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MAY 3 Dick Brownell         834-7324
MAY 10 Larry Small          879-4335
MAY 17 Scott Dahl           839-0981
MAY 24 Conrad Szymoniak     874-6352
M1Y 31 Roger Szymoniak      834-7925

Rosalind Berg                       Krystal Day/Scott Plomedahl
3300 London Rd                      328 Bolles St
Eau Claire WI 54701                 Eau Claire WI 54703
831-9782                            (715) 275-7177

Weston Finnessy/Angela Shackleton   Dustin Binder/Erin Lindberg
3626 Seymour Rd #46                 314 Jersey Lane
Eau Claire WI 54703                 Elk Mound WI 54739
828-5119                            Dustin - (715) 305-1481
                                    Erin - (715) 764-2388

Brandon Marion/Gina Cimafranca      Donald & Janice Wisner
2912 Shady Grove Rd                 E2060 Kirk Ct
Eau Claire WI 54703                 Eau Claire WI 54701
(715) 514-1217                      834-0657
CARTRIDGES FOR CASH                                                                WE DIDN'T EXPECT IT!
Please do not throw your empty inkjet and laser cartridges in the trash! We        It was the Good Friday service at the mission
have the opportunity to earn money for the Endowment Fund simply by                congregation I serve – Living Water Lutheran Church
collecting our empty cartridges. One Source Imaging, an Eau Claire business,       of Cameron, WI. We’d carefully planned the whole
will pay us every month for cartridges we have collected!                          Tenebrae, ‘Service of Shadows’:
                                                                                       •     Each of the seven candles was thoughtfully
Finally, a fundraiser with nothing to buy and nothing to sell. We can earn up                placed on the altar.
to $2.50 on each of your empty inkjet cartridges, and up to $8.00 for your laser       •     Each of the seven 'last words of Christ' was
cartridges, depending on the model and brand. Here’s how you can help:                       assigned to a reader.
                                                                                       •     The lights of the room had been
    •     Bring us your used cartridges from home.                                           appropriately dimmed.
    •     Ask co-workers to bring their empty cartridges to work for you.              •     The enormous cross made by the 8th grade confirmation class was
    •     Ask your employer to donate their empty cartridges to our fundraiser.              securely anchored in a bed of small boulders.
                                                                                   One by one the readings were read and the candles extinguished until only the
Many groups earn thousands of dollars each year for their participation!
                                                                                   Paschal Candle – the Christ candle remained. With great reverence 14 year
There will be boxes in the office and narthex for you to deposit the cartridges.
                                                                                   old Spencer Smith arose from his chair to remove the only remaining light in
Lou Kassera
                                                                                   the room, symbolic of Jesus’ death and removal from the physical world.
                                                                                   Everything went well until he got to the door. It was locked! He couldn’t get
                                                                                   out! We’d planned for a lot of things in this service, but not this. We didn’t
                                                                                   expect it!
                                                                                   Spencer jiggled the handle on the door a few seconds and when it wouldn’t
                                                                                   open he turned and looked at me with a nervous smile that said, Now what do
                                                                                   we do?
                                                                                   Good question. What do we do, I wondered? Chuckling to myself I thought,
                                                                                   Well, Jesus just has to stay here.
                                                                                   Isn’t that the message of Easter? Yes, the Light of the world was extinguished.
                                                                                   Yes, Jesus did die. But something happened on the third day that we didn’t
                                                                                   expect. Jesus was raised from the dead and the Light returned. A light that
RAYER SHAWL MINISTRY                                                               continues to burn brightly in our midst this whole Easter season to remind us
        To ALL Creative Friends in Christ interested in                            of the steadfast presence of Christ in our midst.
              starting a Prayer Shawl Ministry                                     Brothers & sisters, that is the message we proclaim to the world this Easter:
                                                                                   The unexpected happened. Jesus is here. With us. In us. Until the end.
For many centuries, shawls have symbolized shelter, peace                          Amen.
and spiritual sustenance. Many churches and organizations
around the world have begun a ministry of sharing our                              See you in church!
talents in knitting, crocheting or looming shawls for others. The blessing of
these is two fold - While they are being make the crafter is praying for the       Pr. Ned
recipient and then they are given to provide healing and comfort to the sick,
lonely, elderly or for an accomplishment of a graduate, newlywed or newborn.
These are simple shawls, of yarn made in any pattern and many sizes. Two
books about this ministry are in the church library. Just Because Ministry will
assist in coordinating this ministry. Please call Heather Garber at 834-6266 or                         MAY 24, 2009 - 9:00 AM
speak with Marge in the church office, if you have an interest in this exciting
ministry. There are copies of a very simple pattern in the church office.
Rev. Dr. Duane Pederson, bishop of the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin,                          The Parish Education Committee has organized a fundraiser in
will be at Good Shepherd, May 6, at 6 pm, to share insights and experiences                   which we will be collecting used cell phones for recycling. We
from his recent trip to the Holy Land. Ironically the January trip to the Holy                will have a box set up in the Narthex to collect the phones. This
Land by 44 bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the                      is a great way to do some "Spring Cleaning" and benefit our
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada trip coincided with the Israeli                         wonderful Sunday School program as well. Pass along the
incursion into Gaza. Bishop Pederson will tell about the ministry of                          message to friends and coworkers that Good Shepherd will be
Lutherans in Palestine, recent developments in the West Bank, and the                         recycling old cell phones. We appreciate all of you support.
complex web of peace and justice issues for both Israel and Palestine.                        Krista Landis
The presentation will be preceded by a spaghetti supper at 5 pm. A free will
offering will be received. Money raised at the supper will help offset travel
expenses for members of Good Shepherd who will travel to Malawi, Africa
this Summer.
Join us for our night with Bishop Pederson.
We need you to RSVP for supper by Monday, May 4th! Let Marge
know or call the office and leave a message 834-2959.

