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					                                         Christ the                                        PARISH MISSION
                                                                                          Christ the Good Shepherd Parish

                                       Good Shepherd                                  rejoices in being a diverse
                                                                                      community united in faith in Christ
                                                                                      Jesus. Rooted in the Eucharist, we
                                                                                      continue to be molded into the Body
                             1947                       VIGIL                         of Christ as we witness to the Gospel
                                                                                      through our sharing of resources and
                                                 November 28, 2010                    se rv ice to wa rd othe r s , our
                                                                                      commitment to Catholic education
                                                                                      and our friendship with one another.

                             Advent Begins!
 Let Us Prepare Our Minds, Hearts and Souls For the Coming of Jesus Christ
         Wednesday - Sacred Heart Choir & Advent Prayer, 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                     SACRED HEART CHOIR and
                                                                                           ADVENT PRAYER
                    Fr. Tony’s
                                                                                     This Wednesday, December 1,
                   “Ram”blings                                                                  7:00 P.M.
               We begin a new liturgical
                                                                                       Sacred Heart Chorale, under the
year as we begin Advent. Thanks to all
who donated blood last weekend. We          Monday - Boy Scouts, 7 p.m. -          direction of Mr. John Thorne of the
collected over 42 pints that will be used   Church Basement.                       Archdiocesan Office of Cultural
to give life to others. The Giving Tree     Wednesday - Sacred Heart Choir, 7      Ministries, will be visiting our par-
began last weekend and thanks to the        p.m. All are welcome.                  ish this Wednesday, December 1st.
great response from many of you who           - Bible Study, 7 p.m. - Shepherd’s   The Chorale brings song and prayer
generously took tags. There are more        Room.                                  that will help us enter Advent and
on the tree for those who wish to be          - RCIA, 7 p.m. - Emmaus Room.        the Christmas Season with reflec-
part of the Giving Tree. Last week we       Friday - 1st Friday Holy Hour,         tive hearts. There is no cost, but a
also delivered several food baskets in      8:30 a.m.                              free-will offering will be taken up.
time for Thanksgiving. Thank you,
                                              - Lady Boosters, 7:30 p.m. -         Any questions: call 313-382-1818.
Christ The Good Shepherd parish, for
making these things happen.                 Cafeteria.                             Childcare will be provided, but we
    The recommendations for our pas-        Next Saturday - Breakfast with         must know the number of children,
toral planning are done. As we plan the     Santa, Cafeteria.                      so we can plan accordingly.
future and use our gifts to bring about     Next Sunday - WGS Communion
God’s message of salvation keep the         Sunday, 11:00 a.m. Mass.
parish in your prayers. There we many                                               REGISTRATION FOR ADVENT
great recommendations, unfortunately,                                                  EVENT - December 1, 2010
we cannot do everything and all the                        FROM                    _______________________________
recommendations cannot be immedi-                    THE RELIGIOUS                        ( Please print name…….)
ately implemented. As we continue the             FORMATION OFFICE
planning process the next stage will be
classifying and evaluating each recom-
                                            This Sunday, Nov. 28th –No             Phone #______________
                                            Nursery or Sunday School               e-mail:_______
mendation before the parish council
and staff begins the implementation         Next Mon., Dec. 6 - No class
                                            Tuesday, December 7:                   Names of children and age:
                                                All children (grades 1-8) attend   _______________________________
    During Advent, we prepare our-
selves for Christ to come into our lives.   at 6:00 P.M. Class followed by         _______________________________
My prayer during Advent is that each                                               _______________________________
                                            Mass celebrating the Immaculate
of you will receive the greatest of all                                            _______________________________
                                            Conception at 6:30 P.M. Parents-
gifts…Christ.                                                                      _______________________________
                                            please celebrate with us.              Please return to the Religious Forma-
                  Peace,                    Friday, December 10:
                 Fr. Tony                                                          tion Office no later than November
                                                “Las Posadas”: 5:30 P.M.           29th.
Page 2                                       Christ the Good Shepherd Weekly Vigil

