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					      11716                        Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 45 / Wednesday, March 9, 2005 / Notices

         The proposed action before the                       exemption will not have any significant               exemption, dated February 2, 2005,
      Commission is whether to grant this                     environmental impact.                                 which was docketed under 10 CFR part
      exemption pursuant to 10 CFR 72.7.                         Alternative to the Proposed Action:                72, Docket No. 72–25. This document is
         Need for the Proposed Action: The                    As an alternative to the proposed action,             available for public inspection at the
      NRC granted a license to construct and                  the staff considered denial of the                    Commission’s Public Document Room,
      operate the ISF Facility to FWENC on                    proposed action (i.e., the ‘‘no-action’’              One White Flint North Building, 11555
      November 30, 2004. FWENC will build                     alternative). Approval or denial of the               Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD, or from
      and operate the facility under a contract               exemption request would result in no                  the publicly available records
      with the U. S. Department of Energy                     change in the environmental impacts                   component of NRC’s Agencywide
      (DOE). The ISF Facility represents an                   described in the staff’s final EIS.                   Documents Access and Management
      additional milestone in the 1995                        Therefore, the environmental impacts of               System (ADAMS). This document may
      settlement agreement among DOE, the                     the proposed action and the alternative               be accessed through the NRC’s Public
      U.S. Navy, and the State of Idaho                       action are similar.                                   Electronic Reading Room on the Internet
      regarding the disposition of spent                         Agencies and Persons Consulted: On                 at
      nuclear fuel at INEEL.                                  February 17, 2005, Mr. Doug Walker,                   adams.html. If there are problems in
         The exemption would allow the                        Senior Health Physicist with the State of             accessing the documents located in
      licensee additional time to submit an                   Idaho INEEL Oversight Program, was                    ADAMS, contact the NRC Public
      original FSAR beyond February 28,                       contacted regarding the environmental                 Document Room (PDR) Reference staff
      2005, which is 90 days from the date the                assessment for the proposed exemption                 at 1–800–397–4209, (301) 415–4737 or
      facility license was issued. As part of its             and had no comments. The NRC staff                    by e-mail at
      justification for the exemption request,                previously evaluated the environmental                  Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 1st day
      FWENC indicated that it has held recent                 impacts of the ISF Facility in the final              of March, 2005.
      discussions with DOE to determine                       EIS issued in January 2004, and has                     For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
      whether the FSAR and related                            determined that additional consultation
                                                                                                                    James R. Hall,
      documents contain sensitive                             under Section 7 of the Endangered
                                                                                                                    Senior Project Manager, Spent Fuel Project
      information that should be withheld                     Species Act is not required for this
                                                                                                                    Office, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and
      from public disclosure. These                           specific exemption which involves                     Safeguards.
      discussions were prompted in part by                    administrative reporting requirements
                                                                                                                    [FR Doc. 05–4549 Filed 3–8–05; 8:45 am]
      recent NRC actions to reassess its policy               and will not affect listed species or
                                                                                                                    BILLING CODE 7590–01–P
      and practices on release of sensitive                   critical habitat. The NRC staff has
      information; however, the NRC has not                   similarly determined that the proposed
      yet provided any new direction to                       exemption is not a type of activity
      licensees on this subject. FWENC has                    having the potential to cause effects on              OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND
      not yet made its determination, but it                  historic properties. Therefore, no further            BUDGET
      may need to expend more resources                       consultation is required under Section                Acquisition Advisory Panel
      and/or time to prepare the FSAR and                     106 of the National Historic
      associated justifications if it elects to               Preservation Act.                                     AGENCY: Office of Management and
      request that parts of the document be                      Conclusion: The staff has reviewed                 Budget, Executive Office of the
      withheld. In order to allow it more time                the exemption request submitted by                    President.
      to identify what parts of the FSAR, if                  FWENC and has determined that                         ACTION: Notice of Federal Advisory
      any, are to be withheld, to prepare the                 allowing the licensee to delay the                    Committee meeting.
      necessary justifications, and to revise                 submittal of the original Final Safety
      the document accordingly, the licensee                  Analysis Report for the ISF Facility up               SUMMARY: Pursuant to the provisions of
      has requested the subject exemption.                    to an additional 6 months beyond the                  the Federal Advisory Committee Act
         Environmental Impacts of the                         date required by 10 CFR 72.70(a)(1) is                (Pub. L. 92–463, as amended), notice is
      Proposed Action: The NRC staff                          an administrative change, and would                   hereby given that the Acquisition
      previously evaluated the environmental                  have no significant impact on the                     Advisory Panel established in
      impacts resulting from the construction,                environment.                                          accordance with the Services
      operation and decommissioning of the                                                                          Acquisition Reform Act of 2003 will
      ISF Facility, and determined that such                  Finding of No Significant Impact                      meet on March 30, 2005 and again on
      impacts would be acceptably small. The                    The environmental impacts of the                    April 19, 2005 at 9 a.m., eastern time.