                                                                                                     SUNDAY COFFEE BETWEEN WORSHIP SERVICES
                                                                                                                          OUR HOSTS ARE
                                                                                                                    First Sunday The Bell Choir
We have participated in the "Load-A-Truck" Food Program for a number of
years. Last year food and money collected was enough to provide                                          Second Sunday Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
approximately 49,840 meals. This year the need is even greater.                                            Third Sunday The Women of Good Shepherd
Because every $1.00 donated can buy $10.00 worth of groceries from Second                                        Fourth Sunday The Senior Choir
Harvest in Minneapolis, this Year's Program is emphasizing "Cash Instead of
Cans".                                                                                        Come join in on the fellowship, coffee and treats!
                                                                                 Don't be afraid, there is always room for one more on our round tables!
May 3 is the designated Sunday to collect food and money for the hungry. We
are encouraging monetary donations in lieu of canned goods. We will not be
handing out grocery bags to be filled. The monetary donations will be
collected at the end of each service on May 3.
Make your checks payable to Feed My People.
Thank you,
Social Concerns Committee
                                                                                 CANS FOR KIDS
                                                                                 We have 6 people from our congregation registered for the National Youth
                                                                                 Gathering next Summer in New Orleans. The Northwest Synod of Wisconsin
CHECK OUT OUR WEB SITE                                                           will organize a combined bus trip but it will be very expensive with the high
We would like your opinion on how our church is doing. Check out the             gas prices. One of the easiest fundraisers we have planned
"Survey" on our Web Site; fill it our and send it in. The Congregation Code is   is a collection of aluminum cans. We have a fenced area
"bellchoir". We are looking forward to your comments and opinions.               just off the parking lot that we are using to collect cans.
                                                                                 CAN you help?
               Brown Bag with the Pastors                                           BIBLE STUDY - SMALL GROUPS
                                                                                    The following is a listing of small Group Bible
   Join Pastors Wisner, Bryan and Lenhart for lunch.                                Studies that are happening at Good Shepherd this
                                                                                    Spring. Note the addition of a new bible study
                                                                                    that’s meeting beginning in May. To be part of
      Wednesday, MAY 12th - 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                    this or any other bible study, please contact:
    Good Shepherd Fellowship Hall – Main Level                                      Lois Stolts at 832.8641 or Pastor Ned Lenhart at
Bring your lunch, questions, insights, jokes…& more!                                726.0905.
                  Coffee provided.
                                                                                    Sarah Circle – Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month (September – May)
                                                                                    at 1:30 pm. Location is either at church or in the homes of members of Sarah
                                                                                    Circle. This year the Bible Study focus is titled, “The Hidden Hand of God:
                                                                                    Wisdom Stories from Ruth, Daniel, and Esther”, taken from Lutheran Women

