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                  Past Chairs of the San Antonio Bar Foundation
2003– 2004    Abigail G. Kampmann              1994 – 1995   Ron Bird
2002 – 2003   Thomas H. Veitch                 1993 – 1994   Robert A. Price, IV
2001 – 2002   Jill Torbert                     1992 – 1993   Raul E. Guerra
2000 – 2001   Diann M. Bartek                  1991 – 1992   Robert A. Allen
1999 – 2000   Michael J. Black                 1990 – 1991   Honorable Raul Rivera
1998 – 1999   Sara E. Dysart                   1989 – 1990   Stanley D. Rosenberg
1997 – 1998   Frank B. Burney                  1988 – 1989   Honorable Edward C. Prado
1996 – 1997   Jane E. Bockus                   1986 – 1988   Dan A. Naranjo
1995 – 1996   William Lewis Sessions           1985 – 1986   Honorable Fred Shannon

     San Antonio Bar Foundation Officers and Trustees for 2004-2005
Laurie A. Weiss, Chair                       Joseph Casseb, Vice Chair
Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.                  Goode Casseb Jones Riklin Choate & Watson, P.C

Jo Chris Lopez, Treasurer                    Jon D. Lowe, Secretary
Shaddox, Compere, Walraven & Good, P.C.      Martin, Drought & Torres, Inc.

Board of Trustees
Camille Alexander                 Roy R. Barrera, Jr.                Robert C. Cowan, Jr.
J. P. Morgan Chase                Nicholas & Barrera, P.C.           Robert C. Cowan, Jr., Inc.

Jennifer G. Durbin                Wayne I. Fagan                     Malinda A. Gaul
Allen, Stein & Durbin, P.C.       Glast, Phillips & Murray, P.C.     Gaul and Dumont
Harriet Marmon Helmle             Van G. Hilley                      Pamela B. Huff
Frost Bank Financial              Goldstein, Goldstein & Hilley      Cox Smith Matthews
Management Services                                                  Incorporated
Elizabeth J. Lindell             Brig. Gen. Ret. M. Scott Magers     Clyde “Skip” McCormick, II
Prichard Hawkins & Young, L.L.P. Attorney-Mediator                   The McCormick Firm

Renée F. McElhaney                Lawrence E. Noll                   Manuel Pelaez-Prada
Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated   Noll & Noll                        Toyota Motor Manufacturing
                                                                     North America, Inc.
Hon. Xavier Rodriguez
United States District Judge      Wade B. Shelton                    Annalyn G. Smith
Western District of Texas         Shelton & Valadez, P.C.            Bracewell & Giuliani L.L.P.

Hon. John J. Specia, Jr.          Dr. Julian H. Trevino              Gilbert Vara, Jr.
Judge, 225th District Court       Pres., SAISD Bd .of Education      Gilbert Vara, Jr. Law Office
Immediate Past Chair              Ex Officio                          Honorary Chair
Abigail G. Kampmann               Justice Karen Angelini             Hon. Solomon Casseb, Jr.
The Performance Companies         Justice, Fourth Court of Appeals   Senior District Judge
Dear Fellows, Friends, and Supporters of the San Antonio Bar Foundation:

It is with great pride and a sense of accomplishment that your 2004-2005
Board of Trustees provides this Annual Report of the San Antonio Bar
Foundation. The Report focuses on events, activities, and charitable
contributions during fiscal year 2004-2005; recipients of the 2005
Peacemaker Awards; and our generous contributors and Fellows.

Broadly stated, the Foundation’s mission is to promote justice through
educational and charitable activities. The Foundation has carried out
this mission faithfully through the hard work and dedication of countless
individuals. It is you – the Fellows and the many volunteers who give
selflessly of your time, energy, and other resources – who have insured the growth and success of the
Foundation as a vehicle for giving back to and improving our community. Through your commitment
and generosity, legal barriers have been overcome and doors have been opened to the underserved.
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you do for the Foundation and our community.

The Foundation’s membership is strong and vibrant, with almost 500 distinguished Fellows, including
136 Life Fellows and 74 Sustaining Life Fellows. In its 21st year, the Foundation donated over $54,000
in charitable gifts to worthy programs and organizations, including the Community Justice Program,
the San Antonio Bar Association’s award-winning pro bono program. In addition to a significant giving
program, the Foundation also transferred $75,000 to the endowment fund for future giving. Through
annual contributions to the endowment fund since 2000, and through prudent investment strategies
managed by Frost Bank, the endowment fund is now over $500,000. This significant benchmark takes
your Foundation more than half way toward its goal of building the endowment for future giving to a
minimum of one million dollars by 2011, while maintaining a high level of support for the community at
the same time. In the past 5 years, the Foundation has contributed over $375,000 to the endowment fund
for future giving and over $450,000 for charity.

In addition to the above, highlights of the year include:
         • restructuring of the Foundation’s fundraising events to hold the Annual Fun Run/Walk in the
             Fall of the year when the weather is picture perfect for a run;
         • establishment with the San Antonio Bar Association and other legal organizations of a Pro
             Bono Task Force to review and make recommendations regarding the provision of pro bono
             services in our community;
         • a record 2005 Peacemaker Awards Gala during which Susan Ives, Diane Tilly
             (posthumously), Nancy Taylor Shivers, SBC Communications Inc., and Churchill High
             School were honored;
         • People’s Law School at which 130 attendees were served; and
         • monthly pro bono Wills Clinic serving 245 people with the help of almost 200 volunteer

It was my great privilege to serve as 2004-2005 Chair of the San Antonio Bar Foundation in its 21st year.
You can be proud of the Foundation’s accomplishments to date, and the future is even more exciting.

                                                 Laurie A. Weiss
                                                 2004-2005 Chair of the Board of Trustees
                                                 San Antonio Bar Foundation
                           EVENTS AND FUNDRAISERS
                             FISCAL YEAR 2004-2005

Installation Dinner
The joint installation of officers, directors, and trustees of the San Antonio Bar Foundation and the San
Antonio Bar Association occurs in September of each year. The Installation Dinner was held at the Sky
Room of the University of the Incarnate Word on September 18, 2004. The funds raised by the San Antonio
Bar Foundation and San Antonio Bar Association benefited the Community Justice Program (CJP), which
provides legal services to the disadvantaged and low-income people in Bexar County and surrounding
areas. Net proceeds of approximately $24,000 benefited the Community Justice Program.

Jimmy Allison, Director of the San Antonio Bar Association
receives his award for 50 years of service to Bexar County.
From left to right: Joe Casseb, Jimmy Allison, Judge Fred
Biery, Henry Christopher, Jr., and Annalisa Biery.

                                          Abigail Kampmann, outgoing Foundation chair, Laurie
                                          Weiss, incoming Foundation chair, and Danielle Hargrove
                                          enjoy the installation dinner.
Law Day
On May 6, 2005, the San Antonio Bar Foundation and the San Antonio Bar Association celebrated the annual
Law Day luncheon at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter. A National Law Day, officially designated by a
joint resolution of Congress in 1961, is defined as “a special day focusing on our heritage of liberty under the
law.” The theme of this year’s Law Day was “The American Jury: We the People in Action.” The keynote
speaker was Mark S. Curriden, a noted author, legal journalist and Senior Communications Counsel for
Vinson & Elkins, L.L.P. in Dallas. MrCurriden gave a presentation based on his book, Contempt of Court:
A Turn of the Century Lynching that Launched 100 Years of Federalism.

Joe Frazier Brown, Sr. Awards were presented to Charles L. Smith, a Foundation Fellow, and the late Judge
Bill White. The son of Judge White, John White, accepted the award for his father. The Liberty Bell Award
was awarded to the Foundation’s own Carolyn G. Thurmond. We are very proud that the San Antonio
Young Lawyers recognized Carolyn Thurmond for her service to the legal community and her role as a
good will ambassador for all of us in the larger community. The Outstanding Young Lawyers Award was
awarded to Ramon A. Molina. The Bexar County Women’s Bar Association presented the St. Mary’s Single
Parent Scholarship to Sister Grace Walle for her program at St. Mary’s.

                                                                       Charles L. Smith accepts his Joe
                                                                       Frazier Brown, Sr. Award

John White receives the Joe Frazier Brown, Sr. Award for his
father, Judge Bill White, from Judge Joe Frazier Brown, Jr.
                       INSTALLATION DINNER
                            San Antonio Bar Association
                            San Antonio Bar Foundation
Title Sponsors
Valero Energy Corporation

Platinum Sponsors
Bracewell & Patterson, L.L.P.
Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated
Lang & Kustoff, L.L.P.
Jackson Walker, L.L.P
Plunkett & Gibson, Inc.

