Strategies for Handling Negative Stress • Schedule your important by MikeJefferson


									       Strategies for Handling Negative Stress

•   Schedule your important activities. That way you
    know you are doing the most important things, even
    if you aren’t getting everything done.

•   Use a planner. It’ll help you control your time.

•   Keep a budget. It’ll help you manage your money.

•   Talk with parents, guardian or other responsible
    adults for support. That’s what they’re there for.

•   Have a support network of friends. That’s what
    they’re there for, too.

•   Keep a journal to help organize your thoughts and
    feelings. If you can write your private thoughts on
    paper, they might not feel so stressful.

•   Listen to music that makes you feel good. We all
    have different tastes. Find music that works for you.
•   Participate in physical activity. The benefits are
    huge: you reduce the physical effects of stress, think
    about something else, enjoy another aspect of life.
    Find something that you enjoy doing.

•   Use breathing techniques, yoga, visualization
    and/or meditation to help you relax. Deep and
    regular breathing can help.

•   Eat a healthful diet. A bad diet increases stress, and
    can make you sick.

•   Get plenty of rest and sleep. Nothing is more basic
    than this. If you’re not getting enough rest,
    everything else seems worse.

•   Use responsible decision-making skills. What
    decisions do you need to make? How can you
    demonstrate responsibility for those decisions?

With a partner brainstorm other positive strategies for
handling negative stress. How can you incorporate these
tips into your own life?

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