               Christ the Good Shepherd                                 LECTORS          EUCHARISTIC            ALTAR SERVERS
    1540 Riverbank St. Lincoln Park, Michigan 48146                                      MINISTERS
                       Office Phones/Email:
Parish Office: 313-928-1324 email:        December 4                                  5:00 p.m.
School: 313-386-0634        email:
Religious Ed: 313-382-1818 email:       Kristi Dupler    C. Baroni D. Giesin   L. Arsenault
                  Fax for all offices: 313-928-1326
                                                                                         B. Peeples D. Carmody A. Beaudrie
       Fr. Anthony Richter - Pastor                                     Linda Fiema      O. Garza M. Salcido   R. Young
       Sr. Rebecca Vonderhaar - Religious Education Director                             R. Miller
        email:                                                2 volunteers needed
       Linda Fox - Music Director email:
                                                                        December 5                                  9:00 a.m.
                      Parish Pastoral Council
 Chairperson: Dorothy Kushnir                                           Rich Daniels     S. Abela  S. Bozzo     L. Bozzo
 Vice-Chairperson: Sue Amorose                                                           L. Drabek D. Fraley    M. Carioti
 Secretary: Laurie Lambert                                              Phyllis Stone    M. Giese  R. Lepi      T. Aranda
                    Masses and Prayer Services                                           M. Kimbler L. Lore
 Weekend Masses: Saturday 5 p.m., Sunday 9 a.m., 11 a.m.
 Mon. , 8:00 a.m. Mass
 Tuesday: 7 p.m. Mass (Perpetual Help Prayers at 6:50 p.m.)             December 5                                11:00 a.m.
 Wednesday, 8:15 a.m. Mass
 Friday: 8:00 a.m. Mass, 1st Friday Holy Hour, 8:30 a.m.                Traci Vernier    V. Carioti D. Keilman M. Vernier
 Saturday: 8:00 a.m., Prayer Service w/Communion.
 Holydays: Masses to be announced.                                                       B. Fortin G. Miller   L. Lattanzi
 Liturgy of the Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 6:15 p.m.                   Felicia Marshall Y&Y.Guzman C.Brandt H. Lavis
                    Sacrament of Reconciliation                                          D. LaPlante B. Pataka
 Saturdays 3—3:30 p.m.
                      Baptisms and Marriages
 Please contact the parish office for initial appointment/interview.                  Weekday Altar Servers
 Marriages require six months notice (1 year if not registered). Bap-
 tisms require one month notice (3 months if not registered).
                                                                          Monday, November 29 through Friday, December 3
                    Religious Education Classes                              Mon., & Fri. at 8 a.m. & Wed. at 8:15 a.m.:
 Elementary (1-6) Monday 4—5:25 p.m.                                                   C. Cyster & J. Kling
 Junior High (7-8) Monday 5:45-7:15 p.m.
 Sunday School (3-5 yr. old): at 11 a.m. Mass                                         Tuesday, November 30 at 7 p.m.:
 Bulletin Copy Deadline: Noon Tuesday          (Rev. 6/22/10)
                                                                                         H. Snipes & L. Arsenault

                                                                           Collection Counters for next Sunday, December 5:
                                                                           Team #1 - Janet Duded, Karen Valentine, Debbie
                                                                               Mrazik, Genevieve Reedy, Leslie Montero.