Gold Sponsors
Justice Karen A. and Judge Raymond C. Angelini
Bexar County Women’s Bar Association
Branton & Hall, P.C.
Brock & Person, P.C.
Clark, Thomas & Winters
Clemens & Spencer
Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.
Glast, Philips & Murray, P.C.
Goldstein, Goldstein & Hilley and Hasdorff & Convery, P.C.
Goode Casseb Jones Riklin Choate & Watson, P.C.
Haynes and Boone, L.L.P.
Holland & Knight L.L.P.
Ihfe & Associates, P.C.
                                                             Congressman Charles Gonzalez,
Jenkens & Gilchrist, P.C.                                    Jr. and Beth and Joe Casseb enjoy
Langley & Banack, Inc.                                       the festivities at the Installation
Oppenheimer, Blend, Harrison & Tate, Inc.                    Dinner.
Dan and Judge Karen Pozza
Rodriguez & Ketterman
San Antonio Bar Association, Real Estate Section
San Antonio Bar Foundation
San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association
Nissa M. Sanders
Shelton & Valadez, P.C.
Snow & Laurel, L.L.P.
St. Mary’s University School of Law and
        St. Mary’s Law School Alumni Association
                                 LAW DAY 2005
                           San Antonio Bar Association
                           San Antonio Bar Foundation

Allen, Stein & Durbin, P.C.
Bexar County Women’s Bar Foundation
Bracewell & Giuliani L.L.P.
Branton & Hall, P.C.
Brock & Person, P.C.
Casseb & Pearl, Inc.
Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated
Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.
Goode Casseb Jones Riklin Choate & Watson, P.C.
Sue Hall
H. E. Butt Grocery Company
Leslie Sara Hyman and Marialyn Barnard
Holland & Knight L.L.P.
Jenkens & Gilchrist, P.C.
Langley & Banack, Inc.
Justice Sandee Bryan Marion and
        Judge Polly Jackson Spencer                   Carolyn Thurmond, Recipient
Mexican-American Bar Association                      2005 Liberty Bell Award
Rudy and Susan Monsalvo
Nicholas & Barrera, P.C.
Fidel Rodriguez
San Antonio Bar Association,
        Family Law Section
San Antonio Bar Association,
        Litigation Section
San Antonio Bar Association,
        Real Estate Section
San Antonio Bar Foundation
San Antonio Young Lawyers Association
St. Mary’s University School of Law and
        St. Mary’s Law School Alumni Association
Thornton, Biechlin, Segrato, Renolds & Guerra, L.C.
Watts Law Firm

                                                      Ramon Molina, winner of the
                                                      Outstanding Young Lawyer Award
Peacemaker Awards Gala
The San Antonio Bar Foundation created the Peacemaker Award in 1995 to celebrate and honor individuals
who are engaged in anti-violence initiatives and peacemaking efforts in our community. Since the first
awards were conveyed in 1995, the Peacemaker Awards have honored “unsung heroes” in our community
who have promoted non-violent resolutions to community conflicts. The San Antonio Bar Foundation is
committed to community-based efforts to minimize conflict and provide forums and methods to resolve
disputes in a peaceful manner. Among other initiatives, the Foundation supports conflict resolution programs
in area schools through the Amigos in Mediation program operated by the Bexar County Dispute Resolution

Proceeds from the Peacemaker Awards Gala are used to support the Amigos in Mediation Peer Mediation
Program (AIM) and other charitable and educational activities of the Foundation.

The Honor Roll of past Peacemaker recipients illustrates one of the purposes of the Peacemakers Gala:
                               To Encourage and Honor Peacemaking

    Rev. Claude Black               Christian “Gloria” Kehl
    Patricia Castillo               Mary Moreno
    Joyce Coleman                   Thomas H. Preston, Sr.
    Timothy Edward Duda             Tony Segovia
    Wayne I. Fagan                  Southside Independent
    Amy E. Hartman                  School District
    Rev. Ann Helmke                 Rev. G. Alex Steinmiller
    Rabbi David Jacobson            Dr. Louis Zbinden
    Katie Jones

                    Recent Past Recipients
    2002 Pioneer Peacemaker Awards:
    Rev. Buckner Fanning and Archbishop Patrick Flores            From left, Dr. Louis Zbinden, Laurie
                                                                  Weiss and Ed Whitacre
    2002 Peacemaker Awards:
    Beverly Watts Davis and Officer John Mills

From left, Officer John Mills and Beverly                           From left, Archbishop Patrick Flores
Watts Davis                                                        and Rev. Buckner Fanning
2003 Peacemaker Awards:
Ana Arredondo, Barbara Gorelick
and Sister Martha Ann Kirk, Th.D.

2004 Peacemaker Awards:
Tracy Wolff, Peacemaker Award
Frost National Bank, Corporate Community Service Award
Cheryl McMullan, Lawyer Community Service Award
Harris Middle School, School Peer Mediation Award

                                                                          Tracy Wolff,
                                                                        2004 Peacemaker

                             2005 PEACEMAKER AWARDS
The Foundation held its annual Peacemaker Awards Gala on April 1, 2005, at the San Antonio Museum of
Art. The Foundation honored Susan Ives with the 2005 Peacemaker Award; SBC Communications with
the Corporate Community Award; Winston Churchill High School with the School Peer Mediation Award;
and Nancy Shivers with the Individual Community Service Award. A special Peacemaker Award for 2005
was given posthumously to Diane Tilly.

I.      Individual Peacemaker Award Recipient – Susan Ives
                          Susan Ives spends her life stressing the importance of seeking non-violent
                          solutions in our community. She uses her roles as a weekly columnist for the San
                          Antonio Express-News and as an Advocate for the peaceCENTER to achieve
                          these goals. Her focus on the Palestinian conflict serves to remind all of us that
                          there are two sides to every argument. She encourages people to listen to those
                          with whom we usually disagree, to shed our prejudices and walk in another’s
                          shoes, and to view problems from a different prospective, however alien and
                          foreign they may seem. Her approach asks each of us to look for peaceful
                          resolutions for conflicts and, most of all, requires us to view each other in a
                          different light.

Susan can be found telling a story to a church group in San Antonio or talking to local college students,
but she also is familiar with many other parts of the world. She served in Desert Storm as a U.S. Army
officer, receiving the prestigious Keith L. Ware Award for best Army field newspaper; served on the first
U.S. humanitarian airlift into former Soviet Republics; and wrote the public relations plan for the first
U.S. mission into Bosnia. Her accomplishments are so many and so equally impressive that there is not
sufficient space to list them. There is no limit to her dedication toward communicating the ideas of peace
and reconciliation to everyone. Her willingness to represent people whose voices often are unheard speaks
to her courage as she works to ensure every group receives equal treatment. She very effectively uses her
skills as a writer and speaker to stand up for the diversity and peace that she champions.

One of her nominating letters read, “She seeks to bring people together, not to tear them apart.” She risked
danger to herself to bring both sides of a story to the community and to provide comfort and hope to many.
Susan is a Peacemaker in the true sense of the word and stands as witness to the fact that one person can
make a difference.
II.     Individual Posthumous Peacemaker Award Recipient – Diane Tilly

                            Although Diane Tilly was not present to receive her award, she was well
                            represented by family members who knew the profound impact she had on
                            their lives and those of many others. As the head of Alamo Heights ISD
                            Alternative High School at Robbins Campus, Diane was a driving force in
                            providing hope and education for students with many needs. Her love and
                            compassion for at-risk students enabled many of those students to face the
                            future with hope and the tools to accomplish their dreams. She required her
                            students to be accountable for their actions, but tempered those demands with
                            a caring attitude and the knowledge that she was there to help. Her ability to
                            give her students self-confidence and skills to handle life was remarkable.

Diane’s curriculum was a rigorous, comprehensive program where all her students at the at-risk high
school pass the TAKS and go on to be successful in the next chapter of their lives. Her direction,
motherly advice and support often filled a great void in the lives of those students who had not
experienced these things at home. One story that always will be remembered by those who love her is
that of graduation at Robbins Academy, which is held whenever a student completes all the requirements.
In blue graduation robes, these students march down the halls to the cheers and congratulations of their
teachers, administrators, peers, parents and anyone who is present. Diane was famous for telling each
student, with tears streaming down her face, that she was proud of them and asking them what their plans
for the future were. She never lost sight of the fact that each student needs a goal, a plan to achieve, and
she spent her life making sure that many of those students went on to great success.

