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                                                                                                                                                                             At a glance
CEO’s report
It	is	a	pleasure	to	write	my	first	annual	report	as	   to	develop	innovative	policies,	lead	law	reform	
Legal	Aid	Queensland’s	chief	executive	officer.	I	     initiatives	and	promote	issues	affecting	our	
took	up	my	position	in	October	2006,	fresh	from	       clients	to	state	and	federal	governments.	While	
the	Northern	Territory	Legal	Aid	Commission,	          key	staff	have	always	contributed	to	policy	

                                                                                                                                                                             About us
and	I	have	received	an	extremely	warm	welcome	         and	law	reform	development,	establishing	the	
and	continuing	commitment	from	everyone	               strategic	policy	officer	role	has	enabled	us	to	take	
associated	with	LAQ.                                   a	more	coordinated	and	strategic	approach	to	
                                                       policy	and	law	reform	proposals.	
It	has	been	a	‘big	year’	for	Legal	Aid	Queensland	
as	we	continued	to	help	Queenslanders	                 We	improved	access	to	our	services	for	civil	

                                                                                                                                                                             Corporate governance
navigate	the	justice	system.	The	process	of	           law	clients	who	cannot	get	a	grant	of	aid	for	                 CEO Jenny Hardy.
change	reported	in	last	year’s	annual	report	          representation	by	establishing	a	Brief	Services	
has	continued.	In	October	2006,	we	welcomed	           Unit.	The	unit	provides	minor	assistance	to	            Traditionally,	we	have	focused	on	ensuring	
a	new	Attorney-General	and	Minister	for	               clients	who	have	difficulty	progressing	legal	          Indigenous	people,	women	who	have	
Justice,	the	Honourable	Kerry	Shine,	and	a	new	        matters	on	their	own	and	focuses	on	areas	that	         experienced	violence,	young	people	and	people	
Director-General	for	the	Department	of	Justice	        have	a	significant	impact	on	the	client’s	financial	    living	in	rural	and	regional	communities	had	
and	Attorney-General,	Jim	McGowan.	We	have	            or	social	circumstances.	                               access	to	appropriate	services.	However,	we	
established	constructive	working	relationships	                                                                are	conscious	of	the	many	other	disadvantaged	

                                                                                                                                                                             Our performance
with	both	and	I	would	like	to	thank	them	for	          We	continued	to	forge	strong	partnerships	with	         groups	in	the	community	(such	as	people	from	
supporting	our	staff	and	the	work	we	do.	              the	400	private	law	firms	around	the	state	who	         a	non-English-speaking	background	and	people	
                                                       take	on	legal	aid	work	and	thank	them	for	their	        with	a	disability)	and	we	will	be	working	hard	in	
We	also	welcomed	respected	criminal	lawyer	            loyalty	and	commitment	to	providing	high-quality	       2007–08	to	raise	awareness	of	their	legal	rights	
Chris	Callaghan	to	our	board,	following	the	           legal	services	to	legal	aid	clients.	In	2006–07,	       and	explore	better	ways	to	provide	services	to	
appointment	of	Tony	Rafter	SC	to	the	District	         our	preferred	suppliers	received	a	19	percent	          these	groups.
Court.	                                                increase	in	criminal	law	fees	—	the	largest	
                                                       increase	in	Legal	Aid	Queensland’s	history,	and	        Finally,	I	thank	the	board	and	staff	for	their	

The	quality	of	our	in-house	staff	was	again	           rightly	deserved.                                       dedication	and	efforts	during	the	past	12	months.	
acknowledged	during	the	year,	with	staff	                                                                      We	look	forward	to	building	on	our	achievements	
appointed	to	important	positions	within	the	           Our	services	to	Indigenous	people	were	revised	         and	continuing	to	seek	innovative	solutions	so	
justice	system.	Senior	solicitor	Howard	Osborne	       and	we	will	be	trialling	a	new	service	delivery	        that	Queensland’s	most	vulnerable	can	access	
was	appointed	a	magistrate	in	Townsville	and	          model	over	the	next	12	months	in	a	bid	to	meet	         the	legal	help	they	need.
Deputy	Public	Defender	Tony	Moynihan	joined	           the	legal	needs	of	Indigenous	women	and	

                                                                                                                                                                             Financial statements
Public	Defender	Brian	Devereaux	among	the	             children	living	in	remote	north	Queensland	
ranks	of	Senior	Counsel.	                              communities.	The	pilot	is	expected	to	expand	the	
                                                       areas	of	law	we	provide	assistance	for,	increase	       Jenny	Hardy
Our	policy	function	was	strengthened	with	the	         community	education	and	provide	an	opportunity	         CEO
appointment	of	a	strategic	policy	coordinator	         for	policy	development	in	those	communities.