      staff’s conclusions are documented in                   proposed action have been reviewed in                 Location for the March 30, 2005 meeting
      the ‘‘Environmental Impact Statement                    accordance with the requirements set                  will be the General Services
      (EIS) for the Proposed Idaho Spent Fuel                 forth in 10 CFR part 51. Based upon the               Administration (GSA) Auditorium at
      Facility at the Idaho National                          foregoing EA, the Commission finds that               1800 F. Street, NW., Washington, DC
      Engineering and Environmental                           the proposed action of granting the                   20405. While the meeting is open to the
      Laboratory in Butte County, Idaho (Final                exemption from 10 CFR 72.70(a)(1), so                 public, building security requires you to
      Report), NUREG–1773,’’ issued in                        that FWENC may delay the submittal of                 provide your name to the Designated
      January 2004. The proposed action                       the original FSAR for the ISF Facility,               Federal Officer (DFO) (contact
      under consideration would not change                    will not significantly impact the quality             information listed below) by March 28,
      the staff’s previous conclusions in the                 of the human environment.                             2005. You will need photo
      EIS regarding environmental impacts,                    Accordingly, the Commission has                       identification to enter the building.
      because the proposed exemption is an                    determined that a Finding of No                       Location for the April 19, 2005 meeting
      administrative action that will not affect              Significant Impact is appropriate, and                is expected to be the Federal Deposit
      the physical design or operation of the                 that an environmental impact statement                Insurance Corporation (FDIC) basement
      ISF Facility. Therefore, there are no                   for the proposed exemption is not                     auditorium, 801 17th Street NW.,
      radiological or non-radiological impacts                necessary.                                            Washington DC 20434. While this
      from a delay in submitting the FSAR,                      For further details with respect to this            meeting is open to the public, building
      and the staff finds that the proposed                   action, see the FWENC request for                     security requires that you provide your

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                                   Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 45 / Wednesday, March 9, 2005 / Notices                                           11717

      name to the DFO by April 14, 2005.                      statements to the Panel at a subsequent               (PCAST), and describes the functions of
      Confirm the location of the April 19th                  meeting to be announced in the Federal                the Council. Notice of this meeting is
      meeting by visiting the Panel’s Web site                Register. The Panel also seeks written                required under the Federal Advisory
      at                           public statements of any length                       Committee Act (FACA).
      Confirmation is expected to be posted                   specifically related to the working group                Dates and Place: March 22, 2005,
      by March 21, 2005. The Panel’s                          topics. Although the Panel accepts                    Washington, DC. The meeting will be
      statutory charter is to review Federal                  written comments until the date of the                held in the East Room (Lobby Level) of
      contracting laws, regulations, and                      meeting (unless otherwise stated),                    the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel, 1127
      governmentwide policies, including the                  written comments should be received by                Connecticut Avenue, NW., Washington,
      use of commercial practices,                            the DFO at least five business days prior             DC 20036.
