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					                               ANGEL Training Course Descriptions
                           Beginner classes are recommended for all new ANGEL users.
  Beginner       2 hours                                        ANGEL Introduction
                         Provides an overview of the basic ANGEL features that most instructors will use in any class,
                         including navigation, personal areas, course settings, the guide, adding a syllabus, adding
                         calendar entries, roster & team management and instructor reports.
  Beginner       2 hours                                          ANGEL Content
                         Covers ANGEL lesson content including links, discussion forums and drop boxes. This includes
                         uploading content, managing content access, grading discussion forums, grading assignments,
                         and using the HTML editor.
  Beginner        1 hour                               ANGEL Communication & Resources
                         Communication features include email messages, announcements, polls, surveys, & chat rooms.
                         Resources includes website links and other nuggets you can provide to assist your students.

Intermediate classes are recommended for instructors who have completed the beginner classes and are
                                ready to incorporate these features.

 Intermediate    1 hour                                         ANGEL Gradebook
                        The ANGEL Gradebook will allow total scores to be calculated with points and/or percentages.
                        This module will cover this feature, as well as, adding assignments, viewing and changing on-line
                        graded assignments, entering grades for off-line assignments, determining grade categories and
                        exporting the gradebook.
 Intermediate    1 hour                                    ANGEL Quizzes & Respondus
                        The ANGEL quiz component offers a variety of question types and quiz settings. Building on the
                        overview of quiz options provided in the ANGEL Introduction session, the Quiz Module will focus
                        on enhanced quiz features and customization. In-class activities include adding graphics and
                        icons, manually grading quiz items and reviewing quiz reports and statistics. Advanced options,
                        such as the use of actions to control the release of lesson content, will also be discussed.

 Intermediate    1 hour                                              ANGEL Reports
                            This class will introduce you to ANGEL's powerful reporting features including saving and
                            scheduling reports.
                     Advanced classes are recommended for experienced ANGEL users.
  Advanced       2 hours                      ANGEL Environment Variables, Tokens, and the Action Editor
                            This class is designed for advanced users who want to enhance their course offerings by adding
                            dynamic, triggered "actions" to occur after specific events and conditions have been met. If you are
                            interested in learning how to unlock protected course content, automatically generate and send
                            customized email messages to students, or change the image of a folder icon once a unit has
                            been completed, the ANGEL Action Editor is the tool for you!

  Advanced       2 hours                                  ANGEL Learning Object Repository (LOR)
                            This class introduces the powerful features of ANGEL's LOR which enables content sharing at a
                            variety of levels including faculty members, departments, divisions, or college-wide.
                           The ANGEL groups class is not intended for classroom use.
Extra Features   1 hour                                             ANGEL Groups
                            ANGEL groups are used for clubs, organizations, committees, and similar "groups" in the college.
                            This class would be intended for anyone who wishes to develop and lead a group with online
                            communications. Groups is a strong feature within ANGEL and it has a variety of uses to aid
                            interaction and communication within student groups and college committees. This class will
                            encompass why groups are useful, establishing groups, adding members, and member settings.
                            Group communication tools and sharing of files will be detailed.

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