                                                                                                                       Helping Queenslanders navigate the justice system 
        Report card
        Leadership and change
         Key result area           Objective                                             Outcome
         Take	a	lead	role	in	      Lead	advocacy	and	law	reform	initiatives	for	legal     Contributed	to	submissions	made	in	response	to	policy	initiatives	and	legislative	
         legal	service	delivery	   services	for	disadvantaged	Queenslanders.               developments.
         and	design.
                                                                                          Played	a	key	role	in	preparing	for	the	second	phase	of	family	law	system	changes	
                                                                                           —	the	introduction	of	compulsory	family	dispute	resolution	for	all	new	child-
                                                                                           related	family	law	matters.

                                   Engage	with	government	departments	and	service	        Developed	a	screening	tool	to	help	identify	clients	with	an	intellectual	disability	
                                   delivery	agencies	to	develop	policies	that	advance	     or	cognitive	impairment	that	could	affect	their	legal	capacity.
                                   the	justice	system	and	Legal	Aid	services.

                                   Work	with	suppliers	and	stakeholders	to	increase       Income	increased	by	seven	percent	to	$85.5	million	due	mainly	to	increased	
                                   Legal	Aid’s	financial	capacity	to	meet	emerging	        funding	provided	by	the	state	Attorney-General	and	Minister	for	Justice	from	the	
                                   needs.                                                  Legal	Practitioner	Interest	on	Trust	Accounts	Fund.
                                                                                          Increased	preferred	suppliers’	criminal	law	fees	by	19	percent	—	the	largest	single	
                                                                                           increase	in	criminal	law	fees	in	Legal	Aid	Queensland’s	history.	
                                                                                          Continued	to	pilot	a	program	and	grant	aid	for	parents	to	be	represented	at	family	
                                                                                           group	meetings	—	held	by	the	Department	of	Child	Safety	—	subject	only	to	the	
                                                                                           means	test.

                                   Participate	in	research	activities	to	improve	         Completed	research	and	began	implementing	recommendations	to	address	
                                   services	needed	by	disadvantaged	Queenslanders.         systemic	issues	facing	women	and	men	accessing	our	services.	

 Legal Aid Queensland Annual Report 2006–07
                                                                                                                                                                               At a glance
Access and equity
Key result area          Objective                                            Outcome

                                                                                                                                                                               About us
Respond	appropriately	   Target	cost-effective	legal	services	that	address	    Provided	legal	information	to	181,844	people	and	provided	legal	advice	to	49,213	
to	the	diverse	needs	    the	needs	of	the	most	disadvantaged	people,	           people.
of	disadvantaged	        and	those	with	the	most	complex	legal	assistance	
                                                                               Approved	34,628	grants	of	legal	aid.
Queenslanders.           needs.
                                                                               Ensured	64,272	children	and	adults	were	represented	by	a	duty	lawyer.

                                                                                                                                                                               Corporate governance
                                                                               Helped	design	and	implement	the	Queensland	Indigenous	Alcohol	Diversionary	
                                                                                Program	—	a	new	treatment	program	for	eligible	Indigenous	people	involved	in	
                                                                                the	criminal	justice	or	child	protection	systems.

                         Develop	strategic	alliances	with	communities	and	     Supported	community	legal	centres	and	community	access	points	to	improve	
                         suppliers	to	ensure	disadvantaged	Queenslanders	       legal	service	delivery	for	rural	and	regional	Queenslanders.
                         in	all	regions	are	aware	of	and	can	access	legal	
                                                                               Signed	a	memorandum	of	understanding	with	Townsville’s	Aboriginal	and	Torres	

                                                                                                                                                                               Our performance
                                                                                Strait	Islander	Community	Legal	Services	and	the	Aboriginal	and	Torres	Strait	
                                                                                Islander	Legal	Services	to	provide	better	services	for	Indigenous	people.

