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Ex Boyfriend Has A New Girlfriend


When your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend, you have to behave smartly rather than emotionally. Find out how you have to handle your emotions and prove him that you are the Best for him.

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									Ex Boyfriend Has A New Girlfriend? Want Him Back From Her?

Falling in love with someone is the most incredible and the most beautiful feeling that can happen to
anyone. When we are in love everything around us look so beautiful and the colors of life start having
their impact on our life and on our moods. Most of us fall in love once or twice in our lives so we need
to hold onto these chances and enjoy our lives. But at the same time this strong feeling of love can be
devastating if your partner breaks up and moves on. The situation is incredibly difficult for you when
your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend. You might think, you have lost him and will never get him back.
At this point it is highly dependent on how you behave and tackle things, you still have great chances of
getting him back.

If you really want him back, you have to play smartly not emotionally. Most women react emotionally in
these situations and start crying and begging their ex boyfriends to come back and telling them that
“She still love him”. This will never help you getting him back. You do not have to react emotionally
when he tells you or you find out that your ex boyfriend has a new a girlfriend. I know this is not as easy
as saying it but believe me this is the only way you can get him back. Hold on to this worst news to
yourself and behave naturally as you do with your friends. If you meet your ex boyfriend with his
girlfriend, talk to them naturally. Do not say anything bad about the new girl. This will make your ex
boyfriend think, because he would be expecting a reaction from you.

One more thing if your ex boyfriend has new girlfriend just after you guys broke up then it is highly likely
he is in rebound relationship. You know he still loves you a lot and cannot get over it that is why he has
started new relationship. Believe me you can get him back easily by just holding your anger or
grievances to yourself. Do not make him feel that you are desperate to get him back, if you do so, you
may never get him back again. By following this simple tip and acting like a good actress you will surely
get him back.

My ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend: I was in this exact situation 1 year ago. I got him back within 3
months of our break up. The tip I gave here helped me getting him back. There are other important
things that you must take care of if you want him back quickly. If you want other secrets to get him back
quickly, check out

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