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Vol. 35, Issue 28, November 3, 2010
 Looking Ahead in Worship…
       November 7, 2010
                                                   Thanksgiving Offering
Services at 8:00, 9:15 & 10:30 am
                                                   In 2010 how have you been
November 7 is the 24th Sunday after                blessed?       One way we can
Pentecost. This is All Saints Sunday where
we will be remembering and honoring                “Share our Blessings” is through
all those who have died this past year.
We will also be having Communion this              our church wide annual special
Sunday. This week Pastor Barrie will be            miracle “Thanksgiving Offering”
sharing the message Blessed based upon
the Scripture from Luke 6:20-31. Join in           happening on Sunday, November
worshiping God with us. We look forward            21. Our goal is a Thanksgiving
to seeing you!
                                                   offering of $30,000 to bring us
The Ministry of Music for this Sunday
will feature FUMC Chamber Choir singing            into spiritual and financial balance
Bread of the World, In Mercy Broken by             by filling the gap between our
a 16th century French composer Louis
Bourgeois at both 8 and 10:30 services.            church’s anticipated income and
The Sanctuary Band will be singing We
Fall Down and Here Is Bread, Here Is Wine          our church spending needs for
during the 9:15 service. The Joyful Chimers        2010.
will be playing Standing on the Promises of
Christ My King and the Chancel Choir will            Look for the Thanksgiving Offering letter and envelope in
be singing Praise the Lord by G. F. Handel                                 the next newsletter.
during the 10:30 service.
      November 14, 2010
Services at 8:00, 9:15 & 10:30 am
November 14 is the 25th Sunday after
Pentecost. This week is the closest Sunday
                                                                        Sign Up for
to Veteran’s Day on November 11 so we will
be taking time in our services to thank our
veterans for their faithful service. This week
                                                                       Altar Flowers
Pastor Jonathan will be sharing the message
based upon the scripture from Colossians         Altar flowers certainly make a beautiful addition to our worship experience
1:11-20. Invite a friend and join us as we
celebrate God’s abundant love for us.            at First United Methodist! Let us help you celebrate a special occasion by
The Ministry of Music for this Sunday will
                                                 signing up to have an arrangement made for display at church. Simply
feature Bluegrass duo Christopher Rufus          choose a date that works for you and sign up on the Floral Calendar located
Kuhn and Kathy Marshall-Kuhn singing their       in the Alley Entrance, or call the church office. You will place the order for
arrangement of Amazing Grace at both 8
and 10:30 services. The Sanctuary Band           your arrangement with the florist of your choosing; and they can deliver the
will be presenting May You Run and Not Be        flowers to the church on the Friday before your chosen Sunday. To avoid
Weary and In the Lord I’ll Be Ever Thankful
during the 9:15 service. The Wesley Chimes       obscuring the cross on the altar; an ideal arrangement size is no more than
will be playing Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart, the   26” in height. You are welcome to take your arrangement home after the
Chancel Choir will be singing Cry Out and
Shout by a 20th century Norwegian composer       last service or allow the office staff to enjoy it the remainder of the week. If
Knut Nystedt and There Shall a Star Come         you have questions, please contact the office staff.
Out of Jacob by Felix Mendelssohn during
the 10:30 service.                               Please consider the gift of flowers to FUMC!
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                                  Thank You Very Much!
                                 Great thanks to those who came to listen to the “African Children’s Choir” and
                                 the generous love offerings! I was so fortunate to get to join their devotion before
                                 our Sunday morning worship service. The children and teachers closed their
                                 eyes and sang “More Precious in Silver” in English and Luganda. Two of the
                                 choir members from Uganda prayed in English. It brought tears of joy to my
eyes. Their sincere smiles, polite greetings and energetic singing touched my heart so much. Many of our church
members asked me how to obtain their video and audio recording. We did not make any recording of the concert,
but you can purchase their products by visiting their website at

Special thanks to Pastor Barrie for his huge support for letting me invite them to come! We could not have achieved
this wonderful result without the great contribution from the following members and friends: Leah Adams, Judi and
Jeff Barta, Judy Best, Hillary Biancuzzo, Lorna Cress, Jon and Judy Cryer, John and Allie Dane, Michael Davidson,
Bob Hall, Jan and Doug Herman, Jean & Martin Hill, Janica, Joshua and Caleb Kwok, John Soenen, Joyce & Steve
Marner, John & Ronda Marshall, Sue Mullins, George & Ida Belle Paterson, Ann & Jim Ridenour, Gayle and Ken
Royar, Lauren Skiba, Charles Thiede, Jerry and Robert Weir, John Soenen, Liz Swanton, Karen Williams, Michael &
Becca Wright, and Christy, David & Erika Zierke. Please join me in saying thanks to each one of them!