      performance-based contracting,                          to the meeting date so that the written                  Type of Meeting: Open. Further
      performance of acquisition functions                    comments may be made available to the                 details on the meeting agenda will be
      across agency lines of responsibility,                  Panel for their consideration. Written                posted on the PCAST Web site at:
      and governmentwide contracts. The                       comments should be supplied,                
      Panel established the following five                    electronically if possible, to the DFO at                Proposed Schedule and Agenda:
      working groups during its February 28,                  the e-mail address (or for hardcopies,                   The President’s Council of Advisors
      2005 meeting: Commercial Practices/                     mailing address) noted below.                         on Science and Technology is
      Commercial Items; Performance-based                     Acceptable electronic formats include                 scheduled to meet in open session on
      Contracting; Governmentwide Contracts                   Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Rich                   Tuesday March 22, 2005, at
      and Interagency Contract Vehicles;                      Text files in IBM–PC/Windows 98/                      approximately 12:30 p.m. The PCAST is
      Cross-cutting Issues—Small Business,                    2000/XP format. Those providing                       tentatively scheduled to: (1) Pursuant to
      and; Cross-cutting Issues—Federal                       written comments and who attend the                   its designation as the National
      Workforce. The working groups will                      meeting are also asked to bring 35                    Nanotechnology Advisory Panel under
      report on their initial progress during                 copies of their comments for public                   the 21st Century Nanotechnology
      the March 30th, 2005 meeting, which                     distribution.                                         Research and Development Act, discuss
      may also include any follow-up                                                                                a draft report assessing Federal
                                                              SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:     The
      recommendations for additional                                                                                nanotechnology programs and, pending
                                                              purpose of the Panel is to provide
      working groups or other issues to be                                                                          the discussion, approve the report; and
                                                              independent advice and
      examined. The April 19th meeting will                                                                         (2) discuss new topics areas to examine
                                                              recommendations to the Office of
      cover any significant updates as well as                                                                      in the coming year. This session will
                                                              Federal Procurement Policy and
      discussions related to the topics of each                                                                     end at approximately 5 p.m. Additional
                                                              Congress pursuant to Section 1423 of
      of the working groups. The public may                                                                         information on the agenda will be
                                                              the Services Acquisition Reform Act of
      obtain copies of Initial Working Group                                                                        posted at the PCAST Web site at:
                                                              2003. Interested parties are invited to
      Issues for the Commercial Practices,                                                                
                                                              attend the meetings.
      Governmentwide Contracts and                                                                                     Public Comments: There will be time
      Interagency Contract Vehicles,                          Meeting Accommodations                                allocated for the public to speak on the
      Performance-based Contracting, and                        Individuals requiring special                       above agenda items. This public
      Cross-cutting Issues—Federal Workforce                  accommodation to access the public                    comment time is designed for
      working groups at the Panel’s Web site                  meeting listed above should contact the               substantive commentary on PCAST’s
      under Working Groups at http://                         DFO at least five business days prior to              work topics, not for business marketing                                     the meeting so that appropriate                       purposes. Please submit a request for
         In addition to discussions related to                arrangements can be made.                             the opportunity to make a public
      these working groups, the Panel has also                  Requests for additional information or              comment five (5) days in advance of the
      invited presentations from specific                     written statements should be directed to              meeting. The time for public comments
      individuals in the private sector on                    Laura Auletta, Designated Federal                     will be limited to no more than 5
      commercial practices during the March                   Officer (DFO), at               minutes per person. Written comments
      30th meeting and individuals from both                  or (202) 208–7279, General Services                   are also welcome at any time following
      the public and private sectors during the               Administration, 1800 F. Street, NW.,                  the meeting. Please notify Stan Sokul,
      April 19th meeting. These presentations                 Room 4006, Washington, DC 20405.                      PCAST Executive Director, at (202) 456–
      will focus on a number of issues                                                                              7116, or fax your request/comments to
                                                              Laura Auletta,                                        (202) 456–6021.
      including, but not limited to
                                                              Designated Federal Officer (Executive                 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For
      commercial practices/techniques for the
                                                              Director).                                            information regarding time, place and
      use of time and materials or labor hour
                                                              [FR Doc. 05–4716 Filed 3–8–05; 8:45 am]               agenda, please call Stan Sokul at (202)
      contracts, share-in-savings contracts,
      best value procurements, use of firm-                   BILLING CODE 3110–01–P                                456–7116, prior to 3 p.m. on Friday,
      fixed price contracts or task orders for                                                                      March 18, 2005. Information will also be
      services, competition for services                                                                            available at the PCAST Web site at:
      contracts and task orders, including                    OFFICE OF SCIENCE AND                       
      information technology and business                     TECHNOLOGY POLICY                                     Please note that public seating for this
      process services, and the development                                                                         meeting is limited and is available on a
      of requirements for services                            Meeting of the President’s Council of                 first-come, first-served basis.
      procurements. A draft agenda will be                    Advisors on Science and Technology
                                                                                                                    SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
      posted at the Panel’s Web site at http:/                ACTION:    Notice of meeting.                         President’s Council of Advisors on
      / prior to each                                                                             Science and Technology was
      meeting. While these two meetings will                  SUMMARY: This notice sets forth the                   established by Executive Order 13226,
      include presentations by invitation                     schedule and summary agenda for a                     on September 30, 2001. The purpose of
      only, the general public will be given                  meeting of the President’s Council of                 PCAST is to advise the President on
      the opportunity to provide oral                         Advisors on Science and Technology                    matters of science and technology

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