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									             Sriramachari S, Ramalingawmani V.
             Polyethylene glycols as embedding media in
P-1   1952
             histochemical work.
             J Clin Path (1952);5(4):345-9.
             Ramalingaswami V, Sriramachari S, Tulpule PG.
P-2   1952   Hepatic cholesterol content in nutritional disorders.
             Sriramachari S, Ramalingaswami V.
P-3   1953   Liver changes in kwashiorkor.
             Ind J Ped(1953);20(77):1-6.
             Ramalingaswami V, Sriramachari S.
             The effect of vitamin B12 on the toxicity of pyrimethamine
P-4   1953
             (daraprim) in the monkey.
             Ind J Malariology (1953);7(4):305-6.

           RamalingaswamiI V, Leach EH, Sriramachari S.
P-5   1955 Ocular structure in vitamin A deficiency in the monkey.
           Q J Exp Physio Cogn Med Sci (1955);40(4):337-47.

           Sriramachari S, PiraniI CL, Haymaker W.
           The effect of traumatic injury on the brain of vitamin-C
P-6   1956
           deficient guinea-pigs.
           Am J Path (1956);32(1):131-9.
           Sriramachari S, Gopalan C.
P-7   1957 Aortic changes in induced malnutrition.
           IJMS (1957);11(6):405-9.
           Sriramachari S, Ramalingaswami V, Patwardhan VN.
           Partial replacement of rice with tapioca in poor rice diets;
P-8   1958
           the effect on growth and liver structure in the albino rat.
           Br J Nut (1958);12(1):8-12.
           Sriramachari S, Gopalan C.
           Nutrition and tuberculosis. III. Effect of some nutritional
P-9   1958
           factors on resistance to tuberculosis.
              Srikantia SG, Sriramachari S, Gopalan C.
P-10   1958   A follow-up study of fifteen cases of kwashiorkor.
              Dikshit PK, Sriramachari S.
P-11   1958   Caudal necrosis in suckling rats.
              Achar ST, Raju VB, Sriramachari S.
P-12   1960   Indian childhood cirrhosis.
              J Ped (1960);57:744-58.
              Hussain R, Patwardhan VN, Sriramachari S.
P-13   1960   Dermal loss of iron in healthy Indian men.
              IJMR (1960);48:235-42.
              Sriramachari S.
P-14   1962   Experimental dietary cirrhosis.
              IJMR (1962);50:920-51.
              Andersen DA, Sriramachari S, Khandagale MK.
              Investigations into relationship between bladder stornes
P-15   1963
              and malnutrition.
              IJMS (1963);17:617-44.
            Rajalakshmi S, Sarma DS, Sriramachari S, Sharma PS.
            Periportal fatty Liver in the rat induced by high protein
P-16   1964
            orotic acied diets
            IJMR (1964);52:1183-7.

            Iyer CG, Sriramachari S.
P-17   1964 Seminar on Tumours of Neurogenic origin Neurogenic.
            Sriramachari S, Das S.
P-18   1969 Sarcomas of the brain.
            Neurol India(1969);17(4):207-14.
            Narayanan I, Das S, Duraiswami PK, Sriramachari S.
            Experimentally induced myopathy in chick and its
P-19   1970
            comparison with muscular dystrophy in children.
            Ind Ped (1970);7(6):302-12.
              Ghosh S, Bhargava SK, Sharma SK, Bhargava V, Saxena
P-20   1971   Perinatal Mortality - A preliminary study on Hospital -
              based study.
              Ind Ped (1971);8(9):421-6.
              Mani KS, Sriramachari S, Rao SL, Sharma PS.
P-21   1971   Experimental neurolathyrism in monkeys.
              Bhargava SK, Sudershan Kumari, Saxena HMK, Sanyal
              SK, Ghosh S.
P-22   1971
              Primary Cold Injury in the new born.
              Ind Ped (1971);8(12):827-30.
              Sudaravalli N, Madhavan TV, Chowdhury AN,
              Sriramachari S, Raju VB.
P-23   1971   Detection of Australia antigen in Indian childhood
              Ind Ped (1971);8(8):365-7.
            Madhvan TV, Sundaravali TV, Rai Chowdhuri AN,
            Sriramachari S.
P-24   1971
            Studies on Australia Antigen in Hepatitis and Cirrhosis.
            Ind Ped (1971);8:365-7.

