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									Keep Us Killing Us Is Senseless All Life Is Important
Kukuis Alii is named after my very first animal rescue, a miniature schnauzer I named
Kukui Alii. He was diagnosed with Parvo and the puppy mill owners told the
veterinarian I worked with to “just put him to sleep”. Then they left. I immediately fell
in love and requested that we give him another chance at life. From that day forward,
Kukui became my best friend. He loved me unconditionally, and I him. Thirteen years
later, he died in my arms. Although I miss him terribly, I can see him in the faces of all
the animals that we rescue. They all deserve a second chance at life, because All Life Is

At Kukuis Alii, we are determined to prevent our adopted animals from getting into the
hands of people previously arrested for animal abuse, cruelty, neglect or endangerment.
Every potential adoptee will be run thru a site called If the adoptee has a
record, they do not adopt from us.

We are recruiting for an animal trainer/behavior expert to correct any problems our
animals may have. Not only will this make our animals more adoptable, it will assist in
the prevention of future abandonments or returns of animals to the facility.

Currently, Kukuis Alii rescues animals and adopt them out. We currently have no
operating budget nor do we have a facility. However, our mission is to design a
community based center to benefit abandoned or abused animals. Our goal is to integrate
the importance of animal care, such as training, bathing, cleanup and play, with an
organization such as CASA, targeted to assisting abandoned or abused children,. We
hope to combine the no-kill animal shelter with children of the community to assist them
with learning respect for animals and help to teach the ability to bond and trust to both.

We intend to lower the amount of animals that are given up to shelters by humane
population reduction by integrating our spay and neuter program. This is still in the

Our future expectations include an educational center to inform people about behavioral
and medical problems which tends to lead to the animal’s disposal. We believe this
center will have a positive affect on the community as well as all individuals involved.

Deborah Larson
A Non-profit Organization
Where All Life Is Important

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