                                                                                                Readings for the Week of
                                                                                                  November 28, 2010

                                                                                              Sunday: Is 2:1-5/Rom 13:11-14/
                                                                                              Mt 24:37-44
                                                                                              Monday: Is 4:2-6/Mt 8:5-11
                                                                                              Tuesday:Rom 10:9-18/Mt 4:18-22
                                                                                              Wednesday:Is 25:6-10a/Mt 15:29-
                                                       "Two men will be out in the            Thursday: Is 26:1-6/Mt 7:21, 24-
    Your Sunday Offering                           field; one will be taken, and one          27
    For November 21, 2010                          will be left. Two women will be            Friday: Is 29:17-24/Mt 9:27-31
                                                   grinding at the mill; one will be          Saturday: Is 30:19-21, 23-26/Mt
  Total Envelopes Used…..581                       taken, and one will be left.               9:35---10:1, 5a, 6-8
  Total Collection……$9,862.24                      Therefore, stay awake! For you do          Next Sunday: Is 11:1-10/Rom
  Budget Requirement...$11,000.00                  not know on which day your Lord            15:4-9/Mt 3:1-12
  Week Under Budget….$1,137.76                     will come." - Mt 24:40-42
                                        Christ the Good Shepherd Weekly Vigil                                     Page 3

                                                     ADVENT                      NEW COATS FOR CHILDREN
                                                                                      “Season of Giving”
                Masses and
              Prayer Services
             with Communion
                                             A wonderful practice in our
                                         homes is the lighting of the Advent         Every year there is always a
Monday, November 29                                                              great need for children’s coats dur-
                                         wreath as we anticipate the celebra-
  8:00 a.m. - The sick of our parish.                                            ing the winter. This year the chil-
                                         tion of the Birth of the Son of God.
Tuesday, November 30                                                             dren in the school and religious for-
                                         If you do not have a wreath or need
  7:00 p.m. - Barbara Holozsi by                                                 mation programs will be collecting
                                         candles, they will be available after
the Women of Good Shepherd.                                                      new coats for the children of the
                                         the Masses this weekend or in the
  - Rosemary Mrazik (2nd Anniv. )                                                city. Also, gloves, hats and scarves
                                         Parish Office or Religious Forma-
by family.                                                                       are needed. In order to give fami-
                                         tion Office during the week. Also,
  - Roy Yipe by Shirley Yipe and                                                 lies and parishioners at large the
                                         the Little Blue Advent Books are
family.                                                                          opportunity to be on the lookout for
Wednesday, December 1                                                            the “best buy”, we are making eve-
  8:15 a.m. - Rosemary Drinane by                                                ryone aware of this year’s Christ-
Peg Racey.                                                                       mas project early. Any donations
                                                Advent Blue Books-$1.00
Friday, December 3                                                               will be gratefully accepted. Some of
  8:00 a.m. - For the people of                                                  our 7th graders will deliver our gifts
Christ the good Shepherd Parish.          FIRST WEEK OF ADVENT                   on December 15th to the Capuchin
Saturday, December 4                             PRAYER                          Service Center. The happiness such
  8:00 a.m. - Prayer Service with                                                a gift will bring to some mothers
Communion.                                                                       would be hard to measure. “A new
  5:00 p.m. - Raymond Luginski by                                                coat” at Christmas for my child!
wife & family.                                                                   Tags are available for the sizes
  - Walter Budzyn by family.                                                     needed in any of the offices (school,
  - Margaret Potoczny by family.             Today, we light the first candle    Rel.Ed. or parish office). The dona-
  - Maryann Rompel by daughter,          on our Advent wreath. As we begin       tions may be dropped off at the Re-
Carolyn.                                 to get ready to celebrate your birth-   ligious Ed. Office at any time.
  - Louis Rovenskie by wife &            day, dear Jesus, we pray for our               God Bless, Sister Rebecca
daughter, Wanda.                         families who first taught us about
Sunday, December 5                       your love. During this busy season,
  9:00 a.m. - James Reedy by fam-        help us to remember how much you
                                                                                   NURSING HOME VISITS
                                         mean to us, O Lord.
  - Michael Derscha by Addie                 Jesus, You are our Light. When
Luginski.                                you came into our world you made
  - Mary and Albert Lalama by            it a brighter place. Help us each day
children.                                to make brighter and happier the
  - Helen Cenkner (birthday bless-       lives of the people we touch               Our Junior High Students have,
ings) by family.                         whether in our homes, schools or        again, begun their visits to the nurs-
  - Sam Calassi by Marjorie Hayes.       work places. Amen                       ing homes. Thank to all who have
                                                                                 helped with prizes so far. If you
  11:00 a.m. - Fr. Lloyd Thiel by                                                want to help bring smiles to faces
the Women of Good Shepherd.                                                      you can drop off your donations in
  - Joe Yesh by family.                                                          the Religious Formation Office.
  - Patricia Crain by the Women of                                               Glass and liquid items are discour-
Good Shepherd.                                                                   aged so try thinking in other areas.
  - Susan R. Smith (1st Anniv.) by                                                  One nursing home appreciates
family.                                                                          small travel items( shampoo, soap,
  - El;izabeth Boutain-Patterson by                                              shower caps etc.) often collected
Boutain and Patterson families.                                                  from visits to hotels etc. If you want
                                                                                 to bring those items, we will see
                                                                                 that they are festively wrapped and
                                                                                 taken to that nursing home.
Page 4                              Christ the Good Shepherd Weekly Vigil