Diane was awarded the ExCel Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1999 by the San Antonio Federal
Credit Union and KENS TV. She was nominated for the Texas Exes Award for Outstanding High School
Teachers. Her principal’s letter of recommendation, written before her untimely death, begins with this
sentence, “Diane Tilly is saving lives and souls of our at-risk students and she is doing it with integrity,
enthusiasm and purpose.” Her zest for life, her love of students, and her compassion for those who most
need help live on in all of those whose lives she touched.

III.    Corporate Community Service Award Recipient – SBC Communications, Inc.

Since SBC Communications Inc. moved its headquarters to San Antonio, the
company has established itself as one of the city’s leading corporate citizens.
Under CEO Edward E. Whitacre Jr., SBC has contributed more than $70
million to hundreds of local non-profit organizations, meeting the spectrum
of human needs. The company’s commitment to San Antonio is also
underscored by the work of the Mission City chapter of the SBC Pioneers,
who donated nearly one million hours of volunteer service to deserving
local causes last year alone. Whitacre also has chosen to lead by example,
regularly contributing his own time and energy to important area campaigns
including service as Chairman of the United Way General Campaign for
San Antonio and Bexar County, and as Chairman of the San Fernando City
Centre Capital Campaign to restore and maintain the historic San Fernando
Cathedral. SBC consistently has been honored by national publications for
its commitment to diversity and social responsibility. Under Whitacre’s
leadership, SBC has helped make San Antonio a better place to live, and has         Ed Whitacre, CEO SBC
improved the well-being of countless lives in this community.                       Communications, Inc.
IV.    Individual Community Service Award Recipient – Nancy Taylor Shivers

                            When someone speaks about immigration law in San Antonio, the name of
                            Nancy Shivers immediately is mentioned. As a specialist in immigration
                            law, she long has been an outstanding advocate for fair treatment of
                            immigrants in our community and country. She spends unending hours of
                            her time providing free legal services to undocumented, indigent families, to
                            battered immigrant women, and to refugees seeking asylum. Her expertise
                            makes her an invaluable asset to every group she reaches. She is recognized
                            as one of the most active immigration attorneys in our community and gives
                            an extraordinary amount of her time to needy immigrants and refugees. Her
                            service to the legal community is far reaching as she assists other attorneys
                            through the complex system that is immigration law.

The Bexar County Women’s Bar Association recognized Nancy for her work by awarding her the Belva
Lockwood Award in 1994. She served as a board member for the Refugee Aid Project for four years
and continues to be a valuable asset to that project. Nancy served the Immigration Clinic at St. Mary’s
University School of Law and conducted or participated in almost every important immigration and
asylum conference in the state.

V.     School Peer Mediation Award Recipient – Winston Churchill High School

Conflicts at Winston Churchill High School often are resolved in such
a satisfactory manner that even the participants are surprised. None of
this is by accident. The strong peer mediation program at Churchill under
the leadership of Dawn Wales plays an important role in the lives of
students who participate. The 40 PALS (Peer Assistance Leadership) and
32 Peace Team members provide a strong program for conflict resolution
and also promote a school atmosphere that is accepting of all students.
Many faculty members have commented on the effectiveness of the program for the student body as a
whole. The peer mediation team has handled a large variety of conflicts that are referred by students,
teachers and administrators. Through mediation demonstrations for the faculty, PA announcements, and
demonstrations for freshmen orientation, the team provides information about the mediation services
provided. In the fall of 2004, the Peace Team was recognized as a Model Peacekeeper’s class by
paxUnited. Churchill has been chosen as the first place winner in the Texas Safe and Drug-Free Schools
competition. It also was named the first school in San Antonio as a “No Place for Hate” school by the
Anti-Defamation League.

Churchill High School mediation students serve not only their school, but they also assist students and
teachers in other schools with their programs. For the past two years, Churchill students trained the Oak
Meadow Elementary Peace Kids in an effort to handle mediation among the elementary school students.
Churchill students’ impact on another school speaks volumes about the strength of the Churchill program.

One parent, whose child is a mediator, stated, “…the precise and succinct way that the Peace curriculum
is written and managed has given her many tools necessary to organize her hectic life…and she will
graduate at the top of her class; a feat we believe was aided by having been a member of the Peace
Team.” The Team also started the “Britain Buddies” program, in which students are matched with
new students to Churchill. This helps those new students who might feel lost as they start classes in
this high school of 3,000 student. The team mediators also began the “Lunch Buddy” program, where
they sought out students who ate
alone or hid in bathrooms and
school locations because they had
no friends with whom they could
eat lunch. Knowing that “loners”
have been identified as students
more likely to commit violent acts,
the mediators made a real effort to
identify and befriend these students.
Peer mediators at Churchill High
School are true peacemakers and
their skills and caring learned from
mediation will serve them and others
throughout their lives.

                                        Members of Churchill High School Peace Team

VI.    Results
The 2005 Gala raised $90,000, an all-time high for Peacemaker proceeds, to help support the
Foundation’s charitable community projects, including the Amigos in Mediation Program, the Wills
Clinic, educational seminars, SABA’s Community Justice Program, and the Foundation endowment.
The recipients of the Peacemaker Awards are a credit to their community, and the Foundation deems it a
privilege to honor each of them for their accomplishments for peace in our community.

Mayor Phil Hardberger and Wayne Fagan,                    Chief Justice Alma Lopez and Justice Karen
past Peacemaker Award recipient, enjoy the                Angelini visit at the Peacemaker’s Gala
Peacemaker celebration
VII. Peacemaker Committee Chairs and Steering Committee

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges and thanks these hard working individual chairs and their
committees for their contributions to the 2005 Peacemaker Awards Gala.

2005 Peacemaker Gala Chair:   Renée F. McElhaney
       Arrangements Chair:    Elizabeth “Besa” Martin
       Sponsorship Chairs:    Brig. Gen. Ret. M. Scott Magers
                              Laurie A. Weiss
       Invitations/Programs: Sue Dodson
       Honorees Chair:        Harriet M. Helmle
       Publicity Chair:       Gilbert Vara, Jr.
       Raffle Chairs:          Malinda Gaul
                              Jill Torbert
       Seating/Tickets Chair: Kim Tindall
       Art Contest Chairs:    Marlene Labenz-Hough
                              Frank Rizzo
       Special Consultant:    Diann Bartek

       Steering Committee Members:
                            Gary L. Anderson                Nissa Dunn
                            Shari Berry                     Wade B. Shelton
                            Joe Casseb                      Felice Sieffert
                            Robert C. Cowan, Jr.            Thomas J. Smith
                            Wayne Fagan                     Carolyn Thurmond
                            Judge Wm. Royal Furgeson        Tina Torres
                            Elsa Marie Garza                Patricia Vital
                            Natalie Hall                    Caroline Walker
                            Lee Ann Harmon                  Warren Weir
                            Lisa Hill                       David Whipple
                            J. Todd Hedgepeth
                            Alex Huddleston
                            Cristina Jennings
                            Susan Kilgore
                            David Kinder
                            Elizabeth Lindell
                            Jon Lowe
                            Jane Macon
                            Cynthia Malone
                            Edith McAllister
                            Clyde R. McCormick, II
                            Camille Stearns Miller
                            Palmer Moe
                            William G. Moll
                            Dan A. Naranjo                  Hon. Wm. Royal Furgeson and his wife,
                            Reid Nelson                     Marcellene Malouf, enjoy the Peacemaker
                            Howard Nolan                    Gala.
                            Manuel Pelaez-Prada
                   San Antonio Bar Foundation
                    2005 Peacemaker Sponsors

Diamond Sponsors
Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. and
       Laurie A. Weiss
San Antonio Express-News
SBC Communications, Inc.

Gold Sponsors
Bracewell & Giuliani L.L.P.
Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated
V. H. McNutt Memorial Foundation, Inc.*
Valero Energy Corporation

Silver Sponsors
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Ceasefire, Inc. and The Law Office of Peter Torres, Jr.
Clear Channel Worldwide
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Escamilla & Poneck, Inc.
Frost National Bank
Glast, Phillips, Murray, P,C, and Padgett, Stratemann & Co., L.L.P.
Johnson, Christopher, Javore & Cochran, Inc.
Law Offices of Shivers & Shivers and Hasdorff & Convery
Law Offices of Thomas J. Smith and Law Office of Dan Naranjo
Law Office of Gilbert Vara, Jr. and Law Office of Dan Pozza*
Brig. Gen. Ret. M. Scott and Janet Magers
Martin, Drought & Torres, Inc.
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St. Mary’s University School of Law and Law School Alumni Association
San Antonio Bar Association
San Antonio Bar Association, ADR Section*
Shelton & Valadez, P.C.
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, North America, Inc.

