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                            Youth Anger Management Program 2011

I. Introduction and Background
   The purpose of this document is to provide interested parties with information to enable them
   to prepare and submit a proposal and to inform them of basic requirements that the County
   uses as part of its standard contract process. Your proposal should include the completed
   County Short Form Application and information requested in Section III below.

 Standard contract requirements concerning Affirmative Action, the Americans with Disabilities
 Act, the County’s Living Wage ordinance, contract termination and modification, etc. are
 included in the County’s boilerplate contract. This contract is subject to change. For further
 information you can view a copy of the contract on our website at:

 Contracts with the Department of Human Services limit administrative costs/expenses to a
 15% ceiling.

II. Scope of the Project:

   A. Project Description:

       The service to be purchased is SPC 507 Counseling/Therapeutic Resources.

       Counseling/Therapeutic resources is defined as the provision of treatment oriented
       services to clients needing treatment for a personal, social, behavioral, mental, alcohol
       and drug abuse disorder to maintain and improve effective functioning. Services
       typically provided in a service office or natural setting. Services may include but are not
       limited to: assessment/diagnosis, case planning, monitoring and review’
       counseling/psychotherapy; therapy services; physical health services and medical
       support services.

       The Adolescent Anger Management Program will assist male and female adolescents,
       ages 13 through 17, referred by Dane County Department of Human Services in
       eliminating aggressive behaviors exhibited within their homes and/or other settings. The
       program will teach participants problem solving, anger management, conflict resolution
       and other social skills to help them avoid and/or manage situations where they are likely
       to utilize aggressive alternatives. The program will also provide opportunities to
       challenge the underlying belief systems that support identified behaviors and help youth
       identify personal and environmental triggers for their aggressive actions including youth's
       exposure to traumatic events.

   B. Objectives:

       The primary objectives of the adolesecent anger management program are:

       1. Eliminate aggressive behaviors in youth

       2. Provide alternative coping strategies for youth to successfully manage stress and
       3. Prevent youth from further involvement with the juvenile justice system

       Services within the adolescent anger management program must address these core
       objectives utilizing treatment interventions and modalities, which are evidence based,
       and effective for boys and girls from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The
       program may choose to employ the same treatment modality for all consumers or
       targeted treatment modalities for specific groups.

   C. Needs/Expectations:

       1. Demonstrated ability and willingness to conduct third party billing including
         Badgercare/ Badgercare Plus (Wisconsin Medicaid) billing.

       2. The program must have the capacity to serve at least 58 youth annually and 16-19
          youth at any given time.

       3. The program must offer services at hours and days that accommodate most youth
          and families (i.e. not during the school day) and in location(s) which are accessible for
          the majority of Dane County residents.

       4. Must incorporate parent and guardian involvement into the program structure.

       5. Program staffing must adequately adress the listed objectives and meet any
          requirements set forth for the proposed program model.

   D. Current Operations:

       This program is currently operated by the Alternatives to Aggression Teen Program at
       Family Service of Madison, Inc. The current program serves 58 teens annually in a
       structured, gender specific group format.

   E. Maximum funding available for this project is $19,796 annually.
      The County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to negotiate the terms
      of the contract, including the award amount, with the selected proposer prior to entering
      into a contract. If contract negotiations cannot be concluded successfully with the
      highest scoring proposer, the County may negotiate a contract with the next highest
      scoring proposer.

   F. Additional pages: The proposer may use up to 8 additional pages for project scope,
      program activities, etc.

III. Request for Information in addition to the Application form (required):

   If you are a current provider of this program proceed to C.

   A. Submit 3 references. References should be specific to the service offered. References
      should be from agencies you have done business with or those with whom you have
   B. Include your agency’s mission statement. Also provide resumes of key staff and copy(s)
      of licenses, if applicable.

   C. If this is an existing program for your agency, please provide information of the
      demographics of your participants. If this is a new program for your agency what are
      your expectations of the participants’ demographics when the program is up and fully

   D. Describe the program modality or modalities your agency will utilize for the Adolescent
      Anger Management Program. Please include length of service, location of service, any
      curriculum or model utilized and staffing required. Please note any evidence base for
      your chosen modalities and it's effectiveness with adolescents of both genders and
      varied cultural backgrounds.

   E. A great many of the program participants will be court ordered into the program. Please
      describe your program’s strategies for youth engagement of court ordered participants
      as well as your program’s experience in working with the juvenile court system.

   F. What role (if any) will parents/guardians have in the Adolescent Anger Management
      program? Please include your rationale for the suggested level of parent/guardian

   G. Please describe the program's location(s), hours of operation, and general accessibility
      (including access to transportation) for the youth and their families within the Adolescent
      Anger Management Program.

   H. Please describe your program staffing. Please note the FTEs allocated to provide the
      program services, the supervision structure of these staff and the experience level of the
      staff assigned to provide the service.

   I.   Please describe how your program intends to measure program outcomes including
        methods and data collections tools.

IV. Evaluation Criteria. Scoring from the consolidated application is as follows:

   Project Scope                                                   45%
   (County Short Form Application, p. 2)

   Organizational Profile                                          35%
   (County Short Form Application, p 3.)

   Program Budget                                                  20%
   (County Short Form Application, Appendix A.)
V. Contact Information: Please check the website routinely to receive any updates or changes
   to this RFP. For clarifications or questions concerning this application your contact is listed
   below. Responses to questions submitted will be posted to the website.

       Contact:            Marykay Wills - Mental Health and Alternate Care Manager

VI. Timeline
               Consolidated Application Workshop:                   April 22, 2010, 1:30 p.m.
                                                                    Dane County Job Center
                                                                    Ballroom Annex, 1203 N Sherman Ave

               Application due from vendors:                        May 28, 2010, 12 noon
               Notification of intent to award (est.):              July 30, 2010

                        Your completed proposal should include the following:

       1) A completed County Short Form application
       2) Additional information requested in Section III above.
       3) If submitting a hard copy proposal, please send your completed proposal to:
          Dane County Human Services, Attn: RFP #C1007, 1202 Northport Drive,
          Madison, WI 53704
       4) If submitting your proposal electronically, please email the completed
          proposal documents to:
           Note: The Department reserves the right to request a hard copy of the completed proposal from the

                          Proposals are due no later than May 28th, 12 noon.

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