                                                                                    Good Shepherd Apartments Bible Study – Meets the 3rd Friday of each
                                                                                    month (September – May) at 10 am. This group uses the same study as he
                                                                                    Sarah Circle. Beginning this summer, the schedule will change to the third
                                                                                    Friday of the month. Topic: Mary, Mother of Jesus.

                                                                                    New Bible Study – Meets Thursdays @ 9 am. This new group will be using
                                                                                    the Augsburg Bible Study Series. First topic: New Creation in Christ – a study
                                                                                    of Exekiel and the New Testament.

                                                                                    Small groups are a safe, powerful, and effective way to build Christian
                                                                                    community, grow in our faith, and be shaped by God’s Word, we want to
                                                                                    regularly lift up the efforts underway here to make this a dream come true.
                                                                                    Each month we invite you to check in this newsletter to see what is currently
                                                                                    happening in the area of small groups. That way you can see for yourself
                                                                                    where you best fit in and how you can become involved in a small group bible
                                                                                    study. Our dream is to continually list the bible studies that are happening
                                                                                    and keep adding to them as new groups are created. Don’t see anything that
                                                                                    fits you? Not a problem. Think about what you’d like to see offered and then
                                                                                    contact Pastor Ned Lenhart to see how we can work together to make it
CHILD CARE TASK FORCE UPDATE:                                                       happen either at church or at:
The Child Care Task Force was assigned the job of finding a way for The
                                                                                    P.S. A conversation has been started about creating a new Bible Study built
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd to reach out to its' neighbors and the
                                                                                    around fixing/repairing/building computers. Interested? Call Pr. Ned!
community. After months of discussion with schools, child care agencies and
adult day cares, we have found that there is a need for infant care. We feel that
this could be a good match for Good Shepherd as we should be able to use our
current nursery to make this happen sooner and at less cost. Our next step is       FUNERAL SURVEY - SIGN UP!!!!
to have Western Dairyland come in and evaluate our facility to see if this is
feasible.                                                                           You have ONE more chance to volunteer! We need to update our lists for
                                                                                    'funeral help'. EVERYONE can be a part of this ministry. Find the
As always we are open to questions or comment. Please talk to Pastor Lenhart,       questionnaire, fill it our and bring it to the church office. We'll take it from
Glen Waterhouse or any of the other Committee members.                              there!
                                                                                     11. The Child Care Task Force has met with Wisconsin Dairyland. They are
                                                                                         looking at what is required to license a daycare and what the need for
                            MAY 9 - Chippewa Valley Symphony to perform                  childcare is in the area.
                            World Premier of Dennis Luginbill's Composition          12. Motion approved for the Social Concerns Committee to hold a Load-A-
                                                                                         Truck Sunday on May 3.
                            EAU CLAIRE – The Chippewa Valley Symphony’s              13. Change in Pastor Ned’s status. He will have a Contract for Services
                            concert on May 9 will feature the world premier of           instead of a Call Contract.
                            Eau Claire: Current of Change by Eau Claire composer     14. New study book handed out to the council “The Great Permission”
                            and Good Shepherd member Dennis Luginbill. The           15. Pastor Don reported that many new things were experienced during Holy
                            concert is at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 9, at The State:       Week. Individual Absolution, youth readers on Good Friday,
                            Regional Arts Center in downtown Eau Claire.                 Communion of all baptized members were just a few.
                            The 64-member orchestra, conducted by its highly         16. 11 new members are joining Good Shepherd on April 27.
                            acclaimed music director Nobuyoshi “Nobu”                17. Only ONE Service during the Summer. There will not be a mid week
                            Yasuda, also will perform Spring Song by Sibelius            service.
Composer Dennis Luginbill   and Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz.                        Submitted by Nancy Davey
The Chippewa Valley Symphony commissioned the work by Luginbill, an Eau
Claire native and a music teacher at DeLong Middle School, a year ago.
“Current of Change is a musical celebration of Eau Claire,” Luginbill said. “The
piece depicts the historical and cultural significance of Eau Claire.”
He explained that the composition evolves in the same way the town has
evolved through the best and worst of times from its start as a trapping and
logging town at the confluence of the Chippewa and Eau Claire rivers up to           2 CAN SUNDAY REVIVAL!!!
today’s involvement in nanotechnology and striving for sustainability.
                                                                                     Mathew 25:35 says, "I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me drink."
“The main theme, majestic like a soaring eagle, weaves its way through the           In these difficult economic times our local food pantries need our help to
piece,” he said. “Like the eagle, the theme sometimes moves forward rapidly          minister to the hungry. Let's revive our 2 can Sunday tradition of bringing 2
while at other times it seems to be waiting pensively, keenly aware of its           cans, boxes/packages of nonperishable food items on the 2nd Sunday of each
surroundings. The work concludes as the theme soars triumphantly above the           month. Place your items in the grocery cart in the narthex.
trials of everyday life to signal the continued energy and hope for the future of
                                                                                     Thank you from the Social Concerns Committee.
Eau Claire.”
While the orchestra is playing, a series of slides and film clips spanning the
history of Eau Claire will be shown on large LCD screens.
Tickets are available at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center ticket office, 715-
832-6366, online at, and at the door one hour before the
performance. The cost is $20 for adults, $10 for students.
                                                                                     ADOPT - A - HIGHWAY
                                                                                     The past two years we have been assigned a section of Highway C in the
                                                                                     Town of Union to keep litter free from April through October. We would like
                                                                                     to continue participating in this project and are looking for volunteers
                                                                                     (families, groups, friends, etc.) for the 2009 season. This involves picking up
                   MAY 24, 2009 - 9:00 AM                                            litter 3-4 times on the days and times that will work out best for your group.
                                                                                     If you are interested in helping, please contact me.
                                                                                     Thank you,
                                                                                     Barbara Miller 552-0758
                                                                                     Social Concerns Committee
 HIGHLIGHTS FROM COUNCIL MEETING                                                                             THE C.O.M.P. GROUP
                                                                                                              Moni! (Chichewa for Hello!) Darlene, Sandy, and
1.  March and April giving improved the
                                                                                                              Kirsten have been making lists and are busy moving
    financial picture.
                                                                                                              forward with their plans to return to Malawi this June.
2. Motion approved to support the fund raising
                                                                                                              As they make their plans, we are also planning a few
    efforts to offset some of the travel expense
                                                                                                              Malawian events for you to put on your calendar!
    for the 3 members from Good Shepherd
                                                                                                              Bishop Duane Pederson will be at Good Shepherd on
    going to Malawi. First fundraiser will be a
                                                                                                              Wednesday, May 6th to speak about his trip to Israel
    spaghetti dinner May 6 before the Bishop’s presentation of his trip to the
                                                                                    and what he learned during the journey. To help make this presentation more
    Holy Lands. Other fundraisers will be a raffle with a quilt made from
                                                                                    enjoyable, the C.O.M.P. Group will be hosting a Spaghetti Dinner for all who