*Designated to AIM, Amigos in Mediation
                      2005 PEACEMAKER

Honorable Patrick Boone
Federal Bar Association*
Irene Kramer
Laura Richmond
San Antonio Credit Union*
Honorable William Sessions
Nancy Stumberg
Rachel Tilly
Elaine Taylor, in honor of Nancy Shivers
Walsh, Anderson, Brown, Schulze & Aldridge
Jane Welch, Ph.D., in honor of Nancy Shivers

                   2005 PEACEMAKER

BMW, Bill Ratcliffe
Brother Cletus
Bruce Cooper and the Davenports
Hirsch Glass
Elizabeth J. Lindell
Guy and Renée McElhaney
Dr. Gregory Neal and the
       Fertility Center of San Antonio
Parchmann Stremmel Gallery
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The Watermark Hotel and Spa
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Westin La Cantera Resort
Whataburger, Inc.

      The Foundation thanks the 2005 Peacemaker Awards Gala
             sponsors and donors for their generosity.
                Memorials, Contributions, Special Occasions
The San Antonio Bar Foundation Tributes program recognizes charitable gifts given in honor of
or in memory of others. Donations to the Foundation may be given for all types of occasions and
for specific purposes. Donations given to the Tributes program to honor or remember important
people in our lives help support the projects and services provided by the San Antonio Bar

                            August and September 2004
               Memorial Donor                                In Memory of
              Abigail G. Kampmann                          Amy Freeman Lee
            San Antonio Bar Foundation                       Shelton Padgett
                 Laurie A. Weiss                             Shelton Padgett
               Carolyn G. Thurmond                        Thomas M. Thurmond

           Special Occasion Donor                             In Honor of
                  Laurie A. Weiss                          Judge David Peeples

                    October, November and December 2004
               Memorial Donor                                In Memory of
                  Dan Naranjo                              Amy Freeman Lee
                Thomas J. Smith                               Patrice Snell
                    Ron Bird                                  Joseph Weiss
                Drew Cauthorn                                O’Neal Munn
          Honorable Solomon Casseb, Jr.                      O’Neal Munn
                                                           Judge Ray Wietzel
            Mr. and Mrs. Ollie K. Mayo                     Judge Ray Wietzel
                Carolyn Thurmond                             Carlos Falcon
                                                           Cpl. Jacob Fleischer
                                                           Betty Horn Garner
                                                             Palmer Haines
                                                            Barbara Roloson
                                                            Richard Spinelli
                                                             Angelina Vara

           Special Occasion Donor                        In Thanksgiving For
                Carolyn Thurmond                         Mark and Susan Giltner
              Barbara Caroline Slavin                 Recovery of Judge Karen Pozza
           Memorials, Contributions, Special Occasions

         January, February, March and April 2005
          Memorial Donor                            In Memory of
               Roy Brock                              Peter Plumb
         Fred and Connie Jones                   Judge Adrian Spears
           Judge Tim Johnson                      Judge Ray Wietzel
             Laurie A. Weiss                           Lee Weiss
               Roy Brock                              Basil Taylor
         Judge James E. Barlow                        Basil Taylor
             Jack Partain, Jr.                    Thomas R. Crump
            Margaret Maisel               Administrative Judge Edgar McHugh

      Special Occasion Donor                         In Honor of
           Judge Tim Johnson                        Vanessa Valdez
    Robert C. Cowan, Jr. Law Offices                Carolyn Thurmond

                      May, June and July 2005
         Memorial Donor                             In Memory Of
           Joe and Beth Casseb                         Louis Weiss
     Diann Bartek and Keith Kaiser                     Louis Weiss
Justice Karen A. and Judge Ray Angelini                Louis Weiss
              Malinda Gaul                             Louis Weiss
          Carolyn G. Thurmond                          Louis Weiss
             Laurie A. Weiss                           Louis Weiss
           Joe and Beth Casseb                         Charles Clark
            Carolyn Thurmond                           Charles Clark
        Judge Solomon Casseb, Jr.                       Bond Davis
            Carolyn Thurmond                        Elizabeth Warnken
                Ron Bird                            Elizabeth Warnken
           Robert C. Cowan, Jr.                      Charles Shaddox
    Judge Polly-Jackson Spencer and                  Charles Shaddox
            George Spencer, Jr.

      Special Occasion Donor                          In Honor Of
          Joe and Beth Casseb             Judge Solomon Casseb, Jr. 90th Birthday
    Judge Polly Jackson-Spencer and       Judge Solomon Casseb, Jr. 90th Birthday
           George Spencer, Jr.
            Laurie A. Weiss               Judge Solomon Casseb, Jr. 90th Birthday
        Mayor Phil Hardberger             Judge Solomon Casseb, Jr. 90th Birthday

Amigos in Mediation
The San Antonio Bar Foundation allocates a portion of the funds raised from the Peacemaker
Awards Gala to help underwrite some of the costs of maintaining the AIM Program in Bexar County.
Honoring peacemakers in the community enables the Foundation to help fund the Amigos in Mediation
program, which serves a large number of schools in Bexar County.

AIM is the groundbreaking Peer Mediation Program of the Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center, which
is transforming our schools by creating a culture of peaceful dispute resolution. The mission of the AIM
Program is to provide a coordinated peer mediation program that enables students to resolve their own
conflicts without the intervention of school staff through the use of students trained as peer mediators.
AIM is available at no cost to all the elementary, middle and high schools within all 15 school districts in
Bexar County. The selection of schools places an emphasis on those with high populations of at-risk youth
and those with adverse statistics in the areas of increased violence, high truancy rates and disciplinary
incidents. Participating schools are encouraged to select students to be trained as mediators from a broad,
cross-section of the student population in order to assure representation across gender, ethnic and economic
sectors of the population spectrum.

Since 1999, nearly 100 public schools have instituted peer mediation programs. 1,200 school personnel
have been trained as peer mediation trainers and 7,730 students have been trained as peer mediators. The
agreement rate for mediations conducted is 95%. Over 11,580 students have chosen to use the peer mediation
process to resolve their conflicts.

The following is an excerpt from a series of interviews with high school students who participate in Peer

“Question to Steven:    ‘Steven, do you find that other people who are not involved in the Peer Mediation
                        Program want to get involved because they see that you can find solutions?’

Answer:                 ‘Yes, the thing that it does…it helps everybody because it gives them another
                        opportunity. It gives them an alternative to physical violence. And it keeps
                        them in school. At a lot of schools, if you are in a physical conflict with another
                        student, they suspend you…You lose out twice: you lose out because you’re
                        suspended, and that goes on your record; and you lose out because you are not
                        in school, so you’re missing that opportunity to learn. This way, if you solve it in
                        class, you take maybe 30 minutes out of a class. You solve the problem, and most
                        of the time, when the people who had a conflict leave the room, they leave as

“Question to All:       ‘If each of you had one word to describe the Peer Mediation Program, what
                        would it be?’

Bianca:                 ‘A lifesaver.’
Steven:                 ‘Outstanding.’
April:                  ‘Incredible.’
Shanda:                 ‘Wonderful.’”

                                     Peer Mediation Students,
                                     Graebner Elementary, SAISD

   Mediators at Wright Elementary,
                   Harlendale ISD

                                                       PAL Mediators,
                                                       Taft High School, NSISD
People’s Law School
The People’s Law School, which was created in 1994, provides legal and consumer information/
education to the general public at no cost. This year the event was held on Saturday, February 5, 2005, at
the St. Mary’s University School of Law with approximately 150 people in attendance. The Foundation
provides a continental breakfast. Attendees are free to select the various sections they prefer to attend.
The subjects offered at this People’s Law School were Elder Law issues: Preparation of Wills, Probate of
Wills, Grandparents Rights, and Social Security; Miscellaneous Legal issues: Scams, Frauds and Ripoffs;
Pre-Divorce Mediation, Bankruptcy, and Employment Law; and four Immigration Issues sections. The
Immigration Sections were given in Spanish. In most of the classes, helpful information booklets and sheets
were distributed. Copies of the Elder Law Handbooks, both in English and Spanish, are available to all
attendees. Captioning for the hearing impaired is provided for the Elder Law lectures. The feedback that
the Foundation received regarding People’s Law School indicates that this public service to the community
is well-received and appreciated.