    CHRISTMAS IN MEXICO                                                        Women of Good Shepherd
     Las Posadas-Friday, 10TH
                                                                                           Altar Care

                                                                                   Week of November 29
                                                                              Team #4 - Evelyn Kovacs, Carol
                                                                              Cotton, Mende Kleinow.
 “Las Posadas” will take place at
 Christ the Good Shepherd on                                                         Week of December 6
 Friday, December 10th                                                        Team #5 - Dorothy Abela, Katie
                                              Vicariate Advent                Esterreicher, Helen Papp, Esther
    5:30…..Gathering                         Confession Schedule              Ropert or Irene Zelenak.
    6:30…..Enactment                         Saturday, December 11                   Communion Sunday
    7:00…...Breaking Pinatas                        11:00 a.m.                  Next Sunday, December 5th, is
    7:30…..Authentic Mexican                  St. Roch’s - Flat Rock          Women of Good Shepherd’s
           entertainment                                                      Communion Sunday. All WGS are
                                            Monday, December 13               invited to sit together at the 11:00 a.
    It is a wonderful night of food,              7:00 p.m.                   m. Mass on the Blessed Mother
 music, enactment of the Christmas      Our Lady of the Angels - Taylor       side of the altar.
 story and fun (breaking the piñata).
 In order to plan for numbers, we ask        Thursday, December 16
 that you sign up the number from                   7:00 p.m.
 your family who will attend. This      St. Frances Cabrini - Allen Park            CGS Usher’s Club
 can be done by a phone call or e-
 mail to the Religious Ed. Office or                                              December Raffle News
                                             Saturday, December 18              At the next Usher’s Club meeting
 the Parish Office. Knowing numbers                11:00 a.m.
 really helps when planning for food.                                         on Monday, December 20th after
                                            Sacred Heart - Grosse Ile         our regular raffle tickets are drawn,
 There is no charge, but free will
 donations will be accepted.                                                  we will continue to draw another 10
                                                                              tickets for a holiday ham! Buy
    At the celebration there will be                                          your ‘holiday’ tickets ($1 each) and
 an opportunity to learn a simple          Solanus Guild Private              try your luck on winning a him just
 Spanish song and dance that will                Novena                       in the St. Nick of time for
 then be performed for the infant                                             Christmas dinner.
                                         November 30 - December 8
 Jesus. The dialogue will alternate       Fr. Solanus prayed a private
 between Spanish and English:                                                            Special Notice!
                                        novena November 30 through                This notice includes all ushers -
    In the name of heaven I beg you     December 8, 1896 to discern his
 for lodging, for my beloved wife for                                         Those not so active as well as our
                                        calling to the Capuchin Order.        faithful ushers - Please come to our
 she is pregnant and cannot walk        Knowing how life-challenging this
 further.                                                                     Christmas Dinner on Monday,
                                        was for him, the Guild invites you    December 20 at 6:30 p.m. in the
 En el nombre del cielo os pido         to join us in a private novena on
 posada pues no puede andar mi                                                Cafeteria. We will try to start at 7
                                        those dates to pray for advancement   p.m. for dinner. For information,
 esposa amada.                          of Venerable Solanus’ Cause for       call Warren at 386-1859.
                                        Beatification. You might also add
    Maria Quieroz is in charge of       intentions for discernment of your
 food for the evening. She would        own life’s path, an increase in
 really appreciate any help. Please     church vocations, or other needs.
 call Maria to volunteer (734-246-      You may pray privately at a time
 3684).                                 and place of your own choice with
                                        prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    All are welcome!! If you have       For more info: www.SolanusCasey.
 any questions, call (313-382-1818)     org or 313-579-2100 ext. 169.
                                           Christ the Good Shepherd Weekly Vigil                                     Page 5

