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					                                              M OUNT Z ION H E A LT H F UND
                                                                                       R e s o u rc e s f o r a He a l t h y C o m m u n i t y

                                              C O M M U N I T Y U P D A T E : FA L L 2 0 03

     Grants to                                                           Community Lecture Series
  Local Programs                                                       Inaugurates “New” Herbst Hall
  Increase Access                                             Through the efforts of Dr.          older Bay Area citizens to adopt a
                                                 Jeffrey Pearl, Associate Dean, UCSF              lifestyle of lifelong intellectual explo-
      to Care
M         any of us lament our faltering
health care system, but few envision
                                                 Medical Center at Mount Zion, one of
                                                 the central learning facilities at the
                                                 Mount Zion campus has recently under-
                                                 gone a complete renovation. Originally
                                                                                                  ration using topics in health science
                                                                                                  and health care. OLLI is designed for
                                                                                                  both working and retired people age 50
                                                                                                  and over, a population that is expected
they can do something to make a dif-
                                                 funded with a grant from the Herbst              to double by 2020 in the Bay Area.
ference. This past year MZHF made
                                                 Foundation, Herbst Hall has been home
grants to several small non-profit orga-                                                                Drawing on the expertise of UCSF
                                                 to countless lectures and educational
nizations that are making a difference                                                            faculty, the curricular format will
                                                 programs over the years. Although still
by providing free or low-cost health                                                              include a series of six-week courses
                                                 in regular use, the lecture hall’s techno-
care to individuals and families in need                                                          which start in early October and are
                                                 logy had not been upgraded to keep
                                                                                                  offered throughout the year. The series
                                                 pace with the times. Medical staff and
                                                                                                  begins with a course focused on forensic
                                                 students alike will benefit from its refur-
                                                                                                  medicine. Tuition for each course is
                                                 bishing which provided state-of-the-art
                                                                                                  $75.00, and scholarships are available
                                                 teaching technology as well as new
                                                                                                  for low-income participants.
                                                 seating, lighting and aesthetic elements.
                                                                                                        For more information please call
                                                       The inaugural use for the “new”
                                                                                                  Sandy Gettys, program coordinator, at
                                                 Herbst Hall will be a series of lectures
                                                                                                  415-476-3438, visit OLLI’s website:
                                                 under the direction of the Osher
                                                                                        , or email
                                                 Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI).
                                                 With a major start-up grant from the
                                                 Bernard Osher Foundation, and addi-                    Plans are underway to offer cur-
        Women’s Community Clinic                 tional funding from Mount Zion                   rent film showings at Herbst Hall. These
     volunteers run a lab test for a client      Health Fund, UCSF has developed the              will be open to the community. Informa-
                                                 OLLI, whose mission is to encourage              tion will be available in the late fall. s
of services. Grants were made to:
Women’s Community Clinic to expand
their Street Outreach Project which                  NEW DIRECTOR AND
provides information, health and well-               OFFICERS ELECTED
ness supplies to women living and
working on the streets in San Fran-
cisco; Jewish Community Free Clinic              A    t its annual meeting last June, the
                                                      MZHF Board elected three new
                                                 officers and one new director. David
of Sonoma County to support their
planned expansion and increased ser-             Agger, who has served on the Board for
vices for low-income and uninsured               three years, was elected President. Sari          MZHF Board officers at June’s annual meeting:
individuals, specifically children; and           Swig was named Vice President, Alan                    (l to r) Alan Rothenberg, Treasurer;
                                                                                                   David Agger, President; Arlene Singer, Secretary;
Operation Access to recruit new volun-           Rothenberg, Treasurer and Arlene Singer
                                                                                                              Sari Swig, Vice President.
teers, hospitals and... continued on page 2      continues as Secretary. continued on back page
                  Resources for a Healthy Community

                   Current Economy Prompts                                                           BEHIND THE SCIENCE:
                   Meeting of Health Grantmakers                                                           Profile of a
                                                                                                        Young Investigator