Malinda Gaul, Chair                        Skip McCormick answers questions

Wills Clinic
The Wills Clinic is held in the evening on the second Wednesday of each month at the St. Mary’s Center
for Legal and Social Justice. Its primary mission is to provide pro bono legal representation for low-
income residents of San Antonio and Bexar County. At the clinic, each client receives a Will, Powers of
Attorney for Medical Care and Business Matters, Directive to Physicians and Declaration of Guardian,
as well as information on organ donation. The notaries and translators are provided by the San Antonio
Legal Secretaries Association. The Wills Clinic is in its tenth year and has grown from a bi-annual clinic,
implemented by the Bexar County Women’s Bar Foundation, to a monthly turn-key project begun in 2004,
operated in conjunction with the San Antonio Bar Foundation. Since the monthly project began, the Wills
Clinic has served approximately 20 clients or more per month. Complimentary refreshments are served
and the clients are served in a friendly, welcoming environment. The Foundation continues to receive
compliments and thank-you expressions from those who attend.
                            GIFTS TO THE COMMUNITY
Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center
(Amigos in Mediation, “AIM”)
The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) assists the public in the peaceful resolution of problems and disputes
through the provision of mediation services. Grant monies specifically fund Amigos in Mediation (“AIM”),
a mediation-training program for schools in Bexar County, Texas. The AIM Program, a collaborative
project of the San Antonio Bar Foundation and the Dispute Resolution Center, was established in 1999 to
provide a coordinated, self-sustaining peer mediation program to help students and staff resolve disputes,
improve conflict resolution skills, reduce the number of school disciplinary incidents, and create a more
positive school environment. Currently, 98 schools have active programs. Since its implementation in 1999,
a total of 7,730 students have been trained as student mediators and 5,390 student mediations have been
conducted, with a total of 11,580 students involved. Of these, 4,970 mediations resulted in agreements, with
a 95% agreement rate.

San Antonio Bar Association
(Community Justice Program)
The Community Justice Program is the pro bono project created by the San Antonio Bar Association.
It is a collaborative effort of the San Antonio legal community to increase access to justice by bringing
the courthouse to the community. An evening assistance clinic is held once a month at two locations: the
St. Mary’s Center for Legal and Social Justice and the Carver Academy. A third location has just opened
at Wesley Community Center. Each clinic provides complete legal services, including attorneys, district
clerks, notaries, interpreters and judges in uncontested family law matters, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant
disputes and probate matters.

St. Mary’s University School of Law
(Campus Ministry Fund)
The Foundation provided funds for the “San Antonio Bar Foundation Pro Bono Service Award for Law
Students,” which provides annual recognition and honorariums for outstanding leadership in three programs.
These programs are:
        1) Legal Clinic at St. Jude’s Catholic Church, which provides legal aid facilities for the
        2) People’s Law School, a joint endeavor with the San Antonio Bar Foundation, which provides
            free legal seminars to the San Antonio community; and
        3) Street Law Program, a project in conjunction with the San Antonio Black Lawyers Association,
            teaming an attorney and a law student to teach a survey course at Sam Houston High School,
            highlighting the aspects of the law applicable to a student’s everyday life.

Newspapers in the Classroom Project
The Foundation funded two classrooms in the San Antonio Public Schools through the San Antonio Express-
News program, Newspapers in the Classroom. Students receive newspapers throughout the school year,
and teachers use them as training tools.

Family Law Handbooks
The Foundation helped fund the printing costs of 5,000 Family Law Handbooks at the request of the Family
Law Section. These handbooks are helpful to the general public and low-income families who have little
information about their legal rights. The handbook is available on the web sites of the San Antonio Bar
Association and Foundation.
San Antonio Bar Foundation’s
Statement of Financial Position
For the year ended July 31, 2005


Current Assets
  Cash Checking                         10,283
  Cash Money Market-Trust 2 Account     73,180
  Cash Restricted, 5th Floor Fund          556
  Accounts Receivable                      575
  Prepaid Expenses                       4,882
Total Current Assets                    89,476
                                                  *The Board of Trustees approved
Restricted Assets                                 the transfer of $75,000 on
   Endowment Fund Trust Account       436,371*    September 30, 2005, into the
                                                  endowment fund for future giving.
 Total Restricted Assets              436,371     With this transfer, assets in the
                                                  Endowment Fund Trust Account
Furniture, fixtures, equipment           68,840    rose to $514,210.
   Less allowance for depreciation     (60,950)

Total Fixed Assets                       7,889

TOTAL ASSETS                          533,737

       Current Liabilities
       Other Current Liabilities         2,500
               Deferred Income
               A/P SABA                  5,700

Total Liabilities                        8,200

        Retained Earnings             443,280
        Net Income                     82,257
   Total Equity                       525,537

TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY            533,737
San Antonio Bar Foundation
Income Statement
For year ended July 31, 2005



 Board Meetings             2,115

 Donations                  4,755

 Interest Income            2,453
 Membership Dues           48,350

 Miscellaneous                 235

 Pro Bono Donations           140
 Special Events             1,185

Total Operating            69,233

Law Day Luncheon           23,698
Peacemaker Awards Gala    123,609    Diana Geis and Judge Barbara Nellermoe
                                     celebrate Peacemakers.
Total Functions           147,307

Market Gains               28,359

TOTAL REVENUE             244,899
San Antonio Bar Foundation
Expense Statement
For year ended July 31, 2005

 Accounting Fee                                        650
 Administrative Services                            34,234
 Bank and Investment
     Management Fees                                5,132
 Depreciation                                         348
 Member Reception                                     505
 Miscellaneous                                        784
 Plaques                                            1,253
 Postage                                            1,208
 Printing                                           3,174
 Supplies                                             920
 Special Events                                     1,151
 Web Page                                              97

Total Operating                                 51,096

 Law Day Luncheon                               19,695
 Peacemaker Awards Gala                         33,990       Carmen Samaniego assists a client at Wills
 People’s Law School                             3,070       Clinic
   Total Functions                              56,755

 Amigos in Mediation/Peer Mediation             17,620
 Bexar County Women’s
        Bar Foundation                              1,000
 Community Justice Program*                         6,750
 Family Law Handbook, English                       2,000
 Judge Hippo Garcia
        Scholarship Fund                        10,000
 Police Athletic League                          4,517
 St. Mary’s University School
        Of Law                                      2,500
 Wills Clinic                                       9,154
 Other                                              1,250

Total Community Gifts                           54,791

TOTAL EXPENSES                                162,642

*Does not include proceeds of installation dinner
               San Antonio Bar Foundation Fellows

       Fellow                 *Life Fellow                   **Sustaining Life Fellow

Prerequisites of a person becoming and remaining a member of the Fellows organization shall be
that he or she be a person dedicated to the law and to the cause of justice, a member who is in
good standing of the State Bar of Texas, of high professional standing among his or her peers,
and one willing to share the financial rewards of his or her professional work in causes and
for purposes deemed worthy by the Foundation, in at least such minimal amounts as may be
prescribed by the Board of Trustees by resolution from time to time. Such pledge requirements
as exist at the time of election to membership shall prevail as to each member respectively for all
considerations. The specific requirements as to each category of membership are as follows:

To be a Fellow, one must be nominated by the San Antonio Bar Foundation Board of Trustees
and be found worthy of membership by the Trustees, be elected to membership as a Fellow by
the Trustees, and execute a written pledge of money to the Foundation in such amount as the
Trustees shall specify.

To be a Life Fellow, one must have been elected as a Fellow and have satisfied in full the pledge
amount required of Fellows. All Life Fellows continue, without any further contributions to the
Foundation, to enjoy the privileges as are accorded other members of the Fellows.

To be a Sustaining Life Fellow, one must have become a Life Fellow and thereafter make annual
contributions in such minimum amounts as may be required for such membership by resolution
of the Board of Trustees in effect at the time of his or her becoming a Life Fellow.

