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									     Office of the President
Relocation Working Group Report
Presented to the Board of Regents
        December 7, 2005
History: System Office in Denver
   President emeritus Thieme presented a plan to the
    Regents in 1973 to establish a system administration
    “ultimately to be located off the existing Boulder campus.”
   Thieme said “it was becoming increasingly difficult for the
    president to fulfill his obligations to the entire university
    while the office was located on one campus…”
   Discussed five times in the last 25 years (BOR
    actions1980, 1982, 1985, and 2005)
   In 2005, first time a formal comprehensive study done
             Proposal Shared with
             Boulder City Council
   Recognize CU-Boulder as the founding campus of
    the University
   Open a CU System office in Denver
   Retain a President’s Office on the Boulder campus
   Office hours and meetings in Boulder by president
   About 44 staff would have their office in Denver,
    whose day-to-day work needs are in Denver
   Better serve UCB and System from Denver
            System Administration
              Employee Groups
Move to Denver-       44    Board of Regents, President’s Office,
Administration              VPs for Academic Affairs and Research,
                            Budget and Finance, Human
                            Resources/Counsel, and Administration
Already in Denver      Government Relations and Procurement
Remain in Boulder- 240 Univ. Controller, Internal Audit, Univ.
Additional             Treasurer, Silver and Gold Record,
                       Coleman Institute, Risk Management,
Systemwide offices
                       Tech Transfer Payroll & Benefit Services,
                       Univ. Management Systems
         Gathering Input on
           Pros and Cons
   Two public CU Board of Regents meetings
   Four open campus forums
   Website and e-mail address
   Staff e-mail questionnaire
   Resolution from Faculty Council
   Interviewed key administrators
   Held a fifth open forum for potentially impacted
         Staff Input - Benefits
   Provides easier access:
       University stakeholders, decision-makers,
        resources, legislature, CCHE, state agencies,
        and the business community
       Reality is that the president and many
        president’s office staff spend majority of time in
   Clearly distinguishes roles of president and
   Increased efficiency to have all system offices
    in one location
        Staff Input - Concerns
   Commute time
   Disruption of job duties that involve close work
    with Boulder campus
   Business impacts of turnover in staff and loss of
    institutional knowledge
   Disruption of job duties that involve close work
    with other system offices/service centers if a
    portion of the system is relocated
                            Faculty Input
   Whereas the President and the Board of Regents would better
    serve all of the campuses by being located more closely to the
    centers of power that affect the direction of CU; and
   Whereas moving the system offices and the Board of Regents’
    offices off the Boulder Campus will go a long way to improving
    internal and external communication and symbolism;
   Now, therefore, be it resolved that Faculty Council encourage the
    Board of Regents to take every necessary step to move the
    President’s and the Board of Regent’s offices off the Boulder
    Campus to a location more central to the entire system; and
   Be it further resolved that the location of the new offices should be
    well apart from any other campus in the system so as not to favor
    symbolically any one campus unduly.

Source: Faculty Council Resolution approved unanimously, May 5, 2005
Input from Key Administrators
   Stabilizes and strengthens the president’s identity
    as a systemwide leader
   Clarifies responsibilities and role of the president
    and chancellors in the context of the system
   Improves efficiency for meeting management and
    reduces travel time for other campus leadership
   Fitzsimons, consolidation, and UCCS growth =
    midpoint of university’s resources (bldgs., assets,
    etc.) located in Denver
   All support opening System office in Denver
   Reflects how business is currently conducted
Input from Potentially Impacted
    Decide matter ASAP
    Reassurance to continue Eco Pass
    Work flexibility: telecommute, office
     space in Boulder, flex-time
    Some staff said they plan to remain in

Impact to Staff                                     2

Board of Regents,                                       1

President’s Office,
VPs for Academic
                                       14           5
Affairs and
Research, Budget                                    1       2

and Finance, Human                                  5           4

Resources/Counsel,                                  1
and Administration

                                            1       1   4

Arvada……………...1     Lafayette……………5                     1
Boulder……………14      Lakewood………….1
Broomfield…………2     Littleton…………….1                    1
Denver……………...4     Longmont………….2
Englewood…………1      Louisville………….1
Fort Collins……….1   Thornton……………4
Frederick…………..1    Westminster………5
Golden……………...1     TOTAL……………..44
                   Use of 914 and 924
                             Boulder’s proposal for use:
                                 Move administrative offices from Regent
                                  Hall to 914 and 924 Broadway
                                 Relocate student services from Willard
                                  Hall and the Environmental Design
  914 Broadway                    building into Regent Hall
                                 Impacts:
                                    Consolidate key student services in
                                      one building (one-stop student
                                    Potential for additional revenue-
  924 Broadway
                                      generating space in Willard Hall
Sources: Boulder campus
Status of University Residence
    Transfer management control from
     president’s office to UCB chancellor’s
    Allow for use by University president
     upon request
    Eliminate Regent requirement to have
     CU’s president live in University
Current Space vs. New Space
    System Administration currently spends
     $389,000 annually
        23,714 SF
        Average $16.42/SF
        Four separate buildings
    System Administration continuing costs
        Not to exceed current annual costs
    Gain efficiencies/significantly reduce space
          One-Time Costs

   Moving, furniture, and remodel
   CU-Boulder
       $750,000 in plant fund designated for
        this use
       Supplement with interest earnings if
     Office of the President
Relocation Working Group Report
Presented to the Board of Regents
        December 7, 2005

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