    I   n early summer, Mount Zion                and directors at the meeting included
        Health Fund CEO, Ann Lazarus,             representatives from The California                              Born in San Mateo, and
        met with colleagues from the Bay          Endowment, California Wellness                                   growing up on the Penin-
    Area health funding community to com-         Foundation, the Richard and Rhoda                                sula, James L. Rubenstein,
    pare notes on the trends and challenges       Goldman Fund, The Health Trust,                                  MD, PhD, was never too
    of making health grants in today’s eco-       John Muir / Mt. Diablo Community                                 ,
                                                                                                     far from UCSF where today he conducts
    nomy. Below, Ann shares highlights            Health Fund, Lucile Packard Founda-                research in the neurologic complica-
    from the meeting and how MZHF is              tion for Children’s Health, McKesson               tions of cancer and treating tumors of
    impacted by current trends.                   Foundation, Peninsula Community                    the brain. James is one of several
      “Our meeting touched on many                Foundation, the San Francisco Foun-                young cancer researchers who have
    topics, including the impact of the cur-      dation, Y&H Soda Foundation, and                   received a two-year Clinical Investiga-
    rent economic environment on grantees;        the United Way of the Bay Area. They               tor Research Program (CIRP) fellowship
    our responses to changes in the needs of      will meet again in September for a                 grant funded by Mount Zion Health
    our grantees; recent shifts in funding        dialogue on relevant state and local               Fund, designed to provide research
    priorities as well as strategies, and new     ballot measures. s                                 support at a project’s inception. The
    opportunities for health funders to work                                                         purpose of these grants is to sustain
                                                  “Access to Care” continued from front page
    together in their grantmaking.                                                                   promising investigations before the
      Several common themes emerged.                                                                 data is acquired that is essential for
    One is the need to make smaller grants,                                                          obtaining extramural funding.
    approved more quickly, when key
                                                                                                         James notes that for someone with
    health safety net organizations require
                                                                                                     his research interests, the draw to UCSF
    immediate help with core operating
                                                                                                     was strong. “UCSF offered me an arena
    expenses. Additionally, we discussed the
                                                                                                     in which pivotal discoveries on the
    priority of ensuring that health care is
                                                                                                     subjects of oncogenes, cell cycle regula-
    accessible for those most vulnerable in
                                                                                                     tion, and basic cell biology were being
    our community, and the need to support
    projects designed to enroll and retain                                                           realized in parallel with incipient plans
                                                      Robin Lowitz, MD, volunteer family physician   for a Comprehensive Cancer Center. It
    individuals in health insurance plans.               and founder of the Jewish Community
                                                        Free Clinic of Sonoma County, checks a       also offered an incredibly rich clinical
      MZHF has been affected by the cur-              young patient at the recent opening of their   training program, and an outstanding
    rent economic climate, right along                           new Pediatric Clinic.
                                                                                                     tradition and program in Neuro-
    with these other major health funders.
                                                  clinics as partners in their work pro-             Oncology.”
    Less money to grant, due to reduced
    income from our endowment, has                viding free surgeries to the uninsured.                Arriving in 1995 as a clinical fellow,
    meant greater scrutiny in recent grant-          Each of these programs has a small              he is now Assistant Professor, Hema-
    making cycles. Our Board members              staff working in tandem with a large               tology/Oncology and his focus is on
    want to ensure the closest fit between         group of committed professional and                central nervous system lymphomas.
    our organization’s mission and the            lay volunteers. Mount Zion Health                  James comments, “This is a challenging
    applicant. In some cases, we have also        Fund is pleased to assist these dedi-              disease to treat, but it can also be extra-
    reduced the size of our grants in order       cated health care providers in their               ordinarily gratifying. When I began my
    to assist more organizations.”                efforts to increase access to care for             research in this field there was very
     In addition to MZHF program officers          underserved community members. s                   limited biological... continued on next page
               Resources for a Healthy Community