                         Implement	and	review	systems	that	ensure	a	fair       Set	up	a	Brief	Services	Unit	to	provide	extra	help	to	civil	law	clients	who	have	
                         and	effective	approach	to	assessing	client	needs	      difficulty	progressing	legal	matters	on	their	own.	The	unit	helps	clients	with	
                         and	granting	aid.                                      legal	problems	that	have	a	significant	impact	on	their	financial	or	social	

                                                                                                                                                                               Financial statements
                                                                                                                         Helping Queenslanders navigate the justice system 
        Quality and cost effectiveness
         Key result area            Objective                                                Outcome
         Purchase	and	deliver	      Purchase	and	deliver	services	to	maximise	quality,	       Met	most	state	and	federal	government	performance	targets	for	negotiated	
         quality,	cost-effective	   efficiency	and	value	for	money.                            funded	services.
         legal	services.
                                                                                              Spent	10.5	percent	of	assigned	case	expenditure	on	Grants	administrations	costs.	
                                                                                              Attained	89.1	percent	cost	efficiency	in	the	Legal	Practice.
                                                                                              Approved	91.69	percent	of	criminal	law,	75.85	percent	of	family	law	and	80.26	
                                                                                               percent	of	civil	law	applications.

                                    Improve	the	quality	and	capability	of	Legal	Aid           Complied	with	all	internal	and	external	service	providers	audits.
                                    services	using	effective	monitoring	and	evaluation.
                                                                                              Clients’	overall	satisfaction	with	Legal	Aid	Queensland	remained	stable,	with	a	
                                                                                               rating	of	7.9	out	of	10.
                                                                                              Clients’	overall	satisfaction	with	the	call	centre	remained	high,	with	a	rating	of	9.1	
                                                                                               out	of	10.
                                                                                              Answered	75	percent	of	calls	within	three	minutes.
                                                                                              Processed	86.67	percent	of	applications	within	five	days.

                                    Improve	consultation	and	collaboration	with	all	          Provided	training,	information	and	resources	to	legal	aid	service	providers	to	
                                    legal	aid	service	providers	to	sustain	their	capacity	     improve	services	to	clients.
                                    to	do	legal	aid	work	and	enhance	the	quality	of	
                                                                                              Encouraged	private	firms	and	solicitors	to	participate	in	the	Regional	Solicitor	
                                    services	provided.
                                                                                               Scheme	to	improve	legal	services	in	regional	areas.

                                    Increase	organisational	resource	efficiency	              Reduced	our	water	consumption	by	almost	20	percent	by	implementing	
                                    to	reduce	the	impact	of	operations	on	the	                 water-	and	energy-saving	initiatives.

 Legal Aid Queensland Annual Report 2006–07
                                                                                                                                                                             At a glance
Key result area             Objective                                          Outcome

                                                                                                                                                                             About us
Develop	a	highly	           Promote	and	reward	leadership	in	teams	and	         Revamped	our	staff	reward	and	recognition	program	to	encourage	and	recognise	
productive	and	satisfied	   individuals.                                         outstanding	performance.
workforce	operating	in	a	
team	environment.
                            Maintain	a	culture	that	motivates	employees	and	    Continued	to	offer	flexible	working	conditions	such	as	telecommuting	and	job-
                            encourages	a	balance	of	work	and	life	demands.       sharing	to	encourage	a	balance	between	work	and	life	commitments.

                                                                                                                                                                             Corporate governance
                            Sustain	a	high-performing	and	skilled	workforce	    Provided	staff	with	comprehensive	training	and	professional	development	
                            through	effective	recruitment	and	retention	         opportunities.
                            strategies,	and	staff	development.
                                                                                Continued	to	promote	our	Program	50+	retention	strategy	to	retain	staff	aged	55	
                                                                                 or	over	who	may	have	been	considering	early	retirement	from	the	paid	workforce.
                                                                                Staff	turnover	was	11.88	percent.

                                                                                                                                                                             Our performance
                                                                                Staff	absenteeism	was	3.45	percent.

