2005-2006 DELIVERABLES SCHEDULE by MikeJefferson


									                                             2009-2010 DELIVERABLES SCHEDULE
                                               MESA SCHOOLS PROGRAM (MSP)
                                           (Contract Dates: July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010)

               Note: The P.I. will be notified on the 3rd reminder of a Deliverable being past due
      DELIVERABLE             DUE DATE                     COMMENTS / NOTES                  POINTS
                                                                                                         (for On-Time

                                                                    To gather data for annual SAPEP
1) 2009 Senior Transcripts           Friday, October 2,                                                      14

  2) Enrollment Progress
                                    Friday, December 4,             For UC Legislative Reports and
          Census                                                                                         No Points
 (Review of enrollment progress            2009*                      to track UC Eligibility Rates
using SCHOOL INFO, Template 1         * Note: No report due.
         from MAPP)                 MESA Statewide will access
                                    your data directly from OIS.

      3) MSP DATA:                   Friday, February 5,
                                            2010                                                             18
   a. 2009-10 Student                                               To track student demographic
      Data                                                           data for MESA and UCOP

   b. 2009-10 Advisor                                               To track advisor
      Profiles                                                       demographic/academic data for
                                                                     MESA and UCOP

   c. 2009-10 Personnel                                             To track staff demographic data
      Profiles                                                       for MESA & UCOP

   d. Senior Survey on                                              To track actual college-going-
      college enrollment                                             attendance rates for students
      of June 2009 high                                              (MESA & UCOP use)
      school graduates
                                                                    To validate school-site and/or
   e. Copies of signed
                                                                      district commitments to
      Site Agreement for                                              program; determine potential
      all schools                                                     cash/in-kind commitments to
                                                                      Center (for MESA, UCOP &

   4) Mid-Year/Interim              Friday, February 12,            To assess individual Center’s           14
         Report                             2010                     progress in meeting short/long
  (Summary of progress on goals &                                    term goals
objectives using GOALS OVERVIEW,
 Template 2 from MAPP, and MSP
    Assessment Summary Sheet)

  5) Advisor Award                 Friday, March 26,                To determine and award                          4
     Nomination                          2010                        outstanding advisors in the state.
  Forms/Notification                                                 Awards to be presented at local
                                                                     and/or MESA Statewide
                                                                     recognition events.

  6) Awards Banquet                Friday, March 26,                To ensure that required                         4
   Form/Notification                     2010                        documents are sent to Centers in
                                                                     a timely manner and to plan for a
                                                                     MESA Statewide
                                                                     representative’s attendance when

7) 2010-11 MESA Annual              Friday, April 16,               To monitor Center’s                             14
 Program Plan (MAPP)                     2010                        development of and/or progress
                                    (until further notice)           toward program goals and to
                                                                     determine financial need and
                                                                     allocations for Centers.

   8) Carry Forward              Friday, May 21, 2010               To enhance MESA Budget                          4
   Form/Notification                                                 allocation process (i.e.,
     (if applicable)                                                 determine availability of funds
                                                                     for next fiscal year, etc.)

9) Final Program Report            Friday, August 20,               To assess completion of program                 14
     (including MSP                      2010                        goals and determine Center
 Assessment Document)                                                needs

 10) Final Expenditure             Friday, August 20,               To determine individual and
        Report                           2010                        Statewide use and availability of               14
(Final Cash Reconciliation                                           resources and to determine
         Report)                                                     availability of funds for next
    (with narrative)                                                 fiscal year.

                                                                              TOTAL POINTS =                ______________
                                                                                                              ÷ 10

                                                                                  = TOTAL SCORE* _____________

        *Total Score corresponds to percentage reflected in “MSP Deliverables” component on the MSP Assessment Summary Sheet


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