            Pathak SN, Paul D, Ganji S, Balani DK, Sriramachari S.
            Vital signs in progressive intracranial hypertension: an
P-25   1972
            experimental study.
            Bhaskar Reddy D, Changal Raju G, Suvarnakumari G,
            Venkatanarayana CP.
P-26   1973
            Mesothelioma of Plura. Trpoer of a case.
            JAPI (1973) May
            Bhaskar Reddy D, Sinha GK, Changal Raju G,
            Suvarnakumari G.
P-27   1973
            Endomycardial Fibrosis-Report of a case.
            IJMS (1973);27:928-931.
            Bhaskara Reddy D.
P-28   1973 Amoebiasis.
            Parvathi G, Suvarnakumari G.
P-29   1973 Hypertensive Heart Disease (A study of 37 cases)
            Antiseptic (1973);70(5) May:293-296.
            Murthi DP,Bhaskara Reddy.
P-30   1973 Primary carcinoma of liver.
            Ind J Cancer (1973): 60.
            Bhaskar Reddy GK, Changal Raju G, Parvathgi G,
            Suvarnakumari G.
P-31   1974
            Syphilitic heart disease: AN autopsy study of 13 cases.
            Ind. Heart J (1974);26:61-64.
              Bhaskar Reddy,Changal Raju G , Suvarnakumari G.
P-32   1975   Chemodectoma.
              Chest (1975);68(Sept):583-584.
              Sriramachari S, Patoria NK.
              Pathology of acute encephalopathy syndrome in children
P-33   1976
              in summer.
               IJMR (1976);64(2):296-313.
              Histopathological Methods - Paraffin Sections - A rush
P-34   1976   method.
              J Lab Sc (1976);1(1):34-36.
              Strokes in the young - A review of the pathological
P-35   1976   studies.
              Southern Scientists (1976);1(1):15-23.
              Retroperitoneal Schwannoma.
P-36   1976
              Southern Scientists (1976);1(2):34-37.
              Headache. Madras Medical College Magazine.
P-37   1976
              Some Observation on Experimental studies on
              extracranial induction of stroke in Dogs - A preliminary
P-38   1976
              J Lab Sc (1976);1(1);37-43.
            Some Observation on central Nervous system in Methyl
P-39   1976 Alcohol poisoning.
            J of Lab Sc (1976):1(1); 10-12.
            Bagchi M, Kushwaha MRS, Chandra D, Mehrotra RML.
P-40   1977 Study fo chromosomal patterns in Lymphomas.
            Ind Med Gaz (1977);XVII(Nov):242-5.
              Sarasa Bharti R.
P-41   1977   Pathology of the Head Injuries: Light & Ultrastructural
              features: Neutology.
              Kushwaha MRS, Bagchi M, Mehrotra RML.
P-42   1977   Myeloid tumours - Report of 15 cases.
              Ind Med Gaz (1977);XVII(2):41-44.
              Sarasa Bharti R.
P-43   1977   Brain and Malnutrition:
              Southern Scientist.
              Sarasa Bharti R, Kantharaj R, Sowmini CN
P-44   1977   Bullae in Secondary Syphills:
              Proc of Int Conf on STD.
              Sarasa Bharti R.
              Ultrastructural Observations on the III ventricle and
P-45   1977
              aqueduct i the Cat & Rat:
              Bull of the Elect Micros Soc Of India.
            Sarasa Bharti R. Dravidamani RS, Dhare BJ, Seshiah S.
P-46   1977 Chloral Hydrate Anaesthesis the rat & mouse :
            J of Lab Sc
            Sarasa Bharti R.
P-47   1977 Headache:
            Southern Scientist.
            Kushwaha MRS.
P-48   1977 Leukaemias at Lucknow.
            Ind J Cancer (1977);78.
              Singh D, Kushwaha MRS, Mali HR, Tandon, VK, Agarwal
              GN, Lall BN.
P-49   1977   Role of Radiotherapy in Lymphomas including Hodgkin's
              Ind Med Gaz 1977/78.
              Agarwal PK, Ghosh M, Wahal KM, Mehrotra RML.
P-50   1977   Study of imprint smears of lymphnodes.
              Ind J Cancer (1977);14:157-163.
              Kushwaha MRS, Bagchi M, Mehrotra RML.
P-51   1977   Congenital Myeloblastic Leukaemia.
              Ind J Ped (1977);44:17-
              Sarasa Bharti R.
P-52   1977   Ultrastructural features in cerebral oedema:
              Bull Of the Elect Micros Soc Of India (1977)
              Talwar P, Salotra P, Khuller GK.
P-53   1977   Lipids of Streptomyces griseus.
              Ind J Biochem Biophys (1977);14:72-74.
              Mehrotra, RML, Kushwaha MRS, Bagchi M.
              Benigh sinus histicytosis - A case Report.
P-54   1977
              IJPM (1977);20:187-88.