    material from Malawi as the grand prize, and on June 7 a pancake
                                                                                    attend. The cost will be a free will offering. The proceeds will help offset travel
                                                                                    expenses for the Malawi Ambassadors.
3. Discussion about the Mission Envelopes and how the money is divided
                                                                                    There will also be a Malawi Mission Support Raffle, which has a Grand Prize
    for 2009. Glen will look in the Council Minutes and see what was
                                                                                    of a beautiful handmade quilt made out of Malawian fabric. There will also be
                                                                                    a few other prizes included in the raffle. The money generated from this raffle
4. Discussion about the Endowment Account. Pastor Ned and Pastor Tom
                                                                                    will be used to offset travel expenses for the Malawi ambassadors. The tickets
    are checking with other churches and looking at the documents those
                                                                                    will be on sale starting Wednesday, May 6th at the Spaghetti Dinner, and then
    churches have. Glen will go to RCU and find out about the process to get
                                                                                    every Sunday until the drawing. The winners of the raffle drawing will be
    other names on the EIN account.
                                                                                    announced at our Pancake breakfast on June 7th before worship; 7:45 a.m. to
5. T he organ repairs bill, Ken will contacted the contractor to see if they will
                                                                                    8:45 a.m. Come and enjoy tasty pancakes and sausages before worship. We
    pay for repairs, since some were causes because of the construction.. It
                                                                                    are looking forward to our upcoming events, and we hope that you, your
    does not look like the insurance will pay for any of the repairs.
                                                                                    family, and friends will join us! Thank you for all of your continued support.
6. Media System Committee has two bids. Worship and Property
                                                                                    Keep the Mitundu congregation in your daily prayers!
    Committees will meet with the Media System. Questions about the
    physical plans, liturgical plans and the need for staff to operate system
    will be discussed.
7. Synod Assembly is May 29 and 30 (Friday and Saturday) in Eau Claire.
    Sandy and Dean Kallenbach, Lois Stolts and Lou Kassera will be the
    voting representatives from Good Shepherd.
             a. Motion to be voted on at Synod Convention: Moving the
                  District Offices to Luther Park in Chetek
8. Motion approved the members of the Formation of Finance Committee:
    Lauri Rometti, Marlin Mueller, Barb Fiskars, Darlene Bertelson, Jeff
    Larson, Lou Kassera and Cindy Hoenisch are the members.
             a. Church finances will be look over. Probably quarterly
                                                                                    2009 SPRING CLEANING TO HELP LUTHER PARK!
             b. Gifts & Memorials and Debt Retirement will also be handled
                  by this group                                                     Please remember Luther Park as you begin your 'Spring Cleaning'! And as you
9. Discussion Sunday School Program in Fall. Meeting on Sunday April 19             are cleaning out that closet, basement, spare bedroom, attic or garage, be on
    with congregational members discussed the possibilities.                        the look out for items that would benefit Luther Park at our 19th Benefit
             a. Fall Christian Education on Wednesday nights was also               Auction in August. We look for antiques (especially furniture, glassware,
                  discussed                                                         pictures, toys, sporting goods, fishing equipment, guns, knives, outboard
             b. Suggestion light meal then education, with an evening service       motors, clocks, etc), collectibles (coins, porcelains, etc) and hand-crafted items
                  to complete the evening.                                          (wooden shelves, sleighs, garden items, cedar chests, quilts, etc). The Luther
10. The Ad Committee is researching and preparing a report on the possible          Park bible Camp Antique, Collectible & Quilt Auction will be held August
     uses of the parsonage property and how that corner can be use to direct        9, 2009. Call Diana or Sherm at (715) 859-2215 for auction item pick-up or visit
     people to Good Shepherd.                                                       your camp while delivering your item! All donations are tax deductible.
                                                                                                         LIBRARY IN THE MONTH OF MAY
                   WOMEN'S CALENDAR for MAY 2009
                                                                                                         May’s calendar is cluttered with doings related to the
                                                                                                         end of the school year, graduations, even no more
                        Upcoming Events/Calendar                                                         Sunday School till September. We hope it means time
                        MAY 4      6:00 - Mother's Day Banquet                                           for reading. There are wonderful adventures between
                        MAY 5      9:00 - Quilting                                                       the covers of a book!
                        MAY 12     9:00 - Quilting - Last Quilting til Fall!
                                                                                                         One such story has been donated by Yvonne Buxton.
                                                                                  She gave a book review on it to the Library Club and had us enthralled. It’s
                                                                                  Nicholas Sparks’ best seller, A Walk To Remember. It’s a bitter-sweet story
                                                                                  that takes place in the 1950s, told from the viewpoint of a young seventeen-
WOMEN of/ELCA - DONATIONS NEEDED FOR 2009                                         year old boy. Sparks can really tug at your heart-strings.
W/ELCA will again be putting together layettes, school kits, and health kits
                                                                                  Also donated is a still-in-it’s-wrapper GIANT PRINT New International
this year. As you go to garage sales or dollar stores and see sales of items we
                                                                                  Version reference Bible --- the kind with the words of Jesus printed in red!
could use as donations, please think of this Mission. We have some items on
                                                                                  Enough Bibles sit on tables unopened as is, so we wish better for this one.
hand, but we need the following items:
                                                                                  We’d like someone whose eyesight is less than 20/20 to check this out ---- not
        School Kits                                                               for our usual three-week period, but for some months, to enjoy the large print.
                Blunt Scissors                                                    Bible study is the big emphasis across the ELCA this year, and what better
        Layettes:                                                                 way to promote it then to have an “easy on the eyes” copy? --- We also wish
                Sleepers                                                          people would ask about checking out individual CDs of the dramatized Bible,
                                                                                  donated by the Landis family. A helper is in the library after the first service
        Health Kits: (Each kit contains the following)                            every Sunday.
               1 Hand Towel
               1 Wash Cloth                                                                            <^>^<>^<>^<>^<>^<>^<>^<><^>
               1 Bath-size Bar of Soap
               1 Toothbrush                                                       The Library Club meets on May 4th at 1 p.m. at Yvonne Buxton’s home, 2114
               1 Comb (wide-tooth preferred)                                      Preston Road. Barb Fiskars will give the book review.
               1 Metal Nail File or Nail Clipper w/File attached
               6 Band Aids (1/2" - 3/4")
                Remove packaging from toothbrush, comb, clippers & files.
                Wrap items in towel & tie securely with ribbon or yarn.
                Completed kits or donations of items for these kits can be left   IHN 2009 SCHEDULE
                in the box marked W/ELCA MISSION KITS in the narthex              Good Shepherd will be hosting at Beacon House the following weeks this
                near the stairway to Hegge Hall. Monetary gifts toward these      year:
                items are also welcome and appreciated.
                                                                                      • July 12 – July 18
Last year we made 37 Layettes, 93 School Kits and 6 Health Kits for those in          • October 11 – October 17
need, thanks to the generous support of our Congregation. We would like to        W e are in need of six couples (married couple, parent and child – 16 years or
increase our gifts this year, with your help. We will meet in September to        older, friends, etc.) to stay one night either on a Monday or Saturday during
bundle and package our kits.                                                      these weeks.
We thank you for your generosity and support in this important Mission!           Homelessness is on the rise due to our poor economic times. Currently, we
Shirley Stark                                                                     have had to go outside of our congregation for volunteers. Please prayerfully
Paula Thompson                                                                    consider helping us in this vital ministry.
Judy Tilleson                                                                     Thank you,
                                                                                  Connie Davis – 835-8770 / Barbara Miller – 552-0758 / Lois Stolts – 832-8641
                                                                        LUTHER PARK BIBLE CAMP - BENEFIT FROM THRIVENT FINANCIAL