What‘s                                         cancer patients, makes these next few
                                               years exciting ones for Mount Zion’s
                                                                                                    Zion campus today or in its future?
                                                                                                    Dr. Pearl: 1) UCSF’s commitment to
Happening at THE                               growth and service to the community.
                                                                                                    open 50 inpatient beds, seven Intensive
Mount Zion: BIG                                MZHF: We know that philanthropic                     Care Unit beds, and eight operating
                                               support is needed to fully realize this              rooms for the Comprehensive Cancer

                               PICTURE         vision, and MZHF is pleased to be a                  Center surgery program, along with the
                                               funding partner. Would you explain                   migration of 15 UCSF surgeons to the
        here have been significant             the peer review process that was initi-              Mount Zion campus. 2) The renovation of
        changes at Mount Zion Hos-             ated to evaluate grant requests and                  Herbst Hall and the new programs to be
        pital over the past several            make funding recommendations to                      offered there, such as the Osher Lifelong
years, and more are on the horizon.            MZHF?                                                Learning Institute seminars (note: see
Mount Zion Health Fund recently                                                                     first page story), and the once-a-month
                                               Dr. Pearl: A grant request system has
interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Pearl,                                                                      showing of current films which will be
                                               been put in place that allows proposals to
Associate Dean, UCSF Medical Center                                                                 open to the community, including our
                                               be made by anyone on campus, four
at Mount Zion, to get a perspective                                                                 neighbors, the residents of Rhoda Gold-
                                               times per year. Since this process began
on the current plans and the chal-                                                                  man Plaza. 3) UCSF staff moving to
                                               three years ago, we have evaluated more
lenges ahead.                                                                                       Mount Zion campus and seeing what a
                                               than 120 proposals. These requests must
                                                                                                    wonderful place this is. In addition to
MZHF: You’ve been associated with              meet certain criteria, including demon-
                                                                                                    these three, I would also mention our
Mount Zion for 25 years, as surgeon,           strating benefits to the community and to
                                                                                                    beautifully designed Meditation Room,
Chief of Staff, and now Associate              the Mount Zion campus. They are judged
                                                                                                    which continues to be well-utilized by
Dean. Please share with us your vision         by a peer group that I put together –
                                                                                                    patients, staff and visitors alike.
of Mount Zion for the next few years.          tough critics who have turned down as
                                               many proposals as they have approved.                MZHF: What would you tell a patient
Dr. Pearl: Although Mount Zion no              Their selections are presented to the                whose doctor has referred him or her
longer has the inpatient focus for which it    MZHF Board of Directors where they                   to Mount Zion?
was known historically, it has evolved         are again examined for their consistency
into a significant comprehensive out-                                                                Dr. Pearl: This is a world class hospital
                                               with the mission and funding criteria for
patient center with a focus on cancer,                                                              that also has a heart. As former UCSF
                                               MZHF support.
women's health, and integrative medicine.                                                           Medical School Dean Haile Debas was
Plans for an increasing range of services      MZHF: What are three things you                      always fond of saying, “Mount Zion is
on an inpatient basis, particularly for        are most excited about at the Mount                  where the nurses tuck you in.” s