            Talwar P, Salotra P, Khuller GK.
            Effect of age on major phospholipids of Streptomyces
P-55   1977
            Ind J Biochem Biophys (1977);14:85-86.
            Sriramachari S.
            Observation on extradural cerebral compression in the
P-56   1977
            primates and its relevance to head injuries.
            Neurol India (1977);25(2):60-8.
            Shankar SK, Verma K.
            Cerebrospinal fluid cytology in patients with leukemias
P-57   1978
            and lymphomas.
            IJMR (1978);68:437-443.
            Shankar SK, Dawar R, Roy S, Verma K.
            Exfoliative cytology of cerenrospinal fluid in diagnosis of
P-58   1978
            Neoplasms of the Central nervous system.
            IJMR (1978);68:827-836.
            Shankar SK, Banerji AK, Rath PK, Roy S.
P-59   1978 Primary Lymphomas of Brain.
            Neut India (1978);26:47053.
            Sehgal VN, Singh M, Sharma AK, Nayar M, Saxena HMK.
            Clinical pattern on Pseudosenthoma Elasticum in Indian
P-60   1979
            IJDVL (1979);45(4):290-
              Mittal A, Agarwal MK, Shivpuri DN.
P-61   1979   Respiratory allergy to algae-Clinical Aspects.
              Ann Allerg (1979);42:253-256.
              Mittal A, Agarwal MK, Shivpuri DN.
              Studies on allergenic algae of Delhi area-Botanical
P-62   1979
              Ann Allerg (1979);42:248-252.
              Malik G, Bazaz Sehgal H, Mittal A, Yadav R.
              T and B cells in health and acute infective diarrhoeal
P-63   1979
              diseases of children
              IJMR (1979) ;69:972-77
              Koranne RV, Singh R, Iyengar B.
P-64   1979   Liver function tests in tuberculoid leprosy.
              Kushwaha MRS, Bagchi M, Mehrotra RML.
P-65   1979   Leukemias at Lucknow: A study of 200 cases.
              Ind J Cancer (1979);15(3):28-34.
              Sarasa Bharti R, Arunagam, S.
P-66   1980   Brain Tumours - An approach to classification.
              Southern Scientist (1980);5(1):
            Logamuthu Krishnan K, Sarasa Bharti R, Narendran P.
P-67   1980 Enrerogenous cyst at cervicomedullary region.
            Inst of Neurol Madras Proc (1980);2(9):9-15.
              Raju VB, Sundaravalli N, Sriramachari S.
              Indian childhood cirrhosis:clinical features, prognosis and
P-68   1980
              Ind J Ped (1980);47(389):537-41.
              Raju VB, Sundaravalli N, Sriramachari S.
P-69   1980   Liver disorders in children--a clinical perspective.
              Ind J Pediat (1980);47(389):531-5.
              Nayar M, Chandra M, Saxena HMK, Bhargava NC.
P-70   1981   Donovanosis - a histopathological study.
              IJPM (1981);24:71-76.
              Viswanathan R, Sriramachari S.
P-71   1981   Pulmonary haemangiopericytoma.
              Ind J Chest Dis Allied Sci (1981);23(2):104-6.
              Balani DK, Pathak SN, Sriramachari S.
P-72   1981   Reversibility or prevention of Brain oedema.
              Balani DK, Pathak SN, Sriramachari S.
              Pathology and pathogenesis of experimental extradural
P-73   1981
              cerebral compression.
            Iyengar B.
P-74   1982 The germ cell - oncogenic and embryogenic correlates.
            Experientia (1982);38(10):1239-40.
            Osung OA, Chandra M, Holborow EJ.
            Antibody to intermediate filaments of the cytoskeleton in
P-75   1982
            therheumatoid arthiritis.
            Ann of Rheum Sia (1982);41:69-73.
            Iyengar B.
P-76   1982 Copper level and cancer chemotherapy.
            Ind J Cancer Chem (1982);4:39.
            Krishan Mohan, Rao IS, Saxena HMK, Nayar M, Talib VH.
P-77   1982 Ewing's Tumour - A retrospective study.
            The Clinician (1982);46(9):358-366.
            Osung OA, Chandra M, Holborow, EJ
            Intermediate filaments in synovial lining cells in RA and
P-78   1982
            other arthitides are of Vimentin type.
            Ann Of Rheum Sia (1982);41:74-77.
            Sengupta U, Sinha S, Ramu G, Mukherjee A, Desikan,
            Assessment of Dharmendra antigen (V). Attempts of
P-79   1982
            purification of specific skin delayed hypersensitivity (DH)
            inducing antigen(s) form lepromin.
            Lep in India (1982);54(2):208-213.