       The Faith-Chest                                                       Members of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans planning fun-filled evening +
                                                                                         drawings for several free week long camp stays
                                                                        Luther Park Bible Camp in Chetek, WI will benefit from a fun-filled evening
So you received a Faith-Chest on
                                                                        enjoying “pieces” of Luther Park. There will be food, crafts, tie-dying, games,
the day your child was baptized and                                     camp songs, worship, bake sale, & silent auction supported by Thrivent
now you are wondering, “What is                                         Financial for Lutherans members and the Southwest Wisconsin Regional
this?” Here’s a brief explanation of                                    Financial Office of Thrivent Financial. Nine ELCA congregations in Eau Claire
how this project got started and for                                    are sponsoring & participating in this fun-filled indoor & outdoor event.
what a Faith-Chest can be used.                                         This year’s fund-raising activity will take place on Wednesday, May 27, 2009,
                                                                        4-8 PM, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, WI. The goal of the event is
Awhile back, the Good Shepherd faith community committed to             to raise funds to assist with debt reduction at Luther Park. If you would like to
                                                                        help or donate to this event, please contact Brenda Thalacker at 715-579-3999
giving this very special gift as a small but important way of
                                                                        or e-mail at
offering support to families in the nurturing of their child’s faith.   This project is financially supported by Thrivent Financial’s Care in Regions
Inside the Faith-Chest we invite you to place all the resources         program. Through this program, Thrivent Financial members, financial
you will receive for nurturing faith, at various milestones in your     representatives and other volunteers together plan and implement educational
child’s life. When your child has grown through adolescence and         or social activities, fund-raisers or hands-on service activities to benefit
is ready to leave home, it’s our hope that they will take their         individuals or families in need, non-profit organizations or local
Faith-Chest with them, that they might have reminders and               congregations.
resources close at hand of who they are and how they believe in
Jesus Christ.

