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					                                                       Colonial Heights
                                                       Chamber of Commerce
                                                       201 Temple Avenue, Suite E
                                                       Colonial Heights, VA 23834
                                                       Telephone: 804-526-5872
                                                       Fax: 804-526-9637

                                                                          JULY/AUGUST 2007

Dear Chamber Members:
It is hard to believe that it is already July. Where did the first half of the year go?
We have had a good beginning this year. Fort Clifton had a great turn out. The Reverse Raffle
was a big success and everyone really enjoyed the get-together for the drawing.
Our new Relocation Guide and Membership Directory for 2007/2008 is a wonderful tribute to
the Chamber, our city, and our members.
We continue to do ribbon cuttings and Business of the Month awards. We are also in the process
of finishing up the new Colonial Heights map.
The Membership Committee met on June 22nd. We are launching some new plans to increase
membership. The Fund Raising Committee will meet July 19th to discuss plans for a fund raiser
for the Chamber to replace the Fall Fling.
Thank you for this opportunity to serve you as your Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce
President, I am enjoying the challenge and I am excited about the direction our chamber is
taking. A big thank you to everyone for your support and dedication in making our Chamber a
great success.

                                                      Membership committee
        congratulations!                                    Report
      Business of the month                             The Committee agreed that each
        JUNE:                                    member of the Membership Committee
   COMFORT SUITES-                               would obtain at least five new chamber
                                                 members. They also will be distributing a
     SOUTHPARK                                   new member packet to each Board Member
                 520-8900                        requesting they sign-up one new business.
                                                 The following incentives are being offered:
         JULY:                                          For each new member brought in the
  JUST BECAUSE GIFT                              member signing that business/individual
                                                 will receive a voucher for $10.00. The
       BASKETS                                   voucher can be used toward dues, or any
              colonial heights                   chamber function.
                                                        Each new member will receive a
        We would like to thank you for           $10.00 voucher which can be used toward
your valuable and continued support in           any Chamber event, to include the monthly
making our community an enjoyable place          Board Meeting.
to live and do business. Our Chamber
                                                        In addition, the following is being
appreciates your commitment to excellence!
                                                 offered to all existing and new members:
                                                         A three (3) year contract at the
                                                 existing membership rate. This contract will
      From lamese’s desk                         carry a 10 percent discount on the total
                                                 amount due.
       Are you aware how many of our                     A five (5) year contract at the
members are representing your Chamber on         existing membership rate. This contract will
boards, task forces, advisory capacity as        offer the fifth year of membership free.
well as all phases of local, state and federal
government.        Our interaction with                 If   you    would    like  further
surrounding communities, to include Fort         information, please contact the Chamber
Lee, as well as our partnership with the         Office or any of the following committee
school system only adds to the credibility       members: Susie Bridgeman, Sam Bryant,
and effectiveness of your Chamber. Your          Pam Comstock, Bill Conner, Beth Creasey,
Chamber is a one you can be very proud of        Barbara or Chester Grizzard and Betsy
and a respected representative of         our    Stafford.
business community.

       Following is a report from the
Membership Committee’s meeting which
was held on June 22nd.
 Colonial heights city maps                  Mark your calendars---
       A REMINDER: If you reserved an           TUESDAY, AUGUST 28, 2007
ad space in the map, we will need your ad           TIME: 8:00 A.M.
copy and payment no later than July 20th.    COLONIAL HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL
We have three remaining advertising slots.            CAFETERIA
If you are interested, contact the Chamber
Office as soon as possible.                          We     will      be     preparing
                                             approximately 400 “Goody Bags” for all
                                             guests attending the breakfast. This is an
                                             excellent opportunity for you to showcase
Board of directors’ meetings                 your business or profession by supplying
                                             us with as many give-a-ways (discount
                                             coupons, pens, pads, key rings, etc.) to fill
  There will be no meeting in                the bags. If you are able to supply 400,
              july                           terrific; however, any amount will be
                                             appreciated.        Please drop your
                                             contributions off at the Chamber Office
          August 21, 2007                    no later than August 1.
           (southpark mall)                          Thank you in advance for your
              11:30 a.m.                     support. We look forward to seeing you
                                             at the breakfast.