            Iyengar B, Lal SK.
P-80   1982 The effect of ascorbic acid on a proliferating cell system.
            Int J Tissue React (1982);4(4):265-8.
              Satish M, Prasad H, Mittal A, Nath I.
              Lack of correlation between morphological index and
P-81   1982   viability as assessed by the uptake of 3H thymidine by
              macrophage resident M. leprae.
              Lep in India (1982);54:420-427.
              Malviya GN, Mukherjee A, Ramu G.
P-82   1982   Nerve Abscess in Lepromatous Leprosy.
              Lep India(1982);54:123-129.
              Iyengar B, Lal SK.
              Effect of high copper levels on actinomycin D inhibition of
P-83   1982
              a rapidly proliferation cell system.
              Int J Tissue React (1982);4(3);243-5.
              Salotra P, Singh VN.
              Regulation of glucose metabolism in rat lung: subcellular
P-84   1982   distribution, isozyme pattern and kinetic properties of
              Arch Biochem Biophys (1982);216:758-764.
            Salotra P, Singh VN.
            Regulation of glucose metabolism in lung: hexokinase
P-85   1982
            catalyzed phosphorylation a rate limiting step.
            Life Sci (1982);31:791-794.

            Bhisey RA, Iyengar B, Sirsat SM.
            Effect of the active tumor promoter, 12-O-
            tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate on hair follicular growth
P-86   1982
            and development of hair anlage tumors in the mouse skin:
            a comparison with human adnexal lesions.
            J Cancer Res Clin Onco (1982);102(3):245-52.

            Lai CY, Xia QC & Salotra P.
            Location and amino acid sequence around the ADP-
P-87   1983
            ribosylation site in the cholera toxin active subunit A.
            Biochem Biophys Res Comm (1983);116:341-348.