What kinds of things can be placed in the Faith-Chest? Here are
some suggestions: baptismal candle, certificate & napkin; copy
of the worship service; baptismal dress; small photo album of the
baptism; pictures of First Communion; old t-shirt from your week
at Bible Camp; your favorite devotion books; a copy of your Faith
Statement at the time of confirmation (Affirmation of Baptism).
The Faith-Chest can also be used as a devotional center or altar
in your child’s room or wherever it is placed in the home.              GOOD SAMARITAN FUND
                                                                        The Lutheran Church of the Good
Each one of the Faith-Chests at Good Shepherd are individually
                                                                        Shepherd is one of several churches in the
handcrafted by members of our congregation.                             Chippewa Valley that has joined with The
                                                                        Salvation Army to support the Carelink
If you would like to be a part of this ministry, by making 'Faith       Program. The Program uses funds to
Chests' contact the church office.                                      assist individuals or families in the Chippewa Valley who are in need of
                                                                        assistance. The collaboration of funds from area churches supplies those in
                                                                        need with things such as temporary housing, energy assistance and food and
                                                                        gas vouchers. Currently our Good Samaritan Fund is in need of gifts and/or
                                                                        donations to continue to support the Carelink Program and those in need.
                                                                        Please consider a gift to support this important ministry.
     Fellow Parishioners of Good Shepherd                Fellow Parishioners of Good Shepherd