“Behind the Science” continued from page 2                                                              In the years ahead, James envisions
information regarding this disease and                                                              a thriving research program which
therapeutic options for patients diag-                                                              investigates the biological properties
nosed with this condition remain                                                                    of tumors which involve the brain,
limited. This was a natural area to                                                                 and advances our current means of
develop because of my experience in                                                                 diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring
both Hematology/Oncology and in                                                                     response to treatment. In the scarce
Neuro-Oncology. In my work, I hope                                                                  free time outside his research work,
to begin to understand the basis for                                                                James enjoys listening to music, play-
the strikingly different outcomes that                                                              ing sports and living in San Francisco
we encounter in the clinic: why some              James L. Rubenstein, M.D., Ph.D. (right) and      with his wife, Nicky. He adds, “I would
patients exhibit excellent responses           research associate, Arthur Shen, take a break from   like to thank Mount Zion Health
                                               their lab work focused on diagnosis and treatment
to therapy and why other patients fail                                                              Fund for their pivotal early support of
                                                      of central nervous system lymphomas
to respond to treatment.”                                                                           my work.” s
        A          The following list
                   includes memorial
                                         Rhoda Goldman Cancer Care Fund
                                         Ms. Esther Gray
                                                                           Mrs. Robert Lilienthal
                                                                           Mrs. Harriet Lloyd
Tradition          and tribute contri-
                                         Kerner Cancer Research
                                                                           Makovsky & Company Inc.
                                                                           Ms. Carol Mandour
                   butions received by
        of         Mount Zion Health
                                          and Education Fund               Ms. Esther Mann
                                                                           Mrs. June Meibergen
                   Fund from January 1   Mr. and Mrs. William M. Brinton
  Giving           through June 30,      Mothers’ Living Stories Project
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Warren S. Michael
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Burton Miller
                   2003. These com-                                        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Navarra
                                         Eva Chernov Lokey
 memorative gifts continue a legacy of                                     Mr. and Mrs. Howard Oser
 giving which dates back to the ori-     Mount Zion                        Mr. Stanley C. Pearle
 gins of Mount Zion Hospital in 1887.     Medical Staff Library Fund       Mr. and Mrs. Gene Phelps
                                                                           Mrs. Maxine Pollak
 Mount Zion Health Fund is honored       Mrs. Maria Ury
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rantz
 to carry on this tradition, ensuring    Dr. and Mrs. Vadim Kvitash
                                                                           Mrs. Shirley Rich
 that these gifts are used to improve                                      Ms. Wanda P. Ross
 the health of our community. We         Mount Zion Health Fund
                                                                           Mrs. Nadine Rushakoff
                                          Unrestricted Fund
 thank our friends and supporters for                                      Ms. Vicki Rushakoff
 their generosity.                       Ms. Mabel Moses                    and Mr. Michael Weiner
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Samuel
 Art for Recovery                        Dr. Milton Pearl Fund             San Mateo Sheriff's Emergency Services
 Ms. Lisa E. Anderson                    Mrs. Barbara L. Harris            Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schine
 Ms. Lorraine M. Anderson                Mrs. Helen L. Pearl               Mrs. June Shane
 Brandeis Hillel Day School                                                Dr. and Mrs. Marcus Shimoff
  Student Council (San Rafael)           Dr. Ernest Rosenbaum              Mr. and Mrs. Alan Sigel
 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cellini                Cancer Research Fund             Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Siver and Family
 Mrs. Jane Garypie                       Mr. Lowell Adelson                Dr. Raymond Sommer
 Dr. Amnon Goodman                       Ms. Leslie Anixter                Mrs. Marian Soss
  and Dr. Abigail Caplin                 Mrs. Rosalie Anixter              Ms. Beryl Sperling
 ALICE@97.3                              Ms. Roma M. Auerback              Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Stamper
  (Infinity Broadcasting Corporation)     Ms. Joyce Dinslage                Mr. Irving C. Sugarman
 Johnson & Johnson                       Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar Averell       Sunset Glass, Inc.
 KKSF FM 103.7                           Mrs. Chrys A. Bicicchi            Veyes Opticians
 Ms. Anne M. Marino                      Mrs. Samuel Blatteis              Mr. Rose Warshauer
 Ms. Caroline A. Priestley               Mr. and Mrs. Joel Bennett         Mr. and Mrs. David Weill
 Ms. Mary Rooney and Mr. Dan Noreen      Mrs. Fay H. Benson                Mrs. Betty J. Weiss
 Ms. Kathryn Roth and Mr. Bill Kennedy   Mrs. Inge Berliner                Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Woolfe
 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Sigel                 Mrs. Sally Berman                 Mrs. Jean Zemel
 Theta Delta Xi Gamma Chapter            Mrs. Leatrice Bohne               Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zigman
 Mr. and Mrs. Murry Waldman              Drs. Chan, Kwan, and
                                          Chan - Albuquerque               Dr. Herman H. Uhley Research Fund
 Cherin Diabetes Education Fund
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Tony Chan            Mr. Donald L. Phillips
 Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Ameling             Barbara Donaldson and Family
 Mrs. Inge Berliner                      Mr. and Mrs. Byron Eisenberg      Zena Gross Greenstrand
 Mr. and Mrs. Allan Byer                 Mr. Ben Eisler                     Memorial Fund
 Mr. and Mrs. James Candler              Elkco Optical                     Ms. Noreen Anosov
 Miss Lurline Drake                      Mr. Arthur Engelbrecht            Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gross
 Mr. and Mrs. Hy Foreman                 Ms. Helen M. Epstein              Mr. and Mrs. David Zeff
 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Glickfeld           Mr. and Mrs. Hy Foreman
 Mrs. Rose Goldman                       Ms. Elizabeth Francisco
 Mr. and Mrs. John Gurney                Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ganapol
 Dr. Arlene Krouzian                     Mrs. Daniel T. Goldberg
 Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Lapkin             Ms. Sylvia M. Goldblatt
 Mr. and Mrs. Saul Madfes                Mr. and Mrs. John Gonella               Please visit our website:
 Mr. and Mrs. John O'Connell             Ms. Doris Grasshoff
 Mr. Dominic Oliveri                     Mr. Alvin Guthertz
 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Oser                Mr. and Mrs. George Hochman              and learn more about
 Mr. and Mrs. Byron Samuel               Ms. Ruth Horenstein                   MZHF’s funding priorities,
 Ms. Joan Spaulding                      Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hutchins
 Naomi Talkov and Family
                                                                                     guidelines and
                                         Mr. and Mrs. John Koerner
 Allen Weiner and Family                 Mr. and Mrs. Murray Kotlove            application procedures,
                                         Mrs. Inge Lehmann                     listings of grants recently
 Harold Dobbs                            Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lelyveld
  Cancer Research Fund                                                            approved, and other
                                         Ms. Irma S. Levin
 Mrs. Annette Dobbs                      Mrs. Marian Levy                          helpful information.
 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Dobbs                 Ms. Frederica L. Lewis

