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      YOUR FINANCES                             Debt problems: Life’s not fair but there’s always hope
                                            for bankruptcy are honest, hard-              They never made a penny from                  thinkable, almost impossible for              bankruptcy laws that will help        includes you. But there is always
                                            working individuals who sim-                  day one. They poured their heart              this to happen to you or someone              debtors who are in genuine need       hope for a brighter tomorrow
                                            ply need to get a fresh financial             and soul into this business- only             close to you. Often, we can imag-             of debt relief. These laws were       because whatever you are going
                                            start. Yes, they are your normal,             to watch it go up in smoke. Their             ine these things happening to                 passed to help, not hurt you.         through will soon pass. The past
                                            everyday folks- just like you and             world has fallen apart right in               other people but we have never                   So if you are currently going      doesn’t have to be your future-
                                            me who have jobs and families.                front of their very eyes.                     entertained the idea of them hap-             through debt problems and don’t       unless you let it by dwelling on
                                            They may go to the same church                   We are living in tough econom-             pening to us. Then one day, life              even feel like you deserve to be      things that you cannot change.
                                            that you go to. They could be                 ic times. How many people do                  throws us a curve ball.                       in this situation, there is no need   You can do better than that.
   Atty. RAyMonD BulAon                     your next-door neighbor or your               you know at the moment that are                  The “fresh start” concept of               to over-analyze everything and           If you need to find out what
                                            co-worker. No one- absolutely no              living from hand to mouth, per-               bankruptcy is based on the idea               try to make sense out of what you     your legal options are, we are
    “I CAN’T believe this is hap-           one- is ever exempt from the un-              haps eking out a living by work-              of forgiveness. The honest debt-              are going through. The first step     here to help. Pease call Toll-Free
pening to me. Life’s not fair. I            certainties that life brings us.              ing 2 jobs with still “too much               or who lacks the resources to pay             to financial recovery is a simple     1-866-477-7772 to schedule a
haven’t done anything bad. Why                 At one time or another in your             month at the end of the money?”               back creditors is given a chance              acknowledgement of where you          free consultation. We have of-
do I feel like I’m being punished           life, you may face debt problems              My neighbor was recently laid                 to start a new life free from the             are and taking responsibility for     fices in Glendale, Cerritos, West
for something I didn’t do?” These           that you don’t know what to do                off after working more than 12                burden of debts. What a con-                  your problems- whether self-          Covina and Valencia.
are words I often hear from cli-            about. You may find yourself                  years for his company who re-                 cept! Do you realize where most               caused or not, it doesn’t matter.                     ***
ents who come to me for bank-               unemployed, sick, in the middle               cently decided that they couldn’t             people would be today had they                Stop whining, stop complaining,       None of the information herein is intended to
ruptcy advice.                              of a painful divorce or in a failed           afford to keep him anymore. You               not been given, at some point in              and stop blaming yourself, the        give legal advice for any specific situation.
   Some people are quick to                 business venture. Recently, a                 may know several people right                 life, a second chance that they               economy or others. Even if you        Atty. Ray Bulaon has successfully helped
judge- until one day they find              couple came to me and told me                                                                                                                                                   over 4,000 clients in getting out of debt. For
                                                                                          now who are going through fore-               so badly needed in order to start             haven’t done anything wrong to        a free attorney evaluation of your situation,
themselves in the same situa-               how they invested their entire                closure and for the first time in             life over? I think our very own US            deserve your current financial        please call Ray Bulaon Law Offices at TOLL
tion. Contrary to what others               life savings of 20 years in a busi-           their lives are facing the prospect           Congress realized this more than              problems, remember that it can        FREE 1-866-477-7772.
may think, most people who file             ness that failed almost overnight.            of being homeless. It seems un-               100 years ago and thus enacted                happen to the best of us and that                           (Advertising Supplement)

           EDGE                               The immigration judge denied                                                                  IMMIGRANT LIVING:
                                                                                                                                             101 AND BEYOND                               A season long in coming
                                              my case, now what can I do?