  As many of you are aware, for 3 years now, the      As many of you are aware, for 3 years now, the
women of Good Shepherd have served for funerals     women of Good Shepherd have served for funerals
 on rotating group method. We previously had 9       on rotating group method. We previously had 9
    week-day groups, 2 summer groups and 2              week-day groups, 2 summer groups and 2
  Saturday groups. We are now in a position of        Saturday groups. We are now in a position of
               needing to re-group.                                needing to re-group.

    All confirmed members are encouraged to             All confirmed members are encouraged to
 volunteer for this ministry. Please let us know     volunteer for this ministry. Please let us know
what you can help with, provide cakes for(we are    what you can help with, provide cakes for(we are
still one of the few churches serving home made     still one of the few churches serving home made
               cakes at our funerals)                              cakes at our funerals)

  Please return this to church office or place in     Please return this to church office or place in
        offering plate as soon as possible                  offering plate as soon as possible

  Name___________________ Phone__________             Name___________________ Phone__________
         I would be willing to help serve:                   I would be willing to help serve:
                  Weekday______                                       Weekday______
                  Summer only_________                                Summer only_________
                  Saturday only__________                             Saturday only__________
 I would be willing to provide a cake __________     I would be willing to provide a cake __________

      Thank you for your rapid response,                  Thank you for your rapid response,
            ---- Women /ELCA----                                ---- Women /ELCA----
      Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd                    Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd

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