Watermania Swim Schedule All Schedules are subject to change by MikeJefferson


									                                       Watermania Swim Schedule

Please Note:

           •   Rates are subject to change
           •   Month Passes are valid at Minoru Aquatic Centre and Outdoor Pools
           •   Super Passes are valid at all Richmond Aquatic Facilities
           •   Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied into the water and stay within arms
               reach of a responsible person of at least 15 years of age
           •   Family admission rate policy includes up to five members of the same family, one or a
               maximum of two who must be a parent, legal guardian or grandparent accompanying
               dependant children/grandchildren under the age of 19. Families with more than five
               members will be charged the appropriate single admission rate for additional members.

                     All Schedules are subject to change without notice

                                      Watermania – March 23-June 28
                                                                57 metre        Please note:
                    Day(s)      Wave Pool       Water Slide    Competition
                                                                  Pool          Portions of the pool may
                                                                                be used by aquatic user
                                                                                groups and swim lessons.
                                    Open           Open       Public Swim
                               6:00am-10:00pm 4:00pm-9:00pm 6:00am-10:00pm
                                                                                A minimum of two lanes
                                                                 Public Swim  will be available excluding
                                    Open                      6:00am-10:00pm bulkhead moves and
                      Sat                        12:00pm-
                               6:00am-10:00pm                  (canc.11:45am- some special events.
                                                                                The competition pool may
                                    Open           Open         Public Swim     be closed for short periods
                      Sun         10:00am-       12:00pm-        10:00am-       of time to set-up the pool.
                                  10:00pm         9:00pm         10:00pm
                                                                             Diving boards and long
                                                                             course availability varies
                                                   Open                      on a daily basis according
                     Stat.          Open                        Public Swim
                    Holidays    10:30-8:30pm                  10:30am-8:30pm to pool programming.
                                                  8:00pm                     Please call 604-448-5353
                                                                             for details.


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