Spring Hockey Schedule Mondays and Thursdays 5pm Novice by MikeJefferson


									                 Spring Hockey Schedule

                Mondays and Thursdays

5pm Novice/ Initiation Teams 1 and 2 Room # 7 and 8

6pm Atom Teams 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Room 9 and 10

7pm Pee Wee Teams 11,12,13,14,15,16 Room 7 and 8

8pm Bantam Teams 17,18,19,20,21,22      Room 9 and 10

This schedule should not change, but please check each
week to verify times. Any Goalie who cannot attend, please
call me at 548-0808 or 545-0953. Weekend schedule will
be posted as soon as it is available.
                   INITIATION/NOVICE                           ATOM
Team 1              Team 2               Team3                 Team 5              Team 7
White               Red                  Red                   White               Black

Jacob Arseneault    Riley Henry          Mathieu Blanchard     Pierre Luc Savoie   Tyler Black
Anthony Gallant     Miguel Caron         Tristan Hancock       William Gallant     Mathis Lepage
Philippe Gallant    Samuel Chiasson      Michel Levesque       Luc Gauthier        Jon Fortune
Gavin Caissie       Spencer Colwell      Team 4                Team 6              Callum Robinson
                                         Josh Doucet                               Jesse Duguay G
Pierre Luc Hache    Neal Anand           Michael Doucet
Greg Babin          Mathilde Cote        Cameron Dempsey
Anton Hellwig       Anyssa Savoie        Jolyn Arseneau G
Korbin Dasti        Frederik Roy G
Samuel Mallais      Pierre Andre Bryar   Team 8                Team 9              Team 10
                                         Red                   White               Black
                                         Veronique Gionet      Janice Losier       Mylene Aubie
                                         Michelle Vienneau     Kelly Gauvin        Miriam Duguay
                                         Britney Parker        Emilie Comeau       Eve LeBlanc

                     PEE WEE                                                       BANTAM
Team 11             Team 13              Team 15               Team 17             Team 20

White               Red                  White                 White               Red
M A Roy             Bryce MacDermaid     Katie MacDermaid      Sean O'Brien        Trevor Aube
Alex Poupart        Danik Duguay         Catherine Hamel       Fred Comeau         Dylan Hachey
Nathan White        Ryan Kenny           Aurelie Arseneault    Matthew Jean        Ben Ferguson
                                                               JP Landry           Simon Comeau
Team12              Team14               Team 16
Brandon Parker      Shawn Hachey         Adam Daley            Team 18             Team21
Mathieu White       Nathan Godin         Josh Aubie            Riley Scott         Ryan Leblanc
Jonathan Whalen     Nicholas Boudreau    Andrew Knowles        Jesse Aube Roy      Edouard Hamel
                                         Francois Desrosiers   Ryan Levy           Phil Patterson
Liam Hatheway G                          Louis Cote G          Kalum Landry        JP Comeau

                                                               Team 19             Team 22
                                                               Molly MacDermaid    Troy Scott
                                                               Troy Kennah         Marshall Legacey
                                                               Fred Boudreau       Patrick Marion
                                                               Keith Sherrard      Levi Burtt

                                                               Jaimie Bertin G     Tyler Irving G
                  Hockey/ Power Skating schedule

Saturday April 4th, 11th 2009

      Power Skating
             12:30 pm Group 1
              1:30 pm Group 2

        Hockey Skills
               2:30 pm Group 3
               3:30 pm Group 4

 Sunday April 5th, 12th 2009

        Hockey Skills
                10 am Group 1
                11 am Group 2

         Power Skating
                 12 am Group 3
                   1 pm Group 4
                 Spring Hockey Groups… Power Skating/ Hockey Skills

Group 1
Jacob Arseneault              Anton Hellwig
Anthony Gallant               Riley Henry
Philippe Gallant              Miguel Caron
Gavin Caissie                 Samuel Chiasson
Pierre Luc Hachey             Spencer Colwell
Greg Babin                    Anyssa savoie
Korbin Dasti                  Neal Anand
Frederik Roy                  Samuel Mallais
Pierre Andre Bryar

Group 2
Tyler Black                   Tristan Hancock
Michel A Levesque             Mathis Lepage
Jon Fortune                   Jesse Duguay
Michael Doucet                Mathieu Blanchard
Josh Doucet                   Luc Gauthier
Pierre Luc Savoie             Veronique Gionet
Cameron Dempsey               Michelle Vienneau
Callum Robinson               Britney Parker
Janice Losier                 Kelly Gauvin
Emilie Comeau                 Mylene Aubie
Miriam Duguay                 Eve LeBlanc

Group 3
Katie MacDermaid              Shawn Hachey
Catherine Hamel               Nathan Godin
Aurelie Arseneault            Nicholas Boudreau
M A Roy                       Andrew Knowles
Alex Poupart                  Josh Aubie
Nathan White                  Levi Burtt
Brandon Parker                Keith Sherrard
Bryce MacDermaid              Jonathan Whalen
Ryan Kenny                    Francois Desrosiers

Group 4
Sean O’Brien            Edouard Hamel       Ben Ferguson    Ryan O’Neil
Jesse Aube Roy          Troy Kennah         Troy Scott      Marshall Legacey
Molly MacDermaid        Trevor Aube         Fred Boudreau   Patrick Marion
Jaimie Bertin           Dylan Hachey        Tyler Irving

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