                                            the claim and either granted the              you have lost your case and must                                                            “To everything there is a season,
                                            person voluntary departure or
                                            simply ordered deportation. The
                                                                                          persuade a higher authority to
                                                                                          change the result. Losing in Im-                                                            and a time to every purpose
                                            Immigration & Nationality ACT
                                            (INA) sets forth procedural rules
                                                                                          migration Court, however, is only
                                                                                          “round one” and there are one or                                                            under the heaven.”     —Ecclesiastes
                                            applicable to appealing decisions             two more rounds to be fought be-
    Atty. DAniel HAnlon                     of Immigration Judges through                 fore a denial of asylum or other               Monette ADevA MAglAyA                        with trepidation and mounting         er, wiser and better prepared for
                                            the US Department of Justice;                 relief becomes “final” and a per-                                                           concern. In some areas, the traf-     whatever comes.
   EACH year, US Immigration                and appealing those decisions to              son must actually leave the US.                                                             fic seems lighter now and there          The upside is that families will
                                                                                                                                                    NOTE the changes around us
Judges issue rulings finding thou-          the US Courts of Appeal. In most                 When an Immigration Judge                                                                are shorter lines in the stores.      have to depend on one another
                                                                                                                                                and feel the pulse of the city. For
sands of individuals removable              cases, these appeals constitute               denies a Respondent’s case, the                                                             Shopping malls are cutting their      to pull through a tough season.
                                                                                                                                                years, we decried the gridlock
from the US and, in many cases,             a person’s “last chance” to fight             Respondent has 30 days to file a                                                            hours of operation and compa-         Perhaps, we will all learn to be-
                                                                                                                                                of our early morning and early
ineligible for any relief from re-          their case and stay in the US,                Notice of Appeal to the Board of                                                            nies, instead of closing down, are    gin saving before the rainy days
                                                                                                                                                evening commute in Los Ange-
moval. These days, virtually one            which is why retaining counsel                Immigration Appeals (BIA). The                                                              cutting expenses by having their      come. And there are more peo-
                                                                                                                                                les, as we navigated the rivers
out of every three clients I con-           capable of presenting the best                BIA and the Immigration Courts                                                              employees take time off without       ple discovering their spirituality
                                                                                                                                                of this megalopolis to get to and
sult come sin to my office with             factual analysis and legal argu-              comprise the two levels of the                                                              pay. There are more people buy-       and flocking to churches to find
                                                                                                                                                from work. We complained of
such an order from, an Immigra-             ment is paramount.                            Executive Office for Immigra-                                                               ing their bread in the discount       comfort and strength. Perhaps,
                                                                                                                                                long lines everywhere during
tion Judge, wondering what to                  Of course, receiving a grant               tion Review (EOIR). The EOIR                                                                outlet stores. There are more         this is a season that was long in
                                                                                                                                                zero hour. Too many crowds.
do next. In the vast majority of            of asylum or other relief from                is an agency under the US De-                                                               people cooking their dinner than      coming. Despite the setbacks of
                                                                                                                                                Too much going on. Then came
these cases, the person had ap-             the Immigration Judge is the                  partment of Justice and operates                                                            eating out. Salary cuts across        9/11, we have had a good run.
                                                                                                                                                the doldrums of the past year.
plied for some form of relief from          optimum result in any Immigra-                independently of the USCIS and                                                              the board have become a given.        We know from Ecclesiastes that
                                                                                                                                                    Now, there are media reports
removal, such as asylum, and                tion Court case. Once you have                USICE, which are under the US                                                               CEOs have decided to freeze all       there is a season for everything
                                                                                                                                                of the early stirrings of an eco-
the Immigration Judge denied                to appeal a case, it means that                                                         u PAGE B6 nomic pulse ticking once again.         hiring. Retail outlets are closing    under heaven. Our naïve under-
                                                                                                                                                The stock market seems to be          quietly and with those closures,      standing of the changes in the
                                                                                                                                                making modest gains somewhat,         we can only imagine the lives of      seasons of our lives makes us
                                                                                                                                                the real estate market in a few       those who are suddenly without        arrogant, shortsighted and ill-
                                                                                                                                                areas is showing some signs of        a source of income. Grown chil-       prepared when the seasons do
                                                                                                                                                life. Although Toyota is reeling      dren are moving back to their         change.
