRL was founded in 1934 as part of
          agree on a single, harmonised stand-          defined requirements, but stresses that      Britain’s Ministry of Transport. Priva-
          ard, but that’s a long and complicated        the responsibility for a safe society does   tised in 1996, TRL is an independent
          process. Both Britain and the US have         not only rest with the security profes-      commercial organisation with over
          long worked to develop standards, and         sionals.                                     450 staff, including world-recognised
          different vehicles behave differently            “We must all endeavour to be well-        experts in transportation, infrastruc-
          when they collide with a road blocker,”       informed, attentive and vigilant. Pas-       ture, vehicle engineering, sustainabil-
          Nick comments.                                sengers became more watchful after           ity, safety, security and investigations.
                                                        the 7/7 London transport bombings, but          TRL provides impartial consulta-
          HE MEnTions A sCEnArio where a Euro-          only temporarily. The challenge lies in      tion, advice, testing, certification and
          pean-made lorry is effectively incapaci-      constantly being on the lookout, with-       research for a range of issues, linked
          tated after crashing into a road blocker      out letting the fear of a new attack take    to the transport sector.
          developed in Europe. When the same            control,” says Nick, adding that there is       TRL supports governments, public
          road blocker is hit by a lorry of a differ-   rarely a simple explanation for what         and commercial operators of critical
          ent construction, it does not perform in      goes on in our complicated world.            infrastructure and security compa-
          the same way.                                    “Personally I always try to see things    nies with research and development,
            “So I think harmonisation is still a        from different points of view, and           testing and certification of security
          while off. We may even need different         expressions of extremism really do con-      products and outdoor perimeter secu-
          standards or performance options, for         cern me, wherever they originate. The        rity assessment techniques, as well as
          different situations around the world         implied intolerance that usually springs     specialist consultancy for mitigating
          – depending on what the local threats         from such views tends to restrict think-     the effects of hostile vehicle attacks.
          are assessed to be,” says Nick.               ing and that needs to be confronted.” K

                                                                                                                                                 GUNNEBO WORLDWIDE
Global #1 2009

                                                                                                  A 60-year anniversary
                                                                                                  Smith Erik Arne Berg celebrated a big
                                                                                                  anniversary in November – 60 years
                                                                                                  with Gunnebo Denmark.
                                                                                                    “Thanks to a good atmosphere and a
                                                                                                  lot of fine colleagues, I’ve never felt the
                                                                                                  need to look for another job,” he says.
                                                                                                    During his career he has worked both
                                                                                                  as a fitter and a locksmith. After 50 years
                                                                                                  with the company he was presented
                                                                                                  with a royal reward medal and enjoyed
                                                                                                  an audience with Queen Margrethe.
The roadshows gave listeners important information about Gunnebo, along with refreshments and a   His 60th anniversary was marked by a
chance to mingle.
                                                                                                  grand reception in the company offi-
                                                                                                  cies. And even now Erik Arne has no
                                                                                                  plans of retiring.
                                                                                                    “As long as I’ve got my health I’d like to
                                                                                                  carry on a few more years,” he says. K
Roadshows increase business by 62 per cent
There are around 70 000 banks                        A roadshow is preceded by care-
in india. This makes it virtually                 ful planning. The customers are pre-
impossible for senior managers to                 pared in several groups, and the show
visit each branch in person. instead              is meticulously thought out. There are
gunnebo is conducting roadshows.                  lighting arrangements, a professional
  “Over the past two years we have                speaker and a screening of a film about
increased our business with the bank              Gunnebo, its products and security
sector by 62 per cent, largely thanks             trends in general. The presentation is
to our roadshows,” says Raju Dayani,              followed by cocktails and dinner.
vice president Sales & marketing,                    “We’ve held several roadshows and
gunnebo india.                                    have had an excellent response. In
                                                  recent years we have increased our
In autumn 2008, Gunnebo India carried             business with the bank sector by 62 per
out a major tour of the whole country.            cent. A lot of this is founded on the con-
They met over 1 500 customers in total            tacts and relations we establish during
during the 15 roadshow stops.                     the roadshows,” says Raju Dayani.
   “The aim was to launch a new prod-                A new electronic alarm system, VADS
uct, an electronic alarm system. At the           (Vault Alarm Dialer System), was pre-
same time it’s an effective way of build-         sented during the autumn. There is
ing relations with new and existing cus-          already proof that the autumn shows
tomers. We get to meet a lot of people            have had an effect. The very first week
in a short space of time, and they have a         VADS was launched Gunnebo received
                                                                                                  Tom Christensen (left), head of Gunnebo in
chance to see and touch our products,”            50 orders from India’s largest bank,            Denmark, congratulates Erik Arne Berg on
says Raju Dayani.                                 State Bank of India. K                          60 years with the company.