CGS Youth Ministry Corner                   youth group gathering last
                                            Thursday. It was great to see so
    Thanks to all of our high school        many of you there! We look
teens that participated in the              forward to continuing our monthly
vicariate road rally at Cabrini last        meetings and hope that they will
Sunday. We had three teams from             only grow – always feel free to
                                            bring a friend or two!
                                                                                     Christmas Flower Memorials
Christ the Good Shepherd (and one                                                     There is a special envelope in
of them tied for first place)! What a       • Thursday, December 16th –
                                                                                    your box of offertory envelopes
great way to have fun, embrace our          Junior High Youth Group                 m arke d “Christ mas Flower
competitive spirits, and build              Gathering from 6-7:30pm in the          Memorials” (dated November
community! Check out some of the            Parish Center (Christmas
                                                                                    28th). The money from the Flower
photos on the CGS Teen Forum                Gathering – look for more details in
                                                                                    Memorials prays for all the
Facebook page.                              upcoming bulletins!)
                                                                                    Christmas flowers and decorations,
                                                As we celebrate Thanksgiving
                                                                                    including any new trees, lights,
High School Teens (9 th -12 th              this weekend and move into
                                                                                    wreaths or garland we buy to
g r a d e ) : U p c o m i n g E v e n ts    Advent, the world around us
                                                                                    replace those that get too worn out.
    Upcoming events are posted on           becomes very busy (as if it isn’t
                                                                                      The family names of donors are
the Teens section of the bulletin           already). As Christians, we take
                                                                                    listed, along with other specific
board in the lobby (monthly                 these next four weeks to prepare for
                                                                                    names given by you on the front of
calendar), as well as on the CGS            Jesus’ coming . . . into our present
                                                                                    the envelope in the December 26th
Teen Forum Facebook page and the            lives and at the end of time. Jesus
                                                                                    issue of the Vigil. We do our very
Good Shepherd Teen Forum                    often comes to us in the silence – as
                                                                                    best to list everyone accurately, but
website (under construction, but            we wait expectantly, proclaim
                                                                                    mistakes and omissions do get
information to be coming soon):             boldly, and hope joyfully. Let us be
                                                                                    made. (It really helps if you print
• Sunday, November 28th – Teen              Advent people, allowing the
Forum Meeting from 6-8pm in the             miracle of Christ’s coming to soak
                                                                                      Any money left over from the
Parish Center. This will be a “not-         into our lives, even in the midst of
                                                                                    flowers and decorations goes
to-miss” meeting! ☺                         the busyness around us.
                                                                                    toward plants, flowers and
• Wednesday, December 1st –                  For questions, please contact Holly
                                                                                    decorations at other times of the
Advent Prayer Service at CGS                  Tockstein in the Youth Ministry
                                                                                    year. If you would like to have
(7pm) led by John Thorne and the                Office: 313-928-1324, ext. 6.
                                                                                    your name and intention included in
Sacred Heart Chorale! You will                             Peace!                   this issue of the Vigil, please turn in
definitely want to attend if your               The Youth Ministry Team             your envelope to the parish office
schedule allows.                                                                    by Monday, December 6th.
• Sunday, December 5 t h –
Breakfast Potluck and Discussion
from 10am – 11am in the Emmaus
• Friday, December 10th – Las
Posadas at 5:30pm in the Activities
Building Cafeteria. Members of the
Teen Forum will be re-enacting the
true Christmas story.
• Sunday, December 12th – Teen
Forum Meeting from 6-8pm in the
Parish Center (Christmas
Gathering). Note: The time for this
meeting may be extended.
• Wednesday, December 29th –
SoupBowl . . . starting at All Saints
Soup Kitchen and ending at a local
bowling establishment!