2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 3 T R U S T & S P E C I A L F U N D S S U M M A RY O F G R A N T S
    Patient Care
S. F. General Hospital Foundation          To support the renovation of the women’s imaging center                       $246,000
UCSF at Mount Zion Women’s Health          For the reconstruction of the Pavilion Building to house women’s health         116,000
                                           To develop a program for the Center for Pelvic Floor Disorders                   35,000
UCSF at Mount Zion Center for               For continued support for this multidisciplinary care and research program 85,000
 Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center           For programming at the Cancer Resource Center                                    50,000
                                           For outreach, education, and genetic testing for high risk Russian émigrés       10,000
Women’s Community Clinic                   Two-year grant to expand the Street Outreach Project                             40,000
UCSF at Mount Zion Center on Aging To extend the Housecalls program providing home care to frail elders                     35,000
Huckleberry Youth Programs                 To continue their planning efforts for the Cole Street Clinic                    35,000
UCSF at Mount Zion                         For inauguration of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Herbst Hall         25,000
UCSF at Mount Zion                         To develop an interactive CD for patient treatment information                   21,000
Jewish Community Free Clinic               For expansion of services in Sonoma County to include a pediatric clinic         15,000
UCSF at Mount Zion                         To purchase medical kits for the school sports injury outreach program           15,000
Operation Access                           To expand availability of surgical care for the uninsured                        10,000

UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center           For a two-year research project in colorectal cancer                            100,000
                                           For a two-year research project in pancreatic cancer                            100,000
                                           For research in mesothelioma                                                     25,000
Osher Center for Integrative Medicine To undertake an ethnographic pilot study of integrative medicine                      50,000
                                           To undertake a breath therapy pilot study                                        48,000

                                           This partial listing includes awards approved by the Directors during Fiscal Year 2002-03
                                           from Board discretionary and other funds, as well as selected significant awards from donor-
                                           advised funds, and does not include payments on multi-year capital pledges.

2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 3 S U M M A RY F I N A N C I A L D ATA
Support & Revenue                                          Assets
Contributions                      $1,347,000              Cash                                 $    14,000
Interest & Dividend Income          1,266,000              Investments, at fair value            45,256,000
Other Income                          207,000              Other Assets                             260,000
                                   $2,820,000              Total Assets                                              $ 45,530,000
Expenditures                                               Liabilities & Net Assets
Grants By Fund Category:                                   Short-term Liabilities                                    $       22,000
 Patient Care                  $ 421,000                   Restricted Net Assets:
 Education                         82,000                    Patient Care                 10,071,000
 Research                         974,000                    Education                     2,051,000
 Advised                        1,894,000                    Research                      9,836,000
 Unrestricted                     221,000                    Advised                      11,139,000
Custodial & Investment Related    285,000                  Total Restricted Net Assets                                 33,097,000
Grants Management                 232,000                  Unrestricted Net Assets                                     12,411,000
                               $4,109,000                  Total Liabilities & Net Assets                             $45,530,000
   TRUST &                                                   Milton Meyer Teaching Fund
                                                             Patricia Brown Memorial Fund
                                                                                                                      Dr. Milton Pearl Fund
                                                                                                                      Dr. Rubin L. Gold Memorial Fund
   SP E C I A L F U N D S                                    Rhoda and Richard Goldman Fund                           Dr. Weinstein Education and Long-Term
                                                             Schwartz Education and Travel Fund                         Care Fund
   PATIENT CARE FUNDS                                                                                                 Gerson R. Biskind Pathology Research
                                                         RESEARCH FUNDS                                                 Lab Fund
       Alice and Sidney Schwartz Patient Fund
                                                             Frederick J. Hellman Fund                                Gospe, Herzog, Weil, and Domush Fund
       Berthold and Belle Guggenhime Fund
                                                             General Research Fund                                    Harold Dobbs Cancer Research Fund
       Blanche B. Goldman Newborn Prenatal
                                                             Gilda H. and Irving L. Mayer Fund                        James K. Edmund Memorial Fund
         Care Fund
                                                             Gladys Bass Fund for Biomedical Research                 Janet S. Landfear Memorial Fund
       Cardiovascular Patient and Family
                                                             Harold Brunn Institute Endowment Fund                    Judith Swig Parker Memorial Fund
         Care Fund
                                                             Herbert L. Cook Memorial Fund                            Julian Davis Lectureship Fund
       Children's Caring Fund
                                                             Loraine M. Newman Research Fund                          Julius R. Krevans Fund
       Claire Zellerbach Saroni Memorial
                                                             Lucie Stern Trust Fund                                   Katherine H. Bercovici Memorial Fund
        Tumor Institute Fund
                                                             Pearl B. Jacobs Trust Fund                               Kerner Cancer Research and
       Clinic Fund
                                                             Rhoda Goldman Cancer Research Fund                         Education Fund
       Dorothy and Edwyn Garfield Fund
                                                                                                                      Kidney Dialysis Fund
       Dr. Jacob Abouav Cardiac Fund
       Edgar M. Kahn Memorial Fund
                                                          ADVISED FUNDS                                               Marlene Spitz Cancer Fund
                                                                                                                      May and Ben Shane Fund
       Gustav and Rose Schmelzer Outpatient                  Art For Recovery Fund
         Clinic Fund                                                                                                  Medical Staff Library Fund
                                                             Cutaneous Oncology Fund
       Harriet Ornstein Memorial Fund                                                                                 Melanoma Center Fund
                                                             Cherin Diabetes Education Fund
       Harry and Betty Curzon Endowment Fund                                                                          Munsella and Goody Gensler
                                                             Dan Geller Memorial Research Fund
       Irene B. Dernham Fund                                                                                            Memorial Fund
                                                             Department of Medicine Fund
       Irma H. Reyman Memorial Fund                                                                                             .
                                                                                                                      Richard F and Maria B. Ury
                                                             Diabetes Research Fund
       Julian Meyer Cardiovascular Fund                                                                                 Endowment Fund
                                                             Dr. Alan B. Glassberg Cancer Fund
       Rhoda Goldman Cancer Care Fund                                                                                             .
                                                                                                                      Robert H. F and Barbara H. Smith Fund
                                                             Dr. Alan Rosenberg Fund
       Zena Gross Greenstrand Memorial Fund                                                                           Ruth and Ben Colloff Tumor
                                                             Dr. Allan Teranishi Fellowship Fund
                                                                                                                        Research Fund
                                                             Dr. Ernest Rosenbaum Cancer
   EDUCATION FUNDS                                            Research Fund
                                                                                                                      Stephen and Lillian Stuart Fund
       Alice and Samuel Lilienthal                           Dr. Harris M. Fishbon Fund
                                                             Dr. Harvey Salans Patient Care Fund
                                                                                                                  BOARD DISCRETIONARY
         Memorial Fund
       Blumberg Loan Fund                                    Dr. Herman H. Uhley Research Fund                        Mae Swig Memorial Fund
       Dr. Julius Rosenstirn Scholarship Fund                Dr. Jay Gershow Cancer Research Fund                     Mark Berke Memorial Fund
       Jacob Smith Surgical Lab Fund                         Dr. Lawrence Margolis Radiation                          Martin Diamond Fund
       Louis and Amelia Bloch Memorial Fund                   Oncology Fund                                           Melville Marx Memorial Fund
       Mabel E. Brush Endowment Fund                         Dr. Leonard D. Rosenman Fund                             MZHF Unrestricted Fund