Gunnebo Poland installs 8 units of AutoSec
One of the largest Swiss banks has                in July and November 2008. Installation         important – especially for banks,” says
selected Gunnebo Entrance Control and             of other AutoSec will take place in May         Tomasz Krulak, Business Line Manager
ordered eight AutoSec – high-security,            2009.                                           for Site Protection at Gunnebo Poland.
motorised revolving doors – to divisions            “Solutions for controlling the flow of        The AutoSec product gives our custom-
in Poland. Four of them were installed            people into and out of buildings are very       ers a high degree of safety.” K

GUNNEBO WORLDWIDE                                                                                                                           Global #1 2009

                                                                        First Chubbsafes order in Laos
                                                                        Gunnebo Singapore and local partner          consciously focused on entering the
                                                                        Kerberos Security Systems have sold          market – and succeeded.
                                                                        their first products to the bank sector        The first customer was Acleda Bank,
                                                                        in Laos.                                     which has installed safes, vault doors
                                                                           Until recently, Laos had no interna-      and vertical cabinets. The next order
                                                                        tional banks. Now both Standard Char-        came from ANZ, which has fitted safes
                                                                        tered Bank and ANZ Bank have started         and filing cabinets.
                                                                        business in the country. Banks from the        Laos is planning to become a member
                                                                        neighbouring countries are also repre-       of the World Trade Organization (WTO)
                                                                        sented, including Acleda Bank of Cam-        in the next few years and foreign invest-
                                                                        bodia. Generally speaking there has not      ments are expected to increase, which
                    The banks in Laos are now fitted with Gunnebo       been much of an emphasis on security         leads Gunnebo to anticipate more
                    products. Here, Mr Ngan Youra Tauch, Manager
                    of Vientiane Branch, and Miss Vilavanh Leuanghan,   in the bank sector, but in 2008 Gunnebo      orders from the financial sector. K
                    Vault Attendent, in front of a new safe.            and Kerberos Security Systems have


                    Gunnebo protects one of the world’s biggest refineries
                    One of the world’s single largest local             needs protecting. Gunnebo, a prod-           ed to be completed by Q1 of 2009.
                    oil refineries is being built in Jamnagar           uct supplier to Reliance Industries            “This could possibly lead to other
                    in Gujarat, north-western India. When               for the past five years, has therefore       large orders. Reliance Industries has so
                    finished it will have a capacity of 1.2             been asked to provide outdoor perim-         many industrial sites all over India and
                    million barrels a day.                              eter protection products for the refin-      most are either under construction or
                       Behind the project is The Reliance               ery. The order was worth 32.1 million        being modernised. So we’re looking
                    Group, India’s largest private industry             Indian rupees (around 500 000 euros)         forward to winning a lot more con-
                    group with Reliance Industries as its               and encompasses sliding gates, swing         tracts like this in future,” says Dinesh
                    main flagship.                                      gates and boom barriers.                     Babbar, head of the Fire Protection Sys-
                       Needless to say, all that precious oil             Installation is under way and is expect-   tems business unit. K

                    ABu DhABi:
                    Gunnebo secures the airport in Abu Dhabi
                    Following tough competition Gunnebo                 in the customs area.                         industry within the Middle East region.
                    won the order to secure the airport in                 “The competition to get this order        We are glad to be working again with
                    Abu Dhabi. The project, which began                 was very tough and we are happy that         Gunnebo on this prestigious project,”
                    two years ago, entered its third phase              the customer finally went with our           says Habib Halabi, Managing Director
                    in December.                                        products and solutions for the site. It      at Falcon Eye Technology LLC. K
                      Gunnebo has delivered products                    is a privilege to be associated with Abu
                    to the Abu Dhabi airport since 2006.                Dhabi Airport which is one of the fast-
                    Installation of the SpeedGates began in             est developing airports in the region,”
                    December 2008 and will be finished in               says Jacob Touma, Country Manager
                    February 2009.                                      West Asia.
                      Fifty-seven cabinets arrived by air                  “The professional support of Gunnebo
                    from Italy where they were constructed              Middle East combined with the excel-
                    at the Gunnebo Competence Centre                    lent quality of Gunnebo material and
                    Entrance Control in Lavis.                          the remarkable technical team of Falcon
                      The SpeedGates are placed in the                  Eye Technology, has made this project
                    newly built extension to the airport and            a landmark in the Entrance Control

                                                                                                                                                        GUNNEBO WORLDWIDE
Global #1 2009

                                                                                                            The first collision took place in Sep-
                                                                                                          tember 2008, and at least a year’s worth
                                                                                                          of data is required before any analysis
                                                                                                          can be carried out.