            Mittal A, Satish M, Seshadri PS, Nath I.
            Rapid radiolabelled microculture method that uses
P-88   1983
            macrophages for in vitro evaluation of M. leprae viability.
            J Clin Micro (1983);17:704-707.
            Mukherjee A, Girdhar BK, Malviya BK, Ramu GN,
            Desikan, KV.
P-89   1983 Involvement of subcutaneous veins in lepromatous
            Int J Lep (1983);51:1-6.
            Desikan KV, Mukherjee A, Tiwari GN, Ramu G.
P-90   1983 Sequential Histological study of Lepromin reaction.
            Int J Lep Other Mycobact Dis (1983) Dec;51(4):473-80.
            Sundharam DD, Bhargava JA, Nayar NC, Chandra M,
            Saxena HMK.
P-91   1983
            A Clinicopathological study for donovanosis.
            IJDVL (1983);49:205
               Ghosh, Shanti, Bhargava, S.K. Saxena, H.M.K. and
P-92    1983   Sagreiya, K.
               Perinatal motality - report of a hospital based study.
               Chandra M, Saxena S, Dave PK, Kaza RM, Saxena
P-93    1983
               Proliferative Myositis - pseudosarcomatous lesion.
               IJPM (1983);26:213-216.
               Bhargava SK, Gupta PK, Saxena HMK, Choudhury
P-94    1983
               Placemenal morphology and fetal growth.
               Ind Ped (1983);20:91
               Singh K, Iyengar B, Singh R.
P-95    1983   Hypopigmentation in Leprosy.
               Indian J Lepr(1983);55:675
               Iyengar B.
               Movement of copper into a rapidly proliferating organised
P-96    1983
               system of differentiating cells.
               Acta Anat (Basel) (1983);115(4):357-60.
               Iyengar B.
               Copper levels and the adriamycin inhibition of proliferating
P-97    1983
               Cancer Chemoth Pharmacol (1983);10(3):227
               Iyengar B.
               A new in situ organ culture technique using the early chick
P-98    1983
               Chemotherapy (1983);29(1): 68-70.
             Mittal A, Satish M, Seshadri PS, Prasad HK, Nath I.
             Radiometric macrophage assay for the evaluation of the
P-99    1983
             antileprosy activity of rifampin.
             Antimicrob Agents and Chem (1983);24:579-585.

             Singh K, Iyengar B, Singh R.
             Variations in clinical and histopathological classification of
P-100   1983
             leprosy--a report and a plausible explanation.
             Lep India (1983);55(3):472-
               Saxena HMK, Nayar M.
               Primary B Cell lymphoma of thyroid gland with co-existing
P-101   1984
               Hashimoto's thyroditis.
               IJPM (1984);27:263-67.
               Nayar P, Saxena S(nee Sinha, S) Pratap VK, Mehrotra
P-102   1984
               Haemangiopericytoma of the uterus.
               J of Obst & Gyn of India (1984)
               Iyengar B, Lal SK.
P-103   1984   The role of transcription in primary induction.
               Acta Morpho Hung (1984);32(1):3-8.
               Krishna Rao GVG.
               Presented a paper entitled 'Histochemical and
P-104   1984   microspectropjotometric study of calcium in aging osteons
               at a symoposium on 'Mineral metabolism and nutrition' at
               Haryana Agri Univ., Hissar, Haryana.
               Chandra M, Nayar M, Saxena HMK.
               Acridine orange staining in the identification of
P-105   1984
               trichomonas vaginalis - Letter to the editor.
               Acta Cyto (1984);28(6):778- 779.
               Saxena S, Nayar P, Pratap VK, Mehrotra ML.
               Malignant haemangiopericytoma of the uterus. A case
P-106   1984
               report with brief review of literature.
               J Obst Gyn India (1984);34:753-
               Misra RS, Jain RK, Mukherjee A.
P-107   1984   Vitiligo on tuberculoid patches--a case report.
               Ind J Lepr (1984);56(3):658-61.
               Saxena HMK, Nayar M.
               Tuberculosis of the breast - a cyto morpholo- gical study
P-108   1984
               of needle aspirates and nipple discharge.
               Acta Cyto (1984);28:325-328.
               Mukherjee A, Girdhar BK, Malaviya GN.
               Venous involvement in non lepromatous leprosy (Letter to
P-109   1984
               Int J Lep (1984);52(3):424-5.
               Saxena S, Andal A, Saxena HMK.
               Ultrastructure study of minimal change nephrotic
P-110   1985
               syndrome with clinicomorphologic correlation.
               Mukherjee A, Misra RS, Sharma V, Jain AK.
P-111   1985   Oral cysticercosis.
               Int J Surg (1985);Dec.
               Misra RS, Mukherjee A, Misra RS, Sharma AK.
               Multiple neurilemmamas with muscular atrophy; a rare
P-112   1985
               Chandra M, Das SK, Nayar VL.
P-113   1985   How to select a colposcope.
               Jr Obs Gyn India (1985);35:948-950.
             Nayar M, Chandra M, Chitrathara K Das, SK,
             Raichoudhury G.
P-114   1985
             Incidence of actinomyces infection in women using IUD.
             Acta Cyto (1985);29:111-116.
             Mithilesh C, Mohini N, Saxena HM.
             Comparison of acridine orange and Papanicolaou stains
P-115   1985
             in the diagnosis of Trichomonas infection.
             IJPM (1985);28(3):219-23.
             Iyengar B, Lal SK.
             Methylene blue and organised differentiation in the chick
P-116   1985
             Acta Anat (Basel) (1985);123(4):220-3.
             Mittal A, Conalty ML, Sullivan JFO, Nath I.
             Rapid Radiometric macrophage assay for the evaluation
P-117   1985
             of anti-leprosy activity of clofazimine and its analogues.
             Lep Rev (1985);56:99-108.
             Saxena Chander, Chandra VL, Sachdeva M, Ghosh D,
             Saxena HMK.
P-118   1985
             A study of lymphocyte populations in cancer of the cervix.
             Ind J Cancer (1985) Sep;22(3):173-7.