May God’s grace and peace be always with you and have a blessed month of Thanksgiving!

Love in Christ,

                                A FESTIVAL OF LESSONS AND CAROLS will be presented by
                                the Chancel Choir on December 12th at the Cornerstone & Koinonia
                                Worship Services. We rehearse every Wednesday from 7:45 to 8:30
                                p.m. in the sanctuary. We invite singers to sing with us, please contact
                                Samuel Kwok for detailed information.

                                                                                  FREE LUNCH
                   UMCOR Coffee Project
                     is alive and well!
In 2002 the United Methodist Committee on Relief partnered with Equal
Exchange, a Fair Trade organization. This project helps small-scale farmers       We are again serving Free Lunch at
in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the U.S. lift themselves out of poverty.      the Wesley Center on November
                                                                                  23. Please consider contributing
Farmers form a co-op and agree to use sustainable farming methods and             food (vegetarian lasagna, cans of
provide safe working conditions. In return, farmers earn a fair price for their   green beans or a desert) to serve
products, have access to affordable credit, and gain a long-term trading          that day or by being there to help
partner they can trust. TransFair USA, a third-party certifier, audits the        serve the lunch. You can drop off
process to verify that everyone is complying with the rules.                      cans of green beans anytime at the
                                                                                  church office (and many thanks for
In addition, for each pound of product are welcome gifts for fair-minded          your very generous contributions
people! The present inventory was stocked prior to a coffee price increase        of those – they are a popular item
on October 11; it will be sold at the lower wholesale prices. Tea and chocolate   for lunch). If you would like to help
prices have not increased.                                                        on November 23, please call Pastor
                                                                                  Jonathan at 338-5075.
  Please stop by our Fair Trade Products Table on                                 Thank you for your help with this
      Nov 14 in Fellowship Hall, 9am – noon.                                      important ministry!
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                                                   HOW IS IT WITH YOUR SOUL?
                                           John Wesley introduced this question to his followers on a regular basis.
                                           After all, the pressures of daily living may change the answer to that
                                           question and he wanted to encourage his fellow Christians to be aware of
                                           how their faith was affected by those pressures.

