Fee Schedule for Licence Changes - Liquor Control and Licensing

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					                                                                 Liquor Control and   Mailing Address:                   Location:
                                                                 Licensing Branch     PO Box 9292 Stn Prov Govt          Second Floor
                                                                                      Victoria BC V8W 9J8                1019 Wharf Street
                                                                                      Telephone: 250 387-1254            Victoria
                                                                                      Facsimile: 250 387-9184            V8W 2Y9

                               FEE SCHEDULE FOR LICENCE CHANGES
                 All fees are subject to change without notice. Application and licence fees are not refundable.

       Fee                                            Licence Class                                        Use Application Form
       $330          Liquor-Primary, Liquor-Primary Club and Licensee Retail Store                                • LCLB001
     licence         Food Primary                                                                                 • LCLB001b
                     UBrew/UVin                                                                                   • LCLB016
                     Manufacturers                                                                                • LCLB014
                     Note: There is no charge for a licensee or establishment name change if the application is made at the same
                     time as an application for a transfer of licence.

       Fee                                            Change Type                                          Use Application Form
                     Change of Directors or Officers (corporations and societies)                                 •   LCLB012
        per          Name Change – Person                                                                         •   LCLB012
     licence         Name Change – Licensee (private or public corporation, partnership, society)                 •   LCLB012
                     Establishment or Licence Name Change                                                         •   LCLB012
                     Addition of Receiver or Executor                                                             •   LCLB012
                     Addition of a Resident Manager                                                               •   LCLB025
                     Internal Transfer of Shares (private corporations, holding companies
                     and third party operators)                                                                   •   LCLB012
                     Capacity Increase to Occupant Load                                                           •   LCLB012a or 013
                     Addition of a Third Party Operator or Management Firm                                        •   LCLB026
                     Transfer of Location of a UBrew/UVin Licence                                                 •   LCLB093
                     Winery Special Event Area Endorsement (winery licences only)                                 •   LCLB049
                     Other chenge in Terms and Conditions, not listed above                                       •   LCLB012

   $110 / $330       Temporary Change to a Liquor Licence                                                         • LCLB023
   per licence       Change to Hours of Sale                                                                      • LCLB012
                     Food-Primary Entertainment Endorsement                                                       • LCLB012
                       (Fees for changes that require local government/First Nations comment are
                       $330; and without comment, the fees are $110.)

       $330          Winery Lounge Endorsement (winery licences only)                                             • LCLB049
        per          External Transfer of Shares (private corporations, holding companies                         • LCLB012
     licence         and third party operators)
                     Transfer of Location of a Food-Primary Licence                                               • LCLB096
                     Transfer of Location of a Manufacturer’s Licence                                             • LCLB094
                     Transfer of Location of a Licensee Retail Store Licence                                      • LCLB092
                     Structural Alteration or Addition:
                     • May include golf service cart, kiosk or takeout window, patio, smoking room or             • LCLB012a or 012c
                        restaurant lounge                                                                           or 013

     $1000           Transfer of Location of a Liquor-Primary Licence                                             • LCLB095
   per licence

     No Fee          Winery Tour and/or Picnic Area                                                               • LCLB049

LCLB011 (Rev 04/2007)