Junior High Group Evenings (6th-
8th grade): Upcoming Events
   Thank you to all of the junior
high students that attended our first
Page 6                                      Christ the Good Shepherd Weekly Vigil

                                                             Bethany                          1st Sunday of Advent
                                                   Bethany is a Catholic organi-
                                                zation that provides spiritual, social       Wheel of Fortune is more than a
                                                and educational assistance to di-        TV game show with Pat Sajak and
                                                vorced or separated Chris-tians          Vanna White. While they have been
  Sophie Zima          Loraine Bryan            through peer-to-peer min-istry. For      at it for almost thirty years, having
 Gerald Labadie       Tony Polanskas            information, please visit the Beth-      contestants spin the wheel and puz-
 Walter Sutowski        Mark Renner             any website at www.                      zle out the hidden phrase-"I'd like to
 Anthony Jesue          Marge Hayes                                                      buy a vowel, Pat!"-Fortune's Wheel
 Virginia Czarnecki
                      Madge Liniewski           org or telephone Michelle at 313–        has a much longer history. Going
  Leona LaBadie        Connie Benoit
  Craig Kennedy                                 520–5583.                                back to Roman times, and then
                        Joe Potoczny
   Verna & Frank         Helen Sulik
                                                                                         made famous in the Middle Ages,
     Kurdziel         David A. Kivlin                                                    the true "Wheel of Fortune" is an
 Jacqueline Adams      Sharon Perrone                A Family Perspective                allegory on life. Fortuna (Fortune)
  Rita Pawlowski       Tom Wiegand                                                       is shown as a woman who spins the
 Anthony Mikulski
                                                         by Bud Ozar                     wheel with a person at the top, one
                      Edward Montie
     Madeline                                      In today’s Gospel, Jesus advises:     on either side, and a fourth crushed
                      Mary Lou Palmer
     Gasparach          Mitzi Valdez
                                                “Stay awake, watch out, and pray         at the bottom. The person on his
  Velia Attinello      Terrence Somers          for the strength to hold your            way up will reign, the one on top is
  Barbara Fortin         Sam Kader              ground” when “fearful and bewil-         reigning, the person on his way
   Jack Secord           Kevin Sears            dering signs” appear threatening         down has reigned, and the final per-
  Paulette Martin       Eugene Sorice           your family. Resist being                son on the bottom has lost every-
   Mary Hertel           Gary Beatty            “fearful” – fear cripples! Instead       thing. This is fortune's never ending
  Helen Cenkner         Wendy Healy             “pray for the strength” to be coura-     cycle in human existence.
   Ann Sturgis            John Elsey            geous.
    Helenmarie          Sarah Ledford                                                        At first glance, the return of the
      Quaine           Heather Quaine                                                    Son of Man in Sunday's Gospel
   William Elbe        Edward Elmore             National Marriage Encounter             may seem to be no more than the
  Virginia West        Josephine Brian
   Mary Novak                                      National Marriage Encounter is        vagaries of fortune. For men in the
                        Cliff & Betty                                                    field and for women grinding grain,
 Richard Bateman                                a weekend experience of re-
                           Bolyard                                                       the fate is the same: "one will be
   Shirley Yipe                                 discovery for couples who want to
                       Robert Fellrath
  Frances Krivan                                make their good marriages even           taken, and one will be left." It is as
                       Mike McInchak
  Juanita Branka                                better. For more information, call       though Jesus were describing the
                         Duane Freda
    Peter Loria          Megan Fisk             Rich and Fran at 586–838–4447 or         employment situation in the current
   Barry Dowdy              Frank               Tim and Ann at 248–634–8924, or          economy.
 Annette Parsons         Romatowski             go to the Web: www.national–
  Claire Boliver        Yvette Taylor           marriage–                      Rather than adhering to the
    John Nycz           Ronald Beagle                                                    wheel of falling and rising fortunes,
  Elizabeth Vitie      Josephine Mallia                                                  with the beginning of the church
  Debbie Straub         Sadie Kandas                                                     year today we enter into our annual
 Peter LaFramboise       Robert Elbe                                                     cycle of celebrations of the birth,
  Elena Marcozzi        Rose Brandt                                                      life, death, and resurrection of Je-
   Joseph Bellok       Janet Kennedy                                                     sus. As Christians, we are on a
   John Schwartz         Jan McCoy                                                       greater journey than a wheel of for-
  Victoria Dudus         John Silveri                                                    tune. The life of Christ is our life
   Geza Magusin        Agnes Wiegand                                                     too. As Paul reminds us in his Let-
   Robert D. Pell       Mary Chonka                                                      ter to the Romans, we have put on
  Helen Madarsz         Amanda Bias                                                      the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not for-
 Evelyn Donaldson     Sr. Marge Zacharias
 Josephine Kaszyca
                                                                                         tune that guides us, but hope: hope
                        Betty Cantrell                                                   in Christ, who is our salvation. We
   Bernard Pernia     Anthony Finamore
  Gloria Rodriguez                                                                       will follow him in this new year of
                                                                                         grace, and through faith and love
                                                                                         we will be ready to welcome him
                                                                                         when he comes again.
                                                                                                                          Call LPi at
   Meal Preparation
                          In-Home Care
                             Grocery Shopping
                                                     Sales & Installation
                                                     WAREHOUSE PRICES
                                                    Living Room & Hallway
                                                                                              THIS SPACE IS               1.800.521.4486
         Personal Care
Call For a Brochure or
                           & Much More                Carpet • Labor • Pad
                                                 Only $499.00 up to 40 yds.
                                                                                                                          for more
Free Consultation: (734) 522-9390                       313-381-6674                                                      information.
 Each Office Independently Owned and Operated                          cell: 313-801-6674

