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               Telkomsel Logo In CorelDraw

CorelDraw Tutorial at this time we try to show you about technique how to make Telkomsel
Logo In CorelDraw. We just share the design not to commercial the product…

Let’s the begin…

1. Make new document in CorelDraw, make polygonal object, choose Polygonal Tool, then
at the Property Bar, set the value 6

2. Rotate the object to 350 degree..

3. Coloring the object with gray and make duplicate. Give red for duplicate object, get
position like this, hide the line of object.

4. Now we will be make for accessories | make ellipse shape use Ellipse Tool. Then make
duplicate the object and resize smaller. Put at above like this picture :

                                                                 JOYO DWI KARTONO | imacsite

6. Add light gray color (30% black) at the ellipse have been apart, put on polygonal object.
Duplicate the ellipse and set the position like at the picture below:

7. Now we will make intersection between ellipse object have been apart, click red polygonal
object, press SHIFT then click one of ellipse object have been apart. Choose intersection
method at Property Bar, add white color to result of intersection, do the same way for other

8. Type text “TELKOMSEL” (Arial, Bold, Italic) at the right of logo.

Telkomsel Logo – Keep moving forward for telecommunication of Indonesia..

OK…see you later….thanks for reading…

We hope useful and helpless for you…

                                                                 JOYO DWI KARTONO | imacsite

Keep practicing..

                    JOYO DWI KARTONO | imacsite

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