                                                                                                                                                from its setbacks, other carmak-      parents’ house. Couples on the           But lest we forget, it’s not all
                                                                                                                                                ers are showing signs of shaking      edge of divorcing are rethinking      that bleak for all.
                                                                                                                                                off the malaise that has bedev-       their positions, knowing that any        People still have to eat and it
                                                                                                                                                iled the industry for some time       move they make will impact their      may very well be that supermar-
     Political empowerment is still a treasure that eludes us as a community here in America. While we are the second largest Asian             now with car lots in dealerships      pocketbooks. Now is not the           kets, particularly those which of-
   American community in the United States, we have yet to harvest the power that comes from our numbers. The Voice of FilAmerica               filled to capacity.                   time to make a career change.         fer price and savings and value
   features elected and appointed officials – regardless of political affiliation – in the different US states who are of Filipino ancestry. As
   your Filipino American community newspaper, the Asian Journal recognizes the fact that we all have a responsibility towards bringing             However, even with a few          Day laborers still stand on street    as their selling points, will grow.
   political empowerment to fruition, especially for our future generations. It is our hope to have our voices heard all over America.          encouraging signs during this         corners around Home Depot             Restaurants and food joints, if
                                                                                                                                                spring season, it may be a long       begging for jobs. The rise in the     they are not too hip, marginal

                 Capt. Enrique ‘Rick’ Sadsad
                                                                                                                                                while before the economy gets         misery index may have fallen a        and high-end, may be able to
                                                                                                                                                back on track. There will still be    bit but the uncertainty lingers.      ride this downturn more than
                                                                                                                                                days, weeks and months of high        Nonetheless, we’ve been here          others. Walmart and others who
                                                                                                                                                anxiety for many who have lost        before and in time, we will cycle     offer more bang for the buck will

                  Commanding Officer of US Naval                                                                                                jobs and homes. Many watch            out of this again, humbled, lean-                                  u PAGE B4

                   Support Activity (NSA), Bahrain
    ACCORDING to the US                                                                      a Naval Officer at more
 Military website, the Na-                                                                   than a dozen commands,
 val Support Activity (NSA)                                                                  each with their own chal-
 Bahrain covers the busi-                                                                    lenges. Capt. Sadsad
 est 60 acres in the world.                                                                  flew aboard P-3 Orion
 NSA Bahrain is a United                                                                     “submarine        hunters”
 States Navy base, situated                                                                  and later qualified as an
 in the Kingdom of Bahrain                                                                   instructor. In between
 and is home to U.S. Naval                                                                   missions, he was able to
 Forces Central Command                                                                      earn a Masters degree in
 and United States Fifth                                                                     Business Organizational
 Fleet. It is located in the                                                                 Management from the
 middle of the Middle East                                                                   University of La Verne. In
 and provides services and                                                                   1992, he served aboard
 support to ships at sea,                                                                    the aircraft carrier USS
 remote sites throughout                                                                     Constellation, occupying
 the region, and military                                                                    various positions, includ-
 and civilian personnel liv-                                                                 ing as anti-air/anti-sur-
 ing in Bahrain. In the on-                                                                  face warfare weapons
 going war on terror, NSA                                                                    coordinator and tactical
 Bahrain plays a crucial                                                                     action officer. He was
 role as the primary base                                                                    designated Commander
 in the region which sup-                                                                    Patrol Wings of the US
 ports and enables the war fighters, providing lo-                  Pacific Fleet and OIC of Naval Air Station North
 gistical, supply and protection needs to the na-                   Island in California.