     Deceased Fellow, 2004-2005 Fiscal Year

            Bond Davis, beloved father, husband and friend, passed away on July 6, 2005,
            at ninety years of age. A graduate of Jefferson High School, Davis served as
            a navigator in the United State Air Force for five years during World War II
            and retired with the rank of Major. He graduated from the University of Texas
            at Austin and the University of Texas School of Law. Davis practiced law in
            San Antonio for sixty years and was highly respected among his peers for his
            integrity and professional talent. He worked in the District Attorney’s Office
            under John Shook and practiced law with this father, Franklin C. Davis. In
            1951, Bond joined the firm of Gresham, Davis, Gregory, Worthy and Moore.
            He served as the City Attorney of Alamo Heights for nine years.
                   San Antonio Bar Foundation Fellows
                         Through July 31, 2005
Ernest Acevedo, Jr. **        Arch G. Adams*               David M. Adkisson*
Javier Aguilar                Stewart Alexander            Robert A. Allen**
Stephen P. Allison*           Russell Amsberry             Janet B. Anderson
Jeffrey C. Anderson**         Nancy J. Anderson**          Hon. Karen Angelini
Patrick H. Autry              Anthony A. Avey              R. Glen Ayers
Suzanne Schorlemer Bailey     Cecil W. Bain                Cecil “Tres” Bain, III
Morton W. Baird, II           Frank W. Baker*              John E. Bakke, III *
Damon Ball*                   Emerson Banack, Jr.*         Timothy H. Bannwolf
Stevan W. Barker              Lisa S. Barkley              Marialyn P. Barnard
Robert “Bobby” Barrera        Roy R. Barrera, Jr.          Roy R. Barrera, Sr.**
Robert L. Barrrows            Diann M. Bartek**            Sam C. Bashara*
James R. Bass*                Patricia Ann Bath*           David Benjamin
Kenneth L. Bennight, Jr.*     Philip F. Benson*            Sue T. Bentch*
Beverly Isaiah Bermudez       Philip G. Bernal             Robert E. Bettac
Terry S. Bickerton            Robert R. Biechlin, Jr.      Evelyn H. Biery**
Hon. Fred Biery*              Samuel F. Biery**            Ron Bird*
Michael J. Black*             Thomas Black*                Elizabeth Iles Blakeley
Judith R. Blakeway            Stanley L. Blend**           Jane E. Bockus*
Margaret Corning Boldrick**   Taylor S. Boone*             John D. Box
Michael C. Boyle              Jay R. Brandon               James L. Branton**
David H. Brock*               Roy C. Brock*                W. Burl Brock
Steven G. Browne*             Frank B. Burney**            J. Byron “Trace” Burton, III
Peggy Butler*                 Richard M. Butler            Charles D. Butts**
Hon. Shirley Butts*           Leslie Selig Byrd            Rosa M. Cabezas-Gil*
Sharon E. Callaway            J. Bradford Camp             Lucien R. Campbell*
Charles E. Cantu              John F. Carroll              David P. Carter*
Joseph Casseb*                Hon. Solomon Casseb, Jr.**   James N. Castleberry*
T. Drew Cauthorn**            Ricardo G. Cedillo**         Ramon Cervantes, III
Barry A. Chasnoff*            Charles E. Cheever, Jr.**    Henry Christopher, Jr.**
Graciela Alarcon Cigarro      John E. Clark*               R. Christopher Clark
Ronald L. Clark               Merritt M. Clements          Scott F. Cline
Stephen G. Cochran            G. Thomas Coghlan            Gayla Corley
Richard P. Corrigan           Thomas A. Countryman         Robert C. Cowan, Jr.**
Thomas A. Crosley             Kelly M. Cross               William R. “Bill” Crow**
Curtis Cukjati                R. James Curphy*             C. Lee Cusenbary, Jr.
Richard C. Danysh             Jon K. Daubert               John W. Davidson**
J. Russell Davis**            William R. Davis, Jr.**      Gina M. DeGennaro
Luis A. de la Garza           Charles Deacon               Lowell Frank Denton**
Jane Freeman Deyeso           Darin N. Digby               Jane K. Dingivan
Sue Dodson                    Mary Belan Doggett           Moulton S. Dowler, Jr.
James M. Doyle, Jr.           Gerald T. Drought**          James L. Drought**
Thomas Drought**              Jerry G. DuTerroil*          Allan K. DuBois
Katye J. Duderstadt           Kala S. Dumont*              Hon. Sarah B. Duncan*
Nissa M. Dunn                 Jennifer G. Durbin**         John Steven Dwyre
Sara E. Dysart                Marilyn G. Eades*            Roland Echavarria
Lee Elms**                    Kay A. Elsasser*             Pablo Escamilla
Wayne I. Fagan**              Nancy L. Farrer              C. Alan Ferguson*
John H. Ferguson, IV          Harvey Ferguson, Jr.           Kathleen Finck
Joan K. Fiorino               Dean V. Fleming*               Patricia A. Flynn
Stephen R. Fogle              Richard N. Francis, Jr.**      John J. Franco, Jr.*
Cheryl K. Freed               R. David Fritsche              Hon. Wm. Royal Furgeson
F. Alan Futrell               Hon. John D. Gabriel, Jr.      Jesse M. Gamez*
Aric J. Garza                 Rudy A. Garza                  Malinda S. Gaul**
Diana M. Geis**               Thomas W. Gendry               Larry W. Gibbs*
Jerry A. Gibson*              Mark A. Giltner**              Teresa Ereon Giltner
Lanette H. Glasscock**        Colleen Mullen Goff            Jeffrey A. Goldberg
Gerald H. Goldstein*          Norma Gonzales                 Hon. Charles A. Gonzalez**
Rosa M. ‘Rosie” Gonzalez      Sherry R. Gonzalez             Charles B. Gorham*
Hon. Paul W. Green*           Tim “Ty” Griesenbeck, Jr.      R. Gaines Griffin*
Francisco Guerra, IV          Edward F. Guzman               Penny K. Habbeshaw
Natalie L. Hall               Sue M. Hall*                   W. Wendell Hall*
Hon. Phil Hardberger**        Harvey L. Hardy*               J. Daniel Harkins
Hon. Sid L. Harle             Thomas S. Harmon*              Joseph M. Harrison, IV
Reese L. Harrison, Jr.*       Albert W. Hartman, III         John R. Heard
James Todd Hedgepeth          A. Chris Heinrichs**           Hon. Maria Teresa Herr
Frank Herrera, Jr.            David Herrmann                 Ronald J. Herrmann*
James N. Higdon*              Lisa L. Hill                   Van G. Hilley
A. John Hohman, Jr.**         Charles M. Hornberger          Ronald Hornberger**
C. Gilbert House*             James B. House                 Franklin D. Houser*
A. Ryland Howard              Gary D. Howard*                John C. Howell
John Alex Huddleston          Cindy Sue Hudson               Pamela B. Huff
Nan P. Hundere*               Kathleen A. Hurren             Barbara Hutzler
Leslie Sara Hyman             Richard H. Ihfe**              Steven D. Jansma
Gary Javore*                  Lamont A. Jefferson            Hon. Wallace B. Jefferson
Gail A. Jensen                Hon. Timothy Johnson           Vincent R. Johnson
Anne W. Johnston              Murray L. Johnston, Jr.**      Patricia A. Kalmans
Abigail G. Kampmann**         Richard J. Karam               Richard Kardys
Cary P. Kavy                  Mary Q. Kelly**                Robert L. Kelly*
Gardner S. Kendrick*          Marlise A. Kercheville         Andrew L. Kerr
Nancy N. Kerr                 Roger D. Kirstein              Joel H. Klein**
Hon. Carol H. Knight-Sheen*   James A. Kosub*                Ilene B. Kramer
Michael Kreager*              Kimberly Kreider               Daniel O. Kustoff
Eugene B. Labay*              Sylvan S. Lang                 Sylvan S. Lang, Jr.
B. Mills Latham               Sandra D. Laurel               Ray Leach**
Ted D. Lee*                   Louis A. LeLaurin, III*        William H. Lemons, III
Jack P. Leon*                 Amber M. Liddell               Diane M. Liebmann
Emily H. Liljenwall           Elizabeth J. Lindell           Hon. Janet P. Littlejohn*
Hon. Alma L. Lopez            David Lopez                    Jo Chris Lopez*
Harold J .Lotz, Jr.*          Jon D. Lowe*                   James K. Lowry, Jr.
Gerry D. Lozano               Charles W. Lutter, Jr.**       Clem Lyons**
Jane H. Macon**               R. Laurence Macon**            Hon. Sharon MacRae*
Glenn MacTaggart              Brig. Gen. Ret. Scott Magers   William J. Maiberger, Jr.
Margaret M. Maisel**          Cynthia F. Malone*             Pat Maloney, Jr.
Pat Maloney, Sr.**            Audrey E. Manriquez            Crista Marichalar
Hon. Sandee B. Marion         Elizabeth R. “Besa” Martin     James N. Martin*
Bernardo Martinez*            Gilbert L. Matthews*           Hon. Pamela A. Mathy
Robert L. Mays, Jr.*          Clyde R. McCormick, II**       Michael McCrum
Linda McDonald                James R. McDonough             Renée F. McElhaney
Donna K. McElroy           Cheryl L. McMullan          Joe R. Meador*
Mark L. Medley             Ronald E. Mendoza           Bruce J. Mery *
Ferd C. Meyer, Jr.**       Hon. Philip A. Meyer        M. Cottingham Miles
Hon. Andy Mireles*         Ellen B. Mitchell*          Brant Mittler, M.D.
Angela J. Moore            Shannon P. Moralez          Hon. Sarah G. Moulder*
Sara S. Murray             Linda Namestnik             Dan A. Naranjo**
M. Alex Nava               Victor Negron, Jr.          Hon. Barbara Nellermoe
Reid A. Nelson             Richard F. Neville, III     Joseph B. Newton
Thomas L. Newton, Jr.      Anthony Nicholas**          Lawrence E. Noll**
Richard H. Noll            Nancy A. Norman             Vincent A. Notzon
Hon. Nancy S. Nowak        Keith B. O’Connell**        Kelly L. O’Connor
Laura O’Donnell            Michael W. O’Donnell        Jesse H. Oppenheimer
Stephanie L. O’Rourke      Cynthia H. Orr              Randolph N. Osherow*
Paul D. Palmer             Hon. Laura Parker           Michael M. Parker
Karla R. Pascarella        Jack C. Pasqual**           Dane Patrick
Matthew R. Pearson         Dennis Peery                Manuel Pelaez-Prada
Diego J. Pena*             B. F. Pennypacker, III      Dayla S. Pepi
Robert J. Perez            David B. Person             Thomas H. Peterson*
Philip J. Pfeiffer**       Dean R. William Piatt       Stanley Pietrusiak
Edward L. Pina*            John M. Pinckney, III*      Marvin G. Pipkin*
Ellen E. Pitluk            Lewin Plunkett**            Douglas A. Poneck
Ricky J .Poole             Hon. Karen H. Pozza         Daniel V. Pozza
Hon. Edward C. Prado       Paul Premack*               Robert A. Price, IV*
Joel H. Pullen*            Nancy Ratchford             Hon. Susan D. Reed*
R. Jo Reser                Ricardo R. Reyna            J. Thomas Rhodes*
Abraham “Abe” Ribak        Hon. Robert C. Richardson   Hon Raul Rivera*
John W. Robb               Fidel Rodriguez, Jr.*       Fred Rodriguez*
Hon. Xavier Rodriguez      Marcus P. Rogers            Hon. Mary D. Roman*
Stanley D. Rosenberg*      Ricky H. Rosenblum          James U. Ross*
Katherine E. Rouse         Kenneth S. Saks             Carmen A. Samaniego
William Scanlan, Jr.**     Sarah R. Schneider          Stanley S. Schoenbaum**
Helen G. Schwartz          Daniel J.T. Sciano**        Robert Scott**
Martha G. Sepeda           Wm. Lewis Sessions**        Hon. Fred Shannon*
Patrick K. Sheehan         Wade B. Shelton**           Nancy T. Shivers**
Robert A. Shivers**        Lisa H. Shub                Felice G. Sieffert
Phyllis B. Siegel*         Hon. Rebecca Simmons*       Gordon W. Slade, Jr.
Barbara C. Slavin          Jeffrey D. Small            Annalyn G. Smith
Beverly Smith              Charles L. Smith            J. Burleson Smith**
James B. Smith, Jr.*       Paul H. Smith**             Thomas J. Smith**
Corbin L. Snow, III        Constance Somers            Luther H. Soules, III**
Frank R. Southers**        Richard A. Sparr, Jr.       Arden A. Specia*
Hon. John J. Specia, Jr.   George Spencer, Jr.         Hon. Polly Jackson-Spencer**
David C. Spoor*            Pamela J. St. John          Mason S. Standley
David P. Stanush           John T. Steen, Jr.*         David Stephenson*
Darrell G. Stewart         Mary B. Stich*              Hon. Catherine Stone
Regina Stone-Harris        Stephanie Strolle           William T. Sullivan
Margaret Sullivan-Pace     Peter N. Susca              Laura G. Tamez
Hon. Martha B. Tanner*     John H. Tate, II            C. Robin Teague**
Lee J. Teran               Robert P. Thomas, III*      Karen M. Thompson
Richard Tinsman*           Jill Torbert**              Tina C. Torres
David L. Treat*            Arthur Troilo, Jr.*         Monica R. Trollinger
James M. Truss                Timothy N. Tuggey            Richard H. Tye
John Tyler                    Micheal Ugarte               Steve J. Vacek, Jr.**
Robert A. Valadez             Edward F. Valdespino         Ernest G. Valdez
Robert E. Valdez*             Gilbert Vara, Jr.            Hon. Juan Vasquez**
Thomas H. Veitch**            LoAn K. Vo                   Robert W. Wachsmuth
John Paul Walker              Bret L. Walton               Kyle L. Watson
J. Steve Weakley              Lucie F. Webb                John W. Weber, Jr.*
Dan G. Webster, III**         Ray A. Weed*                 Hon. Marcia S. Weiner
W. Thomas Weir*               Warren N. Weir*              Laurie A. Weiss**
J. Tullos Wells**             F. Nolan Welmaker*           Forrest N. Welmaker
Hon. E. Jeffrey Wentworth*    Carl A. Werner               David B. West
David A. Whipple              Craig L. White               Stephen F. White
K. T. Whitehead               Deborah D. Williamson        Terence A. Willis**
Cheryl L. Wilson              David A. Wise                Hon. Nelson W. Wolff**
Alex W. Wright                Wayne Wright                 Hon. John G. Yates*
Jonathan Yedor*               D. Hull Youngblood, Jr.**

