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Simple and Natural Ways to Enhance Fertility


Natural Female Infertility Cure Tips, Ancient Female Infertility Cures, Natural Infertility Treatments, Top Two Tricks to Get Pregnant

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									Simple and Natural Ways to Enhance Fertility –
Increase Your Chances of Conceiving with These
Safe and Effective Tips

For some women, infertility is a serious and often
frustrating issue. Though they may be reasonably
healthy and not yet in their forties, they cannot get
pregnant after months and perhaps years of trying. For
these women, what they must do to get pregnant is,
first of all, to relax. They may not be aware of it, but
stress can really thwart pregnancy. The very strong
desire to get pregnant, and the frustration that one
feels when this goal continues to be elusive, can result
to excessive, counter-productive stress. Stress
increases the secretion of prolactin, a natural hormone
that interferes with ovulation and decreases the
woman’s chances of becoming pregnant.

The woman should relax, take a step back, and
examine with fresh eyes what she can do to boost her
fertility levels. Her best bet lies in simple and natural
ways to enhance fertility, which have worked for
countless women over many centuries. Artificial means
are the last resort, and they should be considered only
after exhausting natural options.

A fertility-boosting diet is one example of simple and
natural ways to enhance fertility. The woman should
eat balanced meals. She should be aware that vitamin
C, folic acid, selenium, zinc, antioxidants, and vitamin D
are nutrients that enhance fertility and boost the
reproductive system. As such, she must ensure that
she gets enough amounts of these nutrients daily.
Additionally, she can also take prenatal vitamins and
herbal supplements that contain chasteberry and dong
quai, which are known to increase female fertility.

Other simple and natural ways to enhance fertility
worth following are:

• Get enough sleep every night.

• Drink plenty of water, and eat fresh fruits and

• Avoid processed foods as much as possible, especially
those with high preservative content.
• Reduce daily stress through relaxation methods such
as deep breathing techniques and yoga.

• At all costs, avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.

• Exercise three to four times a week.

• Monitor the basal body temperature and ovulation
periods, and have intercourse 12 hours before or on
the day of ovulation.

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