             Misra RS, Mukherjee A, Misra RS, Nath I, Jain RK,
             Sharma AK.
P-119   1986 Extensive verrucosis, sequamous cell carcinoma and
             immunologic abnormality in Klinefelter's syndrome.
             Int J Dermat (1986) Oct;25(8):529-30.
             Chandra M, Ganguli DD, Saxena RK.
             Indirect immunofluorescene in the diagnosis of
P-120   1986
             donovanosis:A prel. Report
             IJSTD (1986);7:54-56.
             Jain AK, Mukherjee A.
             An appraisal of the utility of stained se,mithin sections
P-121   1986
             plastic sections for routine histology.
             Chandra M, Chander S.
             Immunological status in cervical cancer in relation to
P-122   1986
             pelvic irradiation.

             Chandra M, Golani DD, Sachdeva G, Bihari N, Sharma
P-123   1986
             Autoantibodies to intermediate filaments in acute viral
             Ramesh V, Singh K, Iyenger B.
             Unilateral expression of multiple glomus tumours - An
P-124   1986
             unusual occurrence.
             Int J Derm (1986);25:122-123.
             Chandra M, Saxena VK, Chander S, Sachdeva S,
             Saxena HMK, Ghosh D.
P-125   1986 The effect of radiotherapy on immune status in carcinoma
             of the uterine cervix.
             IJPM (1986);29:37-43.
             Saxena SC,Yadav RS.
             A preliminary laboratory evaluation of an extract of leaves
P-126   1986 of Delonix regia Raf. as a disruptor of insect growth and
             Int J of Pest Manag (1986);32(1):58 -59.
             Jain MK, Singh R, Kalsy JS.
              Isolation and characterization of cellulolytic bacteria from
P-127   1986
             fermenting cettle waste.
             Environ Ecol (1986);4(1):30
             Chandra M, Aggarwal S, Sachdeva S, Nayar M, Nair VL.
             Humoral immune response in women using intrauterine
P-128   1986
             contraceptive devices.
             IJMR (1986);82:13-18.
             Mukherjee A, Nath I, Jain RK, Sharma AK.
             Extensive verrucosis squamous cell carcinoma and
P-129   1986 immunologic abnormality in Klinefer's syndrome.
             Int J Dermat (1986) Oct;25(8):529-30.

