; Famous Trekking Treks in Zanskar Valley
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Famous Trekking Treks in Zanskar Valley


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									Leh Ladakh’s famous tour packages would always revolve around trekking tours in Zanskar
valley. Majority of the visitors of the place are trekking experts who travel around the world just
to explore various trekking adventures. Here are some of the best trekking packages that you
should not miss along with what it can amazingly offer you.

Frozen River Trek: Frozen river trek is the famous name for this trek in Zanskar Chadar. The
term Chadar means white blanket or sheet and that is exactly what you will see with all the
snow around for this demanding tour. If you are more of a daredevil, then you definitely should
not miss this. The general temperature of the place can be as low as negative 30 degrees and
even more. You can set up your own campsites to make things warm when night time comes.

Darcha Padum Trek: Darcha Padum trek is one of the favorite treks of the expert trekkers
since this is also known as the ‘Lost World’. The entire trek begins in Darcha and down to
Padum which can be found in the Zanskar Valley. With this trek, you can get to visit other
monasteries of Mune and Burdun as you head your way to Padum.

Indus & Nubra Valley Trek: Indus & Nubra Valley Trekking tour will introduce you to the two
important valleys that have served as a crossroad for various commercial operations in and
around India, Tibet and including Central Asia. It will also lead you to the very amazing
monasteries that are located in the Indus Valley.

Lamayuru Chilling Trek and Lamayuru Padum Trek: This is one of the most gorgeous treks
you can ever avail for a package since it will bring you to the most antique monasteries in the
land. This includes the 11th century monasteries by Lotsawa Rinche Sangpo. Their well famed
monastery is what this trek package is most proud of to offer.

Markha Valley Trek: Markha Valley trek is one of the longest yet most diverse treks you can do
in the Himalayan region. It would introduce you to stunning peaks and cliffs and other thrilling
surprises. It would also give you a view of the summit monasteries which include the Tibetan
temples and the parapet. If you would be lucky, you might even get to see the flurry leopards.
But what is best about all these is the amazing visual treat that nature has in store for your once
in a lifetime trekking trip.

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