 Being in the Moment:                      Meeting with a few other Believers on a regular basis can help us be more
                                           aware of the state of our souls. Sharing in Bible study, issues of faith,
        Tips on                            Christian-themed book studies, or support for life-altering events (death,
  Caregiving & Living                      divorce, parenting, etc.) with others who share your interest or concern
is the topic of a community-wide           may help you answer that most important of Wesleyan questions:
program on Wednesday, November
10, from 1-4:00 pm at the Iowa City
Public Library, 123 S. Linn Street.                HOW IS IT WITH YOUR SOUL?
Presenter Karen Strobbe is an actress,        Please talk with Patte Henderson about a Small Group experience
director, writer and teacher whose                                        for YOU.
work is now focused on caring for
persons with Alzheimer’s. Karen
                                          The Iowa Annual Conference
Stobbe will share her perspective
of what it is like to have two parents
                                          of the UMC is sponsoring a training
                                          session on the denominations
with Alzheimer’s disease, and how
                                          Rethink Church process. This will
she has incorporated being present
                                          be held on November 13 from 9:00
in the moment to help her with the
                                          am to 3:00 pm at the Grinnell UMC.
rewards and challenges of being a
                                          This would be a great event for
primary caregiver. Ms. Stobbe will
                                          all church leaders and interested
share tools for caregivers to use
                                          members to attend. You are invited to attend and bring a car load. The
on a daily basis, and will help them
                                          registration is $10 (reduced from $50 normal cost) with Lunch provided.
identify meaning and a refreshed
spirit in their caregiving roles.
                                          Contact the office if you would like to attend or register online at http://www.
There is no charge to attend
this workshop. This program is
generously sponsored by the Noon
Pilot Club of Johnson County, the           FLOOD RECOVERY
Pilot Club of Iowa City, Hills Bank &
Trust Company, and Iowa City Public
Library. Register online at: http://
                                          Yes, we are still recovering in Cedar Rapids
                                          and Block by Block continues to be a BIG
                                          part of that recovery. BUT, we continue to
d5e990e002 or call 319-688-4214
                                          need your help. We have now signed on
(by November 5th – sorry for the
                                          24 blocks with the potential of acquiring 10-14 homes from the City of Cedar
late notice!)
                                          Rapids that will need to rehabbed into affordable housing. As the winter
                                          settles in, we have a great need for local and close proximity volunteers to
Respite Care:
                                          step forward and hear the call “Cedar Rapids is still recovering.”
Pathways Adult Day Health Center is
offering a limited number of spaces
                                          If you have a group of folks interested, please register with blockbyblockcr.
for free adult respite care during this
                                          org and Carma will get in touch with you with details. If you would like
program. Please call 319-339-6162
                                          to hear more about Block by Block, your group may contact the Director
by Friday, Nov. 5, 2010 to make
                                          of Recovery for the UMC in Cedar Rapids, Becky Wood at becky.wood@
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                              Take time to		 pray		 - Our Church Family
    We Pray For:
    ●   Those from our congregation whom we know to be hospitalized:
          Mercy: Elma Honn
    ●   All those in need of continued healing including:
          Doug Zeithamel and his family; Doug’s father, Bob, died October 21st, and Services were held on
             October 25th,
          Dorothy Theobald, who is receiving Hospice care at Lantern Park,
          Skyler Moss, son of Sonya & Steve, who is undergoing testing to rule out cancer,
          Cathy Nelson, co-worker of Judy Best, whose son, James, became lost in the Colorado mountains,
             while hiking,
          Jo Hoover, who is recovering from back surgery at St. Luke’s,
          Ferne Higdon at home with Hospice care,
          Dale Powers, who is recovering from heart surgery at home with his wife Anna in Iowa City,
          Sara Nichols’ father, Tom Baty, who is recovering from a heart attack,
          David Noble, retired UMC Pastor, and wife Mary, friends of George & Ida Belle Paterson; David is
             being treated for a brain tumor,
          Marlys Stariha, mother of Danette Frauenholtz, who is undergoing chemotherapy for Stage 4 lung
             cancer in Richmond, VA,
          Kathy Fisher, friend of Wilma & Larry Rettig, who is undergoing treatment for mesothelioma at Mayo Clinic,
          Ken Brown’s mother and father, as they recover from kidney transplant surgery,
          Sharon Campbell, who is suffering from an aggressive bone cancer; Sharon is the aunt of Sherry Mars,
          Ron Krueger, friend of Connie & Jim Olson, as Ron undergoes treatment for lung cancer,
          Chris Clarke & Jennifer Parrish, friends of Kirk & Ann Perreau, as Chris recovers from a recent stroke,
          Elaine Cope, friend of Joyce & Steve Marner, as she undergoes treatment for a 3rd recurrence of cancer,
          Helen Smith Burnham, niece of Gloria Dunlap; Helen is being treated for pancreatic and liver cancer in
             Columbia, Missouri,
          Michael Flynn, friend of Cindy Cobb, as he is treated for Stage IV cancer,
          Ginnie Woodard, who has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma; she is a friend of Matt Downen,
          Miriam Johnson, who is receiving Hospice care in Gowrie, Iowa; she is the sister of Joyce Stumme,
             and aunt of Deb Stumme,
          Danelle Beckman, sister of Mitch Beckman, who is recovering from surgery for thyroid cancer,
          Mitch Beckman’s father Ray, who is receiving treatment for Stage IV lung cancer at a hospital in WI,
          Rev. Vaughn Wright, brother of Marla Swesey, who has been diagnosed with A.L.S. disease,
          Barbra Johnson, friend of Jan Vaught Brezina, as she undergoes chemo and radiation for breast
             cancer in Kansas City,
          Chris Goodale and family, friends of the Zierke family, as Chris continues recovery from a stem cell
             transplant for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma,
          Steve Wade, brother of Terri Wade, who is receiving chemotherapy for Stage III colon cancer,
          Carolyn Kirkman, granddaughter of a friend of Doris Hughes, undergoing treatment for colon cancer,
          Conan Dalton, brother-in-law of Jennifer Ballard, who has an inoperable brain tumor,
          Orville Kinsinger at home, and all those in our congregation who are homebound or residing in nursing
             homes or extended care facilities.
    ●   Those serving in our military:
          Joshua Klinzman, grandson of Derrill & Irene, deployed to Afghanistan,
          Martin Roemerman, husband of Angie, and father of Kaitlyn, Dan, and Anna, deployed to the Iraq,
          Chris Rew, son of Terry & Sue Rew, deployed to the National Guard,
          Jeremy Hahn, nephew of Judi and Jeff Barta, who is serving in Afghanistan,
          Nathan Platz, son of Bob & Kristy Walker, who is now in Virginia,
          Joseph Russell, son of Mary Lou Russell, serving in South Korea,
          Alan G. Kellogg, son of Gary & Catherine Kellogg, being deployed to Iraq,
          Chris Miller, son of Harvey & Maxine Miller, who is serving with Army Special Operations,
    ●   The healing of breaking and broken relationships,
    ●   Our Students,
    ●   For those struggling with mental illness that they may receive the medical care they need,
    ●   The mission, ministries and staff of First United Methodist Church,
    ●   Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble, East Central District Superintendent David Crow, Field Outreach Minister
          Jill Sanders, the Iowa Annual Conference and the members of the Viola United Methodist Church and
          Pastor Ed Moreano.
    ●   All those who have been impacted by earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, oil spills, hurricanes and other
          natural disasters in Iowa, the United States and throughout the world,
    ●    Peace with justice for the world.
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                                             10/24/2010 PRESENCE	
                                                  8:00     63
                                                  9:15     52
                                                 10:30     305
                                                 Total     420