                                                                                                                                                                             Financial statements
                                                                                                                       Helping Queenslanders navigate the justice system 
        Financial snapshot
        Managing the budget                                            Income statement
        Our	budgeted	expenditure	for	the	financial	year	               This	is	the	‘big	picture’	of	our	financial	
        1	July	2006	to	30	June	2007	was	$92.9	million.	                management.
        In	2007–08,	the	budget	is	$101.3	million.	Our	
        budget	is	developed	through	a	careful	and	                     Expenditure	has	increased	each	year	in	line	with	                                                   Total              Total            Surplus/deficit
                                                                                                                                                                          income            expenses           (funds	left	over	for
        detailed	planning	cycle.                                       demand	for	our	services,	outstripping	increases	                                                   (funds	in)        (funds	out)         future	spending/
                                                                       in	income.	The	deficits	shown	for	the	past	three	                                                                                        additional	funds	
        This	planning	process	ensures	our	budgets	meet	                years	are	in	line	with	a	government-endorsed	
        our	present	and	future	needs.	Most	importantly,	               arrangement	to	use	retained	surpluses	(reserves)	
        planning	ensures	our	funds	are	spent	effectively.	             to	fund	growth	over	a	five-year	managed	plan.	
        This	helps	us	to	get	maximum	value	for	every	                  When	expenditure	is	greater	than	revenue,	the	
        funding	dollar	we	receive.		                                   retained	surplus	is	reduced.	We	are	currently	
                                                                       reducing	our	retained	surplus	in	line	with	our	
        Figure 1. Our planning cycle                                   plans	and	objectives.

                                                                       Figure 2. Income statement
                                     1. Client
                 8. Continuous                                                              120	–
                    improvement                  2. Government                              100	–                                                                    82                     84                         88
                                                                                                                                     79                         79                     80                       86
                                                    priorities and                                   74
                                                                       Amount	($	million)

                                                                                             80	–           66                               72
                                                                                             60	–
                                                                                             40	–                           22                             28                    29                       22
             7. Measuring                                                                                                                                                                                                             19
                success                                                                      20	–                  8                                6.6                   –2.9                   –4                         –2.9
                                                       3. Leadership
                                                                                              0	–
                                                                                            –20	–
                                                                                                             2002–03                         2003–04                 2004–05                2005–06                    2006–07
                 6. Making it                                                                       Income             Money	added	to	or	taken	from	reserves
                    happen                       4. Where we                                        Expenditure        Retained	surplus
                                                    want to go
                                5. How to
                                   get there

                                                                                             Want to know more?
                                                                                             Please	email	any	questions	to	for	an	independent	
                                                                                             explanation	of	our	finances.	Please	tell	us	how	we	can	improve	this	report	to	help	you.

 Legal Aid Queensland Annual Report 2006–07
                                                                                                                                                                                        At a glance
       Income                                                     Figure 4. Income 2002–03                                 government	and	$3.1	million	from	the	federal	
                                                                                                                           government	to	fund	these	centres.
Grants	from	the	federal	and	state	governments	
                                                                                                                           Figure 5. Expenses 2006–07

                                                                                                                                                                                        About us
are	our	main	source	of	income,	with	relatively	
little	coming	from	service	charges	or	client	
                                                                           $	million
Interest	paid	on	money	kept	in	solicitors’	trust	                            28	–	Federal	government	grants

                                                                                                                                                                                        Corporate governance
accounts	is	now	paid	into	the	Legal	Practitioner	                            22	–	State	government	appropriation
                                                                             16	–	Interest	on	solicitors’	trust	accounts
Interest	on	Trust	Accounts	Fund	(LPITAF),	which	                                                                                    $	million
                                                                             5	–	Provision	adjustment
is	administered	by	the	Minister	for	Justice	                                 2	–	Service	charges
                                                                                                                                      47	–	Payments	to	private	lawyers
                                                                                                                                      27	–	Employee	expenses
and	Attorney-General.	A	committee,	formed	                                   1.3	–	Interest	and	other
                                                                                                                                      6	–	Supplies	and	services
by	the	Attorney-General,	considers	funding	                                                                                           6	–	Grants	to	legal	centres
submissions	received	from	law	and	justice	sector	                                                                                     1	–	Depreciation	and	amortisation
                                                                                                                                      1	–	Other
organisations	and	allocates	money	each	year	as	                           Expenses
grants.	Legal	Aid	Queensland	was	successful	in	

                                                                                                                                                                                        Our performance
receiving	increased	funding	from	the	LPITAF	in	                   The	type	and	proportion	of	expenditure	has	
2006–07.	                                                         changed	little	over	the	past	five	years.	Most	           Figure 6. Expenses 2002–03
                                                                  expenditure	is	paid	to	private	law	firms	to	carry	
Figure 3. Income 2006–07
                                                                  out	legal	aid	work	on	our	behalf.

