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									 Open 11:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday thru Saturday (Closed Tuesday) • Sunday Brunch - 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

                                             Catering Menu

          Passed Hors d'oeuvres
             Calabacitas stuffed with corn, red pepper, green chili, queso       $ 1.25 per piece
             fresco and fresh oregano

             Pissaladiere with sautéed onions with anchovy, capers and roasted $ 0.95 per piece
             red pepper

             Crostini with fresh tomato and basil                                $ 0.95 per piece

             Smoked salmon-caper and cream cheese crostini                       $ 1.25 per piece

             Fresh vegetable spring rolls with sweet chili dipping sauce         $ 1.75 per piece

             Proscuitto and melon with fresh basil mignonette                    $ 1.50 per piece

             Smoked mushrooms with blue cheese and walnuts                       $ 1.25 per piece

             Chicken-, vegetable- or pork empanadas                              $ 2.25 per piece

             Cherry tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella skewers                 $ 1.75 per piece

             Smoked trout tassies on cucumber                                    $ 1.50 per piece

             Deviled eggs with caviar                                            $ 1.50 per piece

             Vegetable crudite with seasonal vegetables with blue cheese         $3.50 per person
             dipping sauce

             Various quiches and tarts                                           $ 19.00 per whole


             St. Andre cheese platter with berries, honey and almonds            $ 125.00

             Gravlox platter served with red onion, tomato, cpaers, creame       $ 125.00
             cheese, sliced oranges and red chili

             Smoked salmon platter served with red onion, tomato, cucumber,      $ 125.00
             capers, cream cheese and lemon

             Smoked trout platter served on watercress with assorted grilled     $ 125.00

             Red chili mousse with garlic crostini                               $ 125.00


          Petit Sandwiches
             Curried chicken breast with grapes and walnuts                      $ 6.95 per person

             Turkey, red pepper and chimichurri mayonnaise                       $ 6.95 per person

             Roast eggplant, red pepper and spinach with feta                    $ 6.95 per person

402 Paseo del Pueblo Norte   •   Taos, New Mexico 87571       •   575-737-5859       •

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