Leaky Gut Cure - Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms by lesliewaler


									                                  Do you often feel bloated? Do you
                                  find yourelf suffering from
                                  flatulence? Do you feel abdominal
                                  discomfort most of the time? If
you have observed any of these symptoms, you can already be
suffering from a leaky gut. This is a condition wherein the
intestinal wall is not able to keep out undesirable molecules. It
can help to learn more about leaky gut syndrome symptoms so
you can determine if it is about time that you take action.

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The most common leaky gut syndrome symptoms include
bloating, flatulence, and other forms of abdominal discomfort.
These are commonly referred to as gastrointestinal symptoms. If
you often suffer from any of these symptoms, it would be best to
see a doctor. It could very well be that you are suffering from this
kind of syndrome.

If you have a leaky gut, this can lead to many other
complications. These can include large food particles passing into
the blood stream that can lead to auto-immune diseases. There is
also the risk of nutritional deficiencies due to damage in carrier
proteins caused by an inflamed and more permeable gut.

It is also quite likely for you to absorb toxins instead of nutrients,
which can cause toxic hepatitis and liver inflammation. The
immune function of the gut can also be impaired. In turn, this can
cause microorganisms to enter the body. And when this happens,
your whole body can become prone to infection.
While leaky gut syndrome symptoms might seem ordinary, we
should not ignore them, especially when we feel them all too
often. We would not want to risk having a leaky gut and it is quite
important to take action at the earliest time possible. So do not
be afraid to go see your doctor to seek help. Or you can also
resort to homeopathic remedies to help keep you from suffering
more complications.

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