                                                                  Over	the	past	five	years,	staff	numbers	and	
                                                                  salaries	have	risen,	increasing	the	percentage	

                                                                  of	expenditure	dedicated	to	employee	costs.	
                                                                                                                                   $	million
                                                                  We	now	spend	about	one-third	of	our	funds	on	                       31	–	Payments	to	private	lawyers
        $	million                                                 employing	our	staff.                                                22	–	Employee	expenses
          36	–	Federal	government	grants                                                                                              6	–	Supplies	and	services
          25	–	State	government	appropriation                                                                                         5	–	Grants	to	legal	centres
          20	–	Department	of	Justice	and	Attorney-General	grant
                                                                  We	receive	funding	from	the	state	and	federal	                      1	–	Depreciation	and	amortisation
          3	–	Service	charges                                     governments	and	administer	it	to	30	of	

                                                                                                                                                                                        Financial statements
                                                                                                                                      0.4	–	Other
          1.9	–	Interest                                          Queensland’s	community	legal	centres	(CLCs).	In	
                                                                  2006–07,	we	received	$2.7	million	from	the	state	

                                                                                                                                  Helping Queenslanders navigate the justice system 
                                      Assets                                                                          Liabilities                                                                     Equity

         This	is	what	we	own.                                                            This	is	what	we	owe.
         Figure 7. Assets                                                                Figure 8. Liabilities

                               60	–                                                                            35	–
                                                   46        46
                               50	–
                                                                       44                                      30	–                                                                             What                          What                     Equity
                                         37                                                                                                                                                    we own                        we owe                 (our	wealth)
          Amount	($	million)

                                                                                          Amount	($	million)
                                                                                                               25	–
                               40	–
                                                                                                                                                       17        18
                                                                                                               20	–                15        14
                               30	–
                                                                                                               15	–
                                                                                                                                                                         Figure 9. Equity
                               20	–
                                                                                                               10	–
                               10	–                                                                                                                                                            35	–                      2            3                   12
                                                                                                                5	–                                                                                                                            6
                                0	–                                                                             0	–                                                                            30	–

                                                                                                                                                                          Amount	($	million)
                                       2002–03   2003–04   2004–05   2005–06   2006–07                                 2002–03   2003–04   2004–05   2005–06   2006–07                         25	–
                                                                                                                                                                                               20	–
                                                                                                                                                                                                          22                                   22
                                                                                                                                                                                               15	–                                                       19
         The	most	valuable	assets	we	have	are	our	                                       Our	biggest	liability	is	a	provision	to	pay	private	                                                  10	–
         building	in	the	Brisbane	CBD	(worth	about	$19	                                  lawyers	for	work	assigned	to	them,	but	not	yet	                                                        5	–
         million)	and	$21	million	cash	in	the	bank.	Other	                               complete.	Sometimes	these	cases	can	take	years	                                                        0	–
         assets	include	our	unique	computer-based	                                       to	finalise,	so	money	needs	to	be	kept	aside	from	                                                            2002–03       2003–04       2004–05   2005–06    2006–07

         business	systems	and	money	owed	to	us	by	                                       the	outset	to	ensure	there	is	enough	money	to	                                                               Equity	(retained	surplus)
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Asset	revaluation	reserves
         clients.	                                                                       pay	the	solicitor	when	the	matter	is	finalised.

         The	amount	of	cash	is	about	the	same	as	we	                                     A	provision	is	also	kept	for	amounts	owing	to	                                  We	have	seen	minor	fluctuations	in	equity	levels	
         had	five	years	ago,	but	given	the	organisation’s	                               employees	for	leave	entitlements.                                               over	the	past	five	years,	with	the	most	noticeable	
         significant	growth	during	this	period	and	the	                                                                                                                  change	in	2006–07,	mainly	due	to	our	assets	
         increased	value	of	our	Brisbane	office,	our	cash-                               Provisions	for	employees’	leave	and	future	                                     increasing	in	value.	Assets	are	revalued	each	year	
         to-total-assets	ratio	has	decreased.	This	trend	                                payments	to	private	lawyers	have	grown,	and	will	                               to	reflect	increased	land	and	building	values.	
         will	continue	in	2007–08,	as	we	follow	our	plan	                                continue	to	grow,	in	line	with	increased	demand	                                The	increases	in	asset	values	are	given	a	dollar	
         to	reduce	cash	reserves.                                                        for	our	services	and	related	expenses.                                          value,	but	are	not	available	as	money	in	the	
                                                                                                                                                                         bank	to	be	spent	on	services.	Only	the	retained	
                                                                                                                                                                         surplus	portion	of	our	equity	is	available	as	cash	
                                                                                                                                                                         in	the	bank	and	can	be	spent	to	meet	business	