             Mukherjee A, Misra RS, Sharma,AK.
P-130   1986 Ultrastructure of Leprous Phlebitis.
             Int J Lep (1986);53(4):571-575.
             Singh R, Kalsy JS, Jain MK.
             Isolation and characterization of proteolytic bacteria from
P-131   1986
             fermenting cattle waste.
             Environ Ecol (1986);4(1):64-68.
             Misra RS, Mukherjee A.
P-132   1987 Specific scalp ulcers in Hodkin's disease.
             Cutis (1987);39(3):247-8.
               Chander S, Chandra M.
               Immunological status in breast cancer patients undergoing
P-133   1987
               IJMS (1987);41(12):269-74.
               Chandra M, Nayar M.
               Spontaneous sheep red cell rosetting (E. rosetting) by
P-134   1987
               malignant epithelial cells in effusions.
               Acta Cyt (1987);31:383-384.
               Chander S, Rath GK, Chandra M, Dutta NR.
P-135   1987   Breast Carcinoma in a young girl.
               Ind J Cancer (1987);23:217-221.
               Saxena S, Saxena HM.
               Stereomicroscopic examination of kidney tissue. A
P-136   1987   method for rapid identification of renal cortex in biopsy
               Nephron (1987); 45(3):249
               Saxena S, Mehrotra ML.
P-137   1987   Host tissue response in soft tissue sarcomas.
               IJPM(1987); Jan 30(1): 97-103.
               Iyengar B, Misra RS.
               Reaction of dendritic melanocytes in vitiligo to the
P-138   1987
               substrates of tyrosine metabolism.
               Acta Anat (Basel) (1987);129(3):203-5.
               Mittal A, Nath I.
               Human T cell proliferative responses to particulate
P-139   1987   microbial antigens are supported by populations enriched
               in dendritic cells.
               Clin Exp Immun (1987);69(3):611-7.

             Iyenger B, Misra RS.
             The neural differentiation of melanocytes in vitiliginous
P-140   1988 Acta Anat (1988);133:62-65 (DOI: 10.1159/000146616).
             Mojamdar A.
P-141   1988 Psoriasis who responds to treatment. Research Update.
             Derm Times (1988);IX(1):5-6.

             Ramachandran PK, Gandhe BR, Venkateswaran KS,
             Kaushik MP, Vijayaraghavan R, Agarwal GS,
             Sriramachari S.
P-142   1988
             Gas chromatographic studies of the carbamylation of
             haemoglobin by methyl isocyanate in rats and rabbits.
             J Chrom (1988)29;426(2):239-4.

