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									SED 619 Evaluation
Students will develop an educational website. This website will be designed to (a) present or teach a specific s
organization. The website must be (a) useful to others and (b) illustrate mastery of all the topics covered in th

The following checklist should be used when preparing the website. Please refer to the assignment description
principles are used to evaluate student work.

Originality: Does the website provide new information or present information in a unique fashion?
Content/Depth: Does the website provide substantive information and resources?
Pedagogy: Does the website present information in a useful and pedagogically sound fashion?
Mastery: Does the website illustrate mastery of the application and utility software introduced in this class?
Thoroughness: Does the website illustrate competence in all of the software used in class?
Participation: Did the student participate in all class discussions and activities and offer assistance to peers w

To insure that the professor finds all of these resources, convert this to a webpage and hyperlink the items to

Assignment     number                                standard
     1           1        logical directory structure
                 2        public site; all information is on the Internet
                 3        text, public domain, referenced
                 4        internal and external links
                 5        organized bookmarks
                 6        cascading style sheet
                 7        templates & libraries

     2             1      pictorial directory; clickable email directory
                   2      map
                   3      electronic discussion group
                   4      chat
                   5      calendar
                   6      electronic poll
                   7      internet filing cabinet
                   8      online help / directory

     3             1      music, speech
                   2      your audio recording
                   3      animated gif (imported)
                   4      java aplets
                   5      video (imported)
                   6      video (original, edited, embedded)

     4             1      graphic site map
                   2      outline
                   3      presentation (oiutline)
                   4      presentation (downloadable ppt, pps)

     5             1      Original graphics (Fireworks)
                   2      Original photography
    3    Edited/transformed graphics
    4    vector art (original)
    5    Image map
    6    Flash Animation
    7    web album
    8    panorama (static and dynamic)
    9    Animated GIF (original)
    10   rollover images

6   1    navigation bars/menus
    2    Layout: Frames/layers/tables/interactive images/pdf files
    3    formatted, downloadable docs
    4    doc to html conversion
    5    toc & anchors

7   1    downloadable xls
    2    original, downloadable xls
    3    original graphs
    4    document merge
    5    search engine
    6    forms
 to (a) present or teach a specific subject, and/or (b) introduce a department, school, club, or
astery of all the topics covered in the class.

 refer to the assignment descriptions and the class lectures for details. The following general

tion in a unique fashion?

cally sound fashion?
software introduced in this class?
are used in class?
 ities and offer assistance to peers when needed?

webpage and hyperlink the items to instances in your website that illustrate mastery.


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