 val and marine activities of Operation Enduring                       In 1996, Capt. Sadsad became aircraft mainte-
 Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom                          nance officer for Patrol Squadron 47 in Hawaii,
 (OIF). A few months ago, a Filipino American                       and later became Head Enlisted Community
 was tasked to be the Commanding Officer of                         Manager under the Chief of Naval Operations
 this vital US Navy base, Capt. Rick Sadsad.                        Military Personnel Plans and Policy Division
    One the highest-ranking Filipino Americans                      in Washington DC. He commanded one of the
 in the US Navy, Capt. Rick Sadsad is no strang-                    training squadrons, VT-4, at Whiting Field in
 er to being Commanding Officer (CO) of a major                     2001. The unit was named best Navy Primary
 US Naval installation. Prior to being assigned                     Training Squadron during his tenure.
 to head NSA Bahrain, he was the CO of Naval                           In 2003, he was made executive and opera-
 Air Station Whiting Field in Milton, Florida, the                  tions officer of Fleet Air Keflavik in Iceland. Two
 US Navy’s premier basic flight school. A sign                      years later, he was designated chief 6th Fleet
 on the entrance of a classroom building says it                    liaison officer with NATO Strike and Support
 all – “Through these doors pass the future of                      Forces in Naples, Italy.
 naval aviation. At Whiting Field we train navy,                       He has received numerous awards and deco-
 air force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps to be                      rations, in a career that’s already spanned over
 pilots, naval aviators,” Capt. Sadsad explained.                   30 years, including the Defense Meritorious
 Students include those sent by America’s allies,                   Service Medal, two Meritorious Service Med-
 including a few from the Philippine Navy and                       als, four Navy Commendation Medals, Navy
 Air Force. Whiting Field also hosts 120 planes                     Achievement Medal and Good Conduct Medal,
 and 150 helicopters of the US Navy, and Capt.                      as well as various unit awards.
 Enrique “Rick” Sadsad was the man charged                             Before leaving Whiting Field to go to NSA
 with keeping this large community and every-                       Bahrain, Capt. Sadsad was honored by his com-
 thing in it from 2007-2009.                                        munity in Milton, Florida. In thanksgiving for
    Enrique Sadsad was raised in Olongapo City,                     his service to the community, the Santa Rosa
 Philippines, near Subic Bay Naval Base. Three                      County Commission declared Oct. 22 as “Capt.
 of his uncles who were already in the US Navy                      Rick Sadsad Day.”
 influenced him to follow the same path. He                            “Your leadership, your passion about caring
 was already working as a helicopter techni-                        for people, has been seen all over this county,”
 cian at the Philippine Aerospace Dev’t Corp. in                    Commission Chairman Don Salter told the cap-
 Pasay City when he passed the entrance tests                       tain. “Even though you’ll be leaving us, your
 and joined the US Navy at age 21. “This was                        footprints are everywhere.”
 when there was still this agreement for the US                        Donna Tucker, executive director of the Santa
 to recruit so many Filipinos for the US Navy,”                     Rosa County Chamber of Commerce, said she’s
 he said. Sadsad was referring to the U.S-Philip-                   glad to know that Sadsad will be making Milton
 pine Military Bases Agreement of 1947. “Under                      his home upon retirement.
 the agreement, there were a certain amount of                         “He’s the kind of people we want here. He
 sailors to be recruited in Subic,” said Sadsad. “I                 gets involved and makes a difference,” Tucker
 was lucky enough to be selected.”                                  said. “I’ve been at the chamber for nine years,
    Capt. Sadsad started his career as an Avia-                     and I’ve worked with several (Whiting com-
 tion Machinist’s Mate, qualifying as a Search                      manding officers), and I don’t think I’ve ever
 and Rescue Naval Aircrewman. After earn-                           heard as many people have the respect for a
 ing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation                       C.O. that they have for him. He’s so approach-
 Management from Southern Illinois University,                      able and so down to earth. Everybody just loves
 he transferred to Aviation Officer Candidate                       him.”
 School in July 1983. He was designated a Naval                        Capt. Rick Sadsad and his wife, Yvonne, have
 Flight Officer in December 1984. He served as                      four adult children. n

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