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									WorldSkills London 2011

Become a Showcase organisation
at the World‟s greatest skills

AoC Conference

November 2010
WorldSkills London 2011 goal

 To raise the profile, awareness and
 recognition of the value of vocational
     skills and careers in the UK.
Leaving a lasting legacy through:

• Competitions as integral part of a coherent annual programme
• Aligning competitions, awards, showcasing and events
• Competitions at the heart of promoting excellence and economic value
• Fully integrated / aligned with grassroots activities
• Fully aligned with individual countries strategies / programmes
• Delivered through & shaped by partnerships especially colleges and providers
• Ownership / engagement by colleges / providers ( x % increase)
• Impact / return on competitions through structured campaign showcasing /
   profiling competitors / Alumni and their employers
• Direct impact on WorldSkills Leipzig 2013
• Cost saving / enhanced impact of an integrated programme
• Vehicle for the development / promotion of higher level Apprenticeships
• Increased international collaboration / benchmarking through World Skills

  “ I urge as many of the UK‟s schools, colleges
  and training providers as possible to put
  forward the best of their best. This is a one-off
  chance to profile both the amazing work of our
  students and the schools and colleges that
  provide the learning experience to enable them
  to develop their talent.”

Kate Anderson Regional Director, Association of Colleges
On 5-8 October 2011 WorldSkills will share an
East End home, shortly before the Olympics
WorldSkills is big.......10 Wembley size football
pitches – whole of ExCeL London
We‟re taking over the whole of ExCeL London
150,000 visitors - more per day than Wimbledon
                2,500 volunteers
1,000 competitors,
    50 nations
4 days of intense competition,
        46 skill areas
Showcasing explained – Be Inspired
 What is showcasing?

• Showcasing is designed to surprise and delight visitors through a highly
  visual, stimulating and entertainment led programme and as an integral
  part of the main event.

• The scope is quite wide – it must be a skills related showcase
• Stretches beyond the 46 competition areas
• A core component of the education experience and information and advice programme.
• Sits alongside, but separate from, WorldSkills London 2011 Have a Go activity.
• Non commercial – showcasing could be considered alongside an exhibition stand
Why does showcasing matter?

• Increases level of involvement across UK – especially schools, colleges,
• Enhances the visitor experience and ‘enrichment’
• Showcase for employers, colleges, providers and learners alike
• Creates a ‘buzz’ and positive ‘word of mouth’
• Broadens the event beyond the competition itself

Leading to:

        Raised (local and national) public and employer perceptions of, and
             esteem for, skills and vocational education and training.
    Benefits of showcasing to you.....

•    Prestige and credibility – carry the ‘marque’ of a showcase organisation
•    Reputation enhancer – students, parents, community, media – locally and
•    The learner experience can be put into the context of the ‘world of work’
•    Course assessment criteria can be mapped to the production of the showcase
•    Personal development skills of communication, problem solving, project planning
     & teamwork can be assessed, evaluated and evidenced
•    Can help to benchmark performance against ‘world class’ standards
•    A ‘whole’ college approach involving different academic/vocational disciplines
•    Attract local sponsorship and endorsement through showcasing
•    Help performance at future events/skills competitions and new ways of working
The type of showcasing is endless....

 -   A form of entertainment e.g dance,
     music, theatre, fashion, beauty
 -   Demonstration skill e.g. hair,
     make-up, cookery, patisserie,
     ‘team build’ challenge
 -   Arts, design and crafts e.g. Art,
     photography, design, calligraphy
 -   Leisure and Sport e.g. Football,
     health and fitness
 -   Communication e.g. new
     technology, entertainment, low
     carbon technology, e-technology,
     sustainability, audio visual.
 -   Heritage skills e.g. Thatching,
How many showcasing opportunities are


    100 showcase colleges, schools,
          providers are needed
                                To give over

      200 showcase performances
        Varying lengths of performance slots will cater for day visits
                       as well as for the ‘full event’
    Where does showcasing happen?