       September 18, 2007
               11:30 a.m.                    Regional chambers networking
     fort lee morale, welfare and                     opportunity
 recreation will host our meeting at
the regimental club, fort lee – a brief             Reserve October 18th for an
 bus tour will follow lunch. (RSVP           opportunity to speed network with
                                             members of five chambers. Chesterfield,
            Chamber Office                   Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Hopewell/
              526-5872)                      Prince George and Petersburg chambers
 ALL MEMBERS AND GUESTS                      will host a speed networking event at the
       ARE INVITED.                          Ramada in Petersburg from 7:30 until
                                             9:30 a.m. Tickets will be $20.00 in
                                             advance, and $30.00 after October 12,
                                             2007.       A Continental Breakfast,
                                             opportunity to showcase your business,
                                             networking, networking and more
                                             networking will be provided.
            Back to school                            National night out

        WE NEED YOU!!
        National Night Out is scheduled
for Tuesday, August 7, 2007.       The
Colonial Heights Police Department will
again host National Night Out from 6:00
until 9:00 p.m.

       The concept of National Night Out
is to keep the celebration in the
neighborhoods, which would provide
security for each neighborhood, and at
                                                VIRGINIA’S TAX FREE
the same time provide an opportunity for           WEEKEND AT
neighbors     to    greet    and     meet.          SOUTHPARK
Representatives     from     the    Police
Department will visit each neighborhood              On August 3, 4, and 5 certain
party offering the residents to share any    apparel and back to school supplies will
concerns they may have in regard to their    be exempt from the 5 percent state and
particular neighborhood or the City.         local retail sales tax. Southpark Mall will
                                             be hosting the TAX FREE weekend
       Personalized invitations will be      through a mall-wide promotion that is
provided for the host/hostesses to           sure to draw thousands.
distribute to their neighbors upon
request. For further information, or to             Opportunities are available to
schedule to host the event for your          capture these customers by renting space
neighborhood, contact Lamese at the          in Southpark Mall (kiosks) for these three
Chamber, 526-5872.                           days.
    TOGETHER      WE    WILL                       Contact Spencer Dawkins, 804-
CONTINUE    TO   PROVIDE   A                 520-5161     for cost and   general
COMMUNITY WE ARE ALL SO                      information.

          Colonial heights’                       inducted in the LDA Hall of Fame. Fister’s
                                                  personal bests include a club head speed
           legacy garden                          recorded at 171.2 mph, a ball speed of 218
                                                  mph and his longest drive at 515 yards.
        The Beautification Committee is
selling memorial bricks for the Legacy                   “We are honored to have the
Garden. The garden will be developed on           opportunity to host such a world renowned
property located at the corner of the             legend in golf,” said Ken Swader, director of
Boulevard and Washington Avenue. The              operations for Swaders Sports Park. “His
site will contain a new welcome sign as well      enthusiasm and sheer skill make his show a
as the Legacy Garden with a brick plaza.          must see for golf lovers.”

        The memorial bricks may be                      For   more      information     about
engraved in honor or memory of a loved            Swader’s or Fister’s exhibition, call 733-
one. You may obtain an order form by              3700    or   visit    them     online    at
going on the web site
or by contacting JoAn Jones at 526-2695.
The cost of the bricks are $35.00 for the first
and $30.00 each additional. Three lines of        SAMS CLUB COMMUNITY
engraving are available with 20 characters              YARD SALE
per line. This offer is available for a limited
time – order yours now!
                                                    WHEN: SATURDAY, JULY 28, 2007
                                                           TIME: 8:00 A.M.
                                                    COST: SPACES AVAILABLE FOR
      GOLF WORLD                                    BENEFIT: ALL PROCEEDS WILL
    CHAMPION TO VISIT                                         BENEFIT
        SWADERS                                    CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK
                                                   INFORMATION: SARAH OR TAVIE
        Swaders Sports Park will host three-                  526-0508
time long drive world champion Sean “The
Beast” Fister on July 22 from 1:00 to 3:00             CALL AND RESERVE YOUR
p.m. Admission to his exhibition is free and              SPACE(S) TODAY!
will include impressions, 400-yeard drives,
trick shots, crowd participation and power
hitting tips.
       Fister has made 15 world                       please make a special point to
championship appearances and won the
RE/Max Long Drive World Championship
                                                    welcome our new members with
in 1995, 2001 and 2005. He holds the               either a personal visit or telephone
American      record    in   the   World                          call.
Championship finals and holds the record
for the longest carry in World Long Drive
Championship history. He has also been