                                                                                                          nEEdlEss To sAy, a high-risk project
                                                                                                          demands high security. Gunnebo has
                                                                                                          therefore supplied 40 security booths,
                                                                                                          CompactSave, for the collider. They will
                                                                                                          ensure that only authorised people have
                                                                                                          access, and that not too many person-
                                                                                                          nel are on site when the collider is not
                                                                                                          in use. In addition, the booths guaran-
                                                                                                          tee that all personnel are outside of the
                                                                                                          hazardous LHC zone when the machine
This particle accelerator is located in the 27-kilometre tunnel. Access to the tunnel is restricted and   is in operation.
partly handled using Gunnebo entrances.
                                                                                                             “What distinguishes this booth from
                                                                                                          others is that the control system is
SwitzERLAND:                                                                                              mechanical. This means there are fewer
                                                                                                          electronic details, which in turn makes

Gunnebo shields answer                                                                                    it more secure even if subjected to radi-
                                                                                                          oactivity,” says Jean-Gabriel Perreten,
                                                                                                          Senior Business Manager at Gunnebo
to mystery of the universe                                                                                Switzerland.

by simulating the big bang on a mini-                   aims to answer the mystery of how the             gunnEbo’s insTAllATion in the col-
ature scale, scientists hope to establish               universe was formed. Today 20 coun-               lider took 12 months and entailed a fair
how the universe was formed.                            tries are involved and over 6 000 scien-          amount of risk.
   Taking place in geneva, the project                  tists from all over the world are working            “It was a very interesting project tech-
is one of the most experimental ever in                 on the project to study the forces that           nically, but also a difficult one. The work
the field of particle physics.                          govern the universe, and what hap-                environment was tough and demand-
   To ensure that only authorised indi-                 pened in the Big Bang.                            ing; not only was it very hot inside the
viduals have access to the spectacular                                                                    collider tunnel, but the air was bad
large hadron Collider where the exper-                  To find ouT, a 27-kilometre long tunnel           as well. Our engineers even had to
iment is taking place, gunnebo has                      has been built underground. It is called          wear masks. There was also a fire and
supplied 40 security booths.                            the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and is            gas hazard, which meant being con-
                                                        a particle accelerator. In it, minuscule          stantly prepared for an emergency.” K
More than 50 years ago, 12 nations                      particles will be collided at extremely
signed a convention to establish the                    high speed to turn energy into matter –           TEXT: Ka r i n Spj uth PHOTO: C Er n
CERN particle physics laboratory, which                 just like when the universe began.

Framework contract with
the European Commission
The Gunnebo Security Group has, through its Competence Centre Electronic
Security, signed a framework contract to provide services and solutions to the
European Commission’s Delegations across the world. This framework contract
will be carried out over the next four years through specific contracts worth up
to a maximum of 40 million euros.
  “This is a highly prestigious agreement that shows the strength of Gunnebo
as an integrated security group. In the contract, a broad range of Gunnebo
products and installation skills for worldwide delivery are specified,” comments
Göran Gezelius, former President and CEO of Gunnebo AB. K

                                                                                                                                                                                 Gunnebo AB, Box 5181, SE-402 26 Göteborg, Sweden
Despite tough attacks, the criminals could not open Gunnebo’s safe. The attempted
robbery ended with the robbers fleeing while the money was left untouched.

Criminals foiled
by Gunnebo safe
Gunnebo safes protected assets from armed robbers,
despite four explosion attacks. The drama took place in
Johannesburg, South Africa in early November 2008.
  The attempted robbery occurred on one of South Africa’s
busiest motorways. Seventeen men, armed with AK47s
and driving a minibus and two cars, stopped a security
van. According to police, the van came under fire and was
forced off the road.
  However, despite four attacks with explosives the
Gunnebo safe – a Chubbsafes 280 L CAT 4 – remained com-
pletely intact. The would-be robbers ended up completely
empty-handed. K

GUNNEBO and GUNNEBO – For a safer world are registered trademarks of Gunnebo AB. Other registered trademarks of Gunnebo are Chubbsafes, Fichet-Bauche, Rosengrens, SecureLine,
SafePay™ and Troax. In addition the Group has several registered product brand names and locally registered trademarks.

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