             Ramaiah A, Mojamdar M, Amarnath VM.
             Vitiligo in the S.S.K. Community of Banglore. A
P-143   1988
             preliminary report.
             IJDVL (1988);54:251-54.
             Sundaravalli N, Sankaranarayanan VS, Nedunchezian,
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P-145   1988
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P-149   1988
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P-150   1988
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P-152   1988
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P-153   1988
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P-156   1989
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P-157   1989   dendritic cells and not monocytes support T cell
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P-160   1989
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P-161   1989
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P-162   1989
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P-163   1989
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P-164   1990
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P-165   1990
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P-168   1990
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P-169   1990
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P-171   1990
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P-181   1991
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P-182   1991
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P-183   1991   Halo Nevus - A Clinicopathological Evalution.
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P-184   1991
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P-186   1991
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P-187   1991
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P-190   1991
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P-191   1992
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P-192   1992
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P-195   1992
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P-197   1992
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P-199   1992
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P-203   1992
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P-204   1992
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P-205   1992
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P-207   1992
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P-208   1992   Immune status of children suffering from minimal change
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P-209   1993
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P-210   1993
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P-211   1993
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P-212   1993
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P-214   1993
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P-216   1993   Trace element studies in different cutaneous lesion of
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P-217   1993
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P-218   1993
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P-220   1994
             Bhopal aerosol disaster victims and residue of tank E-610
             of Un.Car.India Ltd.chemical char.of the structure.
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P-221   1994
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P-222   1994   proliferative phase functions and malignant transformation
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P-223   1994   responses of the melanocyte network: a biological
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P-224   1994
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P-225   1994
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P-227   1994
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P-228   1994
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P-229   1994 Multiple calculi in ectopic megaureter with renal dysplasia.
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P-230   1994
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P-231   1994
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P-233   1994
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P-234   1995
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P-235   1995
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P-236   1995
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P-237   1995
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P-238   1995
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               Infertility due to Chlamydial trachomatis infection: What is
P-239   1995
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P-240   1995
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P-241   1995   Squamous cell Carcinoma of perianal Urethrostomy.
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P-243   1995
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P-244   1995
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P-245   1995   mesenteroides in response to heat shock, cold shock or
               chemical stress.
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               Cytokine growth factors and childhood nephrotic
P-246   1995
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               Rising trend of HIV + individuals among blood donors in
P-247   1995
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P-248   1995
               electron microscopic study.
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               UV-dependent melanocyte plasticity--the structure-
P-249   1996
               function relationship.
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             Melansome-? A modified synaptosome: catecholamine
P-250   1996 Transfer and Modulation of Keratinocyte Cell Cycle
             Through Nuclear Binding Sities.
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P-251   1996
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P-254   1996
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P-255   1996
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P-257   1997 in response to intracellular infection by virulent and
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P-258   1997
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P-259   1997 Role of serotonin in Melanocyte Functions.
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P-261   1997
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P-262   1997
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P-263   1997
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P-264   1997 factor/receptors and Proto-oncogenes on behavior of
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P-265   1997 Screening of prostate cancer in males with prostatism.
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P-266   1997 expanding global biomonitoring and environmental
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P-267   1997
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P-268   1997
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P-269   1998 Role of urine cytology in bladder cancer detection.
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             The UV-Responsive Melanocyte System: A Peripheral
P-270   1998 Network for Photoperiodic Time Measurements
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P-271   1998 cutaneous tuberculosis patients through atomic absorption
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P-273   1998
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P-295   2001 Rats.
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P-298   2001
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P-306   2002
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P-311   2002
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P-315   2003   positive blood donors may reflect its sexual transmission
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P-316   2003
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P-319   2003   associated with urogenital infections in females in New
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P-321   2003
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P-322   2003   antibodies in blood donors in Delhi, India by PAT and LIA
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P-323   2004   Communication skills should be second nature.
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P-325   2004
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P-329   2004
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P-333   2004
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P-334   2004 Myeloma Of Breast With Pathological Fractures Of
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P-335   2004
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P-336   2004
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P-338   2004
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P-343   2004
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P-344   2004
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P-348   2004
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P-349   2004
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P-350   2005 radical mastectomy for breast cancer-A prospective
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P-351   2005
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P-352   2005
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P-353   2005
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P-354   2005
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P-356   2005
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P-357   2005
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P-358   2005
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P-360   2005
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P-362   2005
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P-363   2005 Adenocarcinoid Tumor of Stomach- Unusual
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P-364   2005
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P-365   2005
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P-367   2005 Romhanyi's technique based on pyridine/nicotine
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P-368   2005
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P-369   2005
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P-370   2005
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P-371   2005 Clear cell Syringoma – association with diabetesmellitus.
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P-372   2005 promastigote and amastigote antigens for serodiagnosis
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P-373   2005
             pregnancy induced Hypertensive mother.
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P-374   2006
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P-375   2006
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P-377   2006 Flow cytometric analysis of Th1 and Th2 cytokines in
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              IFN- , TNF- , IL-6 and IFN- R1 are the major
P-378   2006 immunologic determinants associated with Post kala azar
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P-379   2006 immunologic determinants associated with Post kala-azar
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P-380   2006
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P-381   2006
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P-382   2006
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P-386   2006
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P-469   2008
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