                                        telephone: 928-4820
                                            fax: 639-5984
                                    contact: laura millen, citrms
                                legal service plans and identification
colonial heights pediatrics,             theft and protection
                                  (SEE PAGE 8 FOR FURTHER DETAILS)
       16011 katros road           Richmond economic
    colonial heights 23834
     telephone: 520-2600
                                 development corporation
                                   411 east franklin street, ste 203
         fax: 520-5853
                                         Richmond 23219
                                       Telephone: 780-3026
    contact: jan perkinson
                                           Fax: 788-4310
                                       contact: harpal malik
    computer express                    small business lender
        2021 boulevard
    colonial heights 23834
     telephone: 520-2351               senator steve martin
         fax: 520-4438                     p. o. box 700                chesterfield 23832
  contact: steven w. grissom          telephone: 674-0242
computer/network – repair and             fax: 674-7241

    new style flooring
    1100 boulevard, suite a               OFFICERS
    colonial heights 23834                   2007-2008
     telephone: 526-4616
         fax: 526-4616                       OFFICERS               PRESIDENT – BETSY STAFFORD
     contact: david hardy         PRESIDENT ELECT – BETH CREASEY
                                  1ST VICE PRESIDENT – BRYAN SMALL
         flooring retail          2ND VICE PRESIDENT – BILL CONNER
  pre paid legal services             TREASURER – KATHI COOPER
                                   PAST PRESIDENT – GARY THOMSON
       8023 ansdale lane        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – LAMESE K. ESSEY
      chesterfield 23832

            DIRECTORS                               David along with Barbara and
              SAM BRYANT                     Chester Grizzard will be glad to follow-up
            PAM COMSTOCK                     on any new prospective members you can
              BILL CONNER                    refer. Please just call the Chamber Office
             KATHI COOPER
             BETH CREASEY
                                             and we will glad to relay the information to
           MARTHA GUNTER                     them for follow-up.
             JAMES KESTER
              MARK LANDA
                LIN LANE
              DEBBIE OWEN
              BOB SCHRUM
             BRYAN SMALL                              mission statement
            GARY THOMSON                            The Colonial Heights Chamber of
          SHERRY WILKINSON                   Commerce is business and professional
                                             people united to enhance, promote and
 PRESIDENTIAL APPOINTEES                     serve the business and education
           SUSIE BRIDGEMAN                   community. It provides the leadership to
           TAMMY FERGUSON                    advocate and assist in implementing
             STEVE PERRY
                                             solutions to problems not only in the local
             CHRIS RIGGS                     community but state wide.
             TODD WILSON

     EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS                              NEW CHAMBER
             JOHN WOOD, MAYOR
                  SCHOOLS                         THE CHAMBER WILL BE
                 PLANNING                    (20 HOURS A WEEK) EMPLOYEE.
                                                  ANYONE INTERESTED IN THE
                                             POSITION IS ASKED TO CONTACT
                                             THE CHAMBER – 526-5872.
    Welcome - david glazier
       As many of you may recall David
Glazier was our membership recruiter for
several years. David has agreed to tackle
the job again. We are thrilled to have him
back on our team. WELCOME!!!

                   The Chamber is excited to announce
                   our newest official corporate sponsor
                           & affinity partner…

                           Peak Performance Group
                                       Laura H. Millen, CITRMS
                                          Derward Rollison

It makes no difference if you’re a big fish or a little one….
       You can still get caught!
Did you know that non-compliance with the new FACTA and federal Identity Theft and data security
laws could cost your business up to $1,000,000 in fines and up to 10 years in prison?

As a chamber member you now have access to an exciting, cutting-edge program provided by
Peak Performance Group and Pre-Paid Legal Services (PPLSI) called the

The ADRSSM Program can help you develop a comprehensive solution to your company’s growing
exposure to Identity Theft risks. When you allow a trained Pre-Paid Legal associate to share ADRS with
your organization, the services can help minimize the risk of security breaches and help mitigate
damages. These services include:
                - Assistance in developing a written privacy policy
                - Educating your employees on their responsibility for sensitive information
                - Providing solutions for your employees’ personal legal and identity theft needs
                  to help minimize absenteeism

Together, this suite of resources helps provide your own documented affirmative defense at potentially no
cost to your business.

               Take a proactive approach to keeping sensitive data safe.
                  Call to Establish Your Affirmative Defense TODAY!
                                 This affinity program can only be offered
                          through these authorized Independent PPLSI Associates:
                                     Peak Performance Group
                              Laura H. Millen, CITRMS, ADRS certified
                                    Derward Rollison, Associate