                                             10/31/2010 PRESENCE
                                                 8:00     71
                                                 9:15     50
                                                10:30     207
                                                Total     328

                    Organ Recital                                                 Sunday Parking Only!
                                                                             The owners of the Brewery Square
Rising star and recording artist Susan De Kam will give a free organ         have graciously made the parking lot
recital at Riverside Recital Hall (405 N. Riverside Dr) on Wed., Nov. 3 at   available to our church members for
7:30pm. Ms. De Kam is a prizewinner in several national and international    use on Sundays. The exit gate will be
organ competitions, and has been a featured performer at the American        open on Sundays. The number code
Guild of Organists National Convention and the Morton H. Meyerson            for the gate is changed weekly, and
Symphony Hall in Dallas, TX. Her recital will include music of Bach,         the church staff do not have the current
Buxtehude, Haydn, Schumann and Rogg. Please contact Gregory Hand             codes. Please do not park in the lot
(; 335-1630) if you have any questions.                other than on Sunday morning.

What is an Affinity Group? It is a group of people who collectively pursue a common interest. And, at
First United Methodist Church, there are several such groups covering a variety of interests.
Senior Affinity Group: Our group will meet this month at the usual time: the second Wednesday of the
month, November 10th, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Walden Place. Anyone who considers themselves to be a senior is
most warmly welcomed to come to Senior Group, so give it a try if you haven’t yet – it truly is the more, the merrier!
For more information, please contact Sage at 354-5484 or Pastor Patte is going to
be our guest this month, for the first hour, at least (though guests have been known to stay and visit and have some
coffee and a little snack, too).

THE FILMS FOR FUN & FAITH AFFINITY GROUP will meet in the home of Marcia and Paul Akin at
7:00 p.m. on the evening of November 14 to discuss the film “Up in the Air,” starring George Clooney. The Akins
live at 2060 Sherman Drive. Please call 337.4463 for directions to their home. All are invited to watch the film on
DVD prior to the 14th and to then join in the discussion of this interesting film.