CZOPEK                                                                                     $FRYD ,QVXUDQFH
                                                                                            $JHQF\ ,QF
       2157 Oak • Wyandotte
                                                     &,5&/(     7KH 0DUWHQVRQ
                                                +($7,1* &22/,1* )$0,/< 2) )81(5$/
                                                                                              +20(6 ,1&
                                                     Established Over 50 Years
                                                          Lennox Dealer                       $OOHQ 5RDG
                                                             Visa & M/C                         $OOHQ 3DUN
                                                    17945 Allen Rd., Melvindale

                                                                                            35,0( 3/80%,1*
                                                                                                                2ZQHG    2SHUDWHG
                                                                                                            5HSDLU  5HPRGHO
                                                                                                       /LFHQVHG   ,QVXUHG ‡ )UHH (VWLPDWHV

       BUSEN’S                                  ARTHUR S. BRAND
                                                    Arthur S. Brand &                                 For Advertising Information, call
APPLIANCE INC.                                      Associates, P.L.L.C.
Major Appliance Sales, Parts                         Attorneys at Law                                 DAWN HELLEBUYCK at LPi today!
 & Service of Most Brands                       3856 Fort St. • Lincoln Park, MI
 2323 Fort St. • Lincoln Park                        (313) 389-1330 office                              800.521.4486 • 586.979.4241 ext. 337
                                                    (313) 268-7277 cellular
         Mike Busen                                 (313) 389-2752 facsimile