•    Before the event – local activity, flexible timing
     • to create anticipation and build up e.g. Applications, auditions
     • Linkages to other events e.g. Apprenticeships Week, Adult Learning Week
•    Inside the event – London – date specific
     • Opening ceremony – specific London showcase (4 October 2011)
     • Closing ceremony – specific for all UK/Devolved nations (9 October 2011)
     • During the 4 days of competition – tailored areas for the UK (5-8 October
•    Outside of the event – UK-wide – date specific
     • ExCeL dock/water area immediately outside
     • Local communities/inside schools/colleges/parks
     • As part of a 3-week, UK wide, Have a Go skills festival (19 September – 9
        October 2011)
 Who delivers showcasing?

UK wide
• Devolved Administrations/4 nations
• Education partners e.g. schools, colleges, training providers
• Sector bodies e.g. AoC/ALP/NSAs
• Community – groups and associations

• Owing to being in the immediate vicinity of location, a specific offer for colleges,
  schools to be part of the opening ceremony
• London boroughs/Councils/Mayor(s)
• City wide/borough specific – as part of 3 week Have a Go skills festival
 Resources available to support

•  Joint planning group – linked to AoC , Skills Funding Agency, NAS, Devolved Nations (plus relevant
•  WorldSkills London 2011 organises logistics and processes with group
•  Joint planning group - decide final list of showcase organisations
•  Stakeholder communications throughout e.g. Portfolio group, champions, broader FE to update progress

Rewards and incentives for showcase organisations
•  Reasonable expenses re-imbursed (identified at application stage)
•  Tie into education and curriculum/awards where possible so reducing cost burden
•  Strong link to education and student engagement
•  Enhanced local/national reputation – carry the ‘Showcase’ marque

Application process
•  Applications invited along with a description of the showcase, proposition, space needed etc
•  Supported by an application pack and requirement/space list - formal process goes live in January 2011.
•  Joint planning group to oversee application process and select final showcasers
Important dates

November 2010
•  Joint planning group established with meetings regularly set
•  AoC Conference – concept explained and launched.
•  Communications to other stakeholder groups starts

November- January 2011
•  Application process              -         developed (full pack /process needed)
                                    -         goes live
Mid March 2011
•   Showcasing applications submitted – final deadline

Mid April 2011
•   Showcase applications sifted and granted by joint planning group. Resources and space validated.

End April 2011
•  Showcase organisations announced

May/June/July/Aug/Sept 2011
•  Showcase organisations prepare and preparations finalised

September/October 2011
•  Showcase delivered
•  Sept (skills festival) Oct (main event).

Nicky Brunker, Marketing Director, WorldSkills London 2011

For more information on all opportunities resulting from WorldSkills
London 2011 go to
    Examples of showcasing – EuroSkills

Euroskills 2008 Programme featured have a go activities and showcasing alongside
Competitions in the following sectors: Creative Arts & Fashion, Information & Communication
Technology, Manufacturing & Engineering Technology, Construction & Building,
Transportation & Logistics, Social, Personal & Hospitality Services

•      Fashion: see how a fashion design is prepared for production
•      Hair design: demonstration: visitors witnessed spectacular metamorphoses and some took part!
•      Shoe Maker: shoe repair of audience, demonstration craft of shoe making
•      Floristry: watched how flowers are arranged, watched the promotion film
•      During EuroSkills a chill garden was set up at landscape gardening, and visitors participated by
       the creation of two large relax couches and lying down turfs to chill on in the chill garden
•      Students of HMC (college for wood and furnishing) showed the entire process from design to
       furnishing by demonstrations
•      Coffee Demonstrations – visitors learned about a good presentation for coffee and how to get a
       beautiful look to your latte!
•      Visitors watched a presentation about the activities of a farrier (trim and shoe horses).
•      Music Matters Brassband School appeared at the opening ceremony - Music in the only
       genuinely universal language, and Music Matters uses this language to unite people with a
       variety of (free) music projects for children, teens and adults.
    Case study – West Thames College

•    Final year BTEC National Diploma Media Production students from West Thames College tested and showcased their
     skills whilst gaining credits for their final assessments at Skills London 2010.
•    The 15 students were tasked with filming and editing the three day skills event attended by over 35,000 visitors. They
     also filmed the Big Skills Debate, chaired by Dragons’ Den’s Theo Paphitis and interviewed the high profile panel who
     took part in the debate.