Please consider joining one of these Affinity Groups.
Group Theme                           Contact Person
Senior Friendship
& Support Group                       Sage River ( or 354-5484)
Bicycling Affinity Group              Jan and Jim Down ( or 354-1820)
Bluegrass                             Maynard Smith ( or 337-9901)
Books And Bagels                      Betty Mitchell (354-1225) or Nancy Johns (
Doers of the Word                     Sue Mullins (339-0984) or Linda Fink (338-2860)
Dorcas Group                          Bernie Mulford (337-6680)
Environmental Action                  Mark Madsen (
Families with Children                Tricia Ross (351-0823)
Films For Fun ‘N Faith                Lou Crist (338-5014)
Flames Softball Team                  Jane Driscoll (
Hiking Affinity Group                 Bruce Tarwater ( or 325-7595)
Bridge Affinity Group                 Danette Frauenholtz ( or 351-2911
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Growing in Health & Wholeness:                                                     Mark Your Calendars !
 We are like children, and God is our wise parent who knows what our
 souls need to thrive better than we do, if we can but listen and attend.            Gifts For
It can be very challenging to maintain a positive attitude and a measure of
faith when you are in the midst of difficult times. This is partly because we
tend to think that if God loves us we will experience that love in the form
of positive circumstances. However, we are like children, and God is our
                                                                                  Saturday, December 4
wise mother/father who knows what our souls need to thrive better than            The Consultation of
we do. Just as a young child does not benefit from getting everything s/he        Religious Communities
wants, we also benefit from times of constriction and difficulty to help us       is again sponsoring
grow and learn. If we keep this in mind, and continue to trust that we are        a distribution of gifts
loved even when things are hard, it helps us bear the difficult time with         for children (ages 3 to
more grace.                                                                       14) to give to the significant adults
This period of time in history is full of difficulty for a lot of human beings,   in their lives. St Mark’s United
and you may feel less alone knowing you are not being singled out, or you         Methodist Church will host the fun
may feel overwhelmed knowing there is so much suffering in the world.             again this year. We are again asking
We are all God’s children and are part of the growing process and the             for your help. We need donations of
growing pains. It helps if we remember that life is change: one phase after       things that a child could give to an
another and that this difficult time will eventually and inevitably give way to   adult. We need people to help set
something new and different. When we feel overwhelmed we can comfort              up, starting at 9:00 AM on Friday,
ourselves with the wise saying: This too shall pass.                              December 3 (you may come any
                                                                                  time). We also need people to
At the same time, if you truly feel that nothing is going right for you, it’s     escort the children, wrap gifts (bring
never a bad idea to meditatively and prayerfully examine your life and            your own scissors), and help with
see if there are some changes you can make to alleviate some of the               other assorted jobs on Saturday
difficulty. Through prayer, gently and compassionately exploring the areas        from 8:30 until noon. It’s really fun--
giving you the most trouble, you may find things you are holding onto             try it, you’ll like it!
and need to release and surrender to God: painful emotions, unresolved
transitions, or negative ways of looking at yourself or your world. As you                   GIFT IDEAS
take responsibility for the things you can change, you can more easily            tools, kitchen gadgets, Hawkeye
surrender to the things you can’t, trusting in God, and remembering all                items, mugs, Christmas
the while that this phase will, without doubt, give way to another, and that        decorations, boxes of holiday
God’s unconditionally loving presence is with you in the best and worst of           cards, bilfolds, clothing that
times.                                                                            needs no size, candles, gloves, &
May you feel God’s loving presence in your life in every moment,
Sage River                                                                        Contact Kazi Alward with questions:
Parish Care Ministries                                                             354-2083 (H) or 430-6298 (cell).

