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					Sample Sales Script – Quick Cold-call I'm looking for the person in charge of software development.
Hi _______, this is _________ from . is a specializing in ______________ .

Do you have a few moments to review our services? Great! _______, are you the person responsible for software development? Great! [INTRO]: I would like to discuss a situation where may be able to increase the ROI on your company’s Technology spend. This situation can save you money and HR headaches in the very near future. How does that sound? Great! 1) Part of our methodology is to offer lower margins than industry standards based on the fact that ________________ operates on very low overhead. What does this mean to you? By eliminating vendor layers, we can extend across the board savings which translates to a lower cost on your IT spend. Did you know that many of the Tier I vendors ______________________ rely on our consultant availabilities and ‘mark-up’ the cost or rates when placed on YOUR projects? That’s OK. You’re not alone - you’re very busy and don’t have time to review what goes on behind the scenes of a candidate search. ___________ has a pool of experienced _______________ resources ready to work on client projects within 48 hours. 2) Another part of our methodology is off-shoring some of your projects overseas. ____________ also specializes in executing offshore projects in _________ technology. Where the average cost of a consultant could range from $___/hr to over $____/hr, our facility in India accommodates consultants with a cost range of between $___/hr to $___/hr – a SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS TO YOU. How do you think that savings would be viewed at the next budget meeting? PROBING: 1. What software development projects are you currently undertaking?  Can you tell me more about this project?  How many consultants do you currently have on projects?  Do you have any current needs that require additional resources? 2. Do you outsource any of your projects? 3. What technologies or type of projects do you outsource?

How we do what we do -

       

Confirm the availability, rate of the consultant after searching internal and external database. Sign an exclusivity contract for representation with the consultant or the company as required Tech the consultant internally with Technical SME’s. Format the resume as required meeting our internal standards. Schedule interviews as per your availability. Do Background and reference checks if required Complete online testing Keep the consultants interest alive in the project during the wait period

SET APPOINTMENT I would like to suggest a more in-depth discussion, regarding our current delivery model and cost structure that we have. Would __________ be a good time? GATHER: 1. Name 2. Job Title 3. E-mail 4. Direct Line/Ext 5. No. of Employees CONFIRM: It was a pleasure talking to you. To confirm, I will specialist will give you a call/meet with you on _______ to discuss your current initiatives. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

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Description: Heres a simple quick script that was pretty effective when setting appointments with coldcalls