GLOSSARY - DOC 3 by pengtt



ACDM      Aid Coordination & Debt Management
AGD       Accountant General’s Department
BSL       Bank of Sierra Leone
CET       Common External Tariff
CSDMRS    Commonwealth Secretariat Debt Management and Recording System
DACO      Development Assistance Co-ordination Office
DECSEC    Decentralization Secretariat
DEPAC     Development Partnership Committee
DfID      Department for International Development
DFS       Deputy Financial Secretary
EAD       Economic Affairs Department
ECOWAS    Economic Community of West African States
ECU       Expenditure Control Unit
EPRU      Economic Policy and Research Unit
ESO       Establishment Secretary’s Office
ETLS      ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme
EU        European Union
FMAS      Financial Management Accounting System
FS        Financial Secretary
GBA-Act   Government Budgeting and Accountability Act
GoSL      Government of Sierra Leone
GRS       Governance Reform Secretariat
HIPC      Highly Indebted Poor Countries
HRD       Human Resource Development
HRMO      Human Resource Management Office
IFMIS     Integrated Financial Management Information System
IMF       International Monetary Fund
I-PRSP    Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
IT        Information Technology
LDP       Letters of Development Policies
LGFD      Local Government Finance Department
MDA       Ministry/Department and Agency
MDGs      Millennium Development Goals
MFR       Management and Functional Review
MoDEP     Ministry of Development and Economic Planning
MOF       Ministry of Finance
MoTC      Ministry of Transport and Communication
MTEF      Medium Term Expenditure Framework
NASSIT    National Social Security and Insurance Trust
NGO       Non- Governmental Organization
NPM       New Public Management
NRA       National Revenue Authority
NRS       National Recovery Strategy
ODI       Overseas Development Institute

PAI     Public Administration International
PDFS    Principal Deputy Financial Secretary
PDMU    Public Debt Management Unit
PEFA    Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability
PEST    Political, Economic, Sociological & Technological
PETS    Public Expenditure Tracking Survey
PFMRU   Public Finance Management Unit
PIR     Post-Implementation Review
PIU     Project Implementation Unit
PRGF    Poverty Reduction Growth Facility
PRSP    Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
PSIA    Poverty and Social Impact Analysis
SLIHS   Sierra Leone Integrated Household Survey
SSR     Security Sector Reform
SWOT    Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats
VAT     Value Added Tax


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