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									Zaca Organic Recovery Patch Offers a Safe, Simple and Natural Remedy for

Zaca Inc. is excited to announce its all-natural Recovery Topical Patch.
The product, which contains nearly a dozen ingredients, provides a
simple, safe way for people to have feel-great mornings after holiday
parties and other social events.

Denver, CO, December 12, 2010 -- Zaca Inc. is pleased to officially
introduce its Recovery Topical Patch as a simple, natural way to help you
wake up refreshed. The product is now being distributed worldwide online
and throughout Colorado, making it more easily accessible for the
upcoming holiday season.

Zaca’s recovery patch is completely free of chemicals and other
potentially-harmful substances. It contains 11 different organic
ingredients that harmonize with your body to help you feel better long
after you’re done with the party. The ingredients are prickly pear, milk
thistle, thiamine (B1), lipoic acid, B5, B3, taurine, lycopene, N-Acetyl-
L-Cysteine (NAC), magnesium and vitamin C. Zaca’s ingredients address
all the possibilities-making it much more effective than other similar

The Recovery Patch is one of the first organic products of its kind,
according to its co-founder Mark Aleks. The innovative patch is a small,
gauze-textured "sticker" that is very lightweight and easy to apply.
Users can place the patch on their shoulder, arm or a concealed place on
their body, making it convenient to wear. "With most products, you have
to pop pills, take tablets or use a drink that is usually loaded with
calories and/or sugar," Aleks explained. "Our product stands out because
it’s the simplest solution out there. You just put it on before you go
out and keep it on for 24 hours."

Aleks points out that the Recovery Patch is not being touted as a
treatment or cure for any disease. However, the ingredients are an
effective solution for feel-great mornings, clear-headedness and bright
eyes. "The ingredients in Zaca’s organic patch contain some essential
vitamins, minerals and herbs, which help protect your body and allow you
to feel better faster," he adds.

The Recovery Patch is a high-quality, all-natural product that gives
individuals a more stylish alternative to regimented supplements or
potions. The product caters to a vast market of people and addresses a
significant problem for employers. An estimated 100 million people party
at least once a week. And an estimated $148 billion a year in revenue is
lost from reduced productivity and absenteeism due to people not feeling
good from partying, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine.

With the holidays fast   approaching, the expanded distribution of the
Recovery Patch is very   timely and valuable news for would-be partygoers.
Prices for the product   start at $19.95. For more information, please
contact James Aleks at   413-244-2675 or visit

About Zaca Inc.:
Zaca Inc. was co-founded by Mark and James Aleks in 2008. The brothers-
who enjoy socializing responsibly-wanted a natural, mainstream way to
help people that are active and like to party, yet have professional
lives to maintain. So they developed a chic organic recovery patch that
would help people "be nice to their body." Their Recovery Patch gives
users a classier option to traditional solutions. In the future, the
company has plans to develop more products for social and professional
people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle without the slumps.
Currently, Zaca is working on opening distribution channels across the
United States as well as in other countries. A privately-held company,
Zaca is based in Denver, Colo.

Press & Media Contact:
James Aleks, Co-founder
Zaca Inc
191 University Blvd. #503
Denver, CO 80206 USA

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