Chidi Okolo, Head of Education for WorldSkills London 2011, worked with West Thames to develop the project. He explains,
•    “This project allowed us to use the talent of young people learning a skill to provide us with tangible output that
     we can use in the lead up to WorldSkills London 2011. Equally, the project gave the students valuable practical
     experience in a live setting which could be accredited towards their qualifications. We are hoping to re-create
     this experience for many more students at WorldSkills London 2011 by offering them the chance to „showcase‟
     live skills as diverse as welding and fashion to photography and dance.”

•    Students explained the experience as ‘amazing’. Saying it was great to film such a big event but that it was also quite
     tough editing the content live in front of an audience especially as they were explaining what they were doing and
     answering questions in a very hectic setting. In terms of the highlight it was interviewing Theo Paphitis.
•    The experience gave students a real opportunity to test their skills in a ‘real life’ setting .Students were also able to use
     the experience to gain credits towards their final BTEC results. It was a fantastic chance for the College to profile the
     work of students and for visitors to Skills London who are considering their future careers to get a glimpse of what these
     skills involve.
 Get involved with WorldSkills London 2011
Deliver an accredited, innovative Education Experience
We have designed a high quality programme of activities and teaching resources – the WorldSkills London 2011
Education Experience - to help you to motivate your students to give serious and informed consideration to their
career choices. or

Take part in delivering Have a Go activities
Over the next 12 months, we want to create one million opportunities for people –around the UK – to Have a Go at a
new skill to help them get on at work and in their careers. Have a Go's will take place around the UK throughout 2011
 and in a three-week, UK wide skills festival (19 September – 9 October 2011) giving you the opportunity to
time your events to to fit in with other initiatives – such as Apprenticeship Week or Adult Learner‟s Week.
Contact or

Support our Volunteer Programme
The scale of WorldSkills London 2011 is enormous and, with hundreds of activities taking place in a space the size of
ten Wembley football pitches, we need to recruit 2,500 volunteers to help make the event a success. We need people
with all levels of experience to volunteer. Volunteers need to be aged 16 by 1 January 2011, located within daily
travelling distance of London Contact

Exhibit at WorldSkills London 2011*
We expect over 300 exhibitors to take part in the WorldSkills London 2011 Exhibition* which will be, by some
considerable margin. the UK‟s largest ever careers and skills exhibition. Exhibiting will give you the opportunity to
promote your college to the estimated 150,000 UK and international visitors to WorldSkills London 2011 and to
associate your organisation with some of most talented young people, trades and professions in the world.
Contact Prospects Services Ltd, Tel: 01823 362800, email:

                     •WorldSkills London 2011 is a not-for-profit event; all revenue raised through exhibition sales will be
                     invested in the staging of the overall WorldSkills London 2011 event.
                     •Discounts on stand space are available to organisations booking before 1 March 2011.
   Get involved with WorldSkills London 2011

Take part in skills competitions
Everyone who takes part in competitions, whether at the local, national, or international level, can benefit from them.
At the highest level, WorldSkills competitions drive up standards, helping to redefine the meaning of „world class
skills‟ while creating future trade, education and enterprise opportunities Contact

Become a sponsor
WorldSkills London 2011 provides sponsors with a unique range of benefits, including high-profile
branding, PR opportunities and direct access to young people and businesses. Most importantly, involvement places
sponsors at the heart of the UK skills agenda. Sponsorship opportunities are open to education partners, such as
employers, colleges, academies, Sector Skills Councils, and trade and membership associations.
For more information contact the Sponsorship team on 020 7429 2811 or look at

Additional opportunities
The WorldSkills London 2011 fringe business conference and event series will allow you to learn about the latest
developments in vocational skills and careers and talk to like minded colleges, businesses and individuals from the
UK and abroad - allowing you to combine a learning and networking opportunity with a visit to WorldSkills London
2011. Details to be announced in early 2011.

See attached slides or check out

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