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The term "crash", when applied to a hard drive can indicate one of many computer issues that result in the drive being
rendered unusable. In the modern world, it's common to have a large part of your life, records and precious photographs
stored on your computer. This potentially catastrophic occurrence can sometimes be caught in time to prevent total loss
and ultimately make you to change your hard drive or make it repair by computer expert. There is some basic
information provided which can help you to identify as well as prevent the hard drive crash.

    The very initial and common problem can be experienced with a hard drive which about to crash is start up
      problem with the computer. Instead of starting up as expected, they may start extremely slowly or refuse to start
      up at all.
    If the error messages occur consequently like “file does not exist” or “file is corrupted” then it may be the hard
      drive problem.
    Suddenly the computer can begin to act strangely. Some unexpected program crash, prevent a program or
      application to launch, refuse to boot up again etc.
    Hard drive noise change when PC running it may become louder or may stop entirely.

    Virus is the most common problem which causes a hard drive to crash. As virus is designed to destroy data, it
       may infect the operating system files making it impossible to read the files needed to run the computer.
    Shutting down before computer closing programs, using the shut down routine can cause system files to become
       corrupt which ultimately leads to the hard drive crash.
    After or near to due age or excessive use of the drive can lead to the crash problem of the drive. The sound of the
       hard drive can indicate this problem easily, especially when writing CD or DVD or backing up your data.

There are many ways by which one can prevent hard drive crash and protect the data from being lost. There are some
easy but important things mentioned which can help you to protect your data and hard drive.

      Back up important data regularly.
      Use ScanDisk, Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup, on the drive at least once a month
      Install a good antivirus keep it updated and run the program regularly.

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