     Roy Barrera, Sr., Anthony Nicholas, Charles Butts and Hon. Shirley Butts
     enjoy the reception for all Foundation Fellows
                                      WILLS CLINIC

                 A Joint Project of the San Antonio Bar Foundation
                  and the Bexar County Women’s Bar Foundation

The San Antonio Bar Foundation and the Bexar County Women’s Bar Foundation share the
operating costs for the Wills Clinic, including advertising, food, intake and supplies. The
sponsors of the Wills Clinic also include Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, Inc., St. Mary’s Clinical
Programs, San Antonio Legal Secretaries Association (SALSA) and Esquire Deposition Services.

At the clinic, each client receives a will, powers of attorney for business matters and medical
care, directive to physicians (living will), declaration of guardian in the event of later need, and/
or a tissue and organ donor card. Each month there are approximately twenty clients served, for a
total annual service of 240 to 260 low-income residents.

The Wills Clinic is held on the second Wednesday of each month in the evening at St. Mary’s
Center for Legal and Social Justice. All client appointments begin at 5:30 P.M. and dinner is
provided. An attorney mentor is present at each Clinic to answer any questions or assist.

To prepare for the Wills Clinic, attorneys have the opportunity to receive an hour of free CLE
by watching several videos, one on Wills and one on Advance Planning. This CLE is held on
the first Wednesday of each month, beginning at noon, on the fifth floor of the Bexar County
Courthouse. This CLE helps attorneys deliver advice and prepare the documents described above
for the Wills Clinic.

Anyone interested in volunteering for any clinic, please contact Abigail G. Kampmann at 210-

                        WILLS CLINIC SCHEDULE FOR 2006

       January 11, 2006               February 8, 2006                March 8, 2006
       April 12, 2006                 May 10, 2006                    June 14, 2006
       July 12, 2006                  August 9, 2006                  September 13, 2006
       October 11, 2006               November 11, 2006               December 13, 2006
                                   2005 Wills Clinic Volunteers
Attorney Mentor Volunteers
Tom Bassler*                      Abigail G. Kampmann*          Raymond Karam*           Kevin Kennedy*
Richard Tye*                      Gilbert Vara, Jr.             Carl Werner
*Indicates Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Estate Planning and Probate