10 Legal Aid Queensland Annual Report 2006–07
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                At a glance
Our	assets	were	revalued	in	June	2007,	                                          How are we going?                                                               Paying	private	lawyers	is	our	most	significant	
significantly	increasing	our	asset	revaluation	                                  Our	overall	financial	position	is	healthy.	                                     expense	(see	Figure	12	for	more	details).	
reserves.	This	is	because	our	land	value	had	                                    Expenditure	is	budgeted	to	exceed	$100	million	
doubled	over	the	past	12	months	and	our	                                                                                                                         Supplies	and	service	costs	are	budgeted	to	

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                About us
                                                                                 for	the	first	time	in	2007–08,	to	meet	growing	
building	value	also	increased.	At	the	same	                                      demand	for	legal	help	and	to	allow	more	                                        increase	and	employee	costs	are	expected	to	rise	
time,	we	needed	to	spend	some	of	our	retained	                                   disadvantaged	Queenslanders	to	access	the	                                      in	line	with	enterprise	bargaining	agreements;	
surplus	money	to	fund	the	year’s	operations.	                                    justice	system.                                                                 new	positions	will	also	be	created	to	help	meet	
This	led	to	a	13	percent	decrease	in	the	retained	                                                                                                               the	increased	demand.
surplus	portion	of	our	equity.	                                                  While	we	are	currently	spending	more	money	

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Corporate governance
                                                                                 than	we	receive	in	funding,	this	is	part	of	a	plan	                             CLCs	are	receiving	an	increase	in	their	funding	
                                                                                 we	negotiated	with	the	state	government	to	use	                                 based	on	a	recently	reviewed	funding	model.
                                                                                 some	of	our	cash	reserves	to	meet	demand	for	                                   Figure 12. Payments to private lawyers 2007–08
Figure 10. Cash                                                                  services.	We	have	demonstrated	a	disciplined	
                                                                                 approach	to	the	budget	during	this	period,	with	
                       35	–                          29                          actual	expenditure	being	better	than	budget	
                       30	–                                    25                by	$5	million	during	2006–07.	When	our	cash	

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Our performance
  Amount	($	million)

                       25	–      20
                                                                                 reserves	are	reduced	to	a	level	closer	to	the	
                       20	–
                                                                                 amount	of	our	short-term	liabilities,	we	will	return	                                    $	million
                       15	–
                                                                                 to	balanced	budgets.                                                                       27	–	Crime	    	   1	–	Duty	lawyer
                       10	–
                                                                                                                                                                            19	–	Family	   	   0.1	–	Legal	advice	and	other
                        5	–

                        0	–
                                                                                 Where the dollars will go                                                                  6	–	Civil

                               2002–03   2003–04   2004–05   2005–06   2006–07
                                                                                 Figure 11. Budget 2007–08
                                                                                 Total	budget	$101	million                                                       Criminal	law	work	is	mainly	funded	by	the	state	
We	have	maintained	healthy	cash	levels	over	the	                                                                                                                 government	and	forms	about	half	of	the	casework	

past	five	years	to	make	sure	we	can	pay	private	                                                                                                                 assigned	to	private	solicitors.	Family	law,	which	
solicitors	for	matters	they	finalise,	and	to	allow	                                                                                                              is	funded	by	the	federal	government,	accounts	for	
us	to	replace	equipment	and	other	assets	as	                                                                                                                     more	than	one-third	of	our	casework.	
needed.	We	invest	this	cash	in	low-risk	funds	
that	are	managed	by	the	state	government.	This	                                    $	million                                                                     Civil	law	includes	child	protection,	domestic	

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Financial statements
provides	us	with	some	income	from	interest,	but	                                     53	–	Payments	to	private	lawyers	   	   7	–	Grants	to	legal	centres         violence	and	veterans	affairs	matters	and	
                                                                                     30	–	Employee	expenses	     	       	   1	–	Depreciation	and	amortisation
also	protects	us	from	market	fluctuations.                                           10	–	Supplies	and	services	 	       	   0.5	–	Other
                                                                                                                                                                 comprises	about	six	percent	of	our	casework.

                                                                                                                                                                         Helping Queenslanders navigate the justice system 11