   Coping With Loss: New Beginnings
                                                                     Open House Celebration
For people who are grieving a loss, and want to learn ‘holiday
survivorship skills’, Iowa City Hospice and Lensing Funeral                   Orrie Rew’s
and Cremation Service are co-sponsoring a program entitled:
Coping with the Holidays. Presented by Vicki Lensing on                      95th Birthday
Wednesday, November 8th from 6:30 to 8 pm, the location is
the Kirkwood Room, Governor’s Ridge, 515 Kirkwood Avenue,                         Sunday November 7, 2-4 p.m.
adjacent to Lensing in Iowa City.                                                    Pleasant Valley Golf
                                                                                      Course Clubhouse
There is no fee for this program, but reservations are requested.                 4390 Sand Rd SE, Iowa City
Register online or contact Keila Naparstek at 319-688-4217 or                              No gifts
email Keila Naparstek.
                                             First Edition - Page 7
Solitude on the Maquoketa
River 3rd FUMC Canoe Trip
13 brave souls took a chance on what could
have been a cold morning September 25th
to share a wonderful time canoeing down                                          A SPECIAL THANK YOU . . . .
the river. It was cool but not too cold, and                                     to all who supported the Craft
the raindrops held off until the end of the trip.
Solitude at its best. We had the river to ourselves, saw a few new faces,
                                                                                 Sale at church by the Dorcas
shared many laughs, and of course had one canoe turn over. Boy Scout             Group and the many hands
Sam Ross saved the day by suggesting we build a fire on the riverbank to         that helped put it together. It’s
dry out - which we did - as we shared the warmth of the fire and had lunch.      a beneficial and rewarding
We all are ready to do it again next Spring. Sign up early. Let’s do it again!   experience for our church and
 ~ Bruce Tarwater
                                                                                 the Thanksgiving Ingathering.
  November 24 & 25: CHURCH OFFICES CLOSED
                                                                                 God Bless you -
                On Thursday & Friday, November 24 & 25, the                      Sandy Willingham,
                Church Offices and the Little Angels Learning Center             Coordinator for Mission
                will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving                 Education and Interp.
                holiday. Normal office hours (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)             Rev. Patte Henderson, Staff
                will resume on Monday, November 29.

          Nov 3                                                                             Nov 13
   Kimberly Fesler                                                                      Wayne Giddings
     Leah Jirsa                                                                          Dan Branson
  Margaret Utterback                                                                     Mike Trewet

          Nov 4                                                                             Nov 14
    Corrine Ashby                                                                         Jeff Barta
  Madelyn Schafbuch                                                                     Nancy Langguth
                                                                                         Michael Plath
          Nov 5
       Jack Ashby                                                                           Nov 15
      Lisa Hammer                                                                        Juanita Forbes
      T.J. Palechek                                                                       Jerry Gilmere
                                     Nov 8                       Nov 10                  Javier Arellano
                                 Judy Stachour              Jamie Lovetinsky
          Nov 6                   Donald Fink                  Aidyn Ball
                                                                                          William Viner
       Janet Smith                Gayle Royar
       Jay Herlein                                                                          Nov 16
     Brandon Hanes
                                 Jon McPheron                    Nov 11                Stephen Milliman
    Ashley McMahon                                              Shelly Vileta            Scott Tribbey
                                     Nov 9                                               Anyssa Ball
          Nov 7                  Roberta Parks                   Nov 12
                                  Vicki Beach              Sherrill Cleveland
        Joyce Leff               Kristin Crouse
        Deb Jordan                                            Ed Flaherty
         Lisa Irwin                                        Cyndie Schmeiser
                                                              Pam Miller
                                                          First Edition - Page 8

                                                                                   TO PARENTS AND
                                                                                     CHILDREN IN
                                                                                 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:

                                                                                C.O.O.L. and Kid’s Club will be
                            COME TO                                             on hiatus until the beginning of
                                                                                the new year. We hope to see
        CHURCH SCHOOL                                                           you at Church School on Sunday
              SUNDAYS AT 9:15                                                   mornings!

Lead Pastor                         Director of Little Angels Learning Center   Business Manager                     Facilities Manager    
Rev. Dr. Barrie Tritle              Cathy Stange                                Hillary Biancuzzo                    Charles Thiede
Associate Pastor                    Director of Worship & Music Ministries      Office Manager                       Organist     
Rev. Jonathan Fell                  Samuel Kwok                                 Liz Swanton                          Michael Davidson
Director of Discipleship Min.     Director of Parish Care                       Membership Secretary                 Custodian           Teresa Schulte
Patte Henderson                   Sage River                                    Claire Bartleson

          November 3, 2010                                Vol. 35, Issue 28
      Our Koinonia Service is broadcast on Public Television Channel 18 on Wednesdays
   one of our services on Sunday mornings over KXIC (800 AM) from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m.
   Radio & Television Ministry: You can listen to a 30 minute radio broadcast of a portion of

                                                                                                           Return Service Requested

                                                                                                         Email -
                                                                                                      Phone - 319.337.2857 Fax - 319.337.0485
                                                                                                                 Iowa City, Iowa 52245
                                                                                                               214 East Jefferson Street
     Permit No. 63
    Iowa City, Iowa
         PAID                                                                                           Methodist Church
     U.S. Postage
      Non-Profit                                                                                          First United