Aerobic Schedule May 2009 by MikeJefferson


									                                                                          Aerobic Schedule May 2009
           The DACC Fitness & Aerobic classes are subject to change or be cancelled due to low participation. You must be 9 years or older to join in the fun.
             Please do not wear outside shoes in our aerobic studio. Also, lockers are available for all other belongings (sports bags, coats, etc.) This poses
           safety issues if in studio during classes. A 10 minute time limit is policy for entering a class late. If you find yourself running too late to attend class,
                  try our workout room. Check out our website, Aerobic/Fitness & entrance bulletin boards for any updated information. Still not sure?
                             Call and ask our DACC Health & Fitness Director~ Darcie Adams at 518-895-9500 X114 or email

       Sunday                    Monday                    Tuesday                 Wednesday                    Thursday                   Friday                Saturday
                                   *6am                                                *6am                                                 *6am
                                   SPIN                                                 SPIN                                                SPIN
                                    Tara                                                Tara                                                 Tara
                                    8am                        8am                      8am                         8am                      8am                    8am
                                 20/20/20            Total Body Conditioning     Baby Boomer Boot         Total Body Conditioning         20/20/20               Cardio Blast
                                    Tara                      Darcie                   Camp                        Darcie                   Dion                   Jackie
        9:30am                      9am                       9am                       9am                         9am                                              9am
         Yoga                       NIA                       PiYo                     Pilates                      Yoga                                   Total Body Conditioning
       Vanessa                    Patricia                   Jackie                   Susan S.                      Dion                                            Darcie
       10:30am                 10-10:45am                 10-10:45am                                           10-10:45am                                           10am
      Cardio Kick          Gracefully Fit/Strength    Gracefully Fit/Cardio                                Gracefully Fit/Strength                                  Yoga
         Kelly                      Dion                    Darcie                                                Darcie                                           Bridget
     Step “101”                                                                                                    4pm
Free learn to step class                                                                                         Hip~Hop
1 Sunday of the month                                                                                            Brittney
    (sign-ups a must)
         Susan T.
                                 *5:15pm                    5:15pm                    *5:15pm                      5:15pm
                                    SPIN                 Lean Leg & Abs                  SPIN              Sculpt & Stretch Fusion
                                   Darcie                    Bonnie                    Darcie                        Jodi
                                  6:15pm                    6:15pm                     6:16pm                      6:15pm                  6:15pm
                               Step Intervals                Pilates                  20/20/20                       NIA                Pure Step &Abs
                                  Susan T.                  Susan S.                    Jackie                     Patricia                Susan T.
                                  7:15pm                    7:15pm                     7:15pm                      7:15pm                  7:15pm
                            Cardio Boxing Drills              Yoga                       PiYo                  Pure Step &Abs               Pilates
                                   Paula                    Bridget                     Jackie                    Susan T.                   Jodi

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