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									                          Why plasma cutter is needed?

Plasma cutter is a welding machine that is used to cut the materials like steel or any other
materials. At the start of this method, a type of gas called inert gas is blown at a great speed
and through the electric arc, this gas is turned into plasma and it is formed by this gas that
comes through the nozzle and then it is used to cut metals. An arc melts and blows the metal
and it because of the super heated condition of the plasma and by its energy. You can cut any
type of steel with ease by using this machine. Generally, this type of metal cut any metals
with one inch thick and an ionized gas with high velocity is given through a constricting
orifice and thus how it gets heated and melts the materials.

You do not need to run for any fuels and the fuels used for this machine is none other than the
plasma gas and you can also use other gases. You can cut any types of metals faster and even
it is used for cutting thin materials. You know that cutting the expanded metal is quite tough,
but it is very easy with plasma cutter. This machine brings the good control when compared
to other machines and even the non ferrous material is welded easily. It travels the speed of
the cutting so it can speed up any process of cutting. The welding machine that exists
nowadays is as portable as they are and you can easily take anywhere you require and you
don’t need any explosive materials to operate it.

It has a sensor to know whether it is in place and it will never start the process of arc without
the nozzle in its place. A quality cut is acquired and the plasma cutting machine is used for
two processes and they are plasma cutting and plasma gouging. So far we have seen about
plasma cutting, but what is plasma gouging? It is a process that removes the weld and it was
used by four types. It is used in the variety of industrial applications and it achieves different
gauge profiles and sizes. Generally there are four different gouging methods and the plasma
gouging is one among them with widely used in many areas due to its smooth, clean and
consistent groove methods.

It is used as a tool for weld removal and weld preparation and eliminates defects and
improves strength by its back gouging process. The users can weld the old materials that are
welded and can remove some weld defects such as lack of fusion, cracks and porosity. The
new material that gets welded sounds good through this process. Ship building and
maintenance, heavy equipment manufacturing and repair and manufacturing of truck bodies
and steel structures use this process widely. So you can do two sorts of work with the help of
plasma cutter. Select a good plasma cutting machine and make your welding work with ease
and simple.

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