                                                LOZON                  Hardware
                                                FULL SERVICE HARDWARE & BUILDERS SUPPLY
                                                      Computerized Paint Matching
                                                 Screens & Window Repair • Fast Delivery
Commercial • Industrial • Institutional             Masonry Supplies • Blocks • Bricks
          24 Hour Service                       LOWEST PRICES ON STEPS GUARANTEED
    734-946-0700                                     10563 W. Je erson • River Rouge
   12681Delta-Taylor                                    313-841-2940                                 FAX: 313 841 2670
        7,;,9: -<5,9(3                   EYE CLINIC                                 )81(5$/ +20( ,1&
          /64, 05*                        Accepting New Patients                      1RUWKOLQH 6RXWKJDWH                    Funeral Home, Inc.
                                       Cataracts • Glaucoma • Diabetes • LASIK
      -VY[ :[                       THOMAS J. BYRD, M.D.
                                                                                       :HVW 5G %URZQVWRZQ
                                                                                                                     Funeral Directors
3PUJVSU 7HYR 40                                                                           ',5(&7256
                                         3677 Fort St., Lincoln Park
                                                                                 -RKQ 6 0ROQDU ‡ $QJHOD 0 0ROQDU)HUJXVRQ
                                                                                     3HWHU / +HJJLH ‡ /DUU\ $ )HUJXVRQ      RAYMOND C. ALEKS, SR.
                                              313-383-1300                           ZZZPROQDUIXQHUDOKRPHFRP
                                                                                                                              RAYMOND C. ALEKS, JR.

                       +RPH                                                                                                    1324 Southfield Rd.
                                                                                  PRINCIPAL                                         (Near Fort Street)
 (PLO\ 0 6RORV\                                                                                                                    Lincoln Park, MI
        &RQVXOWDQW                                                                PLUMBING
   3DULVK 0HPEHU                                                                    Complete Plumbing
                                        %HIRUH <RX 'LJ &DOO                         & Sewer Service
    )RUW 6WUHHW                                                                Licensed Master Plumber • Insured
                                                                                       Senior Discounts Available
                                                                                                                              Eugene J. Nasal
     /LQFROQ 3DUN                                                                                                                Attorney at Law
                                         O V E R- F L O
-RKQ . 6RORV\ ,, 0JU                                                               23908 Van Born
                                                                                     Dearborn Heights                              17735 Fort Street
                                                    Sewer/                          313-565-4439
 $ 7UDGLWLRQ RI 7UXVW                                Drain                          313-291-2420                                  734-281-3610
                                             %52.(1 6(:(5
                                                                                                  • Fine Food
                                                                                                              • Friendly Service
                                                                                                                                              Dine &
           6HZHU &OHDQLQJ                                                                                     •Spectacular Value              Donate
           Repairs • Water Heaters
           Sewer & Drain Cleaning
                                                                                  Private Banquet Rooms • Groups from 15-200                   $1.00
                                                                                                                                              will be donated
                                                                                           Wednesday Family Fish Fry
                   & More                                                                                                                       to the church
                                                                                             Sunday Brunch Bu et                                   with the
             17041 Ecorse Rd.                                                                                                                  presentation of
                 Allen Park                                                             1SAINT JOHN ST. • WYANDOTTE, MI                          this coupon
             (313) 381-3819                                                           734 284 1111 • WWW.JBSWHARF.COM                                             GS

                                                                    AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR
                                                                      SENIORS AGE 62 and Up*
                                                                          Southgate Co-op Apartments
                                                                          11255 Allen Rd., Southgate, MI 48195
                                                                                 Foreclosed on a home? It doesn’t matter here!
                                                                   Heat Included. Rent is 30% of Gross Income. Great views and great friends.
                                                                    Senior living at its best! We recently went through an extreme makeover.
                                                                  YOU’LL BE AMAZED WITH OUR TRANSFORMATION! Apartments are going
                                                                                               fast, join our waitlist now.

                                                                  * A limited number of apartments are available in some locations for younger persons who are physi-
                                                                        cally disabled and need the special design features of a unit designed for mobility impaired.