                                                        “New Officers” continued from front page
   BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2003-04                               Didier Perez was elected to the
   Officers: David Agger President                     Board for a three-year term. Mr. Perez
             Sari Swig Vice President                  has been serving as a member of the
             Arlene Singer Secretary                   MZHF Investment Committee. He is
             Alan Rothenberg Treasurer
                                                       responsible for Corporate and Busi-
   Directors: Harvey Brody, D.D.S.
                                                       ness Development at Investigen, a
              Stephen M. Dobbs, Ph.D.
              Ann Lazarus                              molecular diagnostic company located
              Susan Lowenberg                          in the East Bay. He is also Managing
              David H. Melnick                         Partner of Inovation Ventures LLC, a                              Former MZHF Board President
              Robert T. Mendle, M.D.
                                                       venture capital firm specializing in                          Stephen Dobbs (left) converses with new
              Jeffrey Pearl, M.D.                                                                                            director Didier Perez
              Didier Perez                             start-up and early stage companies.
              Robert Sockolov
                                                             We are also pleased to welcome                      were Richard Baum, John Blumlein,
              Bruce Spaulding
              Joelle Steefel                           Robert Sockolov, the new Board Chair                      Ernest J. Ring, M.D. and Paul Siegel.
              Margaret Tempero, M.D.                   for the Institute on Aging, who replaces                  Each gave many years of service and
              Joan Trauner, Ph.D.                      Amy Zellerbach.
              Harold Zlot                                                                                        we greatly appreciate the time and
                                                             Retiring from the Board in June                     energy they devoted as directors. s

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