Attorney Volunteers
Louis Agnese                 Vilma Aguayo Garcia          Alex Aguirre                  Amber Alonso
Serena Alsip                 Henry J. Amen, III           Sanjeev Ayyar                 Alice Ball
Anna Barber                  Marialyn Barnard             David Barranco                Brad Barron
Diane Bartek                 Connie Basel                 Carol Baskin                  Pamela Bell
Carol Bertsch                Smita Bhakta                 Elizabeth Blakeley            Jennifer Bligh
Mario Bordini                Elizabeth Bourbon            Kimberly Bowers               Eliot Bowytz
Mark Brewton                 Michael Burns                Richard Butler                Les Caldwell
Brad Camp                    Greta Cantrell               Ninfa Carillo                 David Casas
Henry Christopher            James Christopher            Thomas Clark                  Rebekah Coquat
Pamela Croiser               Fernando Cruz                Andrew Dalton                 Brandon Danford
Andrea Decker                Isabel de la Riva            Magda de Salme                Richard Dennis
Jane Dingivan                Linda Drozd                  Paul Drummond                 Roland Echavarria
Cindy Escamilla              Jo Beth Eubanks              David Evans                   Karen Festenau
Patrick Filyk                Kathleen Finck               Rich Fish                     Jason Fraser
Dee Dee Garcia               Israel Garcia                Aric Garza                    Kathleen Areco Garza
Malinda Gaul                 Arlene Gay                   Larry Gibbons                 Steve Gilbert
John Gillard                 Jeff Glovan                  Andres Gonzalez, Jr.          Rosie M. Gonzalez
Nena Gutierrez               Audrey Haake                 David Hanna                   Sakina Hassonjee
Chris Hebner                 Chris Heinrichs*             Leslie Herbst                 Lisa Hill
Diane Hirsch                 Jeni Houston                 Bart Huffman                  Shawn Hughes
Kathleen Hurren              Beverly Isaiah-Bermudez      Paul Jackson                  Carol Jendrzey
Ed Jendrzey                  Laura Johnson                Brian Jones                   Jonathan Kapman
Jessica Karam                Marilyn King                 Michael Kuebler               Jan Kutchen
David Kumpe                  Marissa Lawson               Will Liebmann                 Elizabeth Lindell
Jo Chris Lopez               Jon Lowe                     James Lowry                   Stephanie Macchia
Cynthia Malone               Jorge Mariscal*              Desiree Marrufo               Dan Martinez
Jaime Mata                   Gary Mayton                  Maureen McNiece               Michael McReynolds
Steven Medina                Tyler Mercer                 Foy Meyer                     Bert Miller
Ray Mock                     Helen Moore                  Ted Murphree                  Kelly Murray
David Nelson                 Larry Noll                   Jim Norman                    Lyndon Nugent
Ray Olivarri                 Carl Oliver                  Roxanna Olvera                T. Michael Payne
Karen Pena                   Steve Pena                   Amy Perry                     Bruce Phillips
Lee Anne Phillips            Bob Piatt                    Ellen Pitluk                  Malia Ploetz
Patrick Porter               Zandra Pulis                 Katherine Ramos               Andrew Ray
Christine Reinhard           Jaclyn Roberson              Karen Roberts                 Lisa Roberts
Bianza Liza Rocha            Samantha Rodriguez           David Roth                    Katherine Rouse
Reed Runnels                 Jacqueline Rupp              Gloria Saldana                Thomas Sanders
Tandy Schoolcraft            Marc Schnall                 Sarah Schneider               Sally Seeker
Erin Seki                    Martha Sepeda                Sarah Severson                Sherena Shawrieh
Wade Shelton                 Felice Sieffert              Scott Simpson                  Susan Skidmore
Barbara Slavin               Annalyn Smith                Monty Smith                    Constance Somers
Pamela St. John              Michael Standard             Mason Standley*                Regina Stone-Harris
Stephanie Strolle            Missy Swallows               David Tate                     Meredith Thomas
Tina Torres                  Julie Truss                  Ernest G. Valdez               Helen Valkavich
Santos Vargas                Rudy Vasquez                 Deborah Verbil                 Eric Walker
Jeff Walsh                   Ann Walton                   Michelle Weekley               Thomas Weir
David West                   Irene Whitt                  Roger Wilson                   John Winter
David Wise                   Audrey Zamora-Johnson        Jin Xu
St. Mary’s University School of Law and Student Volunteers
Matt Adams             Stephanie Akenuwa       Liza Atkinson           Arthur Allen
Luke Alsobrook         Alejundro Ballesteros   Any Beale               Kristen Belcher
Edward Block           Karen Bogan             Leslie Bollier          Andria Brannon
Karl Brehm             Nohl Bryant             Casey Burns             Sharon Chu
Bill Clanton           Christine Clay          Patrick Conroy          Matt Cooper
Linda Corley           Mario Cortes            Douglas Cowen           Kenneth Dannelly
Zeke DeRose            Jacqueline Dieterle     Marc Delaney            Uriel Druker
Pam England            Jennifer Enright        Stephanie Fey           Ashley Fischer
Margaret Forrester     Ema Garcia              Noemi Garcia            Laura Gibson
Junella Gideon         Mayella Gonzalez        Polo Gonzalez           Roslyn Gonzalez
Caroline Hallman       Laura Hardy             Claire Hargrove         Jesse Hernandez
Kari Honea             Kelly Hurst             Dave Irwin              Abel Izaguirre
Britanny Jensen        Tracy Kasparak          Emily Kinney            Luke Kirby
Veronica Legarreta     Mike Lennane            Jessic Lerma            Armisteao Long
Catrina Longoria       Joe Marchman            Todd Marquardt          Cecily Martinez
Alison McCall          Devon McGinnis          Becky Milligan          Lauren Montz
Teresa Morales         Kelly Muldoan           Erica Ndmia             Denise Norman
Mike Norris            Yung Nguyne             Edward Niland           Erin Oehler
Ralph Perez            Jeremiah Poulton        Kathryn Rodgers         Paul Rushing
Jessica Schulze        Saima Shaikh            Matt Sharp              Sarah Shaughnessy
Tommy Sheen            Graham Smith            Chris Spinner           Latra Szal
Katy Thomas            Hope Vasquez            Sharon Waldrip          Charis Ward
Shana Weaver           Shelly Weltz            Tim White               Glen Wietzel
Britanny Wild          Jacob Witting           J.J. Zamora, Jr.

SALSA and Notary Volunteers
Jo Ann Bacon           Janet Brown             Megan Brown             Kathryn Bohach
Marian Cavasos         Lisa Escamilla          Jackie Flores           Jennifer Gillespie
Monia Gamez            Josephine Gonzalez      Deena Graetor           Connie Harris
Sabrina Henry-Siras    Gloria Hernandez        Sarah Hernandez         Teresa Hernandez
Gena Howard            Leslie Jean-Pierre      Alberto Jimenez         Alyson McDonald
Genelle Miles          Flora Rosa              Maria Sanchez           Melissa Silva
Debbie Sobotik         Rosie Trujillo          Cheryl Wenzel           Diana Pedroza
Irma Ochoa             Pamela Zanotelli

Center For Legal and Social Justice
Liz Garcia             Irma Hurd               Sam Martin              Mary Mendez
Lucy Perez             Marisa Santos

93 rd Intelligence Squadron, Lackland AFB, Translators
Kenneth Bond           Lilia Espinoza          Norma Flores            Sophia Gutierrez
Jennifer Lively        Adrian Mata             Terrance Nichols        Sheila Riggs
Araceli Sanchez        Thomas Sinks            Eleazer Tellez

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance
Dan Kearney            Patty Kearney           Bob Miller

Support Volunteers
Derek Flournoy         Edith Lee, TRLA         Josie Rodriguez, TRLA   Stephanie Zucco
Carolyn Thurmond, SABF
                       SAN ANTONIO BAR FOUNDATION
                            2005-2006 CALENDAR

                                 MONTHLY BOARD MEETINGS

The Board of Directors of the San Antonio Bar Foundation meets monthly on the third Monday of each
month at noon at the offices of Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated at 112 E. Pecan, Suite 1800. The
remaining board meeting dates for the 2005-2006 fiscal year are:

                       January 18, 2006                           May 15, 2006
                       February 22, 2006                          June 19, 2006
                       March 20, 2006                             July 17, 2006
                       April 17, 2006

                                            WILLS CLINIC

The San Antonio Bar Foundation’s pro bono Wills Clinics are held on the second Wednesday of each month
at 5:30 p.m. at The St. Mary’s Center for Legal and Social Justice, 2507 N.W. 36th Street. CLE for the Wills
Clinic is provided on the first Wednesday of each month at noon on the fifth floor of the Bexar County
Courthouse, 100 Dolorosa.

                                           SPECIAL EVENTS

      People’s Law School                February 11, 2006        St. Mary’s University School of Law
      Peacemaker Awards Gala             April 1, 2006            Westin Riverwalk Hotel
      SABA/SABF Law Day                  May 5, 2006
      Courthouse Walk/Run                November 2006

                                         SPECIAL THANKS

                 The Foundation expresses its gratitude to the following board members
                        who chaired the indicated committees for 2004-2005:

                         Pamela Huff and Wade Shelton, Courthouse Walk/Run
                             Renée McElhaney, Peacemaker Awards Gala
                                  Malinda Gaul, People’s Law School
                     Hon. Xavier Rodriguez and Abigail G. Kampmann, Wills Clinic

                        Carolyn Thurmond, Administrator, 210-227-8822, ext. 25
                        Gabe Gonzales